Tuesday, 14 June 2022

After Much Spectulation, Official Pelješac Bridge Name Revealed

June 14, 2022 - After much speculation that the bridge connecting Croatia would be named after Oliver Dragojević, Marco Polo, Libertas, Homeland Bridge, Europe Bridge, among others, the final decision for the Pelješac Bridge name has been announced, and we hope nobody was paid too much to reach that decision.

In the last year, many names for the Pelješac Bridge have been proposed to the public: Oliver Dragojevic, Libertas, Marco Polo, Homeland Bridge, Europe Bridge, Croatian Integrity Bridge, and the like, and now the official Pelješac Bridge name is finally known, Net.hr writes.

The bridge that crosses the Mali Ston bay was given a very simple name: Pelješac! This was confirmed by the sign with the name that was placed at the beginning of the bridge last week on which it says "Pelješac" and below the name is its length - 2404 m.

Giving the name "Pelješac" also respected the common practice that when naming infrastructure facilities, as a rule, geographical toponyms of the area in which the facility is located are used.

Launched in the second half of July?

Another mystery remains, and that is the date of the opening of the bridge for traffic, as well as the opening of the part of the new road across Pelješac that connects to the bridge. According to unofficial information, it should be finally opened in the second half of next month.

Currently, the most critical situation is with the works on the Brijesta junction, which is located on the section of the Duboka-Sparagovići road, a little less than a kilometer from the Pelješac bridge on the peninsula itself. Strabag workers are trying to meet the deadline for its completion, which is July 13th.

Until then, the mentioned road to Sparagović should be completed. According to unofficial information, the section of the road from Sparagovići to the Prapratno junction built by the Greek company Avax has been completed and a technical inspection is underway.

Next month, in addition to the bridge, a section of the new road from Duboka to the Prapratno junction will be opened to traffic. The remaining part of the road to the Doli junction, which includes the Ston bypass, should be completed by the end of this year.

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Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Pelješac Bridge Finally Completed!

July 28, 2021 - What always seemed to be an unattainable dream (even in recent years) is now a reality: the Pelješac bridge has been completed tonight and Croatia is one again.

The impossible is no longer so, and as of tonight, the Croatian territory reconnects with Dubrovnik via the Pelješac bridge, and the Neum corridor will no longer be the way to the Pearl of the Adriatic and back. Tonight at 11 pm, the last segment of the steel span structure of the Pelješac Bridge will be installed, which will connect the mainland from Komarna with Brijesta on the Pelješac peninsula. Although the vehicles will not cross the new bridge until June next year, tonight's connection of its construction will be one of the most important dates in the calendar of this, as the Minister of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure Oleg Butković called it: ''the project of all projects''.

Prime Minister Andrej Plenković and several of his ministers, present at a celebratory event. (Video: Index.hr)

The project started on several occasions, but for various reasons, it stalled until a contract worth half a billion euros was signed in April 2018, of which the European Union gave as much as 85 percent. The contract entrusts the construction to the Chinese consortium China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC), one of the globally largest and most experienced in such works. It was also the first such project of a Chinese company in the European Union.

Dubrovnik Mayor Mato Frankovic shared an emotional post on his Facebook account, reflecting on the importance of the project for the Pearl of the Adriatic, and the story behind it. ''After 303 years, the extreme south of Croatia will be connected to the mother country, and we, the inhabitants of this part of Croatia, will cease to be second-class citizens waiting in a column at the border crossing for transit from one part to another. In recent days, many have been trying to direct the historical chronology of the Pelješac Bridge towards one, two, or some third option'', he wrote in his Facebook post. Franković also thanked PM Andrej Plenković, and he ended his post by saying that ''to the questions of what the bridge should be called, the answer is actually simple: the Pelješac Bridge and let it be guarded by St. Blaise and St. Rocco.

Likewise, the publication was accompanied by a video in which the progress of the bridge can be seen until a few days ago. You can see it below:

When talking about the impossible, it is precisely difficult not to go back thirty or twenty years, and remember the times when the project was groped around but without any concrete plan. Even since the project began three years ago, there have been many, many occasions where political tensions and doubts arose not only about its completion but about its development itself.

Now, the Peljesac bridge is a reality after the tireless and titanic efforts made in these three years and not only because of the demand for a bridge of these dimensions but also because of the area and the climatic conditions in which it was built. It is worth mentioning that the completion of the project has occurred in a very early period, and for this it would be necessary to work even at night and at dawn, taking into account the strong winds and storms that hit the area.

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Friday, 14 February 2020

Coronavirus Shuts Down Chinese Factory Supplying Croatia Peljesac Bridge

The Pelješki most (Pelješac Bridge) might be the first victim of the coronavirus in Croatia. The Chinese factory which is building the steel structures for the bridge is temporarily closing. Fortunately, the virus has not yet reached Croatia.


Coronavirus Closes Chinese Steel Structure Factory

The virus has paralyzed China, and that now includes the factory where steel structures are being made for the Pelješki most, according to Vibor Vlainić/Dnevnik on February 13, 2020. This does not mean that work on the bridge will cease in Croatia, but the question remains what will happen when the time comes to install these new structures.

Will the steel structures arrive in Croatia on time? Hrvatske autoceste (Croatian Roads) indicated that the contractor has not asked for an extension. The bridge is scheduled to open on July 31, 2021.

"The contractor (China Road and Bridge Corporation) has taken all the necessary measures, first and foremost, to prevent a potential (coronavirus) health threat to the construction site. They have implemented protective measures at the site and these measures are being enacted according to clear guidelines," HAC reported.

However, Hrvatske autoceste will not be able to send supervisory engineers to the factory in China due to the rapid spread of the infection in that country.


EU Heath Ministers Meeting: Croatia Will Not Close Borders

Due to the danger of the virus, a meeting of health ministers of all EU member states was held in Brussels at the invitation of the Croatian Presidency.

Although several countries have imposed entry restrictions on passengers who have been in China; Croatia has not yet followed suit. Two Chinese tourists have reported to Croatian hospitals with upper respiratory infections this past month: one in Pula and one in Split. Both tested negative for the coronavirus.

"We are not claiming to be absolutely certain (in our approach) but are taking caution. Everyone is asking about closing the Croatian borders, but that is not presently a realistic option. If the situation escalates; of course, we will consider additional factors. That is the most constructive approach for this situation, because emergency situations require extraordinary measures," explained Health Minister Vili Beroš.

At the meeting, several countries requested that each passenger coming from a country with confirmed coronavirus cases list each person with whom they have been in contact upon their entry to the European Union. But they eventually arrived at a compromise.

"It is certain that any person would be able to list all the contacts they have had, but it is expected that someone would answer whether they have had contact with people who have showed signs of illness, cough or fever or have been ill," Beroš added.

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