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Young Genius from Popovača Wins First Place at International Romanian Master of Informatics

December 12, 2020 - A young genius from Popovača, Dorijan Lendvaj, has won first place at the International Romanian Master of Informatics in competition against 200 students.

Jutarnji ListJutarnji List writes that the Lendvaj family from Popovača is anything but ordinary. The eldest brother, Vilim (21), was the state champion in robotics, logic, and informatics, an international champion at the Science Olympiads, and today is a student at FER. Dorijan, 16, entered the game at the age of two, looking over his shoulder at his older brother while working on a computer. He was seven years old when he became the youngest participant in a national programming competition in general, and in 2016 he was a world champion in robotics. Dorijan is also the only student in Europe to have won international medals in all four areas of STEM. Their sister Dora (15) was a state champion in programming in the fifth grade. The first to knock down the male competition.

"Vilim once described them in these words: 'I am smart, Dorijan is a genius, and Dora is normal. This means that Dora was the national champion in elementary school'," says the professor of the Zagreb MIOC, Dorijan's mentor at the school for international competitions, Nikola Dmitrović, who knows all the Lendvaj family well. 

The latest news from MIOC (XV Gymnasium) is that students Dorijan Lendvaj and Patrik Pavić won gold medals at the International Romanian Master of Informatics, with Dorijan winning first place in the competition of 200 students. This is the first time a student from Croatia has won first place in a competition of this level, which is considered one of the Grand Slams in IT circles.

"I did not expect to win first place; there were a lot of good competitors," Dorijan, who participated in the competition from self-isolation, under the supervision of cameras, said on the phone. Dorijan, as his mentor Dmitrović will confirm, is much more eloquent in programming languages, so it should come as no surprise that when asked how he felt when he won the gold, he replied: "Well. Hm. I didn't feel special."

The Lendvaj children have a basis for their love of programming in their parenting profession; they are both mathematicians.

"We really did not expect Dorijan to be the first, because about 40 of the best Russian programmers were in the competition, and that is comparable to Wimbledon in the tennis world. Along with the World Olympics, this is definitely the strongest competition. It is important to start programming early enough, from the lower grades of primary school. After that, the children climb on their own," says father Vlado Lendvaj, president of the Croatian Association of Informatics since last year. For his children, he says he no longer knows how many medals they brought home. He estimates about fifty, of which 20 are international.

According to Vlado Lendvaj, the best preparation for strong competitions is participation in informal online competitions in which children from all over the world take part several times a week. Dorijan has progressed to the level of composing competition questions today and performing as a tester. He was recently a tester for the Russian Informatics Olympiad.

The gold won at the Romanian Master of Informatics did not surprise only Dmitrović.

"Patrik and Dorijan have alternated first place for some time and are way ahead of the others. I think they are some of our best competitors in general," says Dmitrović.

"We work with them; we organize them, we prepare the rooms where they compete, we talk, we control, we wake them up... Since I lead competitions at the state level for primary schools, I have known Dorijan since the 4th grade, Patrik since the 6th. Dorijan is special, both as a contestant and as a person. He's not talkative. If he doesn’t see why he should say something, he won’t say it. Like Sheldon Cooper. Incredibly smart, intelligent, but quite reserved in person. He has his own specifics that we are used to and accept. He is our Dodo. Some said the MIOC school is best for such students. They focus on the area in which they are the best, and not imposed," Dmitrović explains.

While acknowledging that it is not easy to work with gifted children because of their high demands, getting into a discussion with them is a real challenge and worth it.

Dorijan's father states that at various international competitions, Croatia won more gold medals in informatics than all other subjects combined.

"We have 12 gold medals in informatics. In all other cases, Serbia, for example, is better than Croatia, and only this year they won the first gold in informatics. Finland, often mentioned in the context of the best education system, has five golds in computer science. Mi 12! We have an area where we are far above the Finns. But not because of the education system, but because of the individuals in it," concludes Vlado Lendvaj.

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Monday, 7 December 2020

'Croatian Wine House' One of Many Projects in Sisak-Moslavina County for 2021

December 7, 2020 – Sisak-Moslavina County plans many new projects for 2021. Among them, the construction of the Croatian Wine House (Hrvatska kuća vina) in Popovača stands out, as a promotion center of Moslavina wines, especially the indigenous variety škrlet.

As reports, the administrative department for the economy, agriculture, and rural development of the Sisak-Moslavina County will have a budget of more than50 million at its disposal next year, and a much higher amount is expected for projects from EU funds.

New crafts and businesses

For the economic development in 2021, 8.8 million kuna will be allocated: 4 million kuna for the development of entrepreneurial infrastructure, 3.85 million kuna for subsidies to craftsmen, small and medium-sized enterprises, and 750,000 kuna for capital aid for new investments in production.

The development of tourism will be supported next year with 4.572 million kuna. 1.4 million kuna will be invested in transport and communal infrastructure. Co-financing of passenger transport and co-financing of public road transport in municipalities continues. For regional development and projects co-financed from EU funds, 32.2 million kuna is allocated.

Most of it goes to the work of the Regional Coordinator of the SMC, which prepares and implements projects, and to the Natura SMC project – an educational and presentation center that will include all the richness of the county's natural heritage.

Among other planned projects, which should be co-financed from European funds, is the project "LIFE in Zone Ozone". With this project, a new model of disinfection should be developed, and its value is 7 million kuna.

Croatian Wine House - the future recognizability of the county

Also, a 34-million kuna project "Croatian Wine House" is planned, which would contain two segments. The first would be a tourist segment for which a tasting room, a restaurant, and a viewpoint would be built. The second segment would be scientific and educational and would consist of a laboratory, a wine cellar, and a test field intended primarily for the development of the indigenous wine variety of the Sisak-Moslavina County – škrlet.

The project will be implemented in the area of the City of Popovača, where it was presented in February. The prefect of Sisak-Moslavina County, Ivo Žinić, said on that occasion that the Croatian Wine House is the future recognizability of the county, emphasizing that it is just a continuation of all efforts for better promotion of Moslavina wines, especially the indigenous škrlet variety.

"This is an important project primarily because a lot of people here are involved in winemaking. Wine, vineyard, and wine cellars are the tradition of this area and status symbols of the City of Popovača. Thus, we will complete one story in which it will be possible to present everything that is produced, not only in the area of Popovača but also in the entire County," said then the mayor of Popovača Josip Mišković, Radio Banovina reports.

A special feature of this project is a viewpoint with flower petals that give a new character to this vineyard area.

"Everyone who comes to this area will have the need and desire to visit the wine house, see which wines are produced in this area, but also taste them and all other wines to help our winemakers. They are investing more and more every year, especially in škrlet, which has an increasing value on wine lists. I think that this project will be the capital crown of the entire investment in the development of wine and winemaking," said Mišević.

Other projects – battery development center, photovoltaic power plant, business incubators...

Other planned projects are the renovation of Villa Zelengaj in Topusko (5.5 million kuna), project "Research-development-production center for batteries and design and production of furniture" in the Entrepreneurial Zone Glina (150 million kuna), Photovoltaic power plant Martinska Ves (86 million kuna) and establishment of a network of business incubators in Popovača, Novska, Glina, Kutina, Donja Kukuruzari, Velika Ludina, and Lipovljani, with an estimated value of 192 million kuna.

Sisak-Moslavina County continues with the implementation of the project "County Entrepreneurial Loans", which enables the launch of new crafts and companies, and the growth and expansion of existing ones. This project has been implemented in SMC for years in cooperation with cities, municipalities, and commercial banks, which achieves an interest rate of 0.25 or even 0 percent for entrepreneurs.

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Young Genius from Popovača Receives Accolades

The whole family is exceptionally gifted.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Horseback riding