Thursday, 18 November 2021

Split Advent at Cornaro Ramparts: 8 Holiday Houses, Live Music, Covid Certificates

November 18, 2021 - Split Advent at Cornaro ramparts, a new location added this year, aims to be the hub of the holiday festivities this winter.

As things currently stand, Split Advent is moving forward as planned, even as the epidemiological situation in Croatia worsens. The Split Advent opening is scheduled for November 27 at 6 pm, and the holiday cottages will be set at several locations.

Most interesting this year is that holiday cottages will be displayed on the Cornaro ramparts for the first time. There will be a total of 8 holiday cottages, with 5 more at Perivoj, an ice skating rink in Đardin, and no lack of entertainment for children in Mertojak.

“Perivoj and Cornaro will control the entrance of visitors. We have one entrance. During the day, everyone will be allowed in because only the seats will be used, and during the day, there are not as many people. Most of the traffic takes place in the evening, which we will control with Covid certificates. From 7 pm on, Advent cannot be entered without a Covid certificate, and people who find themselves there will also be checked. Those who do not have a Covid certificate will be asked to leave the space," the organizer Domagoj Petričević told Dalmacija Danas.

The ice rink in Đardin will not be fenced.

"There will be a skating rink in Đardin. Đardin will not be fenced, for now, as there will not be a greater concentration of people. Mertojak will also be fenced off. There will be 5 houses in Perivoj, one will be from Ivan Pažanin, so there will be an interesting food offer. The team has been here for years, and local bands will perform, such as Festivo, XXS band, Bravo band, DJ Sola, the oldest DJ in the city of Split. We will also have a cassette party and DJ Brothers. In short, there will be a program every night. Everything will be on our social media pages, but also on the Split Tourist Board pages, which will follow us," Petričević added.

If the headquarters allows work after midnight, we can expect a program for New Year's Eve.

“The Cornaro ramparts will be the central place for entertainment. There will be concerts, and New Year's Eve is planned if the headquarters allows. For now, our work is limited to midnight, but if allowed, we expect to work on New Year's Eve until 2 am. An interesting gastronomic offer awaits the citizens. There will be smoked pork, chicken, and ribs. We asked everyone to have a slightly different, richer food offer, not just sausages and mulled wine. There will be everything, from sarma to fritule made in various ways," the organizer continued. 

They will work every day from 9 am to midnight, and citizen testing will be organized. They will be able to be tested at an affordable price of 50 kuna. Everyone who comes to Advent is invited to respect epidemiological measures.

"People have started getting vaccinated in recent days, so we hope that the epidemiological picture will remain good," Petričević concluded. 

Advent is scheduled until January 6, 2022. 

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Saturday, 30 November 2019

Advent at Perivoj Spices Up Christmas in Split

November 30, 2019 - We’ve already made you well aware that Advent in Split opens on Saturday, and while the city has announced a packed program for everyone to enjoy, so has the prized Perivoj. 

After a busy Black Friday, which saw Split shoppers kick into gear, starting today, the citizens of the city get to imbibe in the festive Christmas atmosphere a bit earlier than usual. 

Apart from the events on the Riva and Dardin, you can find a winter wonderland at Perivoj restaurant, which will open their Advent program tonight with DJ Sola. The biggest hit of last year’s Advent, Perivoj this year will offer visitors six Christmas houses plus one bar run by the famous Sanctuary, which will, among other things, create winter concoctions.

Even if you missed out on Perivoj last year, you might remember the images of this winter wonderland posted on the pages of your social networks. However, this year, Perivoj promises to be even more attractive. 

New this year is the Imotski cottage, Koktel Bar cottage, and the cottage of the cult Modesty Cafe. Visitors will be able to order specialties of the Imotski area - from food and drink to Imotski wine, various brandies, homemade sausages and Imotski prosciutto to ensure the smells of Zagora permeate through the center of Split. The Velvet Christmas House, Jingle bell house, Toxic house, and Ho ho ho house also return to Perivoj this winter. 

The doors to Advent at Perivoj open tonight at 6 pm! 

You can find the full program for Advent at Perivoj below. 






Recall, Split Advent will open on the famous Riva waterfront at 11 am with the performances of the Split Majorettes and Corsa Adriatica. In the evening, the festive opening will be held at 5 pm in Đardin with the traditional lighting of the Advent candle, followed by a music program and a spectacle on ice, which will be led by members of the Zagreb Snowflake Skating Club. 

The vibrant program in Đardin continues with the performance of children's choirs and choirs of the international festival Cro Patria. A playful school program will spread cheer on Marmontova Street, and Gustafi will take the Riva stage at 8:30 pm to kick the festivities into gear.

Source: Dalmacija Danas

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Sunday, 16 December 2018

Gastroadvent Lights Up Split City Museum with Benefits of Garlic and Thermal Water

December 16, 2018 - The third advent candle was lit on Sunday for Gastroadvent at the City of Split Museum, complete with the flavors of the distinguished Split restaurant "Perivoj" and chef Braco Sanjin.


Sunday’s candle was lit by the help of portal journalists alongside exclusive guests and representatives of the Split Tourist Board and Split-Dalmatia County. Gastroadvent organizer Olja Martinic again introduced the theme for this year’s favorite event: garlic and thermal water. 



Specifically, this year's Gastroadvent aims to highlight the importance of consuming garlic and water and their role in the prevention and treatment of many diseases. 


“Water is the source and the base of everyday life on earth, a prerequisite for human biological survival,” reads the first sentence in the book about Split water by Stanko Piplović.

Scientists investigate the existence of creeks, sea life, wells, cisterns and fountains, and sanatoriums marked by sulfur water. Our region is well-known for Diocletian's aqueduct, a nine-kilometre-long flawless construction that is admired by the most modern designers, which brings water from the source of the Jadro river to the proximity of the palace. Split is the city of water (seawater, thermal water, spring water, and rainwater), which anticipates a great economic and tourism future. 


Garlic, on the other hand, is a plant known for its robust flavor - and it helps to know that it carries top quality culinary and medical properties. The main ingredient in garlic is allicin, which possesses miraculous antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic and antioxidant properties. Just some of the benefits of garlic are that it stimulates circulation and acts as anti-hypertensive, anti-atherosclerotic, and anti-cholesterol, and thus promotes the formation of H2S in the body. Garlic has anti-malarial activity, especially for the digestive system and regulation of the intestinal flora - and its sulfur compounds protect against stress and act as an antioxidant!

The medicinal properties of garlic come in direct contact with the soil where it grows, and because the area around Split is rich in thermal springs, garlic, as well as other vegetables are considered extremely healthy. Thermal waters soak in the soil, making it unique for vegetation while its volatile components improve the air quality at the same time. Sulfuric thermal waters are used in therapy for dermatology, respiratory problems, and especially in chronic rheumatism and neuralgia. Sulfuric thermal water is also helpful in chronic fatigue and anti-stress programs.


At Split’s famous Gothic Renaissance palace, the Museum of the City of Split, journalists enjoyed the creations by Braco Sanjin of Perivoj, who prepared pljukanci with bakalar and collard greens, smoked shrimp and mussels, fuži with shrimp, garlic, and chilli, gregada, and pasta fazol in a brudet. 






The desserts were made by Dolcemania, who prepared six different cakes, including the famous Split cake, Trogir cake, and Kaštela cake. 


And for the wine, guests enjoyed Rukatac Pilač, Pošip Krolo, and Plavac Violić from Wine Box, which specializes in promoting small vineyards and native Dalmatian wine varieties.


The Gastroadvent manifestation this year includes Konoba Lučac tavern, Movi, Pizzeria Galija, Bokerija, Bakra-Steak & Pizza Bar, Zora Bila, Marvi Hotel, Hotel Vestibul, Hotel Park, ZOI, Brasserie on 7, and Apetit. 

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Monday, 9 April 2018

Popular Perivoj Restaurant Ends Three-Year Journey, Cites Lack of Quality Workers as Reason

The favorite Split restaurant has closed its doors just before the busy season. 

Sunday, 14 August 2016

TripAdvisor's Top 10: Split Restaurants

In the city of Split, albeit the second largest city in Croatia, you’d have to assume, or at least hope, that the restaurant scene is thriving. Lucky for us, it is. Here’s a look into the top 10 restaurants in Split, as voted by TripAdvisor.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Trying to Tame Your Sweet Tooth? Here are Some of the Best Desserts in Split

In the land of seafood, mixed meats, charcuteries & crusty breads, and all of the vegetables you can imagine, we usually leave our meals overly content, stuffed to the max, and wanting to refuse the sight of anymore food possibly coming our way...unless it’s dessert. If you’re in Split, you’re in trouble - here are some of the top dessert destinations you won’t want to miss.