Sunday, 21 February 2021

Petrinja Mayor: We will Present Distribution of Donations Transparently

ZAGREB, 21 February, 2021 - Petrinja Mayor Darinko Dumbović said at a forum in Petrinja on Saturday that the town authorities would transparently present the distribution of donations in a week, the "Petrinja Spring" initiative said.

At the forum, the head of the "Petrinja Spring" citizens' initiative, Drinka Mažić, prioritised the issues of adequately informing citizens, repairing earthquake damage, reconstructing the city, distributing donations and citizens exercising their rights, in accordance with the questions and comments that citizens have set as priority issues in the past three weeks when communicating with the "Petrinja Spring" initiative.

By the end of the month, a tender for the completion of the Zagreb-Sisak motorway, including a fast road to Petrinja, with a construction deadline of two years, will be published.

One of the questions that could be heard at the forum was when local children will be able to continue with normal schooling.

"That is one of the fundamental questions for the city's reconstruction and revitalisation since the lack of educational opportunities results in young people leaving Petrinja," it was said.

The "Petrinja Spring" citizens' initiative organised the forum to establish two-way communication between institutions in charge of the reconstruction of the city and the citizens.

"Petrinja Spring" is a citizens' initiative based on the idea of a fast, quality and efficient reconstruction of Petrinja. The values its actions are based on are community, responsibility and credibility.

The online forum was attended, among others, by representatives of the task force dealing with the aftermath of the 29 December earthquake in Sisak-Moslavina County, Mayor Darinko Dumbović and representatives of the initiative.

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Sunday, 21 February 2021

Meet the Petrinja Siblings Keeping the Spirit of Culture and Sports Alive

February 21, 2021 - Three Petrinja siblings have launched a humanitarian action to renovate the town's wrestling hall, purchase sports equipment, and completely renovate the Petrinja Children’s Orchestra premises. TCN meets Iva, Sanja, and Tin Petračić, who are on a mission to build a better future in their native Petrinja, where a 6.4 magnitude earthquake devastated the area back in December. 

"For the last few weeks, the whole world has been hearing and reading about the city of Petrinja as a whole, but we now need to draw closer attention to these two great Petrinjian symbols that have proudly helped put the city on the map. They have written many strong verses in Petrinja’s history, but now, with this unfortunate catastrophe occurring, their future is in doubt."

TCN met with Iva Petračić to learn more about their cause. 

"Our family has always been in Petrinja. Our last name Petračić first appeared on the city fortress military unit lists at the beginning of the 17th century," began Iva on their family's connection to Petrinja. Iva, a medical student on her way to becoming a pediatric surgeon, is joined in the humanitarian action by sister Sanja, a consulting company director and certified auditor, and bother Tin, who works in kinesiology.


Siniša Miholjević

Iva was taking a shower after a long morning of exams when the earthquake rocked Petrinja on December 29, while Tin and Sanja were in Zagreb.

"Tin came to Petrinja an hour after the earthquake hit, and Sanja stayed in Zagreb with her kids. My mom Vesna and I went to Zagreb that afternoon after cleaning up the glass and everything that broke in the house," Iva said. 

Their dad Miroslav and Sanja’s husband were in Petrinja every day for the week that followed. 

"We are all still in shock, but it’s getting better by the day. I moved to Split, and it still feels like the ground is shaking. A lot of noises remind you of that terrible earthquake sound, and chills run down your spine.

The street starts to shake every time a big truck passes, and that is a terrible feeling I never thought I'd be scared of," Iva said of how she's coping in the aftermath of the quake.  

Iva, Sanja, and Tin have now launched a humanitarian action, joined by the love of their Petrinja and everything it has to offer.

"We want to show that to everyone," Iva added. 

But why the local wrestling club and children's orchestra?

"The Petrinja Wrestling Club is an institution in the city, being the entry point and then springboard for many youngsters to take their first steps onto the mat, honing their skills further, to successfully competing at the highest levels. Their honors include winning six Croatian national championships and five in the former state. Alumni of the Petrinja Wrestling Club include Vlado Lisjak, the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics gold medal winner, and Milan Nenadić, the 1972 Munich Olympic Games bronze medalist as well as many other notable fighters at all levels, many of whom found things such as happiness, camaraderie, and self-discipline from its teachings," Iva said. 




"Petrinja’s wind orchestra Gradska limena glazba is one of the oldest orchestras in the country - 213 years old. It has represented Petrinja both nationally and internationally and has become a fine symbol of our great city. Whether it be the clarinet, the french horn, the saxophone, or the good old trumpet, through the group, many children have been a part of learning and experiencing the wonder and joy that comes from being able to play an instrument. Despite existing in various forms and through different states and arrangements, the orchestra has never previously interrupted its work for a longer period of time than this.


We hope to help as much as we can to bring back these two amazing institutions. We have many children in the city, and we have to maintain the activities for them. We hope to raise as much as we can. Whatever amount we raise it’s going 50/50, to the wrestling club and the orchestra," she continued. 


Iva said the response thus far has been good, but she knows they can do better. All media coverage is welcome as it helps people find their Facebook page or website. 

"Petrinja is an amazing city to grow up in; there is no hate, no bad looks when you walk down the street. Petrinja is a city of education, a city of sport. We have so much, and yet people have never heard about us. They all know about Gavrilović, but how many people know that Gavrilović is in Petrinja?

I really wish that after all of this, people will come to Petrinja and see all of its beauty first hand. And most importantly, do not forget about us," Iva concluded. 

"Together, we now have the opportunity to rebuild their future and keep the eternal flames of culture and sports alive in Petrinja. From the reedy lull of an oboe to the cheer of the watching support, we are able to soothe the fears and help pep up the spirits of all these children. They are more than worthy of your kindness, and by donating, you become the good spirit of Petrinjska’s stucka." - Iva, Sanja, and Tin. 

You can follow them on Facebook and donate on their website HERE.

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Saturday, 20 February 2021

11,000 Army Personnel Engaged so far to Help Residents in Quake-Hit Areas

ZAGREB, 20 February, 2021 - More than 11,000 army personnel have been deployed in Sisak-Moslavina to deal with the aftermath of the 6.2-strong earthquake since this disaster affected the region on 29 December.

The data about the deployment of the troops in the quake-hit areas was presented on Friday by Defence Minister Mario Banožić and the armed forces' chief-of-staff, Admiral Robert Hranj, during their visit to the municipality of Majur where the army's service-people are engaged in preparing the groundwork for setting up a container settlement for 10 families.

According to the data, presented by the two officials, immediately after the 29 December quake, the army was engaged to provide assistance.

To date, army troops have repaired 11.5 kilometres of roads damaged by the quakes. They have been engaged in preparing the adequate sites for setting up container settlements.

Soldiers have been included in the tasks of installing more than 300 prefab containers and 50 mobile homes, and have transported 28 truckloads of humanitarian aid.

The army's  Orbiter lightweight unmanned aerial vehicles have scanned 200 square kilometres of the ground in wider Sisak and Petrinja areas. The army has provided assistance in inspecting a state of river embankments.

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Saturday, 20 February 2021

Submission of Applications for Reconstruction Starts in Quake-Hit Area

ZAGREB, 20 February, 2021 - An office was opened on Saturday in Petrinja where people whose property was damaged in the 29 December earthquake in Sisak-Moslavina County can apply for the removal of their damaged property or its reconstruction, and mobile teams were deployed as well to collect applications.

The head of the government task force dealing with the aftermath of the earthquake, Tomo Medved, spoke at a news conference about mobile teams and the office, established by the Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets Ministry.

"Today we have also deployed two mobile teams, to Strašnik and Pecki. We have started working and will continue until all citizens submit their applications," Medved said, noting that similar offices would be opened in Sisak and Glina in the coming days as well.

He said that citizens could apply to have their property reconstructed by the state and for a refund if they choose to reconstruct their property on their own.

Medved noted that apart from submitting applications in the said offices or to mobile teams, citizens would also be able to do so via the e-Obnova system and by post.

Medved, who also serves as War Veterans Minister, said that the application procedure had been maximally simplified so applicants are required to only present their IDs while all the other necessary information will be taken from available databases by the relevant services.

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Thursday, 18 February 2021

1,448 Housing Containers Set Up in Quake-Hit Area So Far

ZAGREB, 18 February 2021 - The head of the task force dealing with the aftermath of the 29 December earthquake in Sisak-Moslavina County, Tomo Medved, has said that 1,448 housing containers and mobile homes have been set up in the area, with the task force having maximally simplified the process of applying for reconstruction.

"Provision of temporary accommodation in the earthquake-hit area is still among our priorities. So far we have installed 1,448 containers and mobile homes and connected 1,656 housing units to the power grid," Medved said at a government session on Thursday.

He added that 213 people whose properties were damaged or destroyed were staying in state-owned houses and flats.

"On 13 January we transferred for use by the town of Petrinja the Sajmište container settlement, consisting of 81 residential and six technical containers. We have started preparations for a container settlement in Glina, two more settlements will be built in Petrinja and Sisak and one in Majur municipality," said Medved.

He said that he would meet with representatives of the Italian Civil Protection service and define locations in the areas of Sisak and Petrinja where container settlements would be set up.

Towns and municipalities in the earthquake-hit area have submitted lists of damaged buildings that pose a danger and it has been suggested that 314 should be removed.

Medved recalled that on 14 February the demolition of the damaged Zrin barracks in Petrinja was completed and that on Monday work on removing the damaged warehouse of the Gavrilović meat factory in downtown Petrinja started.

He said that so far 783 tonnes of animal feed had been donated and that 684 tonnes had been distributed.

So far 31,052 buildings have been inspected, of which 3,801 have been found unfit for use and 6,801 temporarily unfit for use.

Medved said he would meet with the heads of damage assessment teams on Friday to structure total damage in the earthquake-hit area.

Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Pupovac: It's Unacceptable Housing Containers Aren't Connected to Running Water

ZAGREB, 17 February 2021 - MP Milorad Pupovac of the Independent Democratic Serb Party (SDSS) on Wednesday called for housing containers set up in earthquake-hit areas to be urgently connected to water supply and drainage and for red tape related to reconstruction to be simplified.

Living in containers without running water

Pupovac warned that even though a lot has been done to accommodate people in earthquake areas it was unthinkable to have housing containers that are not connected to running water or drainage.

"I appeal for that to be urgently changed," said Pupovac and added that roads need to be passable and that administrative procedure for reconstruction needs to be simplified.

"If people need to provide 10 to 15 different documents or search for co-owners around the globe in order to apply, that will never be resolved," he warned.

If the relevant ministry wants to play with red tape, then it won't be able to count on our support, Pupovac said.

Vaccination by being in the right place at the right time

Silvano Hrelja (HSS and HSU) condemned people being vaccinated ahead of their scheduled time.

Sandra Benčić (Green-Left Bloc) claimed that the government was to blame because it did not secure a sufficient quantity of vaccine for people to be inoculated according to the set plan and that people were being vaccinated because they happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Sabina Glasovac (SDP) said that a motion that has been supported by 30 MPs will enable parliament to discuss amendments to the Criminal Code which would classify any sexual harassment as a criminal office and would abolish the 3 month deadline to report these crimes. She called on MPs to support the bill.

New bank fees introduced 

Katarina Peović of the Workers' Front warned of the introduction of new bank fees on cash withdrawals at ATMs, adding that the Croatian National Bank (HNB) governor would probably justify this by saying that this is a matter of the market while actually it is a mutual agreement between banks.

Sunday, 14 February 2021

Petrinja and Sisak Shifted up to 86 Centimetres Due to Earthquake

ZAGREB, 14 February, 2021 - The findings of global navigation satellite system (GNSS) measurements conducted by Croatia's State Geodetic Administration from 4 to 28 January 2021, show that the cities of Petrinja and Sisak, hit by the 29 December 6.2 quake, were shifted up to 86 centimetres.

The Civil Protection Directorate reported on Sunday that the relevant analyses show that Petrinja was shifted southeast and Sisak eastward.

Glina, the third city most affected by the 29 December earthquake and aftershocks, was shifted by 10 centimetres northwest. Also, the area in which the city of Glina is located, sank 10 centimetre.

These first official data will be used for the activities pertaining to the reconstruction of geodetic baselines and for the homogenisation of surveys.

The devastating quake killed seven victims and caused extensive damage. Preliminary mapping prepared on the basis on satellite images provided by the European Space Agency showed in early January that the disaster caused shifts of soil with the amplitude of up to 70 centimetres. The biggest shift was then registered in the forest area near the settlements of Slana, Glinska Poljana and Gora.

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Saturday, 13 February 2021

Two Moderate Aftershocks Jolt Petrinja Area

ZAGREB, 13 February, 2021 - Two moderate earthquakes measuring 3.7 and 3.3 on the Richter scale were recorded on Saturday morning with the epicentre near Petrinja, Croatia's Seismological Survey said.

The magnitude 3.7 tremor occurred at 4.55 am and the magnitude 3.3 tremor at 5.19 am.

The quakes were felt in Zagreb as well.

The Petrinja area was hit by a magnitude 6.2 earthquake on 29 December which killed seven people and caused enormous damage.

Wednesday, 10 February 2021

More than 1,300 Housing Containers Set Up in Earthquake-Affected Areas

ZAGREB, 10 February 2021 - So far over 1,300 housing containers have been set up in the quake-hit areas and they have been connected to the electricity grid and 50 new sub-stations have been built, Minister Tomo Medved, who heads the task force dealing with the aftermath of the 29 December earthquake, said on Wednesday.

"After the earthquake, 888 requests for temporary accommodation were treated as urgent and the fact is that we have more than 1,300 housing containers set up, which speaks for itself with regard to how we have handled those requests," Medved told the Hrvatski Radio (HR).

Due to the structure of the population and dispersion over a large area it was not easy to secure and deliver so many mobile homes and prefab containers close to quake victims' own homes and sometimes we had to build new roads to get close to these houses and connect them to the electricity grid so that they can all be connected, he said.

A series of 2,200 aftershocks have additionally damaged houses every day, he said and local government has been requested to report urgent needs for accommodation.

So far 10 container settlements have been set up in Sisak, Petrinja, Kukuruzari, Mečenčani, Glina and Hrvatska Kostajnica.

Medved noted that more than 28,500 buildings have been inspected and more than 3,500 have been labelled red or unfit for use, 5,500 have yellow labels which means they are hazardous and should not be occupied.

Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Hamburg Sends Humanitarian Aid to Quake-Hit Areas of Croatia

ZAGREB, 9 February 2021 - A second convoy with humanitarian aid for people in the Croatian areas hit by a 6.2 magnitude earthquake on 29 December set out from Hamburg for Croatia on Tuesday.

Croatia's consul-general in Hamburg, Kristijan Tušek, said that the Hamburg fire department today sent the emergency medical service in Sisak an ambulance, and the cost of its transport to Croatia had been covered by Croatian business people from Hamburg.

On Monday, the first shipment of humanitarian aid from Hamburg, consisting of tents, toiletries, transformers and other items, arrived at the Civil Protection logistics centre in Jastrebarsko outside Zagreb.

The mayor of the city-state of Hamburg, Social Democrat Peter Tschentscher, expressed solidarity with the residents of the quake-hit areas.

Consul-general Tušek thanked the Hamburg Senate, the Croatian business community in Hamburg and members of the Croat emigrant initiative "Hamburg helps Croatia" for helping in the project with their work and donations.

Around 7,000 residents of Hamburg are of Croat descent.

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