Sunday, 1 August 2021

German Couple Arrested in Poreč; Left Two Children in Locked Car

August 1, 2021 - A German couple was arrested, the Croatian police reported, after they left two small children and a dog locked in a car in a parking lot for over an hour.

The passers-by reported to the police around 7:30 pm that the children and the dog were in a hot, locked car (German licence plates) with fully closed windows for way too long. The car with the three sufferers inside was at a supermarket parking lot. Just as the police were approaching, the 28-year-old woman unlocked the car. The children were taken to the hospital in Pula, because of the obvious symptoms of serious heat exhaustion. The dog was taken to a local vet, to be treated for the same condition, Croatian Radiotelevision reports.

The police have concluded that the German citizens, a man and a woman, both 28 years old, have committed the felony of endangering the children's rights, as well as the felony of endangering animals. They were arrested last night and spent the night in jail. The local social services were notified and looked after the children, while the dog continues to be in the care of the veterinary clinic. It remains to be seen what the legal consequences for the couple will be.

Please, never leave your children (and/or pets) in locked vehicles for any amount of time in such heat. It was over 30°C yesterday in Poreč, and it was pure luck that the children and the dog made it out alive and seemingly without any permanent consequences.

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Saturday, 19 June 2021

Vinistra 2021: Favourite Wine Event Opens in Poreč!

June 19, 2021 - Vinistra, this year, has been a celebration of Istria´s endeavours in containing COVID. Cancelled last year and postponed this year by a month, until everyone could be sure that it was safe, this year´s exhibition has moved from its usual venue in Porec to an open-air one on the seafront, where the safety of exhibitors and visitors is easier to maintain.

The awards were presented at a ceremony a week ago in Porec´s premier Hotel Parentium and this weekend, visitors have the opportunity to sample the best of Istria´s wines over a three-day period.

Vinistra is the culmination of a period of wine events, particularly the World of Malvasija, where Malvasijas from as far afield as Lanzarote and Greece are judged separately from the other grape types. Naturally, most are from Istria, but entries also came from Italy and Slovenia as well. 

The Vinistra judging encompasses all the grape varieties available in Istria, including ones like Refosk that are popular in Slovenia, from which entries came and which got a lot of Gold Medals.  Judging this year was a little different, as Caroline Gilbey MW, who normally leads it, was stuck in the UK with restrictions and was unable to come.

It isn't just about the big names, either. Denis Bernobic, who has a small winery in Markovac, was previously little known and doesn't even have a website, carried off the supreme award, over and above a Gold Medal, for his Young Malvasija. To have done so, while competing with the biggest and best wineries in the county, was no mean feat. Over 40 Malvasijas got Gold Medals this year, reflecting the very high standard.

Terans, Istria´s other main grape, was well represented with almost 20 Gold Medals of which Marko Fakin from Brkac picked up 5. His neighbour, Klaudio Tomaz, picked up another 3 of them. The Motovun area is clearly good for growing Teran, but the skills of these winemakers make the most of it. Kozlevic, Benvenutti and Degrassi also got Golds, as well as Deklic, from Ferenci, who picked up 2. Bruno Ferenac, his neighbour, picked up another Gold. 

The lack of opportunity last year to have wine judged meant that this year many wineries submitted the wines they would have done last year, as well as those for this year. It has resulted in a greater number of entries.

Talking to winemakers about the effects of COVID on their businesses revealed that while the closure of restaurants, both here and in the export markets, obviously hit sales, many of them picked up new business domestically, as buyers bought to drink at home.

I used to think that Cuvees was just a way of blending in different wines, but the skill of these winemakers ensures that the result exceeds the sum of the parts. Deklic picked up 2 Gold Medals for his ones, with Damjanic, down in Fuskulin, getting his usual Gold for his excellent Clemente. Kozlovic, Degrassi and Rossi got Golds, as did Moreno Ivancic and Pervino from Novigrad. Damjanic also picked up the only Gold for his Borgonija. Whilst a traditional grape, it needs careful management and bunches removing to maintain the best of the remaining ones.

Cabernet Francs were less well represented, with another Ferenci winemaker, Julio Ferenac, picking up a Gold for his, alongside Degrassi´s well-known Contarini from Savudrija. Fiore, from Barboj, were the only other entry and got a Silver.

Deklic has done well this year, as he picked up a Gold for his Cabernet Sauvignon, as did Pino Rossi from Bajkini. Rossi´ś cousins, also at Bajkini, picked up a Gold for their Chardonnay, as did Franko Cattunar at Nova Vas.

Siljan, from Marcana, another lesser know winery, got a Gold Medal Plus, for their Merlot, and Deklic, again, got another Gold for his, alongside Tomaz and Medea with Angelo Brcic getting a well-deserved one for his Merlot Barrique.

Benvenutti got a special Gold for his San Salvatore Muscat. That guy makes the best proper dessert wines in the county. Klaudio Tomaz picked up 2 more Golds for his 2018 and 2020 Muscats . Capo, from Fernetici, got a Special Gold for his Yellow Muscat.

The exhibition is well laid out, allowing for a degree of social distancing and being held later in the day, offers a particularly pleasant view across the bay.. This year, following an earlier tradition but missing in recent years, the price of admission includes a glass, which you can keep. It is also part of their thinking to keep patrons safe. Hastily rinsed out hired glasses weren't considered ideal.

This year, there aren't any food events and there isn't a lecture programme, but, overall, they have made a good job of organising it in difficult circumstances.

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Thursday, 10 June 2021

Poreč Hosts Seven Days of Protected Croatian Prosciutto!

June 10th, 2021 - An exhibition and sales event on the Poreč waterfront, a new champion, awards ceremony, professional workshops, and the largest number of protected Croatian prosciutto producers yet - the largest event dedicated to the famous delicacy has been announced! 

We will find out soon who has the best prosciutto in Croatia this year. If you are a fan of this delicacy and beautiful Istria, book June 18th and 19th because this year Poreč is the host of the largest event dedicated to protected Croatian prosciutto. There are already four areas with EU protection - Krk, Drniš, and Dalmatia with the protected geographical origin, and Istrian with protected original origin. One of them will take the championship title. 

Istrians and their guests will be able to taste the best prosciutto on the second day of the event, June 19, on the Poreč waterfront. From 8 am to 5 pm, producers will sell all four protected prosciuttos at promotional prices. They will be joined by producers of cheese and IQ Malvasia and Teran organized by Vinistra.


Filip Brala (archive 2020.)

The Days of Croatian Prosciutto have been promoting one of the most sought-after Croatian delicacies for seven years, confirmed by the figures. Namely, on the domestic market, we eat twice as much prosciutto per year as we produce. The ratio is 450 thousand to one million pieces, while we import more than 400 thousand pieces.

Although we ate slightly less prosciutto during the pandemic, producers say that sales have fallen by an average of thirty percent, the potential for production growth is huge. By easing epidemiological measures, everything could go back to normal. However, while the participants and visitors of the Croatian Prosciutto Day are still in force, they will have to adhere to them, according to the Croatian Prosciutto Cluster, the organizer of the event.

This year's event is held under the auspices of Zoran Milanovic, President of the Republic of Croatia, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Istria County, City of Porec, Tourist Board of Porec, and the City of Zagreb.

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Sunday, 23 May 2021

Croatia Karate Team Wins Gold at European Championship in Poreč!

May 23, 2021 -  The men's Croatia karate team has won the gold medal at the European Championship in Poreč!

The men's Croatia karate team of Ivan and Anđelo Kvesić, Enes Garibović, Zvonimir Živković, Ivan Martinac, Ante Mrvičić, and Karlo Raguž won the European championship title for the first time in history at the 56th European Karate Championship in Poreč, reports HRT.

In the final match, Croatia beat Montenegro 3-0. The first point was won by Anđelo Kvesić, beating Nenad Dulović 3-1.

Uncompromisingly, as in all team fights, Kvesić convincingly outplayed his opponent and won the starting point in the final.

Due to the injury of the Montenegro national team player Predrag Smolović, Zvonimir Živković scored the second point without a fight.

The third point was the work of Ivan Martinac, who in the end achieved a great turnaround against Mario Hodžić 3-2 for the overall triumph of the Croatia national team and a great celebration at the Poreč "Žatika" hall. 

Croatia thus reached the jubilee 100th medal since Croatian independence at the senior European Championships and World Championships in karate, which places karate at the top of the most successful sports in Croatia.

"We are all overjoyed, we had high expectations, but gold is a dream come true. We will surely celebrate well. Montenegro was a surprise for the whole EP; the big countries won; we expected a harder road, but it turned out great. I am a little sad that I lost the bronze, but the Olympic Games are coming; I believe I can win gold," said Ivan Kvesić.

"Deserved victory; we have a great team. This is a confirmation of past work, sacrifice, effort, and everything. We have top leadership by the Federation. I am proud to be a member of this golden team. This is a confirmation of work, quality, and motivation for the next competition. Angelo had a superb first match," said Enes Garibović

Ivan Martinac brought the decisive point.

"I had that honor; we've been dreaming about this our whole lives. We had an opportunity at home. We deserved it."

Anđelo Kvesić is also delighted.

"We did the lion's share of work. Individually, I may have failed, but now the team gold has come."

Croatia won three medals

At the European Championship in Poreč, the Croatia team won three medals - gold - team (M), bronze - team (W) (Ana Lenard, Lucija Lesjak, Lea Vukoja, Mia Greta Zorko) and Enes Garibović -75kg.

The most successful was Turkey, the next host of the European Championship, with six gold medals (and a total of nine medals).

Danijela Topic won a bronze medal in para karate in the competition for people with intellectual disabilities.

During the EP week in Poreč, the election congress of the EKF (European Karate Federation) was held in the "Parentium" hotel, where for the first time in history, there were 47 presidents of national federations.

On that occasion, Davor Cipek, the president of the Croatian Karate Federation, was first elected to the Executive Board of the EKF. Then he became the general secretary of that sports organization.

A total of 596 competitors from 47 countries participated.

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Thursday, 29 April 2021

Poreč Summer Camps: Actively Preparing for Children and Young People

April 29, 2021 - For decades, numerous Poreč summer camps have been organized for the youngest citizens.

This is exactly the form of an organized, high-quality, and fun summer holiday and is one of the favorite choices of children, but also parents. Children and young people in camps fill their time with socializing, creative and sports activities, teamwork, education, and friendship.

Thus, the Summer Camp of the City of Poreč at the City Baths and the Entertainment Summer Base of DND, as two camps with the most participants and focused on sports, but also creative and educational activities, plan to be held in four terms: from 28.06. to 10.07., 12.07. to 24.07., 26.07. to 07.08., and 09.08. to 21.08. The city and DND are also planning cooperation for this year, about which the public will be informed in time.

Summer activities are also planned by dance associations. USB Poreč will hold a dance camp in four shifts from 21.06. to 26.06. for children from 4 to 6 years, from 28.06. to 10.07. for children from 10 to 14 years, from 12.07. to 24.07. for children from 7 to 9 years and from 26.07. to 31.07. again for children 4 to 6 years old. They are planning a summer camp for teenagers, held for the first time last year. This year it will be held from 02.08. to 14.08. MOT08 plans to hold its summer camp in two terms from 28.06. to 10.07. and 12.07. to 24.07., and both dance groups highlight the dance performances and performances they will present to the wider Poreč audience.

Poreč sports clubs also plan to host an active summer. Volleyball Club Poreč organizes summer camp in the open from 01.07. to 10.07., Poreč Handball Club from 07.07. to 30.07., in the hall Žatika, as well as the Rhythmic Sports Gymnastics Club Poreč, which will be held from 05.07. to 31.08. Athletic club Maximvs plans outdoor activities in three terms, from 05.07. to 10.7., 12.07. to 17.07. and 19.07. to 25.07. Football club Jadran Poreč is planning its summer camp in Zelena laguna from 21.06. to 03.07.

The city, associations and sports clubs will inform all interested parties about the terms of enrollment in a timely manner, as well as possible changes in the schedule and additional activities.

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Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Reuters Reporters Visited Plava Laguna Parentium Hotel in Poreč: "Good Tourist Season Coming"

April 24, 2021 - Reuters reporters visited Plava Laguna Parentium Hotel in Poreč and seemed happy with preparations for the upcoming tourist season. 

International media praise Croatia as a lovely holiday spot, and many foreign reporters visited Croatia to check the field with their own eyes. And 2021 is no different.

As Istria Terra Magica reports, journalists from Reuters visited Parentium Hotel, a member of Plava Laguna Hotel Group.

„Reuters reports that Poreč streets are empty for now, but thanks to measures to keep tourists and tourist workers COVID-free, a good tourist season is in preparation“, says Istria Terra Magica.

The site adds that in the following weeks 80,000 tourist workers are planning to be vaccinated, and Covid-19 tests will be offered to the guests as well.

The full article about visiting Croatia is available on the Reuters website. covered the story too and added that „Reuters is a news agency spawned across 200 locations worldwide, and a synonym for independence and integrity“. 

Plava Laguna hotel group is one of the most influential accommodation companies in Istria, with four resorts, 25 hotels, and 13 apartments across Umag, Poreč, and Rijeka.

„At Plava Laguna, everyone is welcome. From the moment they arrive to the moment they leave, we want our guests to feel the warmth of our hospitality. So we introduce them to our beautiful Istrian countryside and the wonderful Adriatic sea. We share the delights of our national cuisine and fantastic wines. We show our guests the best of Croatia“, says their official website, available in Croatian, English, German, Slovenian, and Italian language.

The website also concludes that regardless of staying in a two-star or a five-star hotel, every visitor is considered a VIP guest.

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Friday, 23 April 2021

12th World of Malvasia: International Evaluation for Vinistra

April 24, 2021 - The best overture for Vinistra is the international evaluation of the World of Malvasia, which took place for the 12th time, in the Parentium Plava Laguna hotel in Poreč, which from year to year breaks records in terms of quality and number of samples. Thus, 435 samples of wine and spirits arrived for this year's evaluation, of which 220 samples were Malvasia.

As reports, a new name on the wine scene, Denis Bernobić from Markovac near Višnjan, won the championship title in the category of fresh Malvasia. Competing with three other top Malvasias, his wine took the win. This is also the biggest surprise at evaluating wine and spirits and the 12th World of Malvasia, which was traditionally held in mid-April at the Parentium Plava Laguna Hotel in Poreč.

"The lineage has always been the foundation of the existence of us Istrians. My family has been in winemaking for four generations, but the focus has been on top-quality wines for the last few years. The championship title is a great success, I must admit a surprise, but also recognition and encouragement to continue in the same direction", said Denis Bernobić.

Malvasia Collina from the 2016 winery Cattunar from Nova Vas near Brtonigla is the champion in the category of mature Malvasia; Teran Barbarossa, Vina Tomaz from Motovun, won the championship title in the fresh Teran category; while in the mature category, that title went to the wine of Santa Lucia from 2018. Kozlović Winery from Momjan.

In the category of mature refoška, ​​the champion is Capo d’Istria from 2013, Slovenian Vinakoper, and five big gold medals were awarded to wines that won more than 92 points. These are the 2015 San Salvatore Muscat White Benvenuti wines from Caldir; Muscat yellow from 2019. Capo wine from Fernetić; Malvasia volcanica from 1956 by Spanish manufacturer El Grifo Canari; Merlot from 2017 Siljan wines from Krnica, and Aura biska extra from 2021 from the Buzet distillery Aura also won big gold.

"We are extremely pleased that we have managed to organize such a demanding competition in these unusual times. I am pleased with the top quality of the champion wines and the fact that as many as five wines crossed the threshold of 92 points and won great gold", said Nikola Benvenuti in front of Vinistra.

Another 139 gold and 16 silver medals were awarded, while other manufacturers received diplomas. This year, the right to the IQ label - Istrian quality was exercised by 24 winemakers for Malvasia and seven winemakers for Teran. 

The IQ - Istrian quality label is primarily intended to label high-quality wines produced from Istrian and Teran Malvasia grapes and encourage the development of production of these indigenous wines, raising the level of their quality production technologies and promotion and sales on the domestic and world markets. The IQ mark enables the consumer to recognize those Istrian wines whose quality is higher than the quality prescribed by the law for quality wines with the geographical origin and higher than what the customer usually requires and expects.

This is a unique, active wine control system in Croatia where winemakers themselves gradually raise the scoring threshold for wines bearing the IQ - Istrian Quality label to standardize and increase product quality. The IQ label guarantees an active quality control system that takes place on four levels: in the vineyard (yield control), in the cellar (vinification control), chemical analysis, and organoleptic evaluation, and after the label is awarded, market control is performed.

This is precisely how the quality of the wine region is strategically raised and branded. It is important to emphasize that the Association of Winemakers and Winegrowers of Istria was founded in 1994. Therefore, it is a continuous process and strategic goal of raising Istrian wines and branding Istria as a wine region.

Great results and championship titles are the best announcement of the 27th Vinistra, which is being held in the open air for the first time this year, in the Peškera bay in Poreč. Although it was initially announced that the 27th in a row Vinistra will be held from 7 to 9 May in Poreč, due to the epidemiological situation throughout Croatia, the organizers announced that they are changing the date and place of the event.

The exact date is not yet known. For now, the focus is on June. The organizers of Vinistra are optimistic and do not give up on organizing this year's Vinistra.

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Sunday, 18 April 2021

Highlights of the Week: 5 Top Events in Croatia from April 12-18, 2021

April 18, 2021 – Apart from the news about TCN's CEO Paul Bradbury being sued by the Croatian National Tourist Board, this week has been full of many other exciting yet inspiring news stories. Here are TCN's five biggest events in Croatia from April 12 to 18, 2021.

With the worsening epidemiological situation and tightening measures in four Croatian counties on Monday, the week didn't start very promising nor positive. However, a lot can happen in seven days, and we list five top news stories from Croatia.

Highlights of the week: Croatian National Tourist Board sues Paul Bradbury

Croatian media have been flooded this week with the news about the two lawsuits against TCN's CEO Paul Bradbury, submitted by the Croatian National Tourist Board because of Bradbury's criticisms of their work.



Namely, CNTB filed two lawsuits against Bradbury, one for a Facebook joke he posted and the other for statements he said in an article on the Croatian portal Index. There was simply no stopping talking about these controversial lawsuits that appalled and disappointed the public this week. Read all the details about the first and second lawsuits in our articles.

Highlights of the week: Rimac Automobili presented a new incredible campus

On the list of people who promote Croatia in the best possible way, Mate Rimac takes one of the leading spots. His company Rimac Automobili never ceases to surprise with the novelties, such as the latest news about constructing the impressive new campus with numerous facilities.


Source: Rimac Automobili

See the impressive video and photos of the forthcoming Rimac campus that stunned the whole of Croatia this week.

Highlights of the week: Many fantastic flight news for Croatia

Although all travel is currently questionable due to the epidemiological situation, hope is still restored by numerous information about flights to and from Croatia published this week.

Thus, for example, Israeli El Al and Arkia flights to Croatia continue, as well as Austrian flights, Polish LOT, Finnair, and Eurowings.


Split airport by Romulić and Stojčić

And even though Croatia will have to wait a bit longer for introducing direct flights from the USA, from this week, the travelers can get from Sarajevo to Chicago by Eastern Airlines.

Highlights of the week: Croatia women's handball national team won HEP Croatia Cup

Croatian athletes do not stop surprising us positively from week to week!

After defeating the current world champions, the Netherlands, the Croatia women's senior national team also defeated the former world champions Brazil and won the HEP Croatia Cup in Poreč.


Source: Hrvatski rukometni savez

Highlights of the week: Klepetan returned to Malena again!

And to sweeten this week, the most famous Croatian love story got its happy follow-up. For the 19th consecutive year, the white stork Klepetan has returned from the south to the nest of his beloved Malena, continuing one of the most beautiful animal love stories in the world!

Spring may not have returned in the form we know, given that this week's temperatures in Croatia are more like autumn's, but it seems like the natural world is very much following its course.

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Saturday, 17 April 2021

Croatia Women's Handball Win HEP Croatia Cup in Poreč!

April 17, 2021 - The Croatia women's handball team is the winner of the HEP Croatia Cup in Poreč!

After defeating the current world champions, the Netherlands, the Croatia women's senior national team also defeated the former world champions Brazil and became the winner of the HEP Croatia Cup. In a tough match with a lot of equal play, Croatia did better at the end of the second half and celebrated 24:21.

Croatia only made one change compared to the match against the Netherlands, and instead of Nataša Miočinović, the young Ema Guskić entered the game. Marijeta Vidak remained in the stands as in the first match. On the other hand, Brazil included Gabriela Moreschi in the team instead of their official first goalkeeper Barbara Arenhat. Croatia opened the match with Tea Pijević, Andrea Šimar, Nikolina Zadravec, Ana Debelić, Dora Krsnik, Valentina Blažević, and Ćamila Mičijević.

Croatia took the lead first, then Brazil went to +1. After 10 minutes, it was 3:3, and in the final five minutes, it was 8:10 for Brazil with goals by Anastacio and Amorim.

Milosavljević helped return Croatia's lead from the seven-meter throw. The battle continued in the second half. Brazil was powerful and physical, but Croatia matched them well. The defense worked, Pijević was solid in goal, and in the 49th minute, Mičijević scored for 18:16, Croatia's first +2 lead.

Milosavljević's made it +3. Croatia kept that advantage until a minute and a half before the end when Mičijević was excluded. Brazil scored from the penalty spot. Croatia lost the ball in the attack, but Vieira missed, and Krsnik solved all doubts in the last seconds with a goal for the final 24:21.

The most efficient players for Croatia were Dejana Milosavljević with seven goals and Ćamila Mičijević with six goals. Tea Pijević recorded 10 saves. Bruno de Paula was the best for Brazil with five goals.

Croatia: Bešen (0+1), Pijević (10); Zadravec 1, Plahinek, Krsnik 1, S. Posavec 1, Mičijević 6, Milosavljević 7 (4), D. Kalaus, Ježić 2, Japundža, Franušić, Šimara 2, Debelić 3, Guskić, Blažević 1. TRENERICA: Snježana Petika.

Brazil: Moreschi (5), Arruda (5); De Paula 5, Arujo 1, Amorim 3, Barbosa, Araujo 2, Cardoso 5(3), Vieira 2, Guarieiro, Bitolo, Anastacio 2, Matieli, Da Rocha, Costa 1, Ventura. IZBORNIK: Jorge Duenas.

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Wednesday, 14 April 2021

HEP Croatia Cup: Croatia Women's Handball Tops World Champion Netherlands, Again!

April 15, 2021 - At the opening of the HEP Croatia Cup in Poreč, the Croatia women's handball team defeated the Netherlands 24:23, showing that their magic from the European Championships in Denmark is still there.

They delighted us at the European Championships in Denmark, told the most beautiful story, and won the bronze medal, proving that there is hope in Croatia women's handball as well. The 'Queens of Shock' again surprised the current world champion, the Netherlands, to open the never stronger HEP Croatia Cup in Poreč.

In the first match after the Euros, Croatia again met the Netherlands, a team they beat 27:25 in the preliminary group in Denmark. Both national teams came with different lineups, and the Netherlands were without a couple of players due to COVID-19. Croatia was led for the first time by coach Snježana Petika, the first assistant coach to Nenad Šoštarić, who is in quarantine.

Croatia opened the match with Pijević, Šimar, Zadravec, Debelić, Mićijević, Blažević and Krsnik. 

Croatia took the 5:3 lead, followed by a 5:0 series by the Netherlands. Petika called a time-out at 5:8, and Croatia's turnaround followed. The defense was strengthened, the goals and counters were no longer missed. Wester defended well, but Pijević was even better. Dora Kalaus played an important role, and Croatia was up 13:10.

It was 20:15 for Croatia in the 46th minute, and just when everything seemed to be settled, the world champions did not give up so easily. In a dramatic ending, the Netherlands returned at 24:23 in the last minute, Rompen then defended the 7-meter throw of Blažević, but Croatia managed to defend, and in the end, celebrated the deserved victory.

Camila Mičijević was again Croatia's top scorer with seven goals. In addition to goalkeeper Pijević, Krsnik should also be praised, who scored five goals, while Zadravec, D. Kalaus, Ježić, Šimara, Debelić, and Blažević added two goals each.

Brazil and the Netherlands will play in Poreč from 6 pm on Thursday (Planet Sport), while Croatia and Brazil will close the HEP Croatia cup on Friday (8 pm, RTL2).

Source: Jutarnji, HRS

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