Thursday, 3 September 2020

PHOTOS: Pula Amphitheatre and Zagreb Arena Lit Red for Events Industry

September 3, 2020 - Three of Croatia's most internationally famous venues in the events industry were lit in spectacular red on Monday. Pula amphitheatre, Zagreb Arena and Fort Punta Christo were bathed in light from sunset until after dark


Three of Croatia's most internationally famous venues used by the events industry were lit in spectacular red on Monday. Pula amphitheatre, Zagreb Arena and Fort Punta Christo, also in Pula were bathed in light from sunset until after dark.

Though the change in appearance was enjoyable and visually impressive, the action was undertaken to send a strong message. It was part of a worldwide campaign to highlight the effects of Coronavirus on the events industry and those who work within it.


Some of the most famous historical buildings, concert venues and event halls in the world joined the Red Alert campaign and were similarly lit on the same night.

Large public events have been put on hold over most of the world under epidemiological guidelines. Seating arrangements in theatres, conference halls, sports and music halls are simply not compatible with social distancing regulations – many such venues could not make a profit by holding events at 50% capacity.

This has affected millions around the world who work in the events industry, from musicians and performers to technicians, bookers, agents, the media, PR representatives, venue management and general staff. Freelancers operating within the events industry are some of the hardest hit and have had all of their income sources removed completely. Many who operate in the events industry are highly trained and skilled, so diversifying into other industries can be problematic.


Pula amphitheatre (also known as Pula Arena) is a massively popular open-air venue in warmer months. It holds spectacular opera, ballet and classical music events as well as hosting a film festival. Like Zagreb Arena, it attracts some of the biggest names in pop and rock music. Fort Punta Christo has become famous all over Europe and further over the last decade, thanks to the internationally renowned Outlook and Dimensions festivals. Those events were supposed to take place in Tisno, at The Garden festival site. But, along with seven further festivals due to be held there this year, they chose to cancel in order to safeguard the health of their attendees and locals.

Fort Punta Christo in Pula is widely known as a host site for international music festivals

The Croatian events industry alone is comprised of 2000 business entities, has more than 12,000 employees, and annually generates HRK 4.5 billion. Autumn/winter 2021 is the soonest estimated point at which large scale events could return to normal. The Red Alert campaign has been undertaken to highlight the plight of the events industry as many sections within it face total collapse if deprived of work until then. 


All photos © Red Alert

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Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Outlook Origins Announces First Wave of Names for 2020 Edition

January 29, 2020 - Excitement continues to build for the Outlook Origins festival as the cult bass festival returns to its roots in the stunning Garden Resort in Tisno from July 30th to August 3rd, 2020.

It can now be revealed that joining the 13 tastemaking curators will be the heavyweight likes of Shy FX, dBridge, Fabio & Grooverider, Randall, Wookie, Youngsta, Hatcha, Breakage, Doc Scott, DRS, J.Sparrow, P. Money, 6 Figure Gang (aka Dobby, FAUZIA, Jossy Mitsu, L U C Y, Sherelle, Yazzus), Children of Zeus, Coops, Darwin, Horsepower Productions, Jah Shaka, N-Type and many more to come. 

Outlook has built a world-renowned reputation for focussing on the best in drum & bass, dubstep, grime, garage, reggae and beyond on its scene-leading sound systems. Returning to their roots in 2020 with a new and exciting format, the mission this year is to showcase the very best in the game, old and new, as curated by 13 bass heroes who are experts in their field and include Calibre, D Double E, DJ Storm, Flava D, Fliptrix, Goldie, Iration Steppas, Lenzman, Mala, Mungo's Hifi, The Bug and Zed Bias - with new addition Hybrid Minds, added to the list with this announcement.


Celebrating the foundations of Outlook Festival, this year’s edition is set at The Garden Resort for the main festival, open-air club Barbarella's for after-parties, and the iconic St Michaels Fortress for an all-new opening concert. As such, the new-look festival promises to be an imitate, a personal gathering of friends and family who all have a shared love of bass and are long time devoted dancers. 

The first wave of names is irresistible, with all the most vital names included from the worlds of drum & bass such as Shy FX, dBridge, Breakage, Randall, Doc Scott, DRS and Fabio & Grooverider, amongst others. Red hot grime, dubstep, and bass talents are also well represented with El-B, Horsepower Productions, Hatcha, Youngsta, Wookie, Darwin, P. Money, J.Sparrow and 6 Figure Gang (aka cult collective Dobby, FAUZIA, Jossy Mitsu, L U C Y, Sherelle and Yazzus) as well as plenty more, with hip hop heads like Children of Zeus and Coops also lining up.

As well as further details of the beach parties, boat parties, after-parties, and opening concert, the all-important stage splits will soon be revealed as the countdown to this much-anticipated chapter in the history of Outlook gets ever closer. 



6 Figure Gang (Dobby, FAUZIA, Jossy Mitsu, L U C Y, Sherelle, Yazzus)

Ant TC1

Black Barrel

Black Josh





Channel One

Children of Zeus






Distinct Motive

Dj Flight


Doc Scott



Dub Head



Dubolik & Lo Peaks



Fabio & Grooverider






Horsepower Productions

Ila Brugal


J. Sparrow

Jah Shaka

John B



Kid Drama





MC Tempza

Mind of A Dragon

Mr K


O.B.F feat. Charlie P & Sr. Wilson


P Money

Parly B





Roots In Session

Sammy Virji


Scratchclart & Lady Lykez


Shosh (24HR Garage Girls)

Shy FX

Sicaria Sound





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Friday, 13 December 2019

Outlook Origins Directors Talk About Opening New Chapter in Tisno

December 13, 2019 - TCN caught up with the directors of the Outlook music festival to learn more about the first release of Outlook Origins next summer. 

After a decade establishing itself as the most iconic and essential bass music event in Croatia, 2020 sees Outlook Festival open an innovative new chapter with the announcement of Outlook Origins. This all-new proposition for 2020 takes place across three special locations; The Garden Resort in Tisno for the main festival, world-famous Barbarella's for after-parties, and St Michaels Fortress for an all-new and very special opening concert.

TCN caught up with the organizers to learn more.

After a decade of Outlook Festival in Pula, you open a new chapter next summer in Tisno. What was the reasoning behind moving locations? 

Outlook has been putting on Festivals in Croatia now for twelve years. Starting our journey at The Garden (Petrcane) in 2008 and eventually arriving at the gates of Fort Punta Christo in 2010. As event organisers (and music fans), we've been fortunate to hold some incredible parties with some of the biggest names in sound system culture, and do so in one of the most unique locations for events in the world. From massive opening concerts in Pula's 2000-year-old amphitheatre to the Harbour, Moat and Ballroom, our set-up at Fort Punta Christo offered people an experience unlike any other. 

It's been an amazing experience for us in Pula and after ten years at the fort, we as organisers were keen to explore something new. Running such a massive event, welcoming thousands of music fans from across the globe takes a lot of work and a venue as unique as the Fort brings with it further challenges (safety, power, sound, production or beyond). We felt it was time to find a new challenge and explore other exciting routes to develop the festival and embrace sound system culture.

How will Outlook Origins be different compared with the previous editions of the Outlook Festival in Pula we know so well?

Outlook Origins explores a new model for us as a festival - one where we work closely with twelve of the scene's brightest names in sound system culture to curate our line-up. A festival line-up with some of our musical heroes working alongside - what could be better! 

Exploring everything from drum and bass and dub, to reggae, roots, grime, garage and beyond, our curators will ensure the true scope of 'Outlook's' sound is represented. Alongside this, the festival becomes more intimate, offering the audience an opportunity to get up-close to the music and the artists. The Garden site is a well-loved home to many festivals, with an array of great facilities, food, drink and idyllic beach in which to enjoy outside of the music. Next summer, we'll add the Outlook touch to the site, with sound (Sinai Sound System), production, knowledge and workshops and much more still to be announced!

How will the opening concert at St. Michael’s Fortress in Sibenik compare to the Pula Arena?

This year is very much about moving forward and keeping our eyes on our plans for 2020. St. Michael's fortress is a spectacular venue with eye-dropping scenes surrounding it. It brings with it an opportunity for us as programmers to review our current model and find artists that are a perfect fit for such a space! Opening our festival the last couple of years with a massive concert (and one that has been held in a 2000-year-old amphitheatre) has been a dream - we're very excited to be able to do the same again for Outlook Origins, stay tuned for more information on the line-up early in the New Year.

What about Outlook Origins will festival-goers look forward to most next summer?

There will be lots to look forward to next year; we'll have stages of music programmed alongside our Curators bringing their favourite artists, sounds and party-starters with us to The Garden. The Outlook Boat parties will be back in full-force, as well as beach parties, after-parties and so much more. We're confident Outlook fans old and new will experience something unforgettable! There are lots more still to be revealed - keep your eyes on our channels early in the New Year!

Finally, a message to your fans in Croatia?

We are excited to be coming back to Croatia in summer next year and hope our audience are as excited about the change as we are. Outlook Origins represents something brand new for the festival, at a new location with lots of fresh ideas – we revel in our history and our time at the fort and feel extremely privileged to have found such a unique and unforgettable space to host our event over the last decade. We hope you'll join us all for the next chapter.

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Friday, 22 November 2019

Outlook Origins Festival Announces Curators, New Location and 2020 Dates

November 22, 2019 - The new Outlook Origins music festival will take place at The Garden Resort in Tisno next summer. 

Outlook Origins will be music for the heads. For 2020, the festival line-up is being carefully curated by a handful of the scene's most influential artists and tastemakers such as Goldie, Flava D, Mala and more. 

After a decade establishing itself as the most iconic and essential bass music event in Croatia, 2020 sees Outlook Festival open an innovative new chapter with the announcement of Outlook Origins. This all-new proposition for 2020 takes place across three special locations; The Garden Resort in Tisno for the main festival, world-famous Barbarella's for after-parties and St Michaels Fortress for an all-new and very special opening concert. Spanning genres in unprecedented style, Outlook Origins celebrates the best in drum & bass, dubstep, grime, garage, reggae and beyond with 12 world-renowned pioneers. Calibre, Goldie, Lenzman, Zed Bias, Mala, DJ Storm, Flava D, D Double E, The Bug, Iration Steppas, Fliptrix and Mungo's Hi Fi curate this special edition. Taking place from 30th July–4th August, it will reinforce the foundations on which the festival was built over 10 years ago and final Early Bird tickets are available now for just £120 +BF.


Jamie Crumpton

Over those years, Outlook has become known as an international community of like-minded music-fans who keep the celebration of sound system culture alive. It has built a reputation for offering the very best in bass music from big-name pioneers, red hot new talents and everything in between. The Outlook Curators will continue in that tradition as they represent the full spectrum of music you’d expect to find at Outlook from forward-thinking artists, pioneering labels and unconventional promoters.

The breathtaking natural bay of The Garden Resort in Tisno will be one of the settings for this year’s series of epic parties. The idyllic beach plays host to daytime beach parties unlike any other, while the infamous outlook boat parties set sail from the harbour, with lots more to be announced. Unique for Outlook Origins is the all-new opening concert in 2020, which takes place atop a fortress in Sibenik just a short drive down the coast. More will be revealed soon on that one, but for the after-parties, the world-famous Barbarellas open-air club nearby will offer plenty of opportunities for festival-goers to soak up the sound of their favourite artists, all powered by Leed’s famous Sinai sound system.

And so to the curators: an essential feature of Outlook for over a decade, it’s only right that Metalheadz head honcho Goldie is among the tastemakers joining Outlook Origins. The maverick innovator – who helped write the future of the jungle scene with landmark releases that still sound like they were kidnapped from tomorrow – has an assured reputation as one of the UK's most legendary, and lively figureheads. His Metalheadz boat parties and stage takeovers are the stuff of Outlook legend so his special touch on the 2020 programme is hugely anticipated.He is joined by long-time associate DJ Storm who made waves alongside her great friend and DJ partner Kemistry. Back in the nineties, the duo helped establish the legendary status that Metalheadz still carries today after Goldie built up label around them. To this day, Storm leads the charge for female DJs worldwide and is a true trailblazing force of nature. 

Then comes The Bug, the man who mixes up dancehall, noise, grime, hip hop and dubstep into his own twisted, rib rattling new forms on labels like Ninja Tune, Hyperdub and Soul Jazz Records. A famously uncompromising artist who brings aggression, masochism, intensity and tension to his sets, he is never one to be missed. Fellow pioneer Mala has featured at Outlook Festival since day one and stands as one of the most respected artists in the game. Stirring dubstep’s musical melting pot with its most primal ingredients before it even had a name, Mala was a founding member of DMZ as well as founding one of dubstep's most established labels: DEEP MEDi. His history is tied up with Outlook so his input in 2020 is special indeed. 

The North Quarter head honcho Lenzman also joins for the 2020 edition with his unique brand of drum & bass, which remains simultaneously soulful and uplifting while offering ravers a heavy-dose of bottom end. A true fan of samples, with a passion for drawing out the musicality in his selections, you’ll often hear hip-hop cuts and odes to the old school sliced within his sets. Another Outlook Festival regular and artist from the soulful end of the spectrum, Calibre is one of bass culture’s most enduring artists. Forging his own distinctive brand of drum and bass with the introduction of lyricism, Calibre has consistently pushed boundaries. A true forward-facing producer, he dips drum and bass into everything from dub to techno, house to ambient and jazz and soul and the results speak for themselves: having arguably contributed some of drum & bass’ biggest anthems.


Nicholas Leer

Out representing the explosive area where garage, grime and bassline music intersects, Flava D is one third of TDQ alongside Royal T and DJ Q, and an essential member of the influential Butterz label; she stands as one of the most important producers in the worlds of bass and garage, embodying the future of UK bass music. An innovator of the UK grime scene, the unmatched D Double E  is one of the original artists to cultivate the genre from the roots of jungle, drum and bass and garage. Fusing elements of dancehall, jungle beats and rap into his verses, he represents the true origins of grime so there’s no one who does it quite like D Double E. Next is Fliptrix, one of the most exciting and significant artists when it comes to his contributions to UKHH. The multifaceted artist is considered to be one of the hardest working heads in the scene with his focus as a solo artist also shared with being one-quarter of acclaimed outfit The Four Owls (Big Owl) and the Managing Director of High Focus Records (Zander).

Also joining will be UKG stalwart, broken beat fanatic, dub connoisseur Zed Bias who has rightly earned his status as UK legend, an indisputable originator in his own right but also as a long-standing member of our Outlook family, as well as world-famous Glaswegian selectors Mungo’s Hi-Fi from the Scotch Bonnet label and Iration Steppas, whose sound is incomparable: melding “dubs inna year 3000 style” alongside Roots, Reggae, Dancehall and everything in between. 

This is an innovative and exciting new development in the rich history of Outlook that once again promises to be the best place on the planet to experience all forms of bass music.

For more information, visit the Outlook Origins website

You can find tickets here.

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Sunday, 13 October 2019

Noah Ball on Outlook and Dimensions Festival: We'd Love to Return to Pula

As we recently reported, the wildly popular Outlook and Dimensions festivals which have traditionally taken place in the Istrian city of Pula have announced their move much further south, more precisely to the historic Dalmatian city of Šibenik.

After an entire decade in Pula, the festival will head further down south, take place at three separate locations, and even the actual dates will alter, meaning that the festival will no longer be held at the end of August, as has become the norm over the last ten years in Pula.

As Glas Istre/Zoran Angeleski writes on the 12th of October, 2019, the Outlook and Dimensions festivals' main man, Noah Ball, says that although he'd love to return to Pula one day in the future, unfortunately running the Outlook and Dimensions festivals at Fort Punta Christo has created multiple challenges over the years in which it has been present in the city every summer.

''Electricity and water are just two of several challenges. There are many areas of festival activity that have significant costs associated with them. Organising music events is a very risky business, which does not bring much benefit with it.

In recent years, the decline in the value of the British currency against the euro/kuna has had the greatest impact on our business; the pound has fallen by almost twenty percent. This has greatly affected our company and made our business unsustainable within the model by which we've run it for many years.

We would love to return to Pula one day, but in order to do so we need to consider changing the format of the event and seeking as much support as possible to make the festivals sustainable,'' explained Ball.

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Thursday, 24 January 2019

Did Brexit Play Role in Pula's Final Outlook and Dimensions Festivals?

In the summer of 2020, the city of Pula will be left without more than 30,000 foreign guests who spend hundreds of euros a day. Namely, Pula will feel the loss of mostly British tourists, performers, organizers and visitors to the two world-renowned music festivals Outlook and Dimensions, which will have their final release this year, according to the announcement by British organizer NVS Music Group on Tuesday.

Although other music events are still being held in Pula and at other locations by Pozitivan ritam, the local partner of the British organizer, the city of Pula is not happy because the festivals played an important role in promoting Pula and developing the local economy.

That is why they stated in the press release that they would do everything in their power to make sure the decision for Outlook and Dimension to leave Pula is not final. But, as we informally know, the ultimate outcome depends on many factors, from Brexit and British market behavior to state-level support, reports on January 24, 2019. 

The festival organizers did not publicly comment on what they are planning to do with Outlook, which will celebrate its 11th edition in Pula this year, and Dimensions, which will welcome its ninth. The organizers have published the final dates of both festivals, with the artists to be announced in the coming days, and have noted that "it will certainly be worth visiting and remembering, as it's the final edition of the festivals at that location."

We’re still unsure if the British organizer will continue at another location in Croatia or any other destination, and why exactly they gave up on Pula.

Pozitivan ritam has also been unable to answer these questions as they are just local partners in charge of the logistics and the implementation of the festivals. They have said, however, that these announcements have nothing to do with the special edition of their Seasplash festival, which has moved from Pula to Šibenik this year, and emphasizes that Pula remains their center, along with the Seasplash Summer Club, the Slurp Festival, the Kotač Club and other programs.

As far as Outlook and Dimensions are concerned, it is unofficially known that this year saw lower ticket sales mostly due to uncertainty surrounding Brexit, pushing the organizer to announce the final release of the festivals to boost ticket sales and secure financial sustainability. The organization of such events is otherwise expensive, and at Fort Punta Christo, even though the minimum concession is paid to Pula, the additional challenge is that there is no electricity or water, or fences which are replaced by security guards.

The task of the organizer is to reduce high costs and increase revenues which have fallen due to bad weather in the last two years, resulting in less spending on the site. Therefore, negotiations on all levels are expected in the coming months, including with the Croatian Tourist Board, which last year supported the festivals with 50,000 kuna, far less than the year before and seven times less than in 2015 when the Pula festivals were ranked top events.

Pula, however, really hopes this will not be the final decision.

"In addition to the excellent international promotion of Pula, the great financial benefits generated by the festivals have attracted many hospitality and trade activities, which have greatly enriched Pula's tourist offer. The festivals contributed to an increase in the number of arrivals and overnights, as well as income in many activities in the post-season and many were an opportunity for employment and additional earnings,” said the press spokeswoman of the Pula Department of Culture, Jasmina Nina Kamber.

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Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Final Year at the Fort: Outlook and Dimensions Festivals Leaving Pula

The most popular music festivals in Istria, Outlook and Dimensions, will be held for the last time at Fort Punta Christo in Štinjan. Could the move be a massive hit to Pula tourism? 

After the announcement that the Seasplash festival would move from Štinjan to Šibenik this summer, Pula has received yet another blow, which will leave the city without two more major festivals that have marked the area for the last decade, reports T.portal on January 23, 2019. 

Namely, Outlook and Dimension are the sister festivals that have operated in Croatia for twelve years, hosting musicians, promoters, visitors and publishing houses from all over the world. Big names like Dizzee Rascal, Damian Marley, Lauryn Hill, Grace Jones, Massive Attack and Jeff Mills are just some of the great musicians who played at the unique fort and the Pula Arena.

"We are really sorry about the difficult decision the festival organizers had to make based on many factors they cannot influence. We understand and respect the decision. From the very beginning, we have been in partnership with the organizers, and we are even now when we are trying to find a solution that will enable holding these festivals in Pula,” said the press spokeswoman of the Pula Department of Culture, Jasmina Nina Kamber.

She added that the Outlook and Dimensions festivals are among the most popular music festivals in Europe, and thanks to them, Pula has become a recognizable festival destination, with tens of thousands of young people coming from all over the world every year.

In their words, the city has supported its maintenance since the very beginning due to its high potential and the benefits to the entire community.

"In addition to the excellent international promotion of Pula, the great financial benefits generated by the festivals have attracted many hospitality and trade activities, which have greatly enriched Pula's tourist offer. The festivals contributed to an increase in the number of arrivals and overnights, as well as income in many activities in the post-season and many were an opportunity for employment and additional earnings,” said Kamber, adding that a significant part of the revenue generated during the festival was enabled to build and maintain the city’s infrastructure.

"The entire festival organization has greatly contributed to the promotion of Pula as a recognizable festival destination, and we still hope for their stay or soon return," said Jasmina Kamber.

This year's Dimensions festival will take place from August 29 to September 2, while the festival's summer season will end with the Outlook festival from September 5 to 9. 

Over the next few days, the festivals should also announce the first round of artists who will be coming to the forth this summer. Namely, Outlook will publish their first performers on Thursday, January 24th, and Dimensions on Thursday, January 31st.

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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Outlook Festival Dazzles Once Again!

The sound system culture continues to gain huge successes at Outlook Festival!

Sunday, 15 April 2018

New Outlook and Dimension to Underground Music

Europe's biggest celebration of sound system culture, Outlook Festival returns to beautiful Pula from the 5th of September to the 9th of September, 2018, with the promise of this, the eleventh festival, being even more underground than ever before.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

First Headliners Announced for Outlook Festival 2018: Bonobo Returns to Pula!

Organisers of the Outlook Festival in Pula announced the first headliners for the opening night in September 2018

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