Saturday, 2 April 2022

Neglected Central Pula Pragrande Area to be Transformed into City Park

April the 2nd, 2022 - The neglected swampy Pula Pragrande area which is right in the very heart of this popular Istrian city will be left abandoned no more. The Pula Pragrande area is set to be transformed into a brand new city park.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the fairly heavily neglected swamp-like area of ​​Pragrande, located near Pula's city centre, now has the opportunity to remain the green heart of Pula, but in a far more useful and sightly way.

With the aim of popularising this green oasis, which many Pula residents have actually never set foot in, Pula high school students who are also members of the Eco-school, as part of a project called ''Knowledge for Sustainable Action'', which was led by Green Istria, began taking environmental action. With the support of their professors and project partners - which includes the City of Pula, they designed and jointly arranged a 2.2-kilometre-long promenade called the Apple Trail, as reported by local portal Glas Istre/The Voice of Istria.

Their wish, they claim, is that the trail be regularly maintained, but also that the whole area remains a wild zone for the recreation and socialising of Pula locals and tourists, while preserving and protecting biodiversity.

The Mayor of Pula, Filip Zoricic, promised the students involved that this area will remain a green zone during their last visit to the Communal Palace back in December, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the international status of the Eco-school. He said at the time that the documentation for the Pula Pragrande transformation project was being resolved, and that the realisation of the creation of a brand new city park at that location would be preceded by the solving of the sewerage problem, as part of a wider EU project.

It's worth reminding ourselves of the fact that the City of Pula recently applied for a total of ten projects in a call/invitation for grants in the field of digital transformation and green transition, within the National Recovery and Resilience Plan 2021-2026, and the most important and largest of them is the preparation of project documentation precisely for the arrangement of Pragrande, an unarranged urban space in the immediate vicinity of the strict city centre.

This currently regards the necessary documentation for the ''re-vamping'' of the aforementioned green zone, which covers an area of ​​more than 20 hectares in total, and the intention, according to the City of Pula, is to arrange a large central city park with accompanying sport and recreational facilities.

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Thursday, 24 March 2022

First Week of 2022 Croatia Summer Flight Schedule Offering 100 Lines to 6 Croatian Airports

March 24, 2022 -  The 2022 Croatia summer flight schedule kicks off on Sunday with 100 lines to six Croatian airports! 

After a long winter, the summer flight schedule comes into force on Sunday, bringing Croatian airports back to life after months-long hibernation. After several months of slow traffic, the summer flight schedule comes into force with several new and renewed lines on several seasonal international routes to Croatian airports. Croatian Aviation brings the list of routes running in the first week of the summer flight schedule, from March 27 to April 3 to Pula, Rijeka, Zadar, Split, Osijek, and Dubrovnik.

Pula Airport
From 27.03

Zagreb / Zadar (Croatia Airlines),

London (Ryanair).

From 28.03

Split / Osijek (Trade Air),

London (EasyJet),

Brussels Charleroi (Ryanair).

Rijeka Airport
From 27.03

Stockholm (Ryanair),

Brussels Charleroi (Ryanair),.

London (Ryanair).

From 29.03

Split / Dubrovnik / Osijek (Trade Air).

Zadar Airport
From 27.03 

Zagreb / Pula (Croatia Airlines),

Vienna (Ryanair),

Budapest (Ryanair),

Dublin (Ryanair),

Dusseldorf Weeze (Ryanair),

Marseille (Ryanair),

Stockholm (Ryanair).

From 28.03

Berlin (Ryanair),

Brussels Charleroi (Ryanair),

Frankfurt Hahn (Ryanair)

Karlsruhe (Ryanair),

Cologne (Ryanair),

Rome (Ryanair).

From 29.03

London (Ryanair),

Memmingen (Ryanair),

Poznań (Ryanair).

From 30.03

Bremen (Ryanair),

Newcastle (Ryanair),

Paris Beauvais (Ryanair).

From 02.04

Krakow (Ryanair).

Split Airport
From 27.03

Zagreb (Croatia Airlines),

Munich (Croatia Airlines),

Frankfurt (Croatia Airlines),

Rome (Croatia Airlines),

Geneva (EasyJet),

Basel (Easyjet),

London (EasyJet),

Bristol (EasyJet),

Glasgow (EasyJet),

Amsterdam (KLM),

Vienna (Austrian),

Stuttgart (Eurowings),

Berlin (EasyJet),

Dublin (Ryanair),

Cologne (Eurowings).

From 28.03 

Naples (EasyJet),

Osijek / Pula (Trade Air),

Amsterdam (EasyJet).

From 29.03

Rijeka / Dubrovnik / Osijek (Trade Air),

Manchester (EasyJet),

Paris (EasyJet).

From 30.03

Helsinki (Norwegian),

Dusseldorf (Eurowings).

From 01.04

Munich (Lufthansa),

Rome (Vueling),

Osijek (Croatia Airlines).

From 02.04

Barcelona (Vueling),

Naples (EasyJet),

Frankfurt (Lufthansa),

Hamburg (Eurowings),

London (Croatia Airlines).

Osijek Airport
From 28.03

Zagreb (Trade Air),

Pula / Split (Trade Air).

From 29.03

Rijeka / Split / Dubrovnik (Trade Air).

From 01.04

Split (Croatia Airlines).

Dubrovnik Airport
From 27.03 

Zagreb (Croatia Airlines),

Amsterdam (EasyJet),

Amsterdam (KLM),

Barcelona (Vueling),

Bristol (EasyJet),

Brussels (Brussels Airlines),

Dublin (Ryanair),

Dusseldorf (Eurowings),

London (EasyJet),

London (British Airways),

Madrid (Iberia),

Paris (Croatia Airlines),

Paris Orly (Transavia),

Vienna (Ryanair),

Vienna (Austrian),

Warsaw (LOT).

From 28.03

Frankfurt (Croatia Airlines),

Istanbul (Turkish Airlines),

Rome (Vueling).

From 29.03 

Split / Rijeka / Osijek (Trade Air),

Dublin (AerLingus),

Edinburgh (EasyJet),

Geneva (EasyJet),

Naples (Easyjet).

From 30.03

Berlin (Easyjet),

Manchester (Easyjet),

Nantes (Transavia).

From 31.03

London (Jet2),

Manchester (Jet2).

From 01.04 

Helsinki (Finnair).

From 02.04 

Birmingham (Jet2)

Copenhagen (Norwegian),

Frankfurt (Lufthansa),

Munich (Lufthansa).

From 03.04 

Leeds (Jet2).

Brač Airport
Brač currently has no announced flights. For now, the first scheduled flight is expected on April 16 on the Croatia Airlines route from Zagreb.

Dubrovnik has the largest number of lines announced for the first week of the summer flight schedule (36), followed by Split with 31 lines, Zadar with 21, Pula with 5, and Rijeka and Osijek with 4 regular lines each.

Almost all lines to Zadar Airport from next week are on Ryanair, which also applies to Rijeka Airport.

On the other hand, Osijek remains on Trade Air domestic lines, which have been in traffic all winter. The start of international traffic is expected in May. At the beginning of the summer flight schedule, the novelty is the Croatia Airlines route to Split, which will start operating on April 1.

In the first week, Split and Dubrovnik expect several international routes from low-cost carriers and well-known legacy carriers such as Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, British Airways, KLM, and others.

Zagreb Airport was excluded from this list because it had several international flights in the winter, which was not the case in other Croatian airports. 

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Sunday, 13 March 2022

Legendary Croatia Olympian Water Polo Player Damir Burić Switches to Basketball

March 13, 2022 - Legendary former Croatia water polo player Damir Burić played an official game for Pula's KK Stoja against Rijeka's Kvarner Junior in the 16th round of the Second League - West on Saturday night.  The 41-year-old talks about why he swapped the pool for the court. 

It was a historic Saturday for Pula sports and Stoja basketball, as the famous Pula water polo player Damir Burić joined them on the Stoja primary school court.

Burić was a significant part of Pula water polo history back when the city was without a pool. He won everything possible with the Croatia national team - Olympic, world, and European gold, while the same goes for the club level, as there is no trophy he did not win, reports Jutarnji List.

Here is a breakdown

Olympic games

- Gold (London 2012)

- silver (Rio de Janeiro 2016)

World Championships

- Gold (Melbourne 2007)

- silver (Kazan 2015)

- bronze (Rome 2009 and Shanghai 2011)

European Championships

- gold (Zagreb 2010)

- silver (Kranj 2003)

Champions League

- gold (Pro Recco 2010 and 2012)

Thus, Burić made his debut in the yellow and blue jersey in a significant victory against Rijeka - 119:66.

Buric participated in the victory with 10 points, 13 rebounds, and several attractive "water polo" assists, and he played for two quarters.

"Ha, ha, it turned out to be a much bigger story than I thought... It's true, but I just started training," said Damir Burić. Although the rhythm of training suggests it is more serious.

"Monday to Friday, once a day, 8 to 10 pm. Listen, after water polo, where you have two workouts a day for two and a half hours each, this is nothing, haha. In essence, I decided to train for myself, to clear my head and body. It would not be good to relax."

His connection to basketball is not surprising.

"If we look purely at height, yes, I have some prerequisites." Burić is 205 cm, after all. 

"For athletes, it's hard to separate yourself from sports just like that. I've been playing basketball since high school. When I got serious about water polo, I couldn't practice regularly anymore. But even then, when I had some free weeks, I'd play."

Can he dunk?

"I could, but now I'm not even trying, haha. I'm taking care of my spine. I train with young guys, 16-18 years old, a few 25-26 year olds, one is 33, and I am 41. So be careful. I run, I wear out, but I still avoid some things. I mean, I can dunk it in, it's not a big success, but I save myself."

How does he shoot?

"Haha, I have to admit that when I was younger, I shot better. However, it’s good and getting better."

He plays on the wing.

"Wing, center, sort of. I mean, it's the Second League. After all, we don't have a lot of tall players. Thank God it's like that because I wouldn't even bother if it was different."

How did he decide to join his hometown club, Pula's Stoja?

"In principle, I played all last summer, but not seriously training. The club president, Šime Vidulin, is a good friend of mine from school days, and he persuaded me to come to training. So I trained a little for myself because swimming and gym get a little boring when you're always alone. And then I came about a month and a half ago. I have been with them constantly ever since."

Stoja Basketball Club has certainly never had a more celebrated member! 

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Thursday, 10 March 2022

Workout That Helps the Environment: Plogging Race to be Held in Pula

March 10th, 2022 - The trend originating from Sweden has been taking root in Istria over the last few years

An interesting event combining fitness and ecology will take place in Pula this weekend, on Sunday the 13th of March. A so-called plogging race was announced earlier today in the Šijana forest park, reports Glas Istre.

Plogging is a unique activity which originates from Sweden and involves picking up garbage while jogging outdoors - saving the planet, one run at a time. The trend gets its original name ‘plogga’ from a combination of two words, ‘jogga’ for jogging and ‘plockka up’ which translates to ‘picking up’ in Swedish. Apart from helping the environment, plogging is also believed to be very beneficial for physical health as it involves a lot of coordinated muscle activity.

A number of plogging races were held in southern Istria in 2019 and 2020, and the praiseworthy initiative now marches on with the upcoming Sunday race in Pula.

There’s no registration fee, and anyone interested can participate in one of two categories. The first is a competitive category for runners, and will have the racers jogging on the Orchid trail (Croatian: Orhideja), collecting waste within the marked area for 60 minutes.

The second is a family-friendly category, intended for everyone who wants to lend a helping hand and do some good while out on a nice walk in nature. Teams are required to have a minimum of two members and will have an hour to collect discarded waste on the Little Prince trail (Croatian: Mali princ), i.e. on the central plateau in Šijana.

All the participants will be provided with garbage bags and gloves, and they will also receive participation certificates. Those who collect the most discarded garbage during the race will also be presented with special prizes from the event’s sponsors.

The race was announced by Silvia Butiggnoni, the director of the Public Institution Natura Histrica, and Erik Lukšić of the ISTRun company.

Thursday, 10 March 2022

First Time in Croatia: Tame Impala at Pula Arena on August 17!

March 10, 2022 - One of the biggest concerts in Croatia this year has been announced - you won't want to miss Tame Impala at Pula Arena on August 17! 

For the first time in Croatia, the Australian band Tame Impala, which revolutionized rock with its new sound, will perform at the Pula Arena on August 17, 2022.

Tame Impala is a psychedelic music project by Australian multi-instrumentalist Kevin Parker. In his studio, Parker writes, records, performs and produces all the music of the Tame Impala project. On tour, Tame Impala consists of Parker (guitar, vocals), Dominic Simper (guitar, synthesizer), Jay Watson (synthesizer, vocals, guitar), Cam Avery (bass guitar, vocals), and Julien Barbagallo (drums, vocals).

Tame Impala won the BRIT Award for Best International Band in 2016, and in 2021 they were nominated for Best Alternative Album - “The Slow Rush” and Best Rock Song for Song - “Lost In Yesterday” at the Grammy Awards. This was their third Grammy Award nomination in the Best Alternative Album category, and they were previously nominated with “Currents” and “Lonerism.” “The Slow Rush” was also nominated for two Billboard Music Awards and the American Music Award (AMA).

Tame Impala has headlined numerous festivals in recent years, including Splendor in the Grass, Coachella, Primavera, Lollapalooza, ACL, and many others. In addition, Parker is one of the most influential musical voices of the last decade. As a writer and producer, Parker has collaborated with The Weeknd, Travis Scott, SZA, Lady Gaga, Mark Ronson, Kanye West, Kali Uchis, Theophilus London, Miguel, A$AP Rocky, and many others.

“The Slow Rush” is Tama Impale’s fourth studio album. The album continues a series of great releases from the 2010 debuts “Innerspeaker,” “Lonerism” in 2012, and “Currents” in 2015. Released in February 2020, it has already collected over 1.3 billion streams. Reaching #1 on the charts of various countries, it was their highest-rated album to date in the US and the UK with 14 top 10 positions in the world. “The Slow Rush is an extremely detailed work,” writes Pitchfork. "I'm amazed that all the music and lyrics are exclusively Parker's work, every guitar chord and every turn of the knob he made."

Ticket prices range from 300 to 550 kuna and go on sale on Monday, March 14, 2022, at 11 am. Tickets can be purchased on Eventim. Ticket prices are 550 HRK for the loggia, 500 HRK for the floor, 480 HRK for the grandstand, and 300 HRK for the lawn. The ticket limit is 4 per order.

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Thursday, 10 March 2022

4 Ryanair Pula Summer Flights Announced, Brussels Airlines Returns to Zadar

March 10, 2022 - The latest flight news to Croatia as four Ryanair Pula summer flights have been announced, and Brussels Airlines returns to Zadar Airport. 

Irish low-cost airline Ryanair will operate on four international routes from Pula Airport this summer. Namely, these are direct flights to destinations in Austria, Belgium, Poland, and the United Kingdom, reports Croatian Aviation.

The first line to London (Stansted Airport) will run from March 27, twice a week, on Thursdays and Sundays. From June 2, the third weekly flight is added, on Tuesdays, with this flight schedule remaining in force until the end of September. Two-weekly flights have been re-announced for October, with the last Ryanair flight to London on October 27. 

B937-800 aircraft with a capacity of 189 seats have been announced to London. A total of 29,862 seats are available between London and Pula on this Ryanair line.

The very next day, March 28, the line for Brussels Charleroi will start operating, with Ryanair announcing three weekly flights, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, until October 28. B737-800 aircraft have also been announced on this route, with a total of 35,154 seats between Charleroi and Pula.

From June 1, the new Ryanair line between Pula and Vienna will start operating twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays, until September 28. A320 aircraft have been announced on this route.

On June 3, the last, fourth line to Pula, from Poznan, Poland, will start operating. Flights have also been announced twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays, until September 30. Between Pula, Poznan, and Vienna, the Irish airline is offering a total of 25,200 seats this summer.

On the four announced routes to Pula Airport, Ryanair offers a total of more than 90,000 seats (90,216), and with an average passenger cabin occupancy of 86% (data for February 2022), this airline could bring over 80,000 passengers to Pula this summer.

Belgian airline Brussels Airlines is introducing a scheduled flight between Brussels and Zadar in the upcoming summer flight schedule, reports Croatian Aviation.

The seasonal route between Zadar and Brussels was introduced by the Belgian national airline in the 2018 summer flight schedule, but the line was not in operation during the last two seasons due to the pandemic.

Although it did not announce the line in its initial summer announcement, Brussels Airlines subsequently released tickets for this line, which will start operating on May 7.

The flights will run once a week, every Saturday, and are currently scheduled until the end of the summer flight schedule (October 29). The A319 aircraft with a capacity of 141 seats will operate on the route. 

With the return of Brussels Airlines to Zadar Airport, Zagreb Airport remains the only destination in the country to which this airline has not returned after the lockdown in Europe. Zadar Airport, in addition to the Brussels Airlines line, also has a flight to Charleroi in the summer schedule, operated by Ryanair.

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Wednesday, 9 March 2022

Pula Goes Green: Solar Panels to Be Installed on Public Buildings

March 9th, 2022 - The City of Pula plans to harness solar energy in order to make significant savings on electricity bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

The City of Pula is embracing green energy with its latest initiative that will see the roofs of public buildings fitted with solar panels.

Earlier this week, Pula Mayor Filip Zoričić met with representatives of the North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency (REGEA). The City announced that an agreement was reached with the REGEA, who will provide technical support in the preparation of documentation for the solar project.

The City of Pula will be provided with detailed technical data required to implement roof solarization, along with insight into the overall potential of public buildings for the installation of photovoltaic panels, and the application of solar energy with the goal of making significant savings on electricity bills and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Roof solarization is part of the PVMAX project funded by the European Local Energy Assistance (ELENA), a technical assistance programme managed by the European Investment Bank (EIB).

The project will be implemented by the REGEA, and its total value is €1.98 million, intended for the preparation of technical documentation.

Wednesday, 9 March 2022

19 easyJet Summer Lines to Pula, Split, Dubrovnik Operate from End of March

March 9, 2022 - The latest flight news to Croatia as 19 easyJet summer lines to Pula, Split, and Dubrovnik begin at the end of the month! 

At the beginning of the summer flight schedule, British airline easyJet is introducing regular flights to Pula, Split and Dubrovnik airports. In the last week of March, easyJet will operate 44 return flights to three Croatian airports, reports Croatian Aviation.

easyJet will be a regular guest at the airports in Pula, Rijeka, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik this summer. 

Pula lines
easyJet is announcing a total of 9 scheduled flights to Pula Airport this summer, from London, Amsterdam, Basel, Berlin, Bristol, Geneva, Glasgow, Luton and Paris. All lines, except those to and from London, will start operating in May and June.

As of March 28, a regular line between Pula and London (Gatwick Airport) will be introduced, which will run 3 times a week, every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. 624 seats are available on this line for the first two rotations.

Rijeka and Zadar lines
Rijeka Airport will have two easyJet lines this summer, to London and Berlin, but they will start operating in May and June, respectively.

A total of 5 lines have been announced for Zadar, to Amsterdam, Basel, Berlin, London and Milan, but like Rijeka, some lines will start operating in May and some in June.

Split lines
For this summer season, 14 regular lines to Split Airport have been announced, and ten lines will start operating this month:

Amsterdam, from 28.03., five times a week,

Basel, from 27.03., daily,

Berlin, from 27.03., four times a week,

Bristol, from 27.03. four times a week,

Geneva, from 27.03., four times a week,

Glasgow, from 27.03., twice a week,

London, from 27.03., six times a week,

Manchester, from 29.03., three times a week,

Naples, from 28.03., four times a week,

Paris, from 29.03., twice a week.

In March alone, easyJet will operate a total of 29 return flights to Split Airport, and thus offer 4,524 seats in the last week of this month alone.

Lines to Luton, Lyon, Milan and Orly will start in May and June, and the number of weekly rotations on all lines will increase from week to week.

Dubrovnik lines
Dubrovnik Airport is a long-term easyJet destination in Croatia, and 8 international routes will depart from Dubrovnik in March for:

Amsterdam, from 27.03., twice a week,

Berlin, from 30.03., twice a week,

Bristol, from 27.03., three times a week,

Edinburgh, from 29.03., twice a week,

Geneva, from 29.03., twice a week,

London, from 27.03., five times a week,

Manchester, from 30.03., twice a week,

Naples, from March 29, three times a week.

easyJet will run 13 return flights to Dubrovnik in the last 5 days of March, with 2,028 seats on sale. Lines to Lyon, Nantes, Orly and Basel will start in May and June.

44 easyJet return flights from March 27 to 31 are a hint of a good summer season in which this well-known low-cost airline will significantly increase its market share compared to the previous two seasons. 

In the peak summer season, easyJet will operate on 42 scheduled international routes from five Croatian airports, but a detailed analysis of the schedule for May, June and July will be known in the weeks ahead, given that operational changes are certainly possible.

Airlines from the A320 family, type A319, A320 and A321NEO, which have a capacity of 156 to 235 seats at easyJet, have been announced on the routes.

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Tuesday, 8 March 2022

Pula Urban Renewal Project: Pula's Ex-Military Facilities to Get Revamped

March the 8th, 2022 - The popular Istrian city of Pula has kicked off with the praiseworthy Pula Urban Renewal project which envisages the revamping of the city and wider area's multiple former military facilities.

As Morski writes, the City of Pula has launched the aforementioned Pula Urban Renewal project in order to encourage the further development of the city and its immediately surrounding areas through the reconstruction of neglected locations and the exploitation of the great potential that is ''locked up'' today in the former military areas in and around Pula.

The aim of the Pula Urban Renewal project is to encourage a new way of thinking about both the untapped potential and indeed the limitations of urban renewal processes and to show how it has its strong economic, environmental and human dimension to it. At the same time, the goal is to offer solutions in relation to institutional and implementation solutions of urban renewal across the whole of the Republic of Croatia, according to the Pula City Administration.

The Pula Urban Renewal project includes a comprehensive analysis of Pula: detailed spatial analyses, analyses of the urban context, economic activities and perspectives were also looked into and taken into account. More than twenty sites and buildings located in and around Pula with potential for urban renewal have been identified, from which three very different areas have been selected - Muzil, Hidrobaza and the Naval Hospital - for which development concepts and pre-feasibility studies are currently being prepared.

The Pula Urban Renewal project is otherwise being funded by a grant from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development through what's known as the Create Fund. The developer of the studies resulting from this project are being dealt with by an international team of experts consisting of Urbanex, KPMG and KCAP.

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Friday, 25 February 2022

New Reserve Bench Installed at Pula Stadium, Fans Can't See the Pitch

February 25th, 2022 - Worth 150,000 kuna, the new structure obstructs the view from the first few rows of the stands

A new bench for substitute players was recently installed at the Aldo Drosina stadium in Pula, the home ground of NK Istra. However, it seems that something went awry as the bench was being built, as it now blocks the view of the pitch for some fans, reports Glas Istre.

Namely, the structure is too tall, 46 centimetres to be exact, and it extends 20 centimetres too far into the pitch, partially blocking the view from the stands.

The fans seated closest to the pitch in the west stand can’t properly watch the game anymore. Not to mention that the first few rows, located right behind the new substitutes' bench, are usually reserved for children and people with disabilities.

HNS has reportedly also lodged a complaint, as there are almost 20 metres of the side line not visible to VAR anymore due to faulty construction.

Glas Istre has unofficially learnt that an official letter was sent to the City of Pula by one of the leaders of the Pula SDP and a frequent visitor of Istra matches, Siniša Gordić. He wanted to know who would fix the mistake, at whose expense, and within what period.

His request was forwarded to the city company Pula Sport which is responsible for Pula stadium operations, including management and maintenance. Director of Pula Sport Mario Peruško in turn forwarded the letter to NK Istra 1961, who reportedly participated in the project by financing the bench construction and proposing the dimensions of the structure.

That being said, the procurement of materials, installation of the bench and supervision of works were carried out by Pula Sport, and it’s believed they should be held responsible for the outcome.

The company has admitted that an error had occurred, and announced that they’ll cooperate with the club to ‘find the best solution to the problem’.


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