Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Pula Fort Center: New Tourist Product to Showcase City's Cultural Heritage

November 10, 2021 - A press conference was held at the Pula Tourist Board to present the activities and new promotional materials created within the Pula Fort Center project as a unique cultural and tourist product.

HRTurizam reports that this project aims to activate the vast potential of the cultural heritage of Pula and, through investment in sustainable use of cultural assets, increase the offer of cultural and educational content and events to benefit all residents of Pula and beyond, indirectly affecting the sustainable development of economy and tourism.

As part of the project, two completely separate spaces - the fortress Kaštel and the Zerostrasse underground tunnel functioned into a single whole. The newly created environment will undoubtedly allow for new content in the cultural offer and a completely new potential for materializing numerous development opportunities in different sectors.

The conference was opened by Ingrid Bulian, Head of the Board for Spatial Planning and Environmental Protection, and project manager Lorena Dropulić on behalf of the City of Pula, who emphasized that the project "Pula Fort Center as a new tourist product" is an excellent example of recognizing the potential that military architecture has as part of Pula's cultural heritage.

This project is an experiential basis and a positive incentive for the further candidacy of projects in the field of cultural heritage, given the potential that Pula has, and we include the Pula fort system, almost inexhaustible for creating a variety of content for today's human, said Bulian and Dropulić, and added:

"The driving force of the project is always people, their efforts and cooperation, so we should emphasize the excellent partnership between the City, PPMI and TZ Pula, where everyone plays their role professionally and dedicatedly, which is evident through the activities and results achieved so far, therefore, the further benefits that will result from the end of the project implementation, and certainly during its operation, should not be questioned."

So far, the Pula Tourist Board has carried out visual identity development activities, a website has been created in 4 languages ​​(, and a permanent Visualia exhibition that will be turned on for Advent.

Sanja Cinkopan Korotaj, director of the Pula Tourist Board, said that an elevator had been built to access the Kaštel and the History and Maritime Museum of Istria, which provided easier access for elderly tourists. "The primary goal is to increase the number of visitors to Kaštel, which has so far lagged behind other Pula attractions due to its inaccessibility," added Cinkopan Korotaj.

Cinkopan Korotaj presented other planned activities such as the production of promotional material or souvenirs; the plan is to educate tourist guides about the new tourist product, while next year it is planned to promote the project in cities and bring journalists and bloggers from abroad throughout the year, hire animators, organize performances and concerts, all to promote the new tourist product "Pula Fort Center."

Finally, Gracijano Kešac, director of the History and Maritime Museum of Istria - Museo storico e navale dell´Istria, said: “A good part of the fort and tunnel areas are well rehabilitated and protected, and their connection by elevator created a unique cultural destination. After a two-month trial run, which is behind us, we can say with satisfaction that this destination has shown great potential in attracting visitors."

The project will be included in the Advent events in Pula so that the Visitor Center will be conveniently equipped during Advent, and thus Pula Advent will get a new point of interest. Through this project, the Pula Tourist Board will combine historical heritage and modern technologies and introduce tourists to the cultural heritage, a world trend.

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Saturday, 19 December 2020

Pula Tourist Board: Planned Revenues in 2021 20% Higher than 2020

December 19, 2020 - At the Pula Tourist Board's assembly, the rebalance of the financial and activity plan for this year and the plans for 2021 was adopted. 

Glas Istre reports that with COVID-19 and all measures in June, the first rebalance was passed, assuming only 15 percent of last year's overnight stays in the peak season. But tourism traffic started already in June, and in ten months, 935 thousand overnight stays were realized, which is 41 percent of last year's figures.

Compared to the previous year, the highest percentage of overnight stays was realized by weekenders (96 percent), followed by nautical tourism (65 percent), rooms and apartments owned by legal entities (49 percent), private accommodation (48 percent), and campsites (41 percent). The biggest losers are hostels, recording only eight percent, tourist apartments (18 percent), and hotels with 23 percent of last year's traffic.

According to the new supplementary budget, revenues amount to HRK 5.512 million, 72 percent more than planned in May but 43 percent less than the original plan for this year. Total expenditures now amount to around HRK 4,822 million, 15 percent more than the first supplementary budget. More activities were realized than planned in the spring without the need for borrowing credit - summer concerts and parties in cooperation with the City, Pula Half Marathon, EU project Pula Fortification System, Advent 2019, Pula Carnival, Irrigation Verudela Art Park, and other smaller activities.

The plan for 2021 envisages revenues of around HRK 6.635 million. Still, the director of the Tourist Board, Sanja Cinkopan Korotaj, says that it is challenging to plan anything because there are several unknowns - including the amount for tourist tax and membership fees for small renters, how many companies will ask for refunds in the final accounts and reducing membership fees. But they decided to look optimistically, and the planned revenues are 20 percent higher than this year.

A team of experts from Arena Hospitality Group, Uniline agency, and Pula Tourist Board has been formed, preparing promotional actions for next year and when the pandemic in Europe calms down. "We will be ready to react quickly," says the Pula Tourist Board.

Together with the tourist boards of southern Istria, they will create the operational plan of southern Istria for 2021-2027, and other activities will be organized on a smaller scale than last year - there will be Visualia, Pula Half Marathon, Days of Antiquity, Pula Dances, Advent, summer concerts and entertainment. With the cluster of Southern Istria, projects have been prepared for the Association Fund tenders at the Croatian National Tourist Board to develop the destination for animal friends and trail lovers.

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