Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Albania Donates €250,000 to Croatia after Earthquake

ZAGREB, Dec 30, 2020 - Albania will donate €250,000 to Croatia for post-earthquake reconstruction, Prime Minister Edi Rama announced on Wednesday.

"Just signed the Government of Albania decree to donate 250k EURO to brotherly Croatia to help the rebirth of Petrinja after the devastating earthquake! Croatia is an example of resilience and a role model for us in its amazing transformation into a proud EU country," Rama tweeted.

A magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck Albania in November 2019, claiming 51 lives. On that occasion, Croatia sent rescue teams and search dogs and donated €1 million at a donor conference organized by the European Commission for the reconstruction of hospitals and schools.

The 6.2 quake that struck Croatia's Sisak-Moslavina County on Tuesday killed at least seven and injured dozens, destroying hundreds of houses in Petrinja, Glina, Sisak, and nearby towns and villages.


Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Schools in Sisak, Petrinja and Glina Damaged, Five of them Completely Destroyed

December 30, 2020 – Due to yesterday's devastating 6,3 magnitude eathquake, schools in Sisak, Petrinja and Glina are damaged, and five of them are entirely unusable.

As Hina reports, Minister of Science and Education Radovan Fuchs said today that, in addition to the five unusable schools, nine of them would be able to be repaired, and thirteen will be able to function. Also, Minister Fuchs announced that he and his associates would visit the area today.

More than 5,000 students left without school buildings

"Five schools are completely unusable, nine will be able to be repaired, but serious reconstructions are needed. We have thirteen schools that will be able to function," Minister Fuchs told reporters ahead of a government session at the National and University Library.

Minister added that 3489 students were left without a school building in Sisak, and 1843 students in Petrinja. They will plan on how to organize the classes.

As TCN has learned, the First Primary School in Petrinja, located in the very center of the city, which was hit hard, was utterly demolished. Classes can no longer take place there because the roof of the building has fallen to the first floor of the school.

Petrinja High School's principal says he and three employees were at the school at the time of the earthquake. When the quake struck, the building began to collapse. They moved to a safe place and then went down to the schoolyard. The ground beneath them was still swaying. The walls were damaged and cracked. According to the principal's estimate, the entire school will need significant reparation.

'The return will not be easy'

The earthquake also caused great damage to the High School in Glina.

"At the time of the earthquake, several employees found themselves at the school and, thank God, came out unscathed at the last minute. I am afraid that the return will be neither easy nor so soon. The photos say it all. After visiting most of the classrooms and offices, we will need help," said Glina High School's principal on the school's Facebook page.

She was hit by an earthquake in the center of Glina, 15 minutes after she left her office at the school. Unfortunately, the retired school janitor and his son are among the dead.

The principal of Viktorovac High School in Sisak says the earthquake was really terrible.

Zagreb schools to accept students

As Jutarnji list reports, the head of the Zagreb City Office for Education, Ivica Lovrić, said that yesterday's earthquake did not cause significant damage to school buildings in Zagreb.

"All Zagreb schools will be able to accept students on January 18. The good thing is that after the earthquake in March, we rebuilt most of the damaged school buildings, so we have no major damage after yesterday's earthquake. We hope that the epidemiological situation will be such that in the new semester, we will start with model A, that is, school teaching," said Lovrić.

This morning, the structural engineer visited two regional schools in Brezovica, but apart from minor cracks in the walls, there is no damage.

Sister of Mercy Danijela Dinjar, principal of the Women's General Gymnasium, whose buildings are in Varšavska and Gundulićeva streets in Zagreb, confirms that yesterday's earthquake intensified previous damage that has not yet been fully repaired.

"The once walled door and part of the ceiling above the end wall of the building collapsed. Three classrooms are not for use, so in the second half of the year, we will teach in a building in Varšavska Street, and we will renovate the rest when we have the funds," says the principal, whose school is attended by 214 students this school year.

For more on the Petrinja earthquake, follow today's live updates. For more on how you can help, click here.

Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Croatians in Canada Help People Affected by Earthquake in Petrinja

December 30, 2020 – After yesterday's devastating earthquake in Petrinja and Sisak, help comes from another part of the world. Croatians in Canada initiated a fundraiser action GoFundMe and raised over 70,000 dollars so far!

Yesterday's earthquake encouraged people from all over Croatia to collect food and hygiene supplies for people affected by the earthquake, but also to launch much-needed donation actions. Donations started arriving yesterday from neighboring countries (Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Slovenia) and other parts of the world, namely, Canada.

The news of the devastating earthquake centered in Petrinja has galvanized the Croatian community in Canada into action. Mirjana Jerkovic, a very active member of the Croatian community in Canada, organized a GoFundMe fundraiser to collect donations for people affected by Croatia's earthquake.

In less than 24 hours, a GoFundMe fundraiser has raised over 70,000 dollars. This fundraiser is trending in Canada and is currently the 7th largest fundraiser taking place in Canada. Close to 700 people have donated to this worthy cause, from Mississauga, other parts of the Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton, and across Canada.

Mirjana is a long time member of the executive board of the Vatroslav Lisinski Tambura Orchestra of Mississauga, Ontario, and is well known in Croatian folklore circles in Canada. Her husband is a native of Vinkovci.

"Our Canadian-Croatian community is strong and has always helped our Croatian homeland. Let's show our support and donate to those most affected by the horrific earthquake on December 29, 2020. All funds will be donated to families, and we will post delivery! Please share! Bože, čuvaj Hrvatsku," reads her statement at GoFundMe.

Father Marko Štefanec of Holy Cross Croatian parish in Hamilton, Ontario, has produced a video encouraging Croats in Canada to give to those in need due to this earthquake.

"Due to Canadian bureaucracy, it is very difficult for Croatian parishes across Canada to send money outside Canada. Therefore, the best way to help is through these two platforms – fundraisers GoFundMe and Caritas Croatia," says Štefanec in the video below.

You can pay donations via GoFundMe website or through the Caritas Croatia website.

For more, follow today's live updates. To find out how you too can donate money, food, material and humanitarian aid, click here.

Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Croatian Football Fan Groups Come Together for Earthquake Victims

December 30, 2020 - Croatia is on its feet after a 6.3 magnitude earthquake rattled Central Croatia on Tuesday, leaving Petrinja, Sisak, Glina, and surrounding towns especially damaged. Croatian football fan groups have always stepped up to the plate to help those most in need. 

Many citizens are offering accommodation to victims who have been left homeless, and humanitarian aid is being collected across the country. reports that Croatian football fan groups seem to be leading several of the actions.


The Osijek fan group Kohorta wrote an important notice after returning from Petrinja, Sisak, and surrounding towns. They were among the first to send help, and now they are continuing with the action.

With the help of locals, they visited the surrounding villages and houses that are not even on the map. Most earthquake victims are sleeping (or trying to sleep) in cars and outdoors by the fire. Some cannot, and some do not want to leave their homes and properties. The situation for these people is challenging.


"After the delivery of the first contingent of assistance and insight into the situation on the ground first hand, please follow.
Since many residents of the affected villages are unable to leave their homes and properties, it is most urgent to collect:

-sleeping bags
-tents (more spacious, preferably waterproof)
-tent wings
-camping cookers and gas cartridges
-battery lamps

Coordinated and direct distribution of the donations in all villages has been agreed with the local police and fire brigades in the field!

There are currently more than enough clothes and shoes, so we ask you to focus your funds on the items on the list.
In stores like Decathlon and Intersport, you can find all of the above at affordable prices.

We thank everyone for their understanding and cooperation. ❤️

Let's move on together!


The Bad Blue Boys have launched a campaign to gather supplies in the neighborhoods.

"Tomorrow morning (today, Wednesday), we are going to Petrinja to bring groceries, blankets, quilts, pillows, necessary goods (warm clothes) that are being collected.
PLEASE, everyone who can join to help !!!
30.12. Wednesday
- 08.00 movement from Novi Jelkovac and Sesvete
- 08.30h movement from Ravnica
- 09.00h movement from Novi Zagreb - Dugave
Everyone who wants to join the action can come with us to Petrinja (bring shovels, gloves, and goodwill!)
All others who want to get involved in the action, deliver food, blankets, quilts, pillows, necessary goods (warm clothes) can to 4 addresses:
1) Rudolfa Matza 12, Novi Jelkovec (contact: 0915361951)
2) Sesvete, Izidora Poljaka 6, (contact: 0989461211)
3) Ravnice, Aleja Antuna Augustinčića 18, (contact: 0994222023)
4) Dugave, Kamenarka 2, (contact: 0915361951).
Please share this notice to get as many of us involved as possible; let’s help the people!
Thanks in advance!"

The Torcida Fan Club informed the citizens that they were collecting donations at the association's premises at 17 Zrinsko-frankopanska Street.

"Dear Hajduk fans, people of goodwill,

We have all seen shocking scenes from Petrinja and Sisak, towns whose residents need our help as soon as possible.

We are urgently launching a campaign to collect supplies:

- perishable food

- hygiene supplies

- blankets and covers

You can bring your donations today to the Torcida Fan Club (Zrinsko frankopanska 17)

By collecting donations, we start from this moment, and we will continue through all the following days!

Share this news with your friends and acquaintances, and we will do everything to alleviate, at least a little, the difficult days ahead of the people in Petrinja and Sisak. "

Assistance is also being collected on Vrančićeva Street in Split. Dinamo fans set off from Zagreb towards Petrinja and Sisak, and several hundred of them got into personal vehicles.


"We invite everyone who can bring blankets, warm clothes, hygiene items, and water to the premises of the Aurora association at 126 Kralja Zvonimira Street from 3 pm to 8 pm (Tuesday) and tomorrow from 9 am to 8 pm (Wednesday) to help Petrinja.

Anyone who wants to donate supplies for the earthquake victims in Petrinja can also bring them to the premises of the fans' association today from 3 pm.

Share further," reads the announcement.


"Dear citizens of Vinkovci, fans, and sympathizers of Cibalia, people of goodwill, we are urgently launching an action to collect supplies, which our Ultras Vinkovci will take tomorrow to Petrinja.

We collect donations of:

- canned food

- Hygiene supplies

- blankets and blankets

You can bring your donations on Tuesday from 18:00 to 21:30 at the HNK Cibalia Stadium (Administration premises, first floor).

Share further so that as many people as possible get involved," Cibalia said in a statement.


"We ask everyone who plans to bring supplies to the fan club that they bring: heaters, blankets, and food (non-perishable, canned), tomorrow from 5 pm to 9 pm. There are more than enough goods and other supplies.

Thank you to everyone who helped in any way. God save Croatia, my dear home!" Stated Armada.


"Dear fellow citizens, our humanitarian action 'We are all part of the same happiness' organized by Torcida Đakovo, and the Society of Friends of Hajduk Đakovo started earlier than planned. This time the collection of household items is done for the CROATIAN CITY OF PETRINJA.

Every part of this most beautiful country in the world is equally valuable, so let's show unity again regardless of our jersey color and help people who have lost everything. Supplies are being collected now and every next day until further notice in front of the restaurant "Certissa," Ante Starčevića 179, Đakovo from 4 to 8 p.m. May God protect our Croatia," states DPH Đakovo.


"As many times before, Demoni have responded to help, and this time, in addition to physical help, even more help is needed in groceries and hygiene supplies; everything is welcome so that our members can take it to the scene.

Currently, the most needed is WATER !!! GROCERIES CAN BE BROUGHT IN FRONT OF THE ROJC ENTRANCE UNTIL 18:00, WHERE OUR MEMBERS WILL BE! If someone is willing to give a van transport, call us or come in front of Rojac," announced Demoni from Pula.


"Societies of Hajduk friends from the Makarska Riviera have joined in helping those affected by the earthquake.

In agreement with the authorities from the volunteer center Red Cross Makarska, we will be collecting donations over the next few days:

- perishable food,

- hygiene supplies,

- blankets and blankets,

... which you can bring to our space at Zrnisko-frankopanska 41 in Dugiš, today and tomorrow from .00 to .00!

For other days, we will announce the exact time of collecting aid later.

Also, if anyone can offer accommodation for families whose houses have been demolished, please contact us immediately in our inbox with information about the accommodation and the number of people you can receive," states DPH Makarska.


Humanitarian action of the 2nd HRL clubs Trnovac, Ivanec, Ludbreg, and Novi Marof to help the victims of the earthquake.

"In this unusual year, today's devastating earthquake caught up with us even more. However, it is also an opportunity for positive things. That is why we invite you to fill your hearts with warmth and do a good deed together and help the earthquake victims. Let's unite once again. We collect WATER (currently perhaps the most needed), canned food (pate, soups, pasta, oil, biscuits, baby food ...), blankets and warm clothes, hygiene items (toilet paper, wipes, baby diapers, soaps. The place and time are in the photo. Spread the notice and thank you all in advance," the statement said.


Follow live updates on the Petrinja earthquake HERE

Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Three New Earthquakes in Croatia Wednesday Morning, One of 4.8 Magnitude

December 30, 2020 - Three new earthquakes in Croatia on Wednesday morning. The latest. reports that at 6:16 AM, a new earthquake shook Croatia. According to the Seismological Service, the first quake was 4.7 on the Richter scale, and the latter 4.8. Another one was also felt, which had a magnitude of 3.9.

“Subsequent earthquakes, 30.12.2020 at 6:15 (M 4.7), 6:26 (M 4.8) and 6:29 (M3.9),” the Seismological Service posted on Twitter.

The head of the Seismological Service told Croatian Radio that the epicenter was near Petrinja.

The earthquake at 6.15 was 4.7 magnitude, and. the later 4.8 with the epicenter in the Petrinja area, said Ines Ivančić, head of the Seismological Service for Croatian Radio.

She confirmed that the ground would continue to shake. "It will, it will shake for a long time, the earthquake on Tuesday was devastating and it will be followed with great certainty by a large series of earthquakes, among which, for sure, there will be stronger ones," she said.

She confirmed that weaker earthquakes, such as this morning, will have an impact on the facilities in Petrinja and Sisak that were damaged in the earthquake on Tuesday. 

She stated that Petrinja has been hit by a "huge amount" of small earthquakes since Monday. It shakes almost every minute, said Ivančić, stating that there were at least 25 to 30 earthquakes stronger than 3.

The first EMSC estimates were somewhat different. According to the European Mediterranean Seismological Center, the earthquake at 6:15 was 4.90 Richter.

Seven people died in Tuesday's earthquake

After yesterday's 6.2 Richter earthquake in Petrinja, several weaker earthquakes were felt. Yesterday's 6.2 magnitude earthquake killed seven people. The material damage is huge, there is almost no building in Petrinja that has not been damaged.

To read more news in Croatia, follow TCN's dedicated page

Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Petrinja Earthquake: Live Updates from Croatia, December 30, 2020

December 30, 2020 - Petrinja earthquake - live updates from Croatia on Wednesday, December 30, 2020.


Croatia was rocked by a strong earthquake on Tuesday afternoon. At 12.19 pm, seismologists recorded a devastating earthquake with an epicenter five kilometers southwest of Petrinja at a depth of 11.5 kilometers. The Richter magnitude of the earthquake was 6.2. 

Many weaker earthquakes followed, and all earthquakes had an epicenter near Petrinja and its surroundings.

From 12.23 to 12.58 on Tuesday, the largest number of subsequent earthquakes occurred, as many as 10 - with Richter magnitudes greater than 3.

At least seven people were killed. That is a number that has been confirmed, and it is not excluded that more victims will be discovered later.

Among the dead are a 12-year-old girl in Petrinja, a 20-year-old boy from one house, a grandfather from another, and a father and son from the same house in Majske Poljane near Glina, Glina Deputy Mayor Branka Bakšić Mitić confirmed. It was later confirmed that another male had died in Majske Poljane.

After a seven-hour search, the body of a man who was killed under the ruins of a church in Žažina was found.

At least six people were seriously injured and 20 were slightly injured, the Ministry of the Interior announced.

You can read our live updates on the Petrinja earthquake from Tuesday, December 29, 2020, HERE.


LIVE UPDATES Powered by - translated to English by TCN on December 30, 2020


19:38 HEP (Croatian electricity provider) reported today that they were able to restore power to all but 850 users in the region (700 around Petrinja and 150 around Glina). Yesterday, around 150,000 users lost electricity in the region.

19:21 Civil Protection Service Manager Damir Trut said that 18 containers arrived at Glina today, while additional 80 are expected to arrive tomorrow. He also explained that a lot of help is arriving and is being distributed to those in need as soon as it arrives. 

19:00 Petrinja Mayor Darinko Dumbović said that 120 containers for the victims to spend the nights are on the way toward Petrinja.

18:39 Some people from Strašnik decided to spend another night near their cars, a tent which was erected yesterday and in their partially destroyed buildings. They're spending the second night in these circumstances, and they added that it's not that bad, as long as their children are comfortable.

18:30 Four hangars filled in Glina, Alberta Cesarić from Red Cross explained today, and they don't have the capacity to accept further donations.

18:13 INA decided to join the campaign to help the damaged areas, by donating disinfectants, PPE, and the gas necessary to bring help to Petrinja.

18:05 Zagreb County donated 5,5 million kunas to help fund the emergency works on the buildings damaged in the earthquake.

17:13 Croatian citizens donated 3,65 million kunas to the fundraising campaign by the Solidarna Foundation.

16:57 Lidl and Kaufland to donate 15 million kunas to the donations account.

16:43 Podgorica donated 10,000 euros to the residents of Petrinja
"On the occasion of the strong earthquake that hit our neighbors in Croatia, the capital donated 10,000 euros in solidarity to help the residents of Petrinja in Sisak-Maslovačka County. Podgorica sends sincere words of support and friendship to the citizens of Croatia in this difficult time," reports

16:05 HT increased the strength of the network in Sisak, Petrinja and Glina
Workers of Hrvatski Telekom (HT) and Ericsson Nikola Tesla (ENT) in the shortest possible time after the earthquake eliminated difficulties in communication links in the area of ​​Sisak, Petrinja and Glina and set up additional base stations to increase the capacity of the mobile network, HT points out.

"In cooperation with ENT, we enabled the uninterrupted operation of base stations in the area of ​​Sisak, Petrinja and Glina in the shortest possible time after the earthquake, and introduced additional, mobile base stations," they say from HT.

This, as they add, has increased the capacity of the mobile network - in Petrinja by 30 percent, and in Glina by 100 percent.

They announce that the use of radio relay connections in the coming hours is planned to provide wifi access in the area of ​​the barracks in Petrinja, which currently serves as a reception center.

At the request of Hina, HT also said that today all connections in that area work, both in the fixed and mobile network, as well as internet access, noting that due to significantly increased traffic in that area, connections can occasionally 'click', but work.

16:02 Jandroković visited the affected places
The President of the Croatian Parliament Gordan Jandroković, who visited the most severely affected parts of the Sisak-Moslavina County on Wednesday, said that Croatia would not leave these people and would be with them.

"Croatia will not leave these people, we will be with them, the meaning of politics is to do our best to help people in such situations. We started well, we must continue like this," Jandrokovic said after visiting Petrinja, Glina and Majske Poljane, where most people died in the earthquake.

"It is most terrible for families who have lost their loved ones," he said, noting that the situation in all the mentioned places is difficult, and the same is true in Novo Selo Glinski, where all the houses cracked and the church bell tower collapsed.

"It is extremely important that we react quickly, that help is sent to those who need it the most," said the Speaker of Parliament, satisfied with the way and speed in which the state has reacted so far.

16:00 30 caravans from Istria arrive
A valuable donation in the form of more than thirty caravans and campers set off on Wednesday from Poreč to Sisak-Moslavina County after an appeal arrived from Petrinja, Sisak, Glina and other places that people and small children had spent the night outdoors and that they need caravans.

15:54 "This is not humanitarian aid"
Katarina Zorić from the Croatian Red Cross posted a photo on her Facebook with the status: This is not humanitarian aid!

Namely, someone in the "help" package sent burnt candles to Petrinja.

15:52 Darinko Dumbović said what the current situation is in Petrinja
In a conversation with N1, the mayor of Petrinja, Darinko Dumbović, said what the current situation is in Petrinja, a city that was severely affected by yesterday's devastating earthquake of 6.2 on the Richter scale.

"The existing installations have been devastated by a strong earthquake. In one part we have electricity and in the other, we don't have electricity. In one part we have water and in the other, we don't. We want to put the communal infrastructure into operation as soon as possible. problem because we will have to service people a lot more with water and other things," Dumbovic said. 

15:45 This is Petrinja right now

15:20 PMF professor says that our knowledge is limited and that for the earthquake of 300 years it is a blink of an eye
Marijan Herak, a full professor at the Geophysical Department of the Faculty of Science, commented after the first major earthquake in Petrinja that it happens less often, but it still happens, that a stronger earthquake follows.

For N1, he explained in detail how it works, as well as the history of earthquakes in the area with world significance. > More

15:00 Božinović addressed the public from Petrinja. He says the EU is in solidarity
"Unfortunately, the time has come that we are also in big trouble and that we are all here together today, to see first how to help people, those most affected. And then think about what follows after this wave of earthquakes that are still shaking the area. This includes damage assessment and reconstruction, as in the case of Zagreb, it will be with significant EU support," Bozinovic said.

14:56 Such a violent earthquake spread through Croatia and Europe
Italian institute released video. 

14:51 Valamar offers free accommodation for people whose houses have been destroyed
"The largest Croatian tourist company Valamar Riviera opened the doors of its facilities and offered accommodation to families from Sisak, Glina, Petrinja and surrounding places whose homes were destroyed in yesterday's devastating earthquake.

Available are Istria Premium Camping Resort in Funtana near Porec, Ježevac Premium Camping Resort on the island of Krk and Hotel Valamar Sanfior in Rabac. Accommodation in camping resorts, in fully equipped camping houses, is available from today, December 30, and in the hotel Sanfior on a full board basis from tomorrow, December 31.

All those who need accommodation for all information and arrangements can call 052/465 000 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. "

14:50 Milorad Pupovac came to the affected areas
"People are tied to their houses, they don't leave them. They need help. The first thing they need in this village is containers. It's good that the government has made a decision to procure containers. We are also inquiring about purchasing.

Second, people need tarpaulins, chargers, lamps, raincoats. We from SNV listed it, it is being procured. Sleeping bags, food, cosmetics ... That's why we came here, to connect people with the city and the administration, to make it more efficient," said Pupovac.

He commented on the statement for Tanjug that Serbs were killed in the earthquake. He also revealed that he was verbally attacked in Glina. 

14:37 Appeal to the government: Urgently abolish VAT on donations of goods and services for Petrinja
Today, HUP wrote a letter to the Government of the Republic of Croatia requesting a temporary cessation of calculation and payment of all taxes on forms of assistance and donations to Croatian citizens affected by the earthquake, especially in the area of Petrinja, Sisak, and Banovina.

This primarily refers to the calculation and payment of VAT and income tax and contributions for assistance that employers want to pay to workers affected by the aftermath of the earthquake. 

14:28 Vučić asked the Serbian government to send one million euros in aid to Croatia
The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, sent a letter to the Government of Serbia in which he asked that one million euros from free funds be transferred to the Government of Croatia as aid due to a series of earthquakes, reports Telegraf.

14:21 Albania helps Croatia
Albania will donate 250,000 euros to Croatia for reconstruction after the earthquake that hit it on Tuesday, said Edi Rama, the country's prime minister, who was the victim of the earthquake last year.

"I have just signed the decision of the Albanian government to donate 250,000 euros to fraternal Croatia to help revive Petrinja after the devastating earthquake," Rama wrote on Twitter. 

14:07 Reception center in Glina
There are also people in the Reception Center who have nowhere to be. Assistance from all parts of Croatia is sorted in the halls.

14:06 Tomašević helps in Glina: There is a lack of water
PARLIAMENTARY MP and leader of the political platform We can! Tomislav Tomašević said today from Glina, where he is participating as a volunteer of the Civil Protection, that there is a lack of water in donations, that there are too many clothes and enough blankets, and that electric heaters do not make sense because there is no electricity yet. 

14:04 There is still no electricity in parts of Petrinja, Glina and Sisak

Hrvatska elektroprivreda reported that there are still no electricity for about 1,300 users from the area of Petrinja and its surroundings, and about 200 each in the areas of Glina and Sisak, that three transmission lines and 79 substations in the area of Petrinja are still out of operation, where there are also destroyed substations and low voltage networks.

"In the area of Petrinja and its surroundings, three transmission lines from 79 substations are currently out of operation. The entire medium voltage network is operational, but due to the destroyed low voltage network in Petrinja and surrounding villages, there are still about 1,300 users without supply," the statement said. 

They also say that there are about 200 users in the Glina area.

14:02 The Chamber of Nurses is helping
The President of the Croatian Chamber of Nurses, Mario Gazić, and members of the Council of the Chamber expressed their deep condolences to all the families of those killed and injured in yesterday's devastating earthquake.

The Croatian Chamber of Nurses has made available to its members, nurses and technicians whose homes were destroyed by yesterday's devastating earthquake, accommodation for 10 people in an apartment owned by the Chamber, which is otherwise intended to accommodate members undergoing treatment in Zagreb. In the event that there are more such members than it is possible to accommodate in this apartment, the Chamber will find ways to provide them with alternative accommodation. Members who need to be provided with replacement accommodation can contact the Chamber from 0-24 hours by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via the HKMS Facebook page.

"The chamber will also, as it did after the earthquake in Zagreb, provide financial assistance to members whose homes were destroyed in yesterday's earthquake. We invite all those whose homes were damaged to report it via the link on the HKMS website," said Gazić and added that the deadline for reporting is open until further notice.

The Chamber of Nurses expresses strong support to the nurses and technicians in Sisak and Petrinja who heroically took care of patients in extremely difficult conditions yesterday.

14:00 All available forces are in Sisak-Moslavina County
The Directorate of Civil Protection reported that all available operational forces had been sent to Sisak-Moslavina County.

They point out that emergency services from all areas of the Republic of Croatia and members of the Civil Protection Directorate are on the ground.

The directorate states that currently there are 95 members of the State Civil Protection Intervention Unit with the necessary equipment for retrieving from the ruins, 430 firefighters with 60 vehicles, 190 members of the HGSS from 19 stations, members of the Croatian Red Cross, police, army (310) and employees utilities, HEP, etc. There are 65 ambulance teams on the ground.

Equipment was delivered to Sisak-Moslavina County from the logistics center of the Directorate of Civil Protection in Jastrebarsko through two convoys.

350 beds, 560 mattresses, 350 flooring, 8680 blankets, 2160 CSO packages, 20,000 liters of drinking water, three generators, 211 beds, 262 sleeping bags, six tents, 120 liters of fuel, eight cannons, command vehicle, two special containers were delivered, two logistics trucks, a van, two large units with a trailer and other equipment.

13:36 Official account for donations opened

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković appealed to all citizens who want to help earthquake victims in central Croatia to contact the Red Cross and the Directorate of Civil Protection, and the official account of the State Treasury for assistance has been opened.

Screenshot 2020-12-30 at 14.01.45.png

"We thank all our fellow citizens who showed great heart, solidarity and unity, but once again we appeal to all who want to help to contact the Red Cross and the Directorate of Civil Protection. Due to great interest from Croatia and abroad, we have opened an official account of the State Treasury." Plenković posted on Twitter.

The state budget receives financial donations intended for the repair of damages in Sisak-Moslavina County and other areas affected by devastating earthquakes.

IBAN of the State Budget of the Republic of Croatia: HR12 1001 0051 8630 0016 0
Reference to the approval number: 5444 - OIB of the payer

For payments from abroad BIC (SWIFT) code: NBHRHR2XXXX
Bank: Croatian National Bank, Trg hrvatskih velikana 3, Zagreb, 10000, Croatia
User: Republic of Croatia - Ministry of Finance, Katanciceva 5, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Payment details: Earthquakes aid

13:35 LIVE Plenković and the EC Commissioner for Crisis Situations hold a press conference
THE DAY after the devastating earthquake, the press conference will be held by Prime Minister Andrej Plenković and European Commissioner for Crisis Situations Janez Lenarčić. More HERE

13:29 Pupovac arrived in Majske Poljane

13:28 Plenković thanked the Pope

Screenshot 2020-12-30 at 13.58.50.png

13:23 Pope prays for Croatia
Pope Francis announced on Wednesday that he was praying for those who lost their lives in the earthquake that hit Croatia on Tuesday, as well as for their families and all others who died.

"Yesterday's earthquake in Croatia caused casualties and serious damage," Franjo wrote on his Twitter profile.

"I express my closeness to the injured and victims of the earthquake, and I especially pray for those who lost their lives, as well as their families," he added.

13:12 After the statements, they went on a tour
"A young man was killed in this house, he came from the night shift, went to bed, and died," Deputy Mayor Glina Milanovic told.

“I’m not yet aware of what happened,” one resident tells Index.

12:47 Milanović arrived in Majske Poljane
"This is the most damaged village, there is practically no whole house," says the deputy mayor of Glina. “Both new and old have collapsed,” he adds.

"Deep condolences to the families of the people who died, five people died here, as a kind of curse, a big thank you to everyone who helps, both those who have a job and those who volunteer. This is a commonplace in Croatian history. They must know that we are with them. In such situations there is no Zagreb, Petrinja, we all have an equal right to a new beginning. Five people died here, evil fate, what can I say.

The army is helping as much as it can, unfortunately, there is no water in the barracks in Petrinja, trouble never comes alone," Milanovic said.

"The state is already helping, doing everything it can, but I am not the prime minister. People, citizens are desperate and scared. People in Petrinja were also angry yesterday, because of the feeling that they were left and forgotten," he added.

12:17 In Majske Poljane with the deputy mayor of Glina
The woman is crying in front of our camera. "People were left without everything in two minutes. There is no electricity, people are left with full refrigerators, now they have nothing left," said Branka Bakšić Mitić.

“We need containers, once construction starts there, it will take time,” she added. "These people all have domestic animals, they have 7 cows, they live off of them, that's their existence. It used to be hard to live there, before the war it was a rich village, it had public lighting. Now there is nothing like entering the twilight zone," she tells us.

"A lot of people called us, 10 containers are leaving Poreč, 4 containers from Zagreb, this is the first tour. The first village to receive containers are Majske Poljane ... I have now invited people from each village to visit everything and make list, to drive containers directly to them."

12:14 In Karlovac, the repair of damaged roofs is in progress
In the area of the city of Karlovac, 45 rehabilitation interventions are underway as a result of yesterday's earthquake. These are damaged roofs and collapsed chimneys. They are in the field with the firefighters of the Public Utility Company of the city of Karlovac and 26 firefighters of voluntary fire brigades from the area of Karlovac.

Major damage was also recorded in the area of Lasinja, where firefighters from DVD Lasinja, DVD Crna Draga and DVD Desno Sredičko were also engaged in repairing the damaged roofs and chimneys on the buildings.

During the morning, by order of the Chief Fire Commander, additional forces were sent to the Sisak-Moslavina County, including 32 firefighters with five fire trucks from Ozalj. In these two days, a total of 91 firefighters and 19 fire trucks from the area of the Karlovac County Fire Brigade were sent to the Sisak-Moslavina County.

12:07 Istria County: Follow the information
The citizens of Istria County are asked to follow the announcements of the Red Cross Society of Istria County regarding assistance to areas endangered by earthquakes. The citizens of Istria County showed great humanity, empathy and solidarity towards the victims of the earthquake and collected a significant amount of help.

City Red Cross Societies, coordinated by the Red Cross Society of Istria County, are in charge of implementing fundraising activities organized by the Croatian
Red Cross.

Citizens are asked not to collect aid in clothing and footwear, but to donate according to the Red Cross list. For this purpose, citizens are asked to contact and deliver groceries to the city's Red Cross societies.

Legal entities and citizens who want to donate are sent to contact the Red Cross, i.e., city organizations. Citizens are appealed not to submit on their own initiative humanitarian aid to endangered areas, but exclusively organized by the Red Cross.

All information can be found on the website of the Red Cross Society of Istria County and on the website of the City Red Cross Societies.

12:05 Caritas of the Split-Makarska Archdiocese collects financial aid for earthquake victims
Caritas reported the following:

"On Sunday, January 10, 2021, in all parishes and churches of the Split-Makarska Archdiocese, alms collected during Holy Mass will be for the victims of the earthquake.

In the churches, in a visible place, boxes should be placed in which the faithful can give their contribution for the entire duration of the action. The action starts on December 30, 2020, and will last until the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord (February 2, 2021).

- All collected funds are paid to the account of Caritas of the Split-Makarska Archdiocese.

IBAN: HR29 2340 0091 1000 9261 5
Reference number: HR00 29122020
Description of payment: For earthquake victims "

12:03 What to do if you're driving during an earthquake?
The practice of the last days has shown that an earthquake is impossible to predict, but that does not mean that we cannot prepare for it. More HERE

11:58 Clothing and food are needed in Pokupsko
"The situation is such that we need everything, mostly goods, and food. The water is fine here, so we have no problems with that, and we have no damage as in some other places. Only two houses completely collapsed, but the families were immediately taken care of. We will immediately send all the surplus packages we receive to Petrinja and other necessary areas, we won't miss any. Most of the houses have been damaged, but there is no such dramatic and great damage as in Majske Poljane," Valentina Kraljevic told Index. 

11:57 Ćorić: Most households received electricity, cracks in the water supply system in Petrinja
Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Tomislav Coric said on Wednesday that most households in the area of ​​Sisak, Petrinja, Glina and surrounding places that were left without electricity during the earthquake received that electricity, but warned of several destroyed substations and water supply damage. in Petrinja. 

11:40 VIDEO We were in Majske Poljane, 5 people were killed there yesterday
"I don't know what to tell you, I can't tell you, this is a cataclysm," he told us - more HERE

11:16 Help arrived from Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Greece, Romania
After the Republic of Croatia activated the Union Mechanism for Civil Protection on December 29, 2020 - the Union program intended for providing emergency assistance - and requested winter tents for 6 - 8 people, lamps with protection from PVC mesh (indoor), lighting balloons/lighting towers, electric heaters, folding beds, sleeping bags and containers for housing, first aid arrived on the same day from the Republic of Slovenia, the Protection and Rescue Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, around 11 pm. There are 4 containers, 12 bunk beds with 24 mattresses and 200 sleeping bags, which arrived during the night at the central civil protection warehouse in Jastrebarsko, from where they are transported to the affected areas in accordance with the assessed needs.

In addition to Slovenia, Austria responded to the Croatian request for help: 470 folding beds, Italy: 100 winter tents. Greece: 40 tents, 50 electric heaters, 500 folding beds, and 500 sleeping bags. Romania: 50 tents, 100 folding beds, 200 sleeping bags and 14 housing containers. Sweden: 60 tents and 2000 folding beds, Czech Republic: 2 lamps with protection, 1 balloon/lighting tower, 10 electric heaters, 600 folding beds and 1200 sleeping bags.

We would like to thank all those who responded to our request for assistance and contacted the Directorate of Civil Protection with inquiries for sending assistance, the Civil Protection announced.

10:49 Live from Majske Poljane

10:40 Osijek firefighters are helping the victims

The rescue team from the ruins of the Public Utility Company of the City of Osijek, which went to help the victims of the earthquake yesterday, immediately joined the search for the destroyed and damaged houses for the victims.

The rescue operation continued today by removing the dangers that threaten the destroyed and unstable buildings, they say.

10:35 A government session is underway. Plenković: Allegedly false invoices appear, caution

10:30 False news is spreading about the demolition of a chimney in Zagreb
"Today, the chimney of the brickyard in Kustošija will be demolished with a detonation, so a tremor will be heard," reads the message that is spreading. > More

9:50 "I'm grateful for the help."
A girl who lives in the vicinity of Petrinja says that her house was not damaged, but the house of her parents was damaged.

"My house doesn't have any major damage. My parents in Petrinja lost two chimneys. That's good, considering it's in the city center, it's a disaster there," the girl says.

She and her family are in accommodation provided by the military.

“They received us nicely, I am really grateful for the help, I cannot express that gratitude to the soldiers who are helping us.

"At my parent's, one chimney fell into the house, the other fell outside. The tiles have fallen off, I hope this can be fixed. Unlike the center of Petrinja, I saw pictures, a disaster," he says.

He says nylon is important to them now to cover holes in houses.

"Nylon is important to cover that. I don't know if they even enter the house while they're still shaking. Nylon is needed first hand, tiles later, if necessary," the woman says, adding that she is sure the government will to meet the victims.


9:30 Interview with the director of the Red Cross Petrinja
"The city center is closed, we have witnessed these tragedies that happened to the end. We did not even sleep, we worked all the time, many did not want to leave their homes. We visited all the villages, from the Red Cross, HGSS, I think that help has been taken, it was enough for some to turn to them, to see that they were not alone. "

"Unfortunately we witnessed the tragedy that happened yesterday. A girl was killed. The danger is great, look at these houses."

9:24 Geophysicist: It is possible that there may be an even stronger blow in the coming days
JOSIP STIPČEVIĆ, a geophysicist from the Faculty of Science in Zagreb, last night posted an interesting post on Facebook about yesterday's devastating earthquake.

In it, he tried to explain what was the cause of yesterday's earthquake of magnitude 6.2, which caused huge damage in Petrinja, Sisak and surrounding areas. More HERE


9:22 There was another earthquake in Petrinja

Screenshot 2020-12-30 at 09.32.33.png

9:19 The ground is constantly shaking

"The ground is not at rest, new earthquakes are felt almost constantly. Today there were three strong earthquakes, three relatively strong earthquakes in 15 minutes. It is difficult to calm the citizens who experienced those horrors yesterday. But after each strong earthquake a whole series follows earthquakes that are weaker, but the stronger that major earthquake was the longer the series of aftershocks, and they can be stronger," seismologist Kuk told Studio 4 just now.

9:18 "We heard a scream"
N1 reporters in Majske Poljane talked to people who were left without their homes.

"We heard a scream, went upstairs. Franjo and his son were killed, he works in the police. It was a newer house. We spent the night in the car, lit a fire. It was rocking all night. If there was any help, what containers," says the man.

"These guys from Zagreb, Rijeka are coming, offering help," says the man.

The man has 15 horses.

“They managed to save themselves, they have hay, they will survive,” the man says.

9:06 The situation in Majske Poljane
"People can't leave their cows, they have to take care of them, we need mobile homes that we will return, we need help from the army and the government, people and financial resources," said the deputy mayor of Glina.

"We could not persuade some citizens to leave their destroyed houses, they were out by the fire in their yard, and we are trying to deliver food and water to them all this morning," a Red Cross volunteer told HRT.

8:56 Earthquake knocks down woman's house: I live on 1000 kuna, I don't have a husband or children
Majske Poljane was destroyed. Several people were killed there, and many people were left homeless. Many spent the evening outdoors or in cars.

H1 spoke to a woman whose house was demolished. More HERE

8:47 Žinić: People did not want to go to organized accommodation
Ivo Žinić, County Prefect of Sisak-Moslavina County, was a guest on the N1 program. "Containers are on the way, people didn't want to go to organized accommodation, we made it possible. But older people didn't want to leave their hearth, they stayed by their houses, lit a fire," said Ivo Žinić, adding that he hoped it would be organized by the end of the day. He says many have called and offered help.

He says that today we need to ensure that these people have accommodation. “I believe we will be able to say tonight that most people are taken care of,” he says. "Glina and its surroundings are without water, there is no electricity around Petrinja," says Žinić, adding that basic groceries are most needed. "Everyone who wants to should announce themselves through the Civil Protection Headquarters. If it is not coordinated, then it creates difficulties for us," said Žinić.

He says young people were killed. "Judicial policeman and policeman from Glina, these are young people, I know them"

8:51 More from Paul Bradbury

8:38 Covid patients from Sisak and Dubrava arrived at the Dubrava Hospital
"During the day and night, 54 patients arrived from Sisak and Petrinja, of which 8 were on a ventilator. Everything is standard, everything is fine, their treatment continues. Most of the seriously ill were transferred by ambulance, and more were transferred by helicopters.

We were in constant communication with the ministers and everyone all day and night, we were in sync and I hope it wasn’t a big trauma for the patients.

The least severe patients are taken care of in the Arena. We had a total of 74 entries, those who were at home also came to work.

Our patients are in the safest building, our hospital is the newest. I think it is good that they feel safer in that way as well, "said Professor Lukšić from KB Dubrava for HRT.

8:35 Stories of looting of abandoned houses are spreading, the police say there is none
Late last night, reports began on social networks about alleged robberies of demolished and abandoned houses in earthquake-affected areas. 

8:33 Dumbović: I hope there is no one under the rubble anymore
"I hope there is no one under the rubble anymore," Dumbovic told HRT. "Don't come to Petrinja disorganized, don't bring me construction materials now because we don't have a place to put it now. Thank you all, but I don't have an hour now, we'll need it in a couple of days."

8:10 Many in Glina spent the night by the fire in the street for fear of another earthquake
Many residents of Glina and Majske Poljane spent the night on the street by the fire for fear of a new earthquake after yesterday's homes were completely destroyed. Most slept in their cars in front of houses or did not sleep at all. 

8:11 Majske Poljana the morning after by Paul Bradbury


7:34 Live from Petrinja

7:33 What blood types are missing and when can you give blood?


more - HERE


7:32 Seismologist: Over 40 earthquakes during the night in the Petrinja area
"Since midnight, there have been 40 earthquakes in the Petrinja area over 2 and 10 over 3 on the Richter scale, and from 6.15 two to three stronger. The series continues, the number of earthquakes is huge," seismologist Fiket told HRT.

7:31 In the last 49 hours, 40 earthquakes were felt in Croatia
This morning, the European Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC) announced that the magnitude 4.7 earthquake, which woke up the inhabitants of central Croatia at 6:15 this morning, was the 38th earthquake felt in Croatia in the last 49 hours. 

7:30 Grmoja: The fellowship and heart of our people fill me with pride
"They just returned from Petrinja, Glina and the surrounding villages. A lot of people came to help, mostly Boys, but since there was no coordination, people organized themselves and toured the villages. This was done by several of our teams, so we came to houses no one has visited.

Since there is no water we shared it the most. Fear is felt everywhere, people are warming themselves by the fire in front of their houses or sleeping in cars, but their spirit is still unbreakable. When asked how you are and where you will sleep tonight, they answer: "If we survived the war, we will survive this too!"

Now we will sleep for a few hours and again at 5 am we leave for Petrinja and Glina.

We will meet our Bulj, who left for Petrinja and Glina at midnight with a full truck and van, and another truck will leave tomorrow. The heart of Sinj seems to be beating hard.

Maligani and Torcida did not fail, and neither will Armada. Our Marin Miletić starts with a large team from Rijeka.

Sladoljev and the Boys are where they need to be, with the people.

The scenes of the demolished homes are sad and shocking, but the solidarity, togetherness, and heart of our people, fills me with pride," Nikola Grmoja wrote on Facebook.

7:29 The Red Cross worked all night

7:26 And the inhabitants of Pokupsko spent the night outside
Great damage was also recorded in Pokupsko, and many residents spent the night outside their houses. Some of them were located in Velika Gorica, and some of them spent the night in cars in front of their houses. This was said by the mayor of Pokupsko, who appealed for help: "We need construction materials and help in the reconstruction."

"We have food and something to get, our headquarters is meeting at noon, so we will see what we will organize next," he said.

6:54 There are about 200 people from the HGSS on the ground
"The sun is coming out, we hope it will be a little easier, we just had two earthquakes, people woke up immediately, we are ready to move on. The situation is under control if we can say that, people are constantly on the ground, the tour is getting ready. We are working nonstop, we didn't stop all night.

Immediately after the earthquake, we called upon the whole of Croatia, but in the end, we sent some back home because we had too many people. Everyone is involved, we all work, the whole of Croatia is here. At the moment, there are about 200 of us in the field," said the head of HGSS, Josip Granić.

"We visited 84 villages and hamlets, from Sisak to Kostajnica, there we find people, some outside houses, some in cars, looking for food, water, something to warm up, and it is delivered to them. We get reports that no one was in a village, but it turns out that our people or firefighters are already there," Granic added.

"It is difficult for me to assess where it would be better or worse, the villages from Petrinja to Hrvatska Kostajnica are significantly affected, you have houses that are older and intact, and you have new 15-year-olds homes that have been razed to the ground. There are still people in all those villages," Granic said. 

"The simplest thing would be to contact HCK, they will get advice on what help is needed and where to deliver it. Thank you all, but we have nowhere to go with everything we are getting at the moment. So we ask citizens to contact the Red Cross if they want to help," Granic said.

6:38 "Some spent the night in cars freezing"
"A minute or two ago, we felt an earthquake. It's the same in Glina, nothing better, part of the people we accommodated, part of them didn't want to leave their houses, they spent the night in cars freezing, a lot of people were taken care of. We have about 35, 36 settlements affected by the earthquake. Help is coming from all sides, it's hard to say what we need most, tents for sure, but during the day we will know better. Somewhere houses have been razed to the ground, chimneys have fallen off," the mayor of Glina told HRT in the morning. "Unfortunately, we have five dead. We pulled two out of the rubble."

6:36 The mayor of Petrinja contacted HRT
"It shakes non-stop, we feel that tiles are falling in the city; when it shakes, what is left to fall, falls. One sleepless night is behind us, it is one huge catastrophe, a huge pressure. This morning, when the earthquake happened, the Prime Minister called me," Dumbović told HRT.

6:35 New earthquakes shook Croatia, one was 4.8 Richter
Early this morning, several earthquakes shook central Croatia within a few minutes - more HERE

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Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Plenkovic: 20 Million Kuna for Sisak and Petrinja, 1st Installment Tomorrow

ZAGREB, Dec 29, 2020 - Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said on Tuesday that in agreement with the Finance Ministry, HRK 20 million would be sent to help Sisak and Petrinja and that a first installment could be expected tomorrow already, following a destructive earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale that struck Sisak-Moslavina County at 12.20 pm Tuesday.

The prime minister made the statement after a meeting of an inter-agency task force monitoring the implementation of financial contributions from the EU solidarity fund for the reconstruction of Zagreb, Krapina-Zagorje and Zagreb counties following the March earthquake.

In the meantime, an earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale struck Petrinja at 12.20 pm and Prime Minister Plenkovic confirmed that he had spoken to Petrinja Mayor Darinko Dumbovic and that he was heading for Petrinja immediately and that all available services had been deployed there.

Govt to prepare special decision related to Sisak-Moslavina County quake

Plenkovic underscored that the Construction Ministry would prepare a special decision regarding the earthquake that struck Sisak-Moslavina County.

"In agreement with the Finance Ministry we will intervene with HRK 20 million so that the county and cities can have funds available for emergency intervention measures. That is similar to the decision of HRK 100 million that we made available in Zagreb to repair roofs, gable walls and anything to prevent rain leaking during the winter. We will react immediately in that regard," said Plenkovic.

He underscored that the first installment could be expected tomorrow already.

The funds will come from reserves and re-allocation so that they can be released to the county tomorrow already. Additional funds will be found through 'combined' - national and solidarity funds.

"What we are doing now is an intervention measure to provide immediate help," said Plenkovic.

The prime minister underscored that he had spoken with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen who said that the Commission was willing to help with regard to the latest quake.

It is necessary to evaluate the damage first. Experts from the Faculty of Civil Enginering had already yesterday been to Sisak and Petrinja and the surrounding area.

Asked whether amendments to the reconstruction law would incorporate Sisak and Petrinja, Plenkovic said that a legal framework would be found for that.

He also recalled that €683 million for 2021 and 2022 would be earmarked for public needs while the reconstruction fund headed by Damir Vandjelic would deal with private properties which has been resolved with the Reconstruction Act.

"We will find a similar model. Unfortunately, we have a lot of experience in that regard," he added.

Zagreb Reconstruction: Majority of fund for education infrastructure

Plenkovic recalled that Croatia had received €683 million from the EU solidarity fund for reconstruction in Zagreb and its environs following the March earthquake.

The major part of those funds relates to education so €285 million will be used for education infrastructure.

An amount of €140 million has been allocated for the health sector and health institutions.

An additional €109 million will be earmarked for transport infrastructure and €116 million for cultural heritage which includes many institutions, ministries, the parliament, government, theatres and so on.

Asked how much the €683 million will help, Plenkovic recalled that that amount is a lot however because the damage is much higher, institutions themselves will have to participate with their own finances.

Horvat: 80 applications for damages received

Construction Minister Darko Horvat reported that the ministry had received about 80 applications for damages following the Zagreb earthquake.

All the necessary information and application forms are on the ministry's web site, he added.

Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Seven Dead Following Devastating Petrinja Earthquake

December 29, 2020 - Petrinja Mayor Darinko Dumbović has confirmed to 24Sata that a child was killed in the Petrinja earthquake. As he says, half of the city is destroyed.

- This is terrible. There are dead people, there are injured people. We saw one child die in the square. The center of Petrinja was destroyed. Our seven engineers were left buried in this building, but we managed to get them out. This is a disaster, send all the help you have - one of the engineers who went to assess the damage told us.

The area of Petrinja was hit by an earthquake of 6.2 on the Richter scale shortly after noon, reports EMSC.

The latest - more powerful - earthquake struck shortly after midday and was felt throughout all of Croatia. 

The situation is still evolving, and you can follow live updates here

This article has been updated to include the latest important information regarding the Petrinja earthquake

According to the latest information from the Ministry of the Interior (MUP), seven people have now been confirmed dead: a 12-year-old girl from Petrinja, a 20-year-old man from one house, a grandfather from another and a father and son from the same house in Majske Poljane near Glina. Glina Deputy Mayor Branka Baksic Mitic confirmed the aforementioned for Index. It was later confirmed that another male had also died in Majske Poljane. The seventh person was a man, the situation around which isn't yet clear, but it was known he was at a church in Zazina.

At least six people were seriously injured and 20 were injured to a lesser degree, the Ministry of the Interior later announced.

Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Over Dozen Smaller Earthquakes Recorded in Petrinja Area Since Monday Morning

December 29, 2020 - More than a dozen smaller earthquakes have been recorded in the Petrinja area since Monday morning. 

Update 12:24 - 6.3 quake 46km SE of Zagreb

richter6-3.JPG reports that damaged homes, mostly roofs and chimneys, and numerous cracks in farm and residential buildings are the consequences of two stronger and more minor earthquakes that hit Sisak, Petrinja, and other settlements in Sisak-Moslavina County Monday morning.

A strong earthquake measuring 5.0 on the Richter scale was recorded in the Petrinja area Monday at 6:28. Subsequently, at 7:49 and 7:51, two more earthquakes, this time 4.7 and 4.1 magnitudes, were recorded, with the epicenter 5 km southeast of Petrinja.

Fortunately, the quakes did not cause any casualties, but there is a lot of material damage.

"The night did not go very well; there were several more earthquakes that we felt in Petrinja, tonight and this morning," said the mayor of Petrinja this morning on Croatian Radio.

"As of yesterday morning, we have had more than a dozen earthquakes, two stronger. This morning at 1:19, there was an earthquake of 3.0 according to the Richter scale, and at 7:05, an earthquake of 2.5. There were a couple of weaker ones too. That is expected and normal. Fortunately, the series is weaker," said seismologist Krešimir Kuk.

This morning at around 7 am, a magnitude 2.5 earthquake shook the area. According to the EMSC, the epicenter was at a depth of 1 kilometer and 21 kilometers from Sisak, and 43 kilometers from Zagreb. At 1:19, residents felt a slightly stronger earthquake, 3.0 on the Richter scale, the epicenter at a depth of 2 kilometers and 15 kilometers from Sisak.


Index's team went to Petrinja on Monday to talk to citizens and emergency services about the situation.

"It sounded like thunder. Bottles and shelves were falling," said one citizen, adding that his house was destroyed in the war. "It was category 5, the category before the demolition. I built it for ten years," he says.

Firefighters from Hrvatska Kostajnica immediately went to the scene, and when they saw that there was no major damage, they came to Petrinja to help their colleagues.

"We went according to the report, and when we saw that there was no major damage, we came to help our colleagues in Petrinja," said the firefighter, adding that they had interventions throughout the morning and that they were no longer counted.

"It's awful; I wouldn't wish this on anyone. It's a pity for us in the workshop, in the house, the walls are cracked, and the dresser has been moved in the middle of the living room," said one citizen.

To read more about breaking news in Croatia, follow TCN's dedicated page.

Monday, 28 December 2020

Damir Trut Talks Travel Passes for Petrinja Residents Following Quake

December the 28th, 2020 - It seems that 2020 wants to end things how it began, with an earthquake. Following a truly horrendous year which kicked off in Croatia with an earthquake in Zagreb and the beginning of a terrible coronavirus epidemic, yet another earthquake shook Petrinja, Zagreb and other areas this morning. Damir Trut of the National Civil Protection Headquarters has spoken out following the quake.

The current anti-epidemic regime which requires Croatia's residents to secure passes (propusnice) with good reason in order to travel in and out of the county in which their permanent place of residence is registered has of course been a question mark above the heads of those who live in affected areas like Petrinja, who for material reasons, may not be able to remain at home following this morning's earthquake and accompanying aftershocks.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, Damir Trut, Assistant Minister of the Interior and Director of the National Civil Protection Headquarters, told N1 that all residents of Sisak, Petrinja and the surrounding areas affected by the earthquake will be able to get passes without any issue if their homes have become unsafe as a result of the quake and if they need to travel for medical purposes.

''As soon as possible, passes will be created and given out for all those who no longer have the opportunity to remain living in the area, have properties in other areas they can go to, and for those who want to travel elsewhere to stay with their families,'' said Damir Trut, adding that such questions haven't yet come about, but they're likely to at some point given the situation which occurred this morning.

''This is a reason which is more than suitable for the issuing of the necessary passes. Those who are coming from Zagreb who need to visit their parents or come and take a look at any damage to properties, are free to do so,'' he added.

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