Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Missing Person Peruća Lake: Body Found After Four Day Search

September 22, 2021 - The missing person Peruća Lake search sadly ended with the discovery of the body of Dominik Branimir Bilobrk who went missing last Saturday.

The four-day search for the 24-year-old Dominik Branimir Bilobrk sadly ended with the worst outcome possible.

As TV network RTL reports, police confirmed that the missing young man was found dead close to the place where he left to swim through Peruća lake, an artificial lake in Dalmatia. A little over an hour away from Split by car, Peruća is the third biggest lake in the entire country.

„The boat went to pull him over and bring him to land where investigation and identifying of the victim will take place. The family is already here. They await in sorrow“, said RTL on its website on Wednesday afternoon.

As Jutarnji List reported, Dominik Branimir Bilobrk from Obrovac Sinjski (half an hour drive away from Peruća) disappeared on Saturday. At the time of his disappearance, he wore short camo cargo pants, a short-sleeved black T-shirt, and black sneakers. The description said he was of „stringer physical build, “ and he drove away from his house in a Fiat brand car.

Big search for Bilobrk started on Monday morning around Peruća lake and its surroundings. Police, along with the Croatian Mountain Rescue (HGSS), from Split's station, and HGSS divers from across Croatia joined the search to find the missing 24-year-old. Dogs, drones and boats were used to find the missing young man. Along with professionals, ordinary citizens and Bilobrk's neighbors took part in the search too. Dogs, drones, and boats were used in hopes of finding the missing young man.

Following the interview of HGSS's search leader Ante Jukić, Slobodna Dalmacija wrote on Monday that both the car and the clothes dropped a kilometer away belonged to Bilobrk.

„Every eye on the field helps. The search is specific because we are on a suspected minefield, so we have to pay attention“, said Jukić on Monday, explaining how both civilians and professional troops must be careful in that area.
The finding of th clothes and cars shifted the focus of the search to the lake Peruća. Unfortunately, the search ended with a sad ending, as the exact reasons for Bilobrk's departure remain unknown., a governmental site where Croatians can report missing people, states that in the last 23 years, there have been more than 24 000 missing people reported.
The majority of these cases, around 70%, are related to the war in the 90s.

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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Petition Surfaces to Stop Construction of Thermoelectric Power Plant on Peruća Lake

A petition has surfaced on the Facebook feeds of many throughout Croatia urging signatures to stop the construction of the thermoelectric power plant on Peruća Lake located in inland Dalmatia.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Driving off-road in Vrlika

As the Vrlika Tourist board is adding some final touches to their summer events and will inform us soon, there is one rather interesting 3-day gathering being prepared for all of you, who are into off-road driving.

The Off-road Club Dalmatia 4x4 will be organizing the 4th traditional international gathering of the off-road vehicles in Vrlika area. The goal is to promote and strength the interpersonal relationships and the tourism potential of the Dalmatian hinterland.

As in the previous years, the 3-day gathering will take place at the Garjak area, at the Lake Paruca from June 19 until June 22, 2015 with 2 all-day drivings through the area. Hundred guests and friends with their families from off-road clubs from across the country as well as from neighboring countries (Slovenia, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Italy and Bosnia and Herzegovina) has announced their arrival. For more information, please visit the Off-road Club Dalmatia 4x4 Facebook Page.

Here are some pictures from last years gathering from the Facebook Page of the Off-road Club Dalmatia.