Sunday, 18 September 2022

Luxury Opatija - More Tourists Choosing Top Notch Accommodation

September the 18th, 2022 - Luxury Opatija is now on more and more people's radars as more tourists are opting for top quality accommodation and nothing less.

As Morski writes, absolutely excellent results were also recorded in Opatija this summer tourist season, and this gorgeous part of Kvarner has well and truly confirmed itself as an elite destination. Luxury Opatija came to the fore, with this city dominated by stunning Austro-Hungarian architecture seeing its various high-category buildings, especially villas with swimming pools and hotels of the highest category, being the most sought after and rapidly booked.

There are more and more tourists who come to Opatija at least twice a year and choose exclusively luxury accommodation, and these are often about cosmopolitans who live at several addresses, including like the Boskovski couple, who are equally fond of Miami, Zurich and Opatija.

''We usually spend the winter in Miami, but as the years go by, one day when we can't manage to get to Miami, we'd love to come here and spend the winter period in Opatija. In any case, that would be wonderful for us,'' said Milka Boskovski, a guest of and true lover of Opatija.

In addition to luxury, they are looking for professionalism and kindness, but also the magic of the environment. For Nikola Boskovski, Opatija always had the smell of figs and jasmine when they went to the beach, particularly towards Volosko or Lovran.

Recreation, the promenade, properly preserved nature, delicious food and an increasing number of elite accommodation facilities make Opatija attractive even outside the main season.

''It's important to emphasise that this year the guest profile both in Opatija as a tourist destination and in our hotels has changed. I believe that Opatija has actually become an elite tourist destination in the true sense of the word,'' said Ilija Toric, the director of a five-star hotel in Opatija.

Loyal guests have returned, and new ones have arrived. Suzi Petricic, the director of the Opatija Tourist Board, stated that German and Austrian guests spent the most overnights in Opatija. In addition, the number of overnight stays increased compared to the reference year of 2019, among other guests, for example, those from the European countries of Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, Great Britain and Denmark.

The congress season will soon begin with great announcements not only for September but also for the rest of the year, writes HRT.

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Tuesday, 6 September 2022

Opatija Tourism Figures at 92% of Pre-Pandemic 2019

September the 6th, 2022 - Opatija tourism figures are looking more than promising so far, having achieved an impressive 92 percent of the overnight stays realised back during the record, pre-pandemic year of 2019.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, during the first eight months of this year, 863,000 overnight stays were realised in the gorgeous Kvarner town of Opatija, which is 46 percent more than the same period last year and 92 percent of the turnover realised back during the record year od 2019, the Tourist Board of the City of Opatija reported on Monday.

The director of the Opatija Tourist Board, Suzi Petricic, pointed out that the most requested and filled were high-class accommodation facilities, hotels or private accommodation units such as villas with swimming pools in the Opatija hinterland.

''After an excellent pre season and good results in the height of the summer season, we're now turning to the challenging post season,'' said the director of the Opatija Tourist Board, announcing the upcoming Chocolate Festival and Advent in Opatija.

63 percent of the overnight stays making up these Opatija tourism figures were realised in hotels, 34 percent in private accommodation, while 3 percent of overnight stays were in non-commercial accommodation. Over the course of eight months, the most numerous guests were from other parts of the Republic of Croatia, and the most overnight stays were realised by guests visiting from Germany (21 percent) and nearby Austria (19 percent).

In August 2022, 243,000 overnight stays were recorded, which is 93 percent of the Opatija tourism figures realised back during August 2019.

About 53 percent of overnight stays realised during the month of August in Opatija were in hotels, 44 percent in private accommodation, and the remaining 3 percent of overnight stays refer to non-commercial accommodation facilities.

The most numerous guests were from Germany, who accounted for 31 percent of all of the town's registered overnight stays, followed by Austrians with 15 percent.

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Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Opatija Tourism Figures Make it Most Successful in Kvarner Region

May the 10th, 2022 - Opatija tourism figures are encouraging indeed so far, placing this beautiful coastal town dominated by stunning Austro-Hungarian architecture at the top as the most successful destination in Kvarner.

As Morski writes, so far, the year 2022 has marked by domestic guests, but also visitors from nearby Austria and neighbouring Slovenia, which recorded a significant increase in terms of the number of overnight stays compared when to 2019. Overall, every fourth night in Kvarner over the past four months was realised in Opatija, which is fantastic news for Opatija tourism figures this year.

The best tourist results in all of Kvarner in the first four months of this year were achieved by Opatija, which was the most frequent choice for people wanting to spend holidays in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County. From January the 1st to April the 30th, Opatija recorded 71 thousand arrivals and 190 thousand overnight stays, which is 23 percent of the total number of overnight stays spent in all of Kvarner. In other words, so far in 2022, every fourth night in Kvarner was realised in Opatija, as reported by the local portal RIportal.

Of the total number of overnight stays, 58 thousand or 30 percent were realised by domestic guests, who, according to this criteria, are in the first place. Compared to pre-pandemic 2019, the number of overnight stays realised by domestic guests increased by 13 percent. Foreign guests realised a total of 132 thousand overnight stays, and the largest share in this number were visitors from Austria. Having realised 43,300 overnight stays, they "improved" their 2019 result by 6 percent.

After the Croats and Austrians, the neighbouring Slovenians came third in share with 19,000 overnight stays realised and growth of 16 percent when compared to the same period of the last "pre-pandemic" year (2019). A significant increase in the number of overnight stays for Opatija tourism figures was achieved by guests from the USA with growth of 33 percent, Switzerland with growth of 11 percent and neighbouring Hungary with growth of 10 percent.

When it comes to the choice of accommodation, Opatija's guests mostly chose hotels, which hold an impressive 83% share in terms of total overnight stays realised, equal to a massive 158 thousand overnight stays. With 28,000 overnight stays realised, Opatija's private accommodation "incorporated" a 15 percent share into the town's total score, while the rest fell on non-commercial accommodation.

''We can be more than satisfied with the current part of the tourist year, which has shown that Opatija is a sought-after destination and one which operates throughout the year. The interest of guests, along with our natural beauty and rich cultural and historical heritage, we've managed achieved through targeted promotional campaigns, as well as already known programmes from Advent, Valentine's Day, and then Easter. We're optimistic about the summer season, because the announcements so far are good, and the abolition of epidemiological measures has allowed us to reorganise large and well-attended events such as RetrOpathy, which is set to return in late June,'' said the director of the Opatija Tourist Board, Suzi Petricic.

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Friday, 15 April 2022

Opatija Tourism Records Broken in First 3 Months of 2022, Domestic Tourists Increasing

April 15, 2022 - Opatija tourism records have been broken this year, surpassing 2019 in the number of overnight stays!

Excellent tourist results marked the first quarter of this year in the ​​Opatija area. In the first three months, Opatija surpassed the record-breaking 2019 number of overnight stays. A total of 45,530 tourists stayed in the city, and 115,854 overnight stays were recorded. Compared to the last pre-pandemic year, overnight stays increased by 4 percent, reports Novi List.

At the same time, Opatija had the greatest support among domestic guests, who recorded 43,744 overnight stays, or an increase of 18 percent in overnight stays. Foreign guests recorded 72,110 overnight stays, or 97 percent of the results achieved in the first quarter of 2019. With this result, Opatija is the most successful destination in Kvarner for the third month. When looking at overnight stays at the state level, Opatija is the fifth destination in Croatia in total overnight stays. In terms of overnight stays in hotel accommodation, it is in a high third place, reported the Opatija Tourist Board.

After domestic guests, the most represented were guests from Austria, Slovenia, the USA, Germany, and Hungary. The dominant choice of accommodation was hotels, where 85 percent of total overnight stays were recorded. With 98,254 recorded overnight stays, hotel accommodation has a growth of 3 percent compared to 2019.

"The results achieved in the first three months of this year give us reason to be happy and optimistic in anticipation of the main season. We expect the positive trends to continue, which is in line with the announcements of hoteliers about reservations for the extended Easter weekend. Although the beginning of the year was marked by challenges, from the war in Ukraine to inflation, which also affected vacation planning, we believe that Opatija, with its quality positioning and promotion in this and previous years, has created the status of a safe destination for a quality vacation throughout the year, as well as a lasting relationship with visitors and potential guests. We try not only to attract guests but also to fill their time in Opatija with unique and unforgettable experiences by decorating the city, atmosphere, and numerous events so that they can become ambassadors of Opatija tourism in the world," said the director of Opatija Tourist Board Suzi Petričić.

After Advent, Valentine's Day, and March, where the emphasis was on wellness, sports, and recreation, Opatija welcomes its guests in a special edition in April. In addition to decorating the city with the symbols of Easter and spring, a colorful program of cultural, sports, music, and entertainment activities has been prepared.

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Wednesday, 9 March 2022

Opatija Tourism Breaking Records Set Back in Pre-Pandemic 2019!

March the 9th, 2022 - The beautiful town of Opatija which is situated along Kvarner's dramatic coastline is breaking records it set back in pre-pandemic 2019, offering a more than encouraging insight into Croatian tourism recovery as a whole. Opatija tourism figures certainly don't have much to complain about so far in 2022 as we move forward.

Opatija tourism numbers are looking excellent for the month of February 2022, and this beautiful town which boasts stunning Austro-Hungarian architecture, beautiful views and an ease of connectivity to many places across the rest of the country, including Rijeka and Zagreb, looks as if it has a promising tourist year ahead of it.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marija Crnjak writes, after a record January, Opatija tourism only continued to record excellent figures during the month of February according to data obtained by the Opatija Tourist Board.

In the spirit of Valentine's Day and as a town that is undoubtedly romantic, Opatija tourism did very well. Opatija, sometimes referred to as Abbazia in Italian, attracted an impressive 14,413 guests who realised an even better number of 34,108 overnight stays, thus surpassing the pre-pandemic 2019 result. In February 2022, there was an increase of 11 percent in the number of overnight stays in Opatija, while compared to last year, this growth is at a very encouraging 141 percent.

The most numerous guests making up these Opatija tourism numbers were guests from the rest of Croatia, followed by tourists from Slovenia, Austria, the United States of America, Italy and Germany.

Back in February, Opatija's guests most often chose hotels for their holidays, and 86 percent of the total number of overnight stays registered were spent in hotel accommodation, with 12 percent being recorded in private accommodation.

For the second month in a row, Opatija was the most visited destination in all of the gorgeous Northern Adriatic region of Kvarner and among the most visited in all of Croatia.

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Wednesday, 17 November 2021

Opatija Celebrates Advent Again This Year With a Fully Decorated City

November 16, 2021 - Many cities on the Croatian coast seek to position themselves as attractive winter destinations, and the jewel of Kvarner Bay is not far behind, as Opatija celebrates Advent again this year with hundreds of thousands of special decorations in every corner of the city.

Winter will once again dress Opatija in lavish Advent attire, reports Turističke Priče. The most romantic and solemn part of the year is the best opportunity to get to know this famous European destination in a unique atmosphere. It is a time when holiday magic is felt in every corner of the city and makes every experience unforgettable.

Opatija celebrates Advent with hundreds of thousands of lamps and decorations, turning it into a winter fairy tale, which is why the staff of the landscaped city toured the world last year. In addition to the virtual walk, which aroused great interest last year, this year's Advent will offer a real touch with the city and the opportunity to enjoy a rich gastronomic and entertainment offer.

From November 26 to January 9, the Christmas atmosphere will expand to already known locations such as the Juraj Šporer Art Pavilion and Sv. Jakov, then, Angiolina Park, the Summer Stage and the city gloom (market), but also some new spaces - along the promenades in the area from the Savoy Hotel to Villa Madonna, on the terraces of the Continental, Milenij and Imperial hotels, in the Strauss cafe, all with a special offer food and drink.

''Opatija celebrates Advent by constantly raising the bar of quality and we always make new efforts to not only meet but also exceed the expectations of our guests. After our Advent fairytale shone like never before last year and conquered the whole world with its staff, we want to further enhance this holiday atmosphere and lavish landscaping of the city this winter in order to provide everyone with unforgettable memories. We are glad that the Most Beautiful Advent by the Sea, as one of the largest winter events in Croatia, has reunited many tourist entities in our city, which will be presented with a special arrangement and special program'', said the director of the Opatija Tourist Board Suzi Petričić.

An additional atmosphere during a walk through the city will be provided by the traditionally decorated shop windows along the main road as well as the smells of hot chocolate and various desserts from the famous Opatija cafes and pastry shops. This year, as in the past six years, the Tourist Board of the City of Opatija will award cash prizes to the most beautifully decorated shop windows, inviting business owners to get involved in arranging their shop windows and be part of the Advent atmosphere in the city.

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Friday, 24 September 2021

Opatija Celebrates World Tourism Day With a Large Number of Activities

September 24, 2021 - After a successful summer, the jewel of Kvarner Bay joins festivities across the globe, as Opatija celebrates World Tourism Day with an exciting repertoire of activities and events starting tomorrow.

Sports and recreational walks, a costumed tour through the history of Opatija, oldtimers, and klapa concerts will fill Opatija with content for three days. From 25 to 27 September, the Tourist Board of Opatija celebrates World Tourism Day with a diverse program aimed at promoting the social, cultural, political, and economic values ​​of tourism, as well as the contribution that this sector makes in the field of sustainable development.

This year, after a long period marked by a pandemic, this day is dedicated to the impact of tourism on inclusive development through the promotion of the diversity and uniqueness of each culture and individual on our planet.

The program in Opatija begins with an exhibition of oldtimers in the port of Opatija, where fans of antique cars will present their well-preserved vehicles to visitors as a "warm-up" for the Liburnia Classic Rally, a traditional oldtimer race that will depart from the port at 10.30. At 10 o'clock in front of Villa Angiolina, an active walk will start, ie a recreational Nordic walking program. In addition to contributing to the health of the participants, this activity will also provide an opportunity to see Opatija's natural and cultural sights.

On Sunday, September 26, the cultural and historical features of the "cradle of Croatian tourism" will be presented in a unique way through a costumed walk through the history of Opatija, which will start in front of Villa Angiolina at 10 am. The guided tour will take place in Croatian and English, and the participants will discover the secrets of Opatija's past with some of the interesting historical figures who participated in them. After the walk, from 11.30 am, a performance of the klapa Baladur will take place in Portić, a small port in front of the Juraj Šporer Art Pavilion.

The World Tourism Day itself, Monday, September 27, will be marked by a klapa song. On that day, from 7 pm, the music program of Klapa va Portić will be held at the same place.

Finally, let’s say all the programs are free and maintained in accordance with epidemiological measures.

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Sunday, 22 August 2021

Luxury Hotels and Private Accommodations in Opatija Most Wanted this Summer

August 22, 2021 - Luxury hotels and private accommodations in Opatija are in high demand this summer, reveals Tourist Board director Suzi Petričić.

On Friday, Opatija exceeded the total number of overnight stays in 2020. From January 1 to August 20, a total of 494,605 overnight stays were realized in the entire town, which is an increase of 35 percent compared to the same period last year. When looking at Opatija's record tourism year, the town has achieved 60 percent of 2019, reports HRTurizam.

In August, Opatija recorded 139,572 overnight stays, which is a 34 percent increase compared to the first 20 days of the same month last year. 94 percent of overnight stays were made by foreign nationals, mostly from Germany, Austria, and Hungary. In particular, Germans realized 46,000 overnight stays, which is 46 percent more than in 2020, Austrians 20,600 overnight stays with a growth of as much as 99 percent compared to last year, while Hungarians realized 10,500 overnight stays with a growth of 32 percent. Domestic guests are in fourth place in terms of representation, and they realized 8,600 overnight stays.

Half of all overnight stays were realized in hotels, which recorded a 47 percent increase. Private accommodation is responsible for 46 percent of August overnight stays, while the remaining 4 percent is non-commercial accommodation.

"The result that Opatija has achieved so far this season exceeds expectations, especially if the postseason is in line with the announcements that currently exist, which will largely depend on the epidemiological situation in the destination, but also the main tourist markets. Although this year is challenging and uncertain, Opatija has prepared well and is ready to welcome its guests both in terms of tourism and security," says the Opatija Tourist Board director, Suzi Petričić.

Luxury hotels and private accommodations in Opatija are in great demand this season, so this August you cannot find a free villa with a pool or hotel room, adds Petričić and points out that she is happy that the September facilities in this category are sold out in advance.

"Investing in raising the quality of service has certainly proved justified in both hotel and private accommodation," emphasizes Petričić.

As a reason for a great season, Petričić points out the quality of communication throughout the year, the generation of new tourist content and products, and the positioning of Opatija as an attractive, interesting, but - above all - a safe destination.

“Opatija is therefore recognized as one of the key destinations on the Adriatic, which can offer its guests not only beaches and the sea but also a long tradition of health tourism, quality wellness & spa centers, excellent gastronomy, a wide range of facilities for active holidays and stays in nature and numerous events organized following epidemiological measures. Furthermore, in cooperation with many entities from the tourism sector, we have been creating new tourism products and experiences adapted to the epidemiological situation and new habits of guests. We are glad that guests recognized this and reacted positively to the fact that Opatija really provides everything they need for the perfect vacation," concludes Petričić.

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Friday, 23 July 2021

HUBBAZIA - A Business Incubator in Opatija for Tourism Startups Open for Applicants Until August 5, 2021

July 23, 2021 - Opatija is known to be Croatia's "cradle of tourism", hence, it's no wonder that it became home to HUBBAZIA - a centre for creativity and innovation in tourism. This business incubator, co-financed by the European Union, is now accepting applications from start-up companies that have original, sustainable, and creative ideas to further boost tourism entrepreneurship in Opatija. Applications are open until August 5, 2021! 

One of the most important (if not the most important) economic branches in Croatia is tourism and through HUBBAZIA, the City of Opatija encourages and attracts young startup companies to open and create new sustainable business ideas to further enhance the development of tourism in the city by providing full management training and mentoring, fully-equipped co-working space for brainstorming and lastly, venture capital financing. Joining HUBBAZIA is a great opportunity for young entrepreneurs to help increase their company's efficiency while significantly reducing looming business risks.

In return, through this project, the City of Opatija hopes to attract more foreign and domestic investors, regional economic and social development growth, and a more fulfilling relationship between the city's small to medium enterprises and the local community's needs. With HUBBAZIA amounting to a total value of HRK 2,543,985.25 (EUR 338,850.47), thanks to the European Regional Development Fund, the project will serve as big assistance to youth who are striving in launching their own businesses and will ensure the growth of Opatija's tourism industry.

Conditions for application 

The City of Opatija, together with PAR Business School, welcomes young entrepreneurs who have innovative ideas and business models related to tourism AS LONG AS the business entities are not older than 3 years. The program will have 5 project cycles, meaning, it will have 5 generations of participants. The deadline for the application for its 1st cycle will be on 05.08.2021 at 12:00. The workshops and mentorships will begin on 16.08.2021 and will be held in the newly renovated and modernly equipped Villa Antonia. If interested, CLICK HERE for the application link.

What to expect?

After the submission of all applications closes, HUBBAZIA will conduct the selection phase which usually lasts for 1 month. If your business manages to get through, you will enter the mentoring and education phase which lasts for 4 months along with 25 hours of workshops each month. Here, your company will be mentored by experts in business, finance, marketing, sales, web design, investment, and product development to help you shape and enhance your business ideas. Next is the final consultation/construction phase, where you will be given a month to finalise your business construction model. The whole cycle culminates on Demo Day when participants get to present their ideas to the public and attract investors. 

Attendees will be entitled to have free co-working space, internet, meeting room, consumables for training, counseling, and mentoring, presentation on HUBBAZIA websites and social networks, and minimized initial fixed costs. Most importantly, HUBBAZIA will be a space for like-minded individuals to brainstorm and network their business with other entrepreneurs and to gain a wider range of business information and contacts - a definite and exciting once-in-a-lifetime chance!

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Tuesday, 5 January 2021

The Biggest Hit Of Advent 2020? Kvarner Christmas Online

January 5, 2020 – Thanks to the imaginative coverage of local portal, more than half a million people visited Kvarner Christmas online over the 2020 holidays. From the spectacular lights of Opatija and Rijeka, to toy bears in Rijeka cafe bars, this is what they saw...

Everyone will remember the Advent of 2020 as unusual. Many were separated from friends and family. Others weren't able to travel nor visit the places or people we wanted to. The difference was noted significantly in Croatia, where family means everything, especially at Christmas.

Over recent years, Croatia has become one of the best-known places in Europe to visit for the Advent season. Zagreb's award-winning Advent celebrations have spurred on efforts elsewhere in the country and many towns and cities in Croatia now pull out all the stops during Advent, gloriously decorating their streets and holding events that draw thrilled visitors.

Under the unusual constraints of 2020, one Advent season in Croatia imaginatively continued to draw the crowds. Although, it wasn't so much the streets that were jammed as it was the internet servers. With the considerable help of local news portal, Kvarner Christmas Online welcomed tens of thousands of visitors.

Thanks to the imaginative coverage of, Kvarner Christmas Online was visited by well over half a million people in 2020. While many bars in Europe remained closed to human customers, Rijeka cake and ice cream cafe Cacao took the opportunity to fill its empty chairs with toy bears during Kvarner Christmas Online.'s video of the scene was viewed almost 245,000 times.

Their video of the Advent lights in the Gradina part of the city fared even better. Always a spectacular highlight of Kvarner Christmas online,'s video of Gradina got more than 300,000 views.

With its beautiful city centre parks, peaceful walks and promenade, the Advent season of nearby Opatija has become an increasingly popular choice for visitors over the winter holidays. And, in 2020, that was still the case during Kvarner Christmas online. 's video from the Opatija park near Šporer generated over 190 thousand views.

It just goes to show that while the Advent of 2020 may have been curtailed in unexpected ways, there's no dampening of the love of Christmas and the festive spirit.'s video viewers will surely be lining up to visit Kvarner Christmas in person as soon as they can.

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