Saturday, 14 May 2022

Pupovac: Criminal Ideologies, Perpetrators Deserve Condemnation, Contempt

ZAGREB, 14 May 2022 - Serb National Council (SNV) president Milorad Pupovac said on Saturday, in a comment on the commemoration of the Bleiburg tragedy, that every victim deserved to be commemorated and remembered but that criminal ideologies and their executors deserved condemnation and social and moral contempt.

"Each victim deserves their suffering to be commemorated and remembered. Ideologies that are criminal deserve condemnation and contempt. Perpetrators of crimes deserve social and moral contempt. Those who do not want to make this kind of distinction are not guided by the highest of moral principles," Pupovac said at Petrova Gora, where the SNV, the Association of Antifascist Fighters and Antifascists (SABA) and local officials marked the 80th anniversary of a Partisan attack launched to break from enemy encirclement on that mountain in Karlovac County.

The operation helped establish a free territory and save 10,000 refugees and is considered the first organised case of resistance to fascism in Europe.

Reporters asked Pupovac how he interpreted today's commemorative events for the Bleiburg victims, to which he said that the preamble to the Croatian Constitution spoke of the Partisan movement and decisions by the State Anti-Fascist Council for the National Liberation of Croatia (ZAVNOH), of which the Partisan field hospital at Petrova Gora was part.

Preamble to Constitution does not communicate what present-day Croatian policies communicate

"The preamble to the Croatian Constitution and the part of the Mirogoj cemetery dedicated to the Ustasha and Home Guards do not communicate what our policies today communicate," he said.

The SNV said that at Petrova Gora today it remembered May 1942, when 730 Partisan fighters launched an attack on Ustasha and Italian fascists whose forces were ten times bigger, broke out of the encirclement and established a free territory, saving 10,000 people who had fled their villages.

"This is a very important place in the modern history of Croatia and in the struggle of the peoples of Croatia and Yugoslavia for freedom, against Nazi, fascist and local (collaborationist) forces," the SNV president said.

He called for restoring the Partisan hospital complex at Petrova Gora so that the place is given the treatment it deserves "in line with the freedom-loving traditions of Croatia and Europe."

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Friday, 29 October 2021

Petrova Gora Stars Trail: Race of Humanitarian Character

October 29, 2021 - Karlovac Tourist Board organizes the Petrova Gora Stars Trail, which will bring together nature lovers and recreationists, and the organizers expect more than 150 competitors, aiming to promote the beauties of the county and to raise funds for a humanitarian cause.

The Regional Tourist Board of Karlovac County invites to the premiere edition of the trail race on Petrova gora. The Petrova Gora Stars Trail will bring together nature lovers and recreationists, and the organizers expect over 150 competitors and certainly as many people in the entourage who will come to support their friends, family members, and acquaintances.


You can find more information at

As reports, the Regional Tourist Board of Karlovac County expects a beautiful day filled with numerous activities for runners and other participants who may not actively participate this time.

Lunch and drinks after the race, a dry-fit long-sleeved sports shirt, protein bars, and rich refreshments during the race, which includes healthy products from local family farms, are provided for all participants with a starter pack. Before and after the race, all those present will be entertained by a musical duo who will take care of the good atmosphere, while for all those who will not run this time, a guided tour of the sights on Petrova Gora is provided.

Free transport will take all those interested to the memorial to the last Croatian king Petar Svačić, as well as to the place where the Central Partisan Hospital was located and to the monument on Petrova gora, where the participants of the race will run.


09:00 - 11:30 download of start packages, 12:00 start of the long race, 13:00 start of the short race.

In addition to the rich sports and entertainment content, the race will raise funds for the girl Klara, who has her roots in the vicinity of Karlovac, and due to a serious illness, she needs generous financial resources for treatment outside the Republic of Croatia.

We invite all lovers of sports and nature to combine the pleasant with the useful and take advantage of the beautiful day that awaits us and come to the first Petrova Gora Stars Trail race which will take place at the hunting lodge Muljava on Saturday, October 30, 2021, from 11 am.

The organizer of this event is the sports association Footloose with the support of destination partners of the Regional Tourist Board of Karlovac County and the Tourist Board of Vojnić and Hrvatske šume doo.

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Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Petrova Gora - First International Dark Sky Park in Croatia

It took years of work and preparation, as well as numerous astronomy events taking place on Petrova Gora, organised by the Beskraj astronomical society, but it all paid off when the Petrova Gora - Biljeg area finally received recognition by the International Dark Sky Association, which officially gave it the prestigious title of an International Dark Sky Park, the very first of its kind in Croatia.

It thus entered the prestigious group of 15 such parks in Europe, where today, it's estimated that most people can't see the Milky Way at all due to light pollution. Light polution has been receiving attention recently, after years of it not having been considered a problem, today, more and more people and countries understand that it's important to protect the dark night skies, as it's important to the flora and fauna of an area.

Additionally, we should put some effort into preserving the beauty of starry skies for ourselves, and for the generations to come. Croatia has recognised that, and has enacted one of the most advanced national light pollution laws. The International Dark Sky Park designation for Petrova Gora will raise awareness of the importance of preserving starry skies all over the country as a tourist attraction as well.

The park spans over two counties (Karlovac and Sisak-Moslavina) and three municipalities, and it is also one of the many places in Croatia where the nights are, in fact, still dark. It's quite close to the capital city, Zagreb, so it's located perfectly for educational trips where people can get better acquainted with astronomy. Many amateur astronomers from Zagreb and elsewhere in Croatia often come to Petrova Gora to enjoy the darkness, and so-called "star parties" often get organised there.

One of the biggest events of the year is the yearly celebration of the Perseid meteor shower held each year in August there.

Other locations in Croatia where it's as dark (or even darker!) than on Petrova Gora during the night are the island of Lastovo, parts of Lika on Velebit, and some parts of Cres, Vis, Mljet and Kornati, but those are not as easily accessible as Petrova Gora.

Most of those locations are seeing an increased number of tourist arrivals, so hopefully the new law will help in preventing too much light pollution, and allow the tourists to take some romantic walks under the starry nights.