Friday, 6 May 2022

Vinistra Wine Fair Opens in Poreč

ZAGREB, 6 May (2022) - Vinistra, Croatia's largest and oldest regional wine fair, opened in the northern Adriatic town of Poreč on Friday, with more than 110 exhibitors, including 80 winemakers, taking part.

"Istria County has been financially supporting Vinistra since its very beginning because wine and winemaking are part of our tradition and regional identity. Today we can proudly say that Istria is a world brand, both for our wines and our olive oil," said Istria County Prefect Boris Miletić.

The State Secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture, Šime Mršić, underscored the importance of the fair for the promotion of wine, while the head of the Vinistra association, Nikola Benvenuti, confirmed that the interest of exhibitors had never been higher.

Among the participants in this year's edition of Vinistra are the international partners on the project "The Malvasia Myth", which aims to valorise and brand all wines carrying the name Malvasia and to promote their areas and producers.

As a partner in the project, the local action group Central Istria will host, in cooperation with the Vinistra association, representatives of the partners from Greece and Italy and acquaint them with the area and the characteristics, development and importance of Malvasia in Istria County. The partners will present their wines at the Vinistra fair.

For the first time, Vinistra will also feature a stand dedicated to evaluation, the World of Malvasia, where visitors will be able to taste Malvasia wine from ten countries with guided tasting in cooperation with the Croatian sommelier club.

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Saturday, 19 March 2022

Nikolina Ćaćić Secures Croatia's First Medal at U22 European Boxing Championships in Poreč

March 19, 2022 -  Nikolina Ćaćić, an Olympian and Croatia's best female boxer, secured Croatia's first medal at the Under-22 European Boxing Championships in Poreč by qualifying for the semifinals.

Nikolina Ćaćić, who has already achieved historic achievements at the age of 21, brought the first medal to Croatia women's boxing and placed as the first Croatian female boxer in history at the Olympic Games. 

Ćaćić was the world and European runner-up in the juniors, and she added another big medal to the already impressive collection. After winning the quarterfinal fight in the category up to 52 kg against the three-time European and world champion in the junior categories Marie Moorehouse, Nikolina now awaits an even easier fight on paper. Ćaćić will fight Ukraine's Sabina Novosad for the finals on Sunday. While she came two steps away from gold, she has ensured a minimal bronze medal. 

Unfortunately, the other two Croatian boxers were not equally lucky. Dea Bolanča was stopped, while Pitbull Split member Ana Stojanović also lost in her debut performance at the European Championships in the category up to 63 kg after a great fight against Finland's Naiima Bulhan. Stojanović, a former taekwondo fighter and kickboxer with a short boxing experience and too few fights at the international level, firmly opposed the excellent Finnish boxer. 

Saturday brings an opportunity for Croatian boxers to secure three more medals. The most is expected from the World Championship quarterfinalist, Gabriel Veočić, who will face Lukas Ferneza from Slovakia in the category up to 75 kilograms. Noah Ježek will also fight his quarterfinal match against Mateusz Urban from Poland in the 71 kg category, while 18-year-old Deni Alagić will look for a way to the medal in the 63.5 kg category against Kerem Ozmen from Turkey.

Source: Fight SiteFight Site

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Thursday, 17 February 2022

Don't Feed the Gulls! Istria Doubles Down on Seagull Control

February 17th, 2022 - As part of the ongoing efforts to keep the seagull population in check, several cities in Istria are appealing to the public to follow a few rules of conduct

A staple feature of the Adriatic coast, seagulls have been more of a nuisance than a pretty sight in recent times. The sleek white birds are growing more daring by the day, nesting in urban areas, rummaging through rubbish bins, and commonly seen swooping in and ripping tasty-looking snacks straight out of the hands of unsuspecting tourists.

The avian marauders are becoming more aggressive and are known to harass people outdoors. They're predominantly food-driven and will attack whenever a prospect of scoring a snack is involved. 

Efforts have been made to keep the Caspian gull population in check, particularly in western Istria where a project was implemented 10 years ago with the goal of decreasing the numbers of pesky gulls in urban areas.

The project was initially launched in Poreč in 2011, and soon resulted in a 70% decrease in the population of seagulls in town. Novigrad, Rovinj and Pula have joined the initiative in the years since, with the local tourist boards appealing to the citizens to report any sightings of seagull nests on residential and commercial buildings.

Pula is now doubling down on seagull control, as reported by Drones are being used to monitor the areas known as seagull habitats, and fake eggs are being planted in their nests to keep the gull population under control. The birds can't tell the difference and accept plastic eggs as if it were their own; they're known to be calmer and less aggressive during this time, and once the 'incubation'  period is over, they leave the nests in search of new adventures. 


The Veterinary Hospital Poreč which manages the project has published brochures containing detailed information on Caspian gulls that inhabit the Istrian coast. The birds that once only used to nest on uninhabited rocky islands have now moved to urban areas; as they prefer to nest on flat surfaces, they’ve been choosing flat roofs of hotels and family homes to build their nests.

The gulls nest from April to June, laying 3-4 eggs at a time that take about a month to hatch. They have a long lifespan and are known to live for up to 35 years! That’s a lot of time to procreate, and seeing that they have no natural predators, the gull population would likely keep increasing into oblivion if it weren’t kept in check with humane control measures.

Whether you’re only visiting Istria or staying long-term, what can you do to help? Remember to close garbage disposal bins and don’t leave any garbage on the ground around the bins, on beaches, or in any other outdoor areas. Garbage bags are not to be left outside overnight, especially in historic city centres, as the gulls are drawn to plastic bags which they got to know as their main source of food. And above all, never, ever feed the gulls!

The City of Pula has put up brochures with more information on their website - available in English, Italian and Croatian.

Think you’ve spotted a seagull nest in town? You can report the sighting by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Friday, 3 December 2021

Ironman is Coming to Croatia: Plava Laguna to Host 70.3 Triathlon in Poreč

December 3, 2021 - After cooperating with the Ironman group in 2019 and two Plava Laguna 5150 Poreč Triathlons from the Ironman competitions, Plava Laguna will organize the 70.3 triathlon in Poreč next year, one of the world's most prestigious competitions in this sport.

Plava Laguna IRONMAN® 70.3® in Poreč will be held on October 16, 2022. A few days before, from October 13, Poreč will live in the spirit of the triathlon, and the day before the Ironman 70.3 competition, on Saturday, October 15, there will be an IronKids race, reports HRTurizam.

"After two successful editions of the Plava Laguna 5150 Triathlon, next year we will experience the Ironman 70.3 in our Green Resort in Istria, Poreč, and thus bring the Ironman brand to Croatia. One million competitors finish the race under the Ironman brand every year, and the website has over 30 billion visits a year. This tells us that this event will be a great promoter of Poreč, Istria, and Croatia. We are very pleased with the fact that the cooperation has deepened and that the Ironman team has full confidence that our team will be great in organizing 70.3," said Dragan Pujas, President of the Plava Laguna Board. 

Ironman 70.3 means the distance in miles that athletes have to cover in three disciplines - 1.2 miles of swimming, 56 miles of cycling, and 13.1 miles of running (expressed in km it is 113 in total, 1.9 km swimming, 90 km cycling, and 21.1 km running). The start and finish are planned at the Green Resort.

"Croatia is the perfect destination for every triathlete who wants to experience a spectacular destination and a unique culture during their competition. Croatia has a great community of triathletes, and we are looking forward to even more competitors experiencing the IRONMAN 70.3 race in Poreč," says Thomas Veje Olson, Director of the IRONMAN Group for Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

The start itself, which starts with swimming, begins in front of the Hotel Parentium, the transit zone is planned in front of the Hotel Molindrio, and the bike route will extend to Buzet and back. Finally, the last racing route starts in the transit zone in the Green Resort, to the old town of Porec and back and Funtana and back.

This competition is completed by the best athletes within 4 hours, while the race's time limit is 8 hours. Goran Vrus, the director of the race, also announced the upcoming registration fee for the event: “We have even bigger challenges ahead of us next year because we want to set as many goals as possible. We are looking forward to the organization of Ironman 70.3, and I am happy to say that the registration fees for the event will be on sale through the page from Tuesday, December 7."

Istria County Prefect Boris Miletić emphasizes that he is thrilled that the prestigious and world-famous Ironman 70.3 race will be held in Istria and adds: "We confirm that our region is recognized as an excellent destination and partner for organizing races at the highest possible level. Congratulations to the Plava Laguna organizer."

The Istria County Tourist Board director, Denis Ivošević, adds that Istria is ideal for sports.

“That is why it is important to invest in sports tourism because it brings us not only growth in terms of the number of overnight stays outside the main season but also an international presence and visibility; also thanks to our precious territory, which due to its conformation is suitable for numerous sporting events," emphasizes Ivošević.

Croatian Tourist Board director Kristjan Staničić also spoke about the importance of branded sports events in Croatia: “Continuous promotion and positioning Croatia as a quality, safe and well-prepared destination in today's circumstances are a basic prerequisite to attract guests and tourist traffic successfully. Congratulations to Poreč and Istria; hosting such a prestigious and internationally recognized race is great for Croatia. This will give our country popularity, additional visibility, but also a quality tourist offer, which makes events like this one richer and more attractive."


The director of the Poreč Tourist Board, Nenad Velenik, agrees and is thrilled that one of the Ironman destinations in 2022 will be Poreč, not only because of the tourist traffic in the off-season also because of the enormous marketing value of such a project.

It is excellent that Croatia can be proud of another big event in 2022, emphasizes the Minister of Tourism and Sports Nikolina Brnjac and adds: "This speaks of the attractiveness of Croatia as a tourist destination, especially in the off-season, which we are constantly working on. Sports tourism is great for extending the tourist season, with the additional promotion of Croatia through the Ironman brand. We are glad that Croatia has succeeded in recognizing that big brands are a safe tourist destination."

The best at the Plava Laguna IRONMAN 70.3. Poreč will also secure spots for the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships in Lahti, Finland, on August 26-27, 2023. For more information on the IRONMAN brand and global series of events, visit

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Monday, 15 November 2021

Istrian Town Holds Record For Number of Primary School Students

November the 15th, 2021 - One Istrian town has set the record for the most primary school children in the Republic of Croatia in spite of the demographic crisis which has plagued Croatia for many years now.

As Morski writes, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), last year, almost two thousand fewer students were enrolled in primary schools across the country's cities than were enrolled back in 2019 - 225,789 students, and the year before that there 227,547 students. For this school year, the CBS hasn't yet published the data, but according to what can be seen from the eRudnik application, the number of students has again been reduced by about 2,000. Over the past eight years, only the City of Zagreb and Istria County have had an increase in the number of students, and last year only 38 cities recorded a positive trend, as reported by the portal

With an increase of 36 students in the school year 2020/2021. Compared to the year before, Poreč is the leading city in Croatia in terms of the number of enrolled primary school students, which is an increase of 2.81 percent compared to the year before.

Today, the popular Istrian town of Porec is one of only a few cities in the entire country that can boast of positive demographic trends - from 2018 until today, the number of students in primary schools in that particular Istrian town has increased from 1538 to 1635 students. Porec responded to such positive demographic movements in a timely manner with investments, in order to provide all of Porec's children with a proper high quality education. From 2017 until today, two new primary schools have been built for a total of 700 students, along with additional halls and all other necessary infrastructure. Thanks to these investments, all children from this Istrian town attend their classes in one morning shift.

In order for Porec to remain a desirable place to live, grow up and gain a good education, the City of Porec awards the largest scholarships in the country for their students, co-finances the purchase of textbooks and other educational materials for students, co-finances primary school programmes above the typical standard with more than six million kuna per year, co-finances the transport of students studying in secondary schools in Porec and neighbouring areas for about 180 students, encourages learning Italian in Porec's secondary schools by financing teachers' salaries, and additionally provides funds for salaries to assistants in schools for students with disabilities.

On top of all of the above, this Istrian town co-finances the activities of the Centre for Community Services, which has an array of programmes aimed at children, families, the elderly and particularly vulnerable groups of people with with the aim of providing psychosocial and health support, as well as numerous other social assistance and support measures and additional measures for single-parent families.

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Monday, 1 November 2021

Croatia Handball European Championship Prep Begins in Poreč (VIDEO)

November 2, 2021 - The Croatia handball European Championship prep began on Monday in Poreč. The European Champs will be held in January 2022.

For the first time since the summer, the Croatia men's senior national handball team gathered in Zagreb. After quickly socializing with the media and testing, the national team traveled to Poreč where they will stay and train for the next seven days. As part of these preparations, which are actually the beginning of preparations for next year's European Championship in Slovakia and Hungary, a friendly match will be played against Slovenia, on November 6 at 18:00 in Novigrad / Cittanova.

The match will be broadcast live on Croatian Television's Second Program.


Of the 19 invited players, 18 responded to coach Hrvoje Horvat. The only ones who could not play are Luka Cindrić, who has not yet fully recovered from a shoulder injury he suffered in mid-September in the Champions League, and Fran Mileta, who was seriously injured in a Europa League match. Vlado Matanović was called up instead.

Croatia handball squad:




Coaching staff:

    Source: HRS
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Sunday, 1 August 2021

German Couple Arrested in Poreč; Left Two Children in Locked Car

August 1, 2021 - A German couple was arrested, the Croatian police reported, after they left two small children and a dog locked in a car in a parking lot for over an hour.

The passers-by reported to the police around 7:30 pm that the children and the dog were in a hot, locked car (German licence plates) with fully closed windows for way too long. The car with the three sufferers inside was at a supermarket parking lot. Just as the police were approaching, the 28-year-old woman unlocked the car. The children were taken to the hospital in Pula, because of the obvious symptoms of serious heat exhaustion. The dog was taken to a local vet, to be treated for the same condition, Croatian Radiotelevision reports.

The police have concluded that the German citizens, a man and a woman, both 28 years old, have committed the felony of endangering the children's rights, as well as the felony of endangering animals. They were arrested last night and spent the night in jail. The local social services were notified and looked after the children, while the dog continues to be in the care of the veterinary clinic. It remains to be seen what the legal consequences for the couple will be.

Please, never leave your children (and/or pets) in locked vehicles for any amount of time in such heat. It was over 30°C yesterday in Poreč, and it was pure luck that the children and the dog made it out alive and seemingly without any permanent consequences.

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Saturday, 19 June 2021

Vinistra 2021: Favourite Wine Event Opens in Poreč!

June 19, 2021 - Vinistra, this year, has been a celebration of Istria´s endeavours in containing COVID. Cancelled last year and postponed this year by a month, until everyone could be sure that it was safe, this year´s exhibition has moved from its usual venue in Porec to an open-air one on the seafront, where the safety of exhibitors and visitors is easier to maintain.

The awards were presented at a ceremony a week ago in Porec´s premier Hotel Parentium and this weekend, visitors have the opportunity to sample the best of Istria´s wines over a three-day period.

Vinistra is the culmination of a period of wine events, particularly the World of Malvasija, where Malvasijas from as far afield as Lanzarote and Greece are judged separately from the other grape types. Naturally, most are from Istria, but entries also came from Italy and Slovenia as well. 

The Vinistra judging encompasses all the grape varieties available in Istria, including ones like Refosk that are popular in Slovenia, from which entries came and which got a lot of Gold Medals.  Judging this year was a little different, as Caroline Gilbey MW, who normally leads it, was stuck in the UK with restrictions and was unable to come.

It isn't just about the big names, either. Denis Bernobic, who has a small winery in Markovac, was previously little known and doesn't even have a website, carried off the supreme award, over and above a Gold Medal, for his Young Malvasija. To have done so, while competing with the biggest and best wineries in the county, was no mean feat. Over 40 Malvasijas got Gold Medals this year, reflecting the very high standard.

Terans, Istria´s other main grape, was well represented with almost 20 Gold Medals of which Marko Fakin from Brkac picked up 5. His neighbour, Klaudio Tomaz, picked up another 3 of them. The Motovun area is clearly good for growing Teran, but the skills of these winemakers make the most of it. Kozlevic, Benvenutti and Degrassi also got Golds, as well as Deklic, from Ferenci, who picked up 2. Bruno Ferenac, his neighbour, picked up another Gold. 

The lack of opportunity last year to have wine judged meant that this year many wineries submitted the wines they would have done last year, as well as those for this year. It has resulted in a greater number of entries.

Talking to winemakers about the effects of COVID on their businesses revealed that while the closure of restaurants, both here and in the export markets, obviously hit sales, many of them picked up new business domestically, as buyers bought to drink at home.

I used to think that Cuvees was just a way of blending in different wines, but the skill of these winemakers ensures that the result exceeds the sum of the parts. Deklic picked up 2 Gold Medals for his ones, with Damjanic, down in Fuskulin, getting his usual Gold for his excellent Clemente. Kozlovic, Degrassi and Rossi got Golds, as did Moreno Ivancic and Pervino from Novigrad. Damjanic also picked up the only Gold for his Borgonija. Whilst a traditional grape, it needs careful management and bunches removing to maintain the best of the remaining ones.

Cabernet Francs were less well represented, with another Ferenci winemaker, Julio Ferenac, picking up a Gold for his, alongside Degrassi´s well-known Contarini from Savudrija. Fiore, from Barboj, were the only other entry and got a Silver.

Deklic has done well this year, as he picked up a Gold for his Cabernet Sauvignon, as did Pino Rossi from Bajkini. Rossi´ś cousins, also at Bajkini, picked up a Gold for their Chardonnay, as did Franko Cattunar at Nova Vas.

Siljan, from Marcana, another lesser know winery, got a Gold Medal Plus, for their Merlot, and Deklic, again, got another Gold for his, alongside Tomaz and Medea with Angelo Brcic getting a well-deserved one for his Merlot Barrique.

Benvenutti got a special Gold for his San Salvatore Muscat. That guy makes the best proper dessert wines in the county. Klaudio Tomaz picked up 2 more Golds for his 2018 and 2020 Muscats . Capo, from Fernetici, got a Special Gold for his Yellow Muscat.

The exhibition is well laid out, allowing for a degree of social distancing and being held later in the day, offers a particularly pleasant view across the bay.. This year, following an earlier tradition but missing in recent years, the price of admission includes a glass, which you can keep. It is also part of their thinking to keep patrons safe. Hastily rinsed out hired glasses weren't considered ideal.

This year, there aren't any food events and there isn't a lecture programme, but, overall, they have made a good job of organising it in difficult circumstances.

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Thursday, 10 June 2021

Poreč Hosts Seven Days of Protected Croatian Prosciutto!

June 10th, 2021 - An exhibition and sales event on the Poreč waterfront, a new champion, awards ceremony, professional workshops, and the largest number of protected Croatian prosciutto producers yet - the largest event dedicated to the famous delicacy has been announced! 

We will find out soon who has the best prosciutto in Croatia this year. If you are a fan of this delicacy and beautiful Istria, book June 18th and 19th because this year Poreč is the host of the largest event dedicated to protected Croatian prosciutto. There are already four areas with EU protection - Krk, Drniš, and Dalmatia with the protected geographical origin, and Istrian with protected original origin. One of them will take the championship title. 

Istrians and their guests will be able to taste the best prosciutto on the second day of the event, June 19, on the Poreč waterfront. From 8 am to 5 pm, producers will sell all four protected prosciuttos at promotional prices. They will be joined by producers of cheese and IQ Malvasia and Teran organized by Vinistra.


Filip Brala (archive 2020.)

The Days of Croatian Prosciutto have been promoting one of the most sought-after Croatian delicacies for seven years, confirmed by the figures. Namely, on the domestic market, we eat twice as much prosciutto per year as we produce. The ratio is 450 thousand to one million pieces, while we import more than 400 thousand pieces.

Although we ate slightly less prosciutto during the pandemic, producers say that sales have fallen by an average of thirty percent, the potential for production growth is huge. By easing epidemiological measures, everything could go back to normal. However, while the participants and visitors of the Croatian Prosciutto Day are still in force, they will have to adhere to them, according to the Croatian Prosciutto Cluster, the organizer of the event.

This year's event is held under the auspices of Zoran Milanovic, President of the Republic of Croatia, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Istria County, City of Porec, Tourist Board of Porec, and the City of Zagreb.

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Sunday, 23 May 2021

Croatia Karate Team Wins Gold at European Championship in Poreč!

May 23, 2021 -  The men's Croatia karate team has won the gold medal at the European Championship in Poreč!

The men's Croatia karate team of Ivan and Anđelo Kvesić, Enes Garibović, Zvonimir Živković, Ivan Martinac, Ante Mrvičić, and Karlo Raguž won the European championship title for the first time in history at the 56th European Karate Championship in Poreč, reports HRT.

In the final match, Croatia beat Montenegro 3-0. The first point was won by Anđelo Kvesić, beating Nenad Dulović 3-1.

Uncompromisingly, as in all team fights, Kvesić convincingly outplayed his opponent and won the starting point in the final.

Due to the injury of the Montenegro national team player Predrag Smolović, Zvonimir Živković scored the second point without a fight.

The third point was the work of Ivan Martinac, who in the end achieved a great turnaround against Mario Hodžić 3-2 for the overall triumph of the Croatia national team and a great celebration at the Poreč "Žatika" hall. 

Croatia thus reached the jubilee 100th medal since Croatian independence at the senior European Championships and World Championships in karate, which places karate at the top of the most successful sports in Croatia.

"We are all overjoyed, we had high expectations, but gold is a dream come true. We will surely celebrate well. Montenegro was a surprise for the whole EP; the big countries won; we expected a harder road, but it turned out great. I am a little sad that I lost the bronze, but the Olympic Games are coming; I believe I can win gold," said Ivan Kvesić.

"Deserved victory; we have a great team. This is a confirmation of past work, sacrifice, effort, and everything. We have top leadership by the Federation. I am proud to be a member of this golden team. This is a confirmation of work, quality, and motivation for the next competition. Angelo had a superb first match," said Enes Garibović

Ivan Martinac brought the decisive point.

"I had that honor; we've been dreaming about this our whole lives. We had an opportunity at home. We deserved it."

Anđelo Kvesić is also delighted.

"We did the lion's share of work. Individually, I may have failed, but now the team gold has come."

Croatia won three medals

At the European Championship in Poreč, the Croatia team won three medals - gold - team (M), bronze - team (W) (Ana Lenard, Lucija Lesjak, Lea Vukoja, Mia Greta Zorko) and Enes Garibović -75kg.

The most successful was Turkey, the next host of the European Championship, with six gold medals (and a total of nine medals).

Danijela Topic won a bronze medal in para karate in the competition for people with intellectual disabilities.

During the EP week in Poreč, the election congress of the EKF (European Karate Federation) was held in the "Parentium" hotel, where for the first time in history, there were 47 presidents of national federations.

On that occasion, Davor Cipek, the president of the Croatian Karate Federation, was first elected to the Executive Board of the EKF. Then he became the general secretary of that sports organization.

A total of 596 competitors from 47 countries participated.

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