Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Petar Graso Performs in Empty Split Peristyle for Sv. Duje 2020

May 5, 2020 - The City of Split and the Split Tourist Board, in cooperation with Dalmatia Concert and sponsored by OTP Bank Split, are bringing Split citizens a special treat for Sv. Duje on Thursday. Petar Graso performing in an empty Peristyle.

"Unfortunately, traditional festivities in Split will be absent this year. We will celebrate Sv. Duje without the buzz, the crowds, the procession and the mass on the waterfront, the raffle and the Sudamja Fair; without a great concert and fireworks, without everything we have done with all our fellow citizens for years. This year will be different than ever, but I still believe that the feast of our patron saint will be celebrated in our hearts and with our families. To all the citizens of Split, but also all the viewers of Croatian Radio and Television, on the day of Sv. Duje, we bring you a Peter Graso concert from Peristyle. Although we are forced to be physically separated, let us be together on Thursday evening in front of small screens in this unusual, different and I believe beautiful celebration," says Split Mayor Andro Krstulovic Opara.

Petar Graso also shared his impressions:

"I am a child of Split, Split is my home, despite the fact that I have been in it for the last twenty years. If it had not been for these specific circumstances, I, unfortunately, would have been out of Split on this Sv. Duje. But as it usually is, different circumstances dictate a different life plan, and so one of the strangest, and in some ways, the most beautiful concert of my career happened, a concert without a single person in the audience."

Graso also says that if someone had told him last year that he would play in front of an empty Peristyle and be most honored, he would have thought it impossible, but given the events of the past months, he is delighted and honored on this occasion: "I am happy to have the privilege of having a concert in one of the most beautiful squares in the world in my city, and giving it to both my Split and all the people who will be at home on Thursday evening in front of small screens. This is a concert of optimism, a concert of light and celebration. We were looking forward to it; somehow we seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel we've all been in for the past two months," Graso concludes, wishing this would be the last concert before an empty Peristyle.

The concert will be broadcast on Split's City Day on Thursday, May 7, on the second program of Croatian Radio and Television.

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Thursday, 23 May 2019

59th Splitski Festival to Begin with Exclusive Petar Grašo Concert

An exclusive concert featuring Petar Grašo will kick off the 59th Splitski Festival at Prokurative on July 4, reports Dalmatinski Portal on May 23, 2019. 

One of Croatia’s best musicians, award-winning singers and songwriters will create an intimate spectacle in which, he believes, everyone will enjoy.

“For the Splitski Festival, I’m bound by my musical origins. As a child, I performed in the mid-90s, and these songs certainly mean a lot to me. I'm delighted to have a concert within the Festival, and I guarantee a wonderful evening, a warm atmosphere, and a good party,” said Petar Grašo.

From the time he appeared on the stage of the Splitski Festival, the favorite singer has stolen the hearts of the Croatian audience, and, quite frankly, there are never enough tickets to his shows. 

Grašo expressed his feelings of how the festival has progressed from when he first performed to now. 

“It's a different feeling, something pulls you in, and whether it's better or worse, that cannot be compared. The fact is that the festival has been modernized, I like it, and I think it had to be done,” Grašo said. 

Since the Splitski Festival changed its concept, it hosted top concerts featuring Oliver Dragojević and Stjepan Hauser, Parni Valjak, Josipa Lisac, Gibonni and Massimo, all enhancing the already unique amphitheater stage at Prokurative.

The songs and performers of the 59th Splitski Festival, which will be held on July 4, 5, and 6, were announced last month. The festival thus opens with the exclusive Grašo concert, the second day of the program is a retrospective, while the last is reserved for the ‘Evening of New Songs’.

On the final day, the Splitski Festival will entertain, as usual, with some of the greatest names of the Croatian music scene. 

Thus, Alka Vuica will return to Prokurative, who will sing a duet with Neno Belan, Goran Karan and Tedi Spalato will sing together accompanied by the ensemble of St. Juraj HRM, Tomislav Bralić and Klapa Intrade will take the stage, as will the unique Hari, Giuliano, and Domenica who won over the audience last year for a duet with Damir Kedzo, Ivana Kovač and Mladen Grdović. The Frajle will present their new album, there will be a rare performance by Boba and Saša Antić, and the young star Lorena will debut.

You can find the list of songs that will be performed at the Splitski Festival below:

1. Dok imam tebe (Ivica Cukrov) IGOR CUKROV

2. Dosta (Ines Prajo-Arijana Kunštek) IVO PERKUŠIĆ

3. Ja samo za te živim (Pero Kozomara-Robert Pilepić) KLAPA RIŠPET

4. Ja se živciran (Stipe Jakovčević-Stipe Jakovčević/Siniša Garbin) MJESNI ODBOR

5. Kad vidim Boga uživo (Raay-Nenad Ninčević) LUKA BASI

6. Kao da te oduvijek znam (Žarko Tičinović) PETAR DRAGOJEVIĆ

7. Ko se može s Dalmacijom mirit (Želimir Škarpona/Dalibor Musap-Nedo Zuban) BRANKO MEDAK

8. Krila galeba (Branimir Mihaljević-Nenad Ninčević) GIULIANO

9. Kuća naše pisme (Goran Karan) GORAN KARAN & TEDI SPALATO I KLAPA SV. JURAJ HRM

10. Lipa si mi srićo (Darko Bakić-Darko Bakić/Luca) GRUPA 'ROCKATANSKY'

11. Luka ti i ja (Tonći Huljić-Vjekoslava Huljić) DOMENICA

12. Meni fali sve (Helena Papić) TOMISLAV BRALIĆ & KLAPA INTRADE

13. Moje suze govore (Ante Gudelj/Helena Gudelj-Ante Gudelj) HELENA GUDELJ

14. Na kušinu dite plače (Robert Pilepić) IBRICA

15. Noćas si moje vino (Branimir Mihaljević-Nenad Ninčević) THE FRAJLE

16. Olujne zore (Tonći Huljić-Vjekoslava Huljić) LORENA

17. Opet ću ti doć (Hari Rončević) HARI RONČEVIĆ & KLAPA CAMBI

18. Ostani tu (Vinko Barčot) MLADEN GRDOVIĆ

19. Samo ljubav (Igor Ivanović/Marko Vojvodić) MARKO KUTLIĆ

20. Sva blaga ovog svijeta (Vjekoslav Dimter/Mia Dimšić/Damir Bačić) MIA & MARKO TOLJA

21. Ti (Fedor Boić-Nenad Ninčević) IVANA KOVAČ

22. Uvelo misto(Bobo Knežević-Bobo Knežević/Saša Antić) BOBO & SAŠA ANTIĆ

23. Voli me kakvu me znaš (Ante Pecotić) ANTONIA DORA PLEŠKO

24. Vrijeme za nas (Zoran Šerbedžija) ALKA & NENO BELAN

Tickets for the 59th Splitski Festival can be purchased at all Adriaticketa sites.

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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Dubrovnik: Petar Grašo to Perform in Babin Kuk!

One of the most respected and accomplished performers in the region is set to delight crowds in Dubrovnik.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Bol Summer, Not to Miss!

Bol Summer, a cultural and entertainment event being held for the 27th time, already kicked off in mid-June, but more excitingly July and August bring a series of exhibitions, classical concerts, workshops, local music and food, and theater performances for adults and children.