Friday, 27 November 2020

Beard Auction at Paradox Wine and Cheese Bar in Split Today!

November 27, 2020 - The famous Beard Auction returns to Paradox Wine and Cheese Bar today to raise money for the Split County League Against Cancer.

Because the epidemiological measures have tightened, the Beard Auction will be held on Friday, November 27, instead of Sunday, from 12:30 at Paradox Wine & Cheese Bar, Bana J. Jelačića 3, Split.

This is an unusual humanitarian action that is part of the globally popular Movember and aims to raise awareness about various forms of malignant diseases in men and the importance of regular checkups. The funds raised are intended for the Split County League Against Cancer.

The action is designed in such a way that men are urged to stop shaving in November and determine the "price" of their beard at which they are ready to shave. If the required amount is collected, the person shaves.

For the fourth year in a row, the action is organized by the Split County League Against Cancer with partners: Ka'brada, Paradox, and Rotary Club Split Plus.

This year, Josip Božić stands out among the candidates, who will donate the longest beard ever shaved at the Beard Auction. Singer Marko Pecotić Peco responded to the action again, after 18 years the city councilor Branimir Urlić will shave his beard on Friday, and after a long time, we will have the opportunity to see the entrepreneur Ognjen Bagatin without a mustache. According to the information we have so far, it is likely that Goran Milaković collected a record donation so far for one beard.

Cafe Krom also joined the auction and nominated the beard of Ivan Ćurić - Giovanni, and among this year's candidates are also Leon Listeš, Frane Karlo Pavlović, Luka Baričić, Zvonimir Čondić, Tomislav Tabak, Matej Emanuel Krakan, and Emil Music.

To date, HRK 30,082.80 has been donated to the County League Against Cancer for valuable beards and mustaches, and we will find out the final amount by the end of the day Friday.  

Will you be there?

More info can be found on the Facebook event.

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Sunday, 3 December 2017

Do Good this Holiday Season: Join Split Expats in Christmas Collection for Croatia's Isolated and Alone

Feel like doing some good this holiday season? Here's your chance.

Monday, 17 April 2017

"Wine is Life" Promotes Local Winemakers of Dalmatia through Wine Wednesdays

Wine on Wednesdays returns this year under a new motto “Wine is Life".

Friday, 20 February 2015

Top Wine Bars In Split

Dalmatia is one of the main wine regions in Croatia, no need to waste time in proving that fact. Still, until few years ago better wines offer in Split was limited on few upscale restaurants. Same as Split changed into a Croatian tourism champion, so city wine scene changed, too. First, more restaurants opened around the old town and in other parts of the city, with excellent wine selections. It's easy to point out the most obvious examples: NoStress, Paradigma, Kadena, Zrno soli, Dvor, Re di mare, Brasserie on 7, Boban, restaurants in high-class hotels like Le Meridien Lav and Radisson Blu, the latest addition Hotel Split, and many, many more. Even more important reason, however, is opening of several excellent wine bars. Unfortunately, some also closed down, or changed their profiles. Here is the list of our favourites, in no particular order.

Zinfandel Food & Wine Bar

We wrote so much about this place that it's really hard to add anything new. It has central position, really good and innovative food and above all great selection of wines. After all, place was named after the wine, and not just any wine, but in honour of Dalmatian roots of Zinfandel. You can order wine by bottles or by glass, and prices are fairly reasonable for the quality Zinfandel offers. Also, good place to meet Split expats.

Wine & Cheese Bar Paradox

Maybe the best profiled wine bar in Split, another regular guest on Total Split. With its sister restaurant Paradigma, it's a must-go place for any wine aficionado. Even if you are beginner in wine tasting, don't worry, great stuff will teach you all you need to know. No need to mention that you can order almost anything by glass.

Uje Oil Bar

Yes, it has oil in its name, but don't worry, there is plenty of wine pouring there. Parts of the same establishment are two neighbouring venues, Uje Wine Bar and Uje Pikulece. Nice location, excellent food carefully paired with wines, and don't forget - do some olive oil tasting there. Also, the fourth place in the same street is coming soon - Uje Living Room.

Bokeria Kitchen & Wine

Bokeria is one of major stars of the new culinary wave in Split. It's been named after market Boccheria in Barcelona, and follows same simple philosophy like restaurants there - the only criteria is fresh and tasty food. Of course, wine is not forgotten. It has nice selection, with its foundation in Croatian wines.

Diocletian's Wine House

This is very cozy, carefuly decorated (maybe even too decorated, to be honest) place with excellent location, and nice food. They are advertising with having more than 100 wine labels, worth of checking. There is also something else: place is named after emperor Diocletian, inside his palace, but close to a spot where the last Western Roman emperor Julius Nepos was killed. Who can beat such story?

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Monday, 19 January 2015

Paradox Boss Sees Split As New Barcelona

It's always good to have an opportunity to welcome new player in the blogging family, the latest one is Wine Time Experience, based in Zagreb, and dedicated - as expected - to wines. And who else would be better interview guest but our friend from the Paradox Hospitality Zoran Pejović.

"Split might be Barcelona of Adriatic," says Zoran, while presenting his small wine & dine Split empire started with wine and cheese bar Paradox. His arguments are simple:

"Split has the biggest potential among all Croatian cities, and possibly even beyond. I love Dubrovnik, but Split has it all: music, culture, history, cuisine, wine, location, big port, etc."

Explaining Paradox' success, Zoran says that this venue brought new trends in city's social life, with unique selection of wines by glass, and educated staff.

Read full interview here, if you speak Croatian. Hopefully it will be translated soon.


Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Paradigma Opening in Zagreb as a Pop Up Restaurant

You'll be able to enjoy their famous dishes in Zagreb from November until March