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Pula Talks in Pictures: Croatia's First Augmentative Communication Boards in Pula

January 9, 2022 - Croatia's first augmentative communication boards in Pula are thanks to the "Pula Talks in Pictures" project by the Veruda Pula Day Rehabilitation Center and the City of Pula.

The project "Pula Talks in Pictures" by the Veruda Pula Day Rehabilitation Center, realized in cooperation with the City of Pula, has set up several communication boards for augmentative communication in public areas and public institutions in Pula to support non-verbal children and adults. Communication boards symbolize the environment for speaking through pictograms; an image with symbols of special meaning, reports

Such symbols are used by both children and adults who are non-verbal and cannot speak or are adopting speech. Moreover, since such plates are of a universal language, they are also suitable for tourists of other speaking areas.

"This type of communication - augmentative communication, is used by children and adults from the autistic spectrum with cerebral palsy, slow speech development, Down syndrome, people who have lost the ability to speak due to brain trauma, and all others who are unable to communicate their needs and desires through speech. Depending on the place where it is placed and its purpose, a special vocabulary is prepared for each communication board, through which users can communicate their needs in that situation," said Ines Delzotto, an expert in assisted communication.

A total of eight communication boards were made and placed on the children's playground in Tito's Park, the city beaches; Ferijalni, Hidrobaza, Ambrela, within the courtyard of the Public Institution DV Mali svijet (also a symbol of friendship and mutual assistance), and there are plans to place boards on the children's playground/park in Šijanska šuma and Valkana and near the Arena (the panel contains short information about the Arena itself and its history). In addition to important public areas, the idea is to symbolize all public institutions in Pula whose services are used by children.

"Thus, every pediatric and dental practice in the city, as well as OB Pula, will receive booklets with appropriate and carefully selected social stories. Going to the doctor for our population of children is an extremely high source of stress. Nonverbal children do not know how to express their conditions and say where they are hurting and what is happening to their bodies. With these booklets, children will finally be able to do it. These picture books explain the medical examination to reduce their anxiety and fear of the unknown. From the city library, through the Arena to the city pool, our children will be able to communicate with their symbols," said Marija Sertić Nađ, Master of Educational Rehabilitation, who created all the social stories.

Support for the project was received from the Swedish-American company Tobii Dynavox, which monitors the activities of promoting augmentative communication among institutions worldwide. They were asked for permission to use the Boardmaker program, a symbolic language that is protected as such. The benefit of this project is of immeasurable value because it sensitizes citizens to people with disabilities.

With this project, the city of Pula becomes a pioneer in the symbolization of the entire city. Veruda Pula Day Rehabilitation Center has the first specialized office for assistive technology in Croatia with its program goals and international recognition.

The cabinet was created with the help of numerous donations, and today it has a highly sophisticated repertoire of various instruments. A lot of effort is invested in developing innovative solutions, and the work is based on the "Veruda Protocol" program. The AT team consists of two masters of educational rehabilitation, Ines Delzotto and Alba Čop, with additional professional specialization in the field of assistive technology who are in continuous synergy with other members of the rehabilitation team of the Institution.

Everything planned for the city of Pula is intended to be transferred to the entire Istria County and thus become the only fully symbolized county in this way in the world.

"Everything that is happening in our homeland today in this area, we can freely say that it was born from the wings of our institution. In that little miracle workshop, everything impossible for people with disabilities becomes feasible and realistic. Children who do not speak with us can communicate with the pupil by the eye or the air from the nostrils, and the immobile can write with the chin or cheek; they can draw geometry with their breath. So, our KAT is a place where the bravest dreams come true," concluded Loretta Morosin, director of the Veruda Pula Rehabilitation Day Center.

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Wednesday, 29 December 2021

Pula Bans Sale of Beverages in Kiosks to Protect Caterers

December 29, 2021 - In an effort to improve the conditions and quality of service in the catering industry, the city of Pula bans the sale of beverages at kiosks. The measure will enter into force as of January 1, 2022.

At the session of the Pula City Council, the Decision on Communal Order was adopted, which prohibits the sale of drinks in kiosks, Glas Istre reports. 

Namely, the Decision came into force on November 23, however, it is still possible to buy drinks in kiosks. The City points out that the owners have a deadline for adjustment since new decisions will be issued on January 1, 2022, which will be in line with the new measure.

When determining the ban on the sale of beverages and coffee within the locations of kiosks, the City of Pula took into account that the said sale in kiosks should not jeopardize the work in catering facilities in buildings, or business premises where catering activities are performed. They added:

''The intention of the City was to move the catering activity to a higher level, within properly equipped business premises, the functioning of which includes investing significant funds in the appropriate offer and paying the prescribed fees (monument rent, etc.). In adopting the above provisions, the City primarily guided the need to ensure the preconditions for achieving adequate quality of the catering offer and the protection of business entities in fixed facilities."

The City added that it was "a decision adopted by the City Council, for which a public consultation lasting 30 days was previously held, during which no objections were received to express dissatisfaction or disagreement with the proposed conditions." According to them, the decision applies to all facilities, not only in the city center.


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Saturday, 20 November 2021

Pula Administration Seeks Resident Opinions on City Beach Management

November the 20th, 2021 - The Pula administration is seeking the opinions of local residents on the management of this Istrian city's various beaches, with clear criteria and all information being made readily available to public set as the aim.

As Morski writes, a public consultation on the management of maritime assets for the year 2022 is underway in Pula, headed by the Pula administration. They explained from this Istrian city that before making decisions on the possible mere implementation of concessions in exchange for concession approvals, a detailed analysis of economic profitability and environmental impact will be performed. A very well-known city location will also be included in the concession.

''The decision to adopt a plan for granting concessions for the year 2022, which is also under public consultation, plans a concession for economic use of maritime assets - the construction and economic use of special purpose ports, including the Bunarina Pula nautical tourism port,'' the Pula administration confirmed for local portal Glas Istre (The Voice of Istria).

The local Pula government believes that concessions with clearer and much better criteria are a better and more transparent solution than concession approvals, with deadlines ranging from periods of seven to ten years.

Mayor Filip Zoricic said that the Pula administration will seek clear criteria for the employment plan, that it will respect and preserve the local environment and the overall Mediterranean spirit, provided that the beaches are also properly preserved. Soon, he says, all the details about concessions, areas and costs will be known, and all information will be publicly available and open for comments.

He also said that the system should be reset and placed on the right foundations, which will place special emphasis on preserving the local environment.

The public consultation on the management of Pula's beaches will be held until November the 28th, and the interested public can send their proposals to the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Interested parties can also find all accompanying documents and any additional information they might require on the city's website in the e-consultation section.

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Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Arctic Monkeys at Pula Arena Announced in August 2022!

November 16, 2021 - Arctic Monkeys at Pula Arena will be one of the biggest shows in Croatia next year! The famous English indie band will perform at the preserved Roman amphitheater on August 16, 2022. 

Arctic Monkeys, one of the world's most influential indie rock bands, will perform on one of the world's most unique outdoor stages next summer - the Pula Arena! The golden four from Sheffield will take the stage on August 16, 2022, organized by Charm Music Croatia, Vigna PR, and AND Production.

The Arctic Monkeys started a musical revolution by becoming one of the first bands to gain fantastic popularity thanks to the internet. Their debut album is the fastest-selling debut album in UK music history, they have won seven Brit Awards, and their witty lyrics and raw energy make them one of the best contemporary rock bands in the world. Frontman Alex Turner is also well-known in the music world as a solo artist and for his side project and English supergroup The Last Shadow Puppets, where he acts as co-frontman alongside Miles Kane. Turner is a record producer as well. 


The Arctic Monkeys are thus returning to the stage for the first time since the Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino tour, which ended in 2019. This will be their 7th world tour after releasing six studio albums, the first of which was released in 2005. 

Arctic Monkeys are planning several selected concerts in the middle of summer next year, in Croatia, the Czech Republic, Turkey, and Bulgaria. Pula thus made the cut for the list of chosen destinations.

Tickets for the Arctic Monkeys at Pula Arena go on sale on November 24 at 10 am via and at Eventim sales points. Ticket prices for the following categories are box 559 kn, ground floor 499 kn, grandstands 479 kn, lawn 299 kn.

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Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Pula Fort Center: New Tourist Product to Showcase City's Cultural Heritage

November 10, 2021 - A press conference was held at the Pula Tourist Board to present the activities and new promotional materials created within the Pula Fort Center project as a unique cultural and tourist product.

HRTurizam reports that this project aims to activate the vast potential of the cultural heritage of Pula and, through investment in sustainable use of cultural assets, increase the offer of cultural and educational content and events to benefit all residents of Pula and beyond, indirectly affecting the sustainable development of economy and tourism.

As part of the project, two completely separate spaces - the fortress Kaštel and the Zerostrasse underground tunnel functioned into a single whole. The newly created environment will undoubtedly allow for new content in the cultural offer and a completely new potential for materializing numerous development opportunities in different sectors.

The conference was opened by Ingrid Bulian, Head of the Board for Spatial Planning and Environmental Protection, and project manager Lorena Dropulić on behalf of the City of Pula, who emphasized that the project "Pula Fort Center as a new tourist product" is an excellent example of recognizing the potential that military architecture has as part of Pula's cultural heritage.

This project is an experiential basis and a positive incentive for the further candidacy of projects in the field of cultural heritage, given the potential that Pula has, and we include the Pula fort system, almost inexhaustible for creating a variety of content for today's human, said Bulian and Dropulić, and added:

"The driving force of the project is always people, their efforts and cooperation, so we should emphasize the excellent partnership between the City, PPMI and TZ Pula, where everyone plays their role professionally and dedicatedly, which is evident through the activities and results achieved so far, therefore, the further benefits that will result from the end of the project implementation, and certainly during its operation, should not be questioned."

So far, the Pula Tourist Board has carried out visual identity development activities, a website has been created in 4 languages ​​(, and a permanent Visualia exhibition that will be turned on for Advent.

Sanja Cinkopan Korotaj, director of the Pula Tourist Board, said that an elevator had been built to access the Kaštel and the History and Maritime Museum of Istria, which provided easier access for elderly tourists. "The primary goal is to increase the number of visitors to Kaštel, which has so far lagged behind other Pula attractions due to its inaccessibility," added Cinkopan Korotaj.

Cinkopan Korotaj presented other planned activities such as the production of promotional material or souvenirs; the plan is to educate tourist guides about the new tourist product, while next year it is planned to promote the project in cities and bring journalists and bloggers from abroad throughout the year, hire animators, organize performances and concerts, all to promote the new tourist product "Pula Fort Center."

Finally, Gracijano Kešac, director of the History and Maritime Museum of Istria - Museo storico e navale dell´Istria, said: “A good part of the fort and tunnel areas are well rehabilitated and protected, and their connection by elevator created a unique cultural destination. After a two-month trial run, which is behind us, we can say with satisfaction that this destination has shown great potential in attracting visitors."

The project will be included in the Advent events in Pula so that the Visitor Center will be conveniently equipped during Advent, and thus Pula Advent will get a new point of interest. Through this project, the Pula Tourist Board will combine historical heritage and modern technologies and introduce tourists to the cultural heritage, a world trend.

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Tuesday, 2 November 2021

Pula Construction Work Ban During Summer Season Planned

November the 2nd, 2021 - The planned Pula construction work ban for the summer season might well go ahead. Whether or not the idea will throw a spanner in the works for some plans is one thing, but it's safe to say that the vast majority of people will be more than satisfied when imagining a summer without the sound of drills and hammers.

As Morski writes, Pula's City Administration has opened a public consultation on the draft proposal of the decision on the temporary ban on the execution of works for the summer season of 2022. The move would put a complete stop to all Pula construction work throughout the warm period of the year, with just a few exceptions.

According to the draft decision, earthworks and construction of all types of buildings except public and social buildings intended for activities in the field of education, science, culture, sport, health and social care, the work of state bodies and organisations will be temporarily banned. Also on the ''exception list'' would be the organisation of local and regional self-government units, legal entities which hold public authority and associations of citizens and religious communities, local portal Glas Istre (The Voice of Istria) reports.

All Pula construction work apart from the aforementioned exceptions to the rule would be banned from June the 20th all the way to September the 15th, 2022, as well as on all Sundays, during festive periods, and on public holidays.

However, the proposed ban, at least as it currently stands, doesn't apply to construction taking place in the interest of the Republic of Croatia, nor does it apply to the removal of illegal buildings, or works taking place in the year in which the decision comes into force, should it do so.

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Saturday, 30 October 2021

Extinct in Croatia in 18th Century, Northern Bald Ibis Lands in Grobničko Polje (VIDEO)

October 30, 2021 - An extremely rare bird, the northern bald ibis, landed in Grobničko Polje near Rijeka. It immediately aroused the interest of scientists and the media because this species became extinct in Croatia in the 18th century.

Her name is Nova, reports

"Yesterday afternoon, by chance, I saw a strange bird on the telephone pole, and I thought it was a heron. Then, early in the morning, several photographers came in front of my house," said Dorijan Curać. 

He said he found out which bird it was online and was delighted that this rare individual had come to his area.

"Then I came back and filmed it from about 2 meters and let it quietly peck at the insects. I also registered it on the Animal tracker application," he added.


 The Waldrappteam organization's Facebook page, which highlights the protection of this bird, mentions that Nova flew to the Adriatic coast and across the sea to Croatia, from where it is expected to fly further south. They also say that the bird has deviated from its usual route and should realize it is wrong. Unfortunately, they also remind that in 2019 they had a similar situation, where a flock of protected birds that arrived over the Croatian sky was illegally killed. That is why they ask all those who see this bird share this news so that many people can be informed.

This rare bird normally resides in semi-desert or rocky areas, often near watercourses. It is an endangered species and can be found in North Africa and the Middle East. It is up to 80 centimeters long. Its body is covered with black feathers that, in the sun, have a copper-green and purple glow, a red beak, and red skin on her body, except for the top of her head. When it hatches, it has feathers on its head, and then when it grows, those feathers fall off, and the bird remains 'bald.' Hence the name bald ibis.

It nested in the Pula area and then became extinct in Croatia and Europe due to habitat loss and hunting. However, it is found in many historical sources and is depicted in Egyptian hieroglyphs as "akh" - a symbol of the human soul. As early as 1504, it was declared one of the first protected bird species in Austria, which unfortunately did not save it from extinction, writes the Biom Association.

This species became extinct in Croatia in the 18th century, and the last birds nested in the Pula area. The same fate befell this bird throughout Europe, and habitat loss and hunting are considered the main reasons for its extinction. At the beginning of the 21st century, the world's population of bald ibis was reduced to only 200-250 individuals, which survived in North Africa and the Middle East.

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Thursday, 28 October 2021

5 Things To Do in Istria in November

Istria is alive and vibrant all year round, and there's no shortage of events outside of the tourist season. We bring you a few suggestions on what to see and do if you're planning to visit Istria in November


1. Warm up with a walk - and some wine - in Novigrad

Technically, it’s still October, but the forecast calls for a sunny weekend in Istria, and so... A nice long walk with gorgeous vistas, coupled with a few nibbles and glasses of wine - sounds like a great way to usher in the new month, right? The popular event Wine & Walk by the Sea will see its 4th instalment this Saturday in Novigrad.

The scenic 10km route will first take you through vineyards and olive groves, and then along the coast, providing a splendid view of the Novigrad city centre. Winemakers and restaurateurs from the area will be showcasing their specialties at six tasting stops along the way, plus a surprise stop halfway through.

IMG 4822

© Romulic & Stojcic

Gourmet delicacies will be presented by local caterers Sergio, Kod Marice, La Taverna, Half 8 and Konoba Nino, with dessert provided by Ošo bakery. Each stop has a wine pairing, courtesy of winemakers Moreno Ivančić, Stancija Fava, Leonardo Palčić, Ghira, Vino P&P – Pervino, and Vina Demark.

The walk begins in the morning at Kastanija beach where participants can register and collect their tasting glass together with a map of the trail. Departures are scheduled every 20 minutes.

When: Saturday, October 30th. Registration 8.30 AM - 12PM
Where: Kastanija beach (start and finish), 3km north of Novigrad

Note: attendance is only possible with a Covid certificate or a negative rapid antigen test result no older than 48 hours. Tickets, pricing and the full schedule available at Colours of Istria


2. Go out on the town in Pula


Image source: Dođi u grad - Vieni in città

Well... It's more like, Come to town!, but you sure can amp it up and paint the town red. Jokes aside, the city center in Pula is turning into a massive venue for a plethora of fun activities and events over the next few weekends. Live music, stand-up shows, food & wine, art, film screenings, sports, workshops and many other things await visitors from Thursday to Saturday each week in November.

When: Oct. 28-30, Nov. 4-6, 11-13, 18-19
Where: several locations in Pula, see map

You can find a detailed program for each weekend here (in English) and look out for individual events on Facebook.


3. Visit the Book Fair(y) in Pula

The book fairy’s coming to town for the second time in 2021! After the belated 2020 edition that took place earlier this year, the beloved literary event is returning to Pula for its regular annual instalment in the second half of November.

The Book Fair(y) in Pula traditionally features more than 300 publishers from Croatia and the region, and is visited by over 60,000 lovers of literature each year. The fair’s program is always built around a central theme, and this time around, it’s Love: during the ten-day event, panels and discussions will be questioning whether the timeless phenomenon still makes the world go round.


Image source: Sanjam knjige

This year, the book fair in Pula breaks its decades-long tradition by changing venues from the Austro-Hungarian palace of Marine-Kasino to the former textile factory Arena Trikotaža. Part of the program will also take place at The Shipyard Pub, located on the same street. Numerous Croatian and international writers will be attending the ten-day event, so make sure to check out the full program once it's released. If you're not up for panels and the like, you can simply enjoy strolling around the fair and buy a good book or two.

When: November 19th - 28th
Where: ex. Arena Trikotaža / The Shipyard Pub - St Theodor Passage 1, Pula

More info to be announced on the official website (in English) and Facebook page.


4. Explore the flavours of autumn in Brtonigla

 Colder months call for hearty meals, and as the temperatures continue to drop, we could all use a nice bowl of pumpkin soup.

ruth georgiev TvEyo2WEzVE unsplash

Image source: Ruth Georgiev / Unsplash

Luckily, with autumn in full swing, food markets in Istria are bursting with the best seasonal produce the region has to offer. Mushrooms, truffles, pumpkin, chestnuts, quince and pomegranate are on the menu in several restaurants participating in the Flavours of Autumn, a month-long gourmet event in Brtonigla.

Food & Wine Primizia and konobas Astarea, Morgan and Silvano prepared menus featuring delicious filling dishes inspired by the autumn season, paired with Istrian wines and olive oils, and available at promotional prices. Check out the menus here ... and don’t wait too long to book a table.

When: Oct 15 - Nov. 21
Where: Brtonigla


5. ...and keep exploring all flavours of Istria at the Open Days of Agritourism

You didn’t think this list would only have one gourmet item? We’re in Istria, after all - so even if you don’t get a chance to visit Brtonigla in November, culinary temptations await all over the region.

The Open Days of Agritourism will take place over four weekends in November, with twelve agricultural estates participating in the 11th annual instalment of the popular manifestation. Family-run farms will be offering menus based on their own produce and paired with other locally sourced delicacies. It's a truly authentic experience of traditional Istrian cuisine: grown, raised, harvested, prepared, cooked, baked and served by the hard-working hosts.

Most agricultural estates in Istria also offer accommodation, and there’s plenty to do for a weekend. Kids will enjoy meeting cute farm animals, there are various hiking and cycling trails for the whole family to explore, and after a long day out, there’s always a delicious full plate to get back to.

When: November 6-7, 13-14, 20-21, 27-28
Where: Agricultural estates Cerovac, Dušani, Giovanna Allegra, Montižel, Ograde, Pineta, Sia, Stara Štala, Štefanić, Ondina, Pod Čripnjom, Stancija Buršić

Booking in advance is recommended. More info available here (Croatian only, more details to follow).




Thursday, 21 October 2021

Istrian Police Seize Italian Trawler Engaged in Illegal Commercial Fishing

ZAGREB, 21 Oct 2021 - Istrian police on Wednesday seized an Italian fishing trawler sailing in Lim Bay due to illegal commercial fishing in Croatia's territorial waters.

Police officers of the national maritime center for collecting data on technical systems for monitoring the state border at sea noticed on Wednesday at 12.48 p.m. that an Italian fishing trawler had entered the territorial waters of the Republic of Croatia at Lim Bay, the Istria County Police Department reported on Thursday.

A vessel from the Pula maritime and airport police station was immediately sent to the trawler, they said, and police officers started pursuing the Italian vessel, which did not respond to the calls.

In the exclusive economic zone at about 3 p.m., they stopped the trawler, which had tools in the sea and was engaged in commercial fishing, and issued a warning to stop further fishing and head towards the Pula port.

The seized Italian trawler sailed into the Pula port, accompanied by a police vessel, and its 45-year-old captain, as well as crew members aged 28, 49, 50, and 55, were arrested and a criminal investigation was conducted.

Due to the suspicion that they had violated the Schengen Borders Code and the Marine Fisheries Act, an indictment was filed against the five Italian citizens, and the court fined them HRK 2,000 each.

The captain of the trawler received a fine of HRK 7,000 and he has to pay HRK 17,000 as compensation for the damage to the biodiversity of the sea and for the costs of using an official vessel.

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Thursday, 21 October 2021

Pula EKO LAB: Local Students Take On Recycling for a More Sustainable Future

October 21, 2021 - EKO LAB is a place to learn, exchange knowledge, and experiment to develop critical thinking, creativity, and innovation for high school students. The program is realized through the cooperation of schools, civil society, scientists, and the community, to create conditions to create a more sustainable and responsible future together. 

In 2019, the EKO LAB project began, which funds were provided by the Office for Other Governments of the Republic of Croatia within the Croatian-Swiss Cooperation Program. The project leader was the Poreč Association for the Improvement of Life Quality, with Pula High School, Technical School Pula, School of Applied Arts and Design Pula, and the Croatian Association Interdisciplinary Artists (HUiU) as partners. As a result, the project was approved for the entire requested amount and, in the second round of the call, was the best among the approved projects.

"It all started with chit-chat at the Pula market where Petra and I met by chance. One of those brainstorming meetings when ideas just come up. So it's from one "what if we ...?" conversation that created the future EKO LAB," says Marko Kalčić, a professor of French at the Pula High School and one of the members of the Eco Board of the school.


Both nature lovers and those active in its protection designed and applied for the project and ultimately implemented it with partners and numerous associates. Environmental protection, i.e., the protection of our planet, should become a priority at all levels. To create a more sustainable and responsible future, we cannot and must not think about that future without young people. EKO LAB includes them.

"EKO LAB is designed as a place to meet, exchange knowledge, create, and experiment for young people to develop critical thinking, nurture creativity and have the conditions to easily come up with ideas that may become future successful green solutions," says Petra Počanić from the Zona Association.

Through the project, young people learned about the problem of plastic waste, types of plastic, reducing the use of plastic, recycling, and innovations in this area. In addition, they learned about the processes of creating new products - from understanding problems to creating prototypes - and socially responsible business. Most importantly, they were given conditions for hands-on learning as well. Namely, as part of the project, the unused space inside the school was adapted, and small machines for recycling plastic were rented - a washing machine and dryer, a crusher, and an extruder for filament. Young people were thus introduced to the recycling process. Also, 3D printers were used for prototypes of product ideas they devised during the project. Finally, the whole process was presented at the final exhibition in the Croatian Association of Interdisciplinary Artists (HUiU), as part of EKO WEEK, or sustainable development week.


“Recycling may not be the happiest solution to the plastic waste problem at the moment. However, if young people can learn about these processes early enough, experiment, think and make mistakes, they will come up with better solutions quickly. Moreover, being able to work on machines opens up many opportunities for the development of future ideas," adds Petra.

"We ambitiously designed the project as a collaboration of three schools, with young people who have different skills, and they are connected by one thing in common - nature protection and responsibility to the community. There were many challenges, trials, and errors. Many things would be different now, but it is the essence of the project - to learn together, make mistakes and be better next time," says Sabina Damiani from Zona.


Despite many challenges, undoubtedly the pandemic and the inability to reunite, the project found itself awarded. Studio Tumpić-Prenc designed an awareness campaign for the EKO LAB and aMORE festival on the problem of plastic waste. The campaign won gold at the European Green Award, which awards prizes for outstanding contributions to sustainable development in Europe. It was also selected for an exhibition as part of the prestigious Cannes Lions festival. Furthermore, it found itself in the company of socially responsible Great Ads for Good projects chosen by the international non-profit organization ACT Responsible. The exhibition includes the world's best works exclusively in the field of socially responsible projects of non-governmental and charitable organizations and companies in the areas of solidarity, human rights, education, and the environment.

EKO LAB continued its journey. Its longevity and development were the initial desire of the applicant. Pula High School ensured the continuation of the project through the Central European Initiative tender. In the competition of more than 70 schools, the Pula project "Plastic scholastic: towards better education and innovation on environmental sustainability" was in the top 3 and received the support of 20,000.00 euros. The plan is to additionally equip EKO LAB 3Devo with recycling machines and create even better conditions for young people at the Pula High School.


“We continue to work on the problem of plastic waste and disposable plastics to create new useful objects from waste in the recycling process and experiment with recycling processes. Who knows, maybe there is a new material expert or recycling process expert among our young people who will contribute to the solution of plastic waste disposal," Marko said.

The students will design new products with the Local Action Group in Fisheries "Istrian Batana." Through the project, students will better understand the goals of sustainable development of the UN, the process of joint creation, and work on a common goal for the benefit of the local community. Through the process, they will learn new skills and competencies and work together to create new products, promote social responsibility and become bearers of positive change in their local community and beyond.

"The greatest satisfaction is when a project is taken over by the community for which it was designed and continues to work on it. This is the case with the Pula EKO LAB. I am sure that Pula High School will continue its activities in the best possible way, and we will certainly continue successful cooperation and development of the EKO LAB project," concludes Sabina.

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