Saturday, 27 November 2021

Autumn Rhapsody of Camellias: Lavish Opatija Flowers Paint the Town Pink

November 27, 2021 - Autumn Rhapsody of Camellias is a new offseason event to celebrate the popular pink Opatija flowers.

The Association of Camellia Lovers from Opatija does not stop. They started the event "Autumn Rhapsody of Camellias" and organized a lecture by Dr. sc. Romana Lekić, Head of the Tourism Department of the Zagreb Bernays College of Communication Management. Opatija presented the topic: Parks as a dream come true - the magic of Angiolina Park and camellias, and the beautiful accordionist Dorian Rubeša played a beautiful melody.


Slobodan Kadic

"Opatija abounds in park architecture with preserved historical ambiance and historicist features. In addition to Angiolina Park and the magical power of the camellia plant, other historical gardens of our villas and parks stand out," said Lekić and introduced the project to interpret and reinterpret the park through the economy of experience and methods and techniques of animation and storytelling.


Slobodan Kadic

The association has launched an initiative to create the conditions for Angiolina Park to "develop" towards the Historical Park of Excellence. The goal is to involve those interested in "The European Network of Historic Gardens" (REJHIS), consisting of 28 historic gardens and parks.


Slobodan Kadic

"They have eight million visitors a year, which is solid proof that they contribute to developing tourism of special interest, and the local population can enjoy them," explained Mira Shalabi, president of the Association of Camellia Lovers from Opatija.

After the lecture, all those present gathered with blooming camellias in the Park where the "Little Camellias" of the Opatija Elementary School Rikard Katalinić Jeretov performed. The plan was to listen to a choir that prepared two commemorative songs and a recitation, after which ten little painters were to draw and paint the blooming camellias. While the rain stopped them from drawing, the choir left everyone breathless.


Slobodan Kadic

"It is at this time of year that blooming camellias with their supernatural colors disperse the gray of late autumn and paint them pink, so then the whole world is pink for us. We hope that our manifestation Autumn Rhapsody of Camellias will continue next year and become an interesting and new tourist product," concluded Shalabi.

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Wednesday, 17 November 2021

Opatija Celebrates Advent Again This Year With a Fully Decorated City

November 16, 2021 - Many cities on the Croatian coast seek to position themselves as attractive winter destinations, and the jewel of Kvarner Bay is not far behind, as Opatija celebrates Advent again this year with hundreds of thousands of special decorations in every corner of the city.

Winter will once again dress Opatija in lavish Advent attire, reports Turističke Priče. The most romantic and solemn part of the year is the best opportunity to get to know this famous European destination in a unique atmosphere. It is a time when holiday magic is felt in every corner of the city and makes every experience unforgettable.

Opatija celebrates Advent with hundreds of thousands of lamps and decorations, turning it into a winter fairy tale, which is why the staff of the landscaped city toured the world last year. In addition to the virtual walk, which aroused great interest last year, this year's Advent will offer a real touch with the city and the opportunity to enjoy a rich gastronomic and entertainment offer.

From November 26 to January 9, the Christmas atmosphere will expand to already known locations such as the Juraj Šporer Art Pavilion and Sv. Jakov, then, Angiolina Park, the Summer Stage and the city gloom (market), but also some new spaces - along the promenades in the area from the Savoy Hotel to Villa Madonna, on the terraces of the Continental, Milenij and Imperial hotels, in the Strauss cafe, all with a special offer food and drink.

''Opatija celebrates Advent by constantly raising the bar of quality and we always make new efforts to not only meet but also exceed the expectations of our guests. After our Advent fairytale shone like never before last year and conquered the whole world with its staff, we want to further enhance this holiday atmosphere and lavish landscaping of the city this winter in order to provide everyone with unforgettable memories. We are glad that the Most Beautiful Advent by the Sea, as one of the largest winter events in Croatia, has reunited many tourist entities in our city, which will be presented with a special arrangement and special program'', said the director of the Opatija Tourist Board Suzi Petričić.

An additional atmosphere during a walk through the city will be provided by the traditionally decorated shop windows along the main road as well as the smells of hot chocolate and various desserts from the famous Opatija cafes and pastry shops. This year, as in the past six years, the Tourist Board of the City of Opatija will award cash prizes to the most beautifully decorated shop windows, inviting business owners to get involved in arranging their shop windows and be part of the Advent atmosphere in the city.

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Monday, 8 November 2021

18th Opatija Winter Swimming Season Officially Opens (VIDEO)

November 8, 2021 - The 28th Opatija winter swimming season opened on Sunday, presenting a new type of tourist offer, and the only one of its kind in the Mediterranean.

Kukali opened the 18th Opatija winter swimming season in new bathing suits. At their standard position at Slatina beach, across from the Girl with the Seagull statue, the members of this Opatija collective once again pointed out a different side to the Opatija tourist offer and a tradition of the region, reports Novi List.

"Today's winter swimming also presents a new type of tourist offer, the only one of its kind in the Mediterranean. In cooperation with LRH, we decided to present a winter bathing project that will be offered to Opatija guests with expert guidance, locals," said Mario Sušanj, a member of Opatija's Kukali. As a medical worker, he revealed the main message of this event, which is promoting health, especially needed during the pandemic.


"This well-established story promotes health and our sea. A sea that is natural, healing, and free, when everything else costs. The health aspect is guaranteed, but you need to know how to approach winter swimming. Before entering the sea, you should warm up well, followed by a short swim, and then you should be ready to go. Alcohol must never be used before entering the sea, and chronic patients are not allowed to enter," explained Sušanj at the opening of the winter swimming season, in which Chakavian poets from Liburnia recited their poetry dedicated to the sea, accompanied with music by a new member, Aleksandar Pauletić from Frančić (Matulji). 

The Opatija winter swimming season began with new bathing suits donated by the City of Opatija. Sušanj stated that due to swimming and activities, the swimming costumes wear out quickly and it is necessary to change them once a year.

"It is very difficult to find a quality material and a quality tailor who knows how to sew them. So we are very pleased that we managed to get new swimsuits. The swimsuits are currently being made by our friends from Zagreb, Slovenia, and Italy who know us," concluded Sušanj.

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Sunday, 31 October 2021

Chocolate Festival: a Paradise for Gourmets in Opatija

October 31, 2021 - From December 3 to 5, visitors to the "Chocolate Magic" fair will be able to taste the irresistible delicacies of twenty domestic and foreign producers, but also experience many more "sweet surprises" prepared by the organizers of the Chocolate Festival, to be held in Opatija.

Opatija and chocolate have been inextricably linked for years thanks to the Chocolate Festival event, the largest and oldest Croatian event dedicated to this irreplaceable food, which in 2021 celebrates its jubilee, reports Turističke Priče.

Sugar at the end of the year will bring Opatija a new edition of the Chocolate Festival. The fairy-tale atmosphere of the luxuriously decorated Advent city will be a great backdrop for top-quality desserts that will return to the Crystal Hall of the Kvarner Hotel exclusively for the 15th Chocolate Festival. The festive occasion also requires a festive ambience, so the jubilee of the sweetest Opatija event will be celebrated under the famous crystal chandeliers of the oldest Croatian hotel.


Photo: Visit Opatija Facebook Page

From December 3 to 5, visitors to the "Chocolate Magic" fair will be able to taste the irresistible delicacies of twenty domestic and foreign producers, but also experience many more "sweet surprises" prepared by the organizers. It will be a unique opportunity to enjoy the unique desserts that, except in the specialty stores of the present "craft" chocolatiers, can only be purchased at this fair.

Romantic winter evenings in Advent Opatija will be sweetened by the largest and longest-running Croatian event dedicated to chocolate, and hedonistic pleasure in divine flavors will be complemented by a special program at the Opatija chocolate factory Milenij Choco, as well as specially designed chocolate desserts in many hotels and restaurants. This sweet "lifestyle" will not only stay on the palate, but you will be able to enjoy chocolate with your whole body because this food will "interfere" with the treatments of Opatija's spa & wellness centers.

An opulent stretch of Austro-Hungarian finery on the beautiful Kvarner coast, Opatija was Croatia’s first-ever tourist destination. As popular now as it always was, it’s easy to see why. If you want to learn more about the location of the Chocolate Festival in December, be sure to check Total Croatia's Opatija in a Page guide by clicking HERE. Now in your language!

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Friday, 15 October 2021

Zagreb, Dubrovnik in Top 10 New Europe Congress Destinations, Hvar & Split Feature

October 15, 2021 - From Venice and Baku and Mosocw and Istanbul, where are the best congress destinations in New Europe in 2021? Many are in Croatia, it seems. 

After the devastation of the pandemic on the congress industry in 2020, events are slowly getting back to a semblance of what they were pre-pandemic, although there is obviously a long way to go. 

But it seems that Croatia is more than ready to meet the demand. The 2021 Meeetings Experience Index (MTLG - MEETAOLOGUE) was published recently, a comprehensive analysis of 118 congress destinations in 'New Europe', nad there was a very strong showing by a number of Croaita's congress destinations.

MTLG defines New Europe as:

The answer to this question is something of an unsolved conundrum. A clear definition of New Europe doesn’t exist, the most general definition being that these are the countries of Eastern Europe that were once behind the Iron Curtain. Technically, this means 24 countries of Eastern Europe, adding Greece and Turkey to them. In our Editorial, we include the fresh, energetic and lesser-known European destinations in New Europe.


There was a particularly good showing for Zagreb and Dubrovnik. Zagreb was named 5th best destination overall, as well as third in the category of large congress destinations, with Dubrovnik coming in 7th. 


It seems that Croatia's niche is perhaps in the medium sized category, where no less than 4 Croatian congress destinations featured. Dubrovnik topped the list, followed by Split in second, Opatija in 5th, Rovinj in 7th, and Sibenik in 8th. 


And there was good news for the island of Hvar as well, which came second in the category of small congress destination. 

This is what they had to say about Zagreb:

A great congress future awaits Zagreb. It is well established in the international congress market and in addition to Ljubljana and Belgrade, it represents the future backbone of the continental meetings industry of the region. All three cities are progressing steadily on the charts of developed meetings destinations; the final breakthrough of the entire region is intertwined and dependent on the marketing of major regional congress cities in the international market.

About Dubrovnik:

Dubrovnik is the flagship of regional tourism and is commonly the first association of meetings organizers we meet daily. It is the closest in the region to renowned Mediterranean convention destinations Cannes and Monte Carlo. The modern and well-equipped centres at hotels such as Dubrovnik Palace, Excelsior, Bellevue, Grand Villa Argentina, Importanne Resort, Dubrovnik President, Valamar Lacroma and Radisson Blue are all great for hosting a variety of events. Well-developed is the entire conference infrastructure including destination management and creative agency scene. The city is safe and one of the tourist icons of the Adriatic and justifiably the most painted tourist skyline with unprecedented experiential diversity for conference guests.

About Split:

Among the Adriatic congress destinations Split has become serious competition to Dubrovnik in the last years. The main disadvantages of the destination are bad cooperation between the service providers, lack of air traffic connections to key markets and not enough destination marketing. If Split gets a real convention centre in the future, it could become one of the leading congress destinations in the Mediterranean. New and excellent hotel capacities, good road connections to Europe and wonderful surroundings, with islands offering numerous incentive programme opportunities, all bolster this proposition. Split is still one of the most unexploited congress destinations in the Mediterranean.

About Hvar:

None of the more than 1,000 Croatian islands has such karma and recognition as Hvar. Definitely, a “must” Croatian destination, right behind Dubrovnik. Distance from the mainland gives it a touch of boutique smallness. On the beauty of the island, reminiscent of the Garden of Eden, there is no point in wasting words, since there is no shortage of various urban legends and superlatives. Among other things, it used to be called Austrian Madeira. In Hvar, the urban has been coexisting with the rural for centuries.

About Opatija:

Opatija is without a doubt the ultimate meetings destination. Why? Because few destinations provide such a rich assortment of luxury accommodation in such a small area, whilst Opatija provides 33 hotels offering over 2700 rooms and more than 50 meeting and conference halls along the 3 km of the coastline. At the beginning and the end of the Opatija Riviera, there are two boutique hotels that contribute to the exclusivity of Opatija.

About Rovinj:

If at the destination you have owners who have clear goals and who look at congress tourism strategically, then in a short time you can do a lot. It is possible to revitalize the old factory premises and build a superior conference hotel. Maistra in Rovinj has undoubtedly left its mark. Taking into consideration the geographical location of Rovinj as one of the closest Mediterranean congress destinations for Central and Western Europe, the future of this industry is guaranteed. Missing is only a convention bureau, which would know how to step out of corporate governance of the destination and would be able to serve as attorney of the meetings industry. Otherwise, forecasts of mayor Sponza that Rovinj will be more exclusive than Dubrovnik, can be realized.

About Sibenik:

Šibenik very rarely raises any association with the meeting industry. In the process of transition from an industrial city into a tourist destination, it has not yet asserted its image among competing cities. Despite this, it is a fact that it has excellent conditions and is somehow considered to be a hidden jewel of the Croatian congress offer. For ease of accessibility, it may be a suitable location for small association conferences as well as a variety of incentive programmes.

Regarding the methodology, Kongres Magazine explained the criteria assessed:

The Meeting Experience Index is one of the most complex destination evaluations that is not only based on the number of congress events but delves deeper analytically. The methodology addresses all key meetings industry segments and thus all key MICE products. 75 evaluation criteria are used to determine the final destination score. That is why the Meeting Experience Index has become the bedrock for selecting destinations for meeting planners.

All destinations are evaluated based on fieldwork and thorough research of individual criteria with the objective to come as close as possible to the real situation. Moreover, the editorial board of Kongres Magazine strives to present up-to-date information that is objective and transparent. Each year, the destination scores are revised and corrected with timely information.

You can see all the results on Kongres Magazine's website.

Saturday, 2 October 2021

CRO Race 5th Stage: Stephen Williams Wins from Rabac to Opatija

October 2, 2021 - Briton Stephen Williams, a member of the Bahrain Victorious team, won the CRO Race 5th stage (137.5-kilometers) from Rabac to Opatija and also took the lead in the overall standings.

Williams passed the finish line with a 10-second lead over 2nd-placed Norwegian Markus Hoelgaard (Uno-X) and 3rd-placed Dutchman Mick van Dijke (Jumbo-Visma), who led a group of 14 riders, reports HRT.

The best-placed Croatian cyclist was Fran Miholjević (Cycling Team Friuli) in 20th place, 4:24 minutes behind the winner. Josip Rumac (ANS Androni Giocatolli Sidermec) took 28th place, 4:31 minutes behind.

The shortest stage of this year's CRO Race saw Austrian Hermann Pernsteiner (Bahrain Victorious) and the Spaniard Oier Lazkano (Caja Rural-Seguros RGA) take the lead from the start. As a result, the two separated from the leading group and were the first to reach the mountain finish in Gračišće, and the Austrian won the maximum number of points.

This was followed by a passing goal in Pazin, where again Pernsteiner was first and Lazkano second. The two of them had a 1:45 minute advantage over Spaniard Xabier Azparren (Euskaltel Euskadi) at the time, while the peloton was 3:30 minutes behind.

One of the biggest favorites for the overall victory, Simon Yates (Team Bikeexchange), accompanied by his compatriot Stephen Williams, joined the action on the most challenging ascent of the entire race and was the first to reach the top of Učka. Yates and Williams were the first on the mountain goal in Kastav, and they picked up bonus seconds on the passing goal in Viškovo.

On the way from Viškovo to Rijeka, Yates and Williams were led by Austrian Riccardo Zoidl (Felbermayr Simplon Wels), and the trio managed to create a half-minute advantage over a group of about 15 cyclists.

In both Viškovo and Rijeka, Williams was the first at the passing goals ahead of Yates and Zoidl, and the trio used their indecision in the second group on the way from Rijeka to Opatija and increased their advantage to almost a minute.

A group of 15 managed to reduce the gap to 30 seconds at the entrance to Opatija. Since the fatigue of Yates and Zoidl was more visible in the last 10 kilometers, the difference soon dropped to 20 seconds, so in the final round, Williams decided to go for a stage victory with a solo run, in which he succeeded. Yates and Zoidl, on the other hand, were caught a kilometer before the finish.

In the final stage, Yates will still wear a green T-shirt for the best sprinter, Dutchman Olav Kooij (Jumbo-Visma) will keep the blue T-shirt, and his compatriot and teammate Van Dijke will wear a white T-shirt for the best young cyclist.

Ahead of the final 6th stage from Samobor to Zagreb on Sunday (157.5-kilometers), Williams has an 11-second lead over 2nd-placed Van Dijke and 12 seconds ahead of 3rd-placed Hoelgaard.

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Thursday, 30 September 2021

Wave 4 Tourism, the 1st Tourism Conference for Students, Starts in Opatija

September 30, 2021 - Today, the first student conference linked to the tourism sector will begin in Opatija. W4T, or Wave 4 Tourism, includes a three-day program full of interesting discussions, experienced speakers, and many insights on the future of the industry.

W4T, or Wave 4 tourism, is the name of the student conference, which is held at the initiative of students of the Faculty of Management in Tourism and Hospitality in Opatija, the cradle of Croatian tourism, which is also an ideal meeting place for all students of tourism and related fields throughout Europe, reports The official program begins tomorrow with the arrival of participants, a guided tour of Opatija, and informal acquaintance and socializing.

''The aim of the conference is to offer new knowledge and experience of renowned experts in the field of tourism, hospitality, marketing, sales, management, and sustainable development. Through knowledge transfer, exchange of experiences, networking, and socializing, participants will have the opportunity to create valuable memories, but also certainly new opportunities for the future. At the first Wave 4 Tourism conference, the focus will be on four broad and current topics: digital tourism, sustainable tourism, marketing, and luxury tourism, within which we will have the opportunity to hear 16 different stories from our speakers'', said Nika Kurti, a fourth-year undergraduate student of Management of Sustainable Development and a member of the organizing team of the W4T conference.

According to her, there are more perspectives and ways in which students experience tourism today, but the word that would unite several opinions is ''opportunity''; an opportunity to innovate and overcome the challenges that today's tourism faces, an opportunity to travel or meet new people and cultures, an opportunity to improve skills such as social skills or for example an opportunity to learn foreign languages, but also an opportunity to work.

Given that tourist services today are provided by a wide range of people, from computer scientists to traditional hoteliers, a large number of students can find the field they are interested in and get educated, specialize and constantly improve.

Participants will have the opportunity to listen to lectures by as many as sixteen speakers who are divided into four sections. Tomorrow, on Friday, October 1, the topics are digital and sustainable tourism, while marketing and luxury tourism will be discussed on Saturday, October 2.

''The speakers were selected because of their expertise and experience in practice within the topics of each section, but also tourism in general. We are extremely proud and appreciate the fact that these people have decided to selflessly share their knowledge and experience and be speakers at this year's W4T conference. In addition to the speakers, we have collaborated with the head of public relations of Aminess hotels and camps, Maja Lena Lopatny, who will be the moderator of this year's Wave 4 Tourism conference'', emphasizes Kurti.

Interest in the first W4T, Wave 4 Tourism conference is above all expectations. One hundred onsite tickets have been sold out, while online ticket sales are still ongoing. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 situation, the organizers had to limit the number of seats, but they hope that next year the conditions will be more favorable and that the event will be able to physically attend all those who are interested.

''Since this is the first year of the event, it is very important for us to make a professional and positive impression on all visitors, speakers, and the local community and provide them with the best service. Thanks to our general sponsor, Liburnia Riviera Hotels, onsite participants will experience the comfort of staying in Hotel Istra, while lecturers who do not live in the area will be accommodated in Hotel Admiral", explains Kurti.

The motto of the first W4T conference is Catch the change, and the organizers hope for a brighter future. Although it is hard to believe that everything will be the same, they expect that current trends in Croatia will be followed and adjusted to.

As for the conference itself, the wish of the first organizing team is that the Wave 4 Tourism conference in the coming years will try to position itself as the best student conference in the field of tourism, but also related areas both regionally and internationally.

"As far as personal development is concerned, we young people have access to many sources with which we can acquire various skills, and a large number of people do not hesitate to share their own knowledge, starting from our professors. It is spreading rapidly through social networks, especially Linkedin, where practitioners often know how to provide useful advice. As students, we have the opportunity to meet other young people, educate ourselves, work together on projects, compete, achieve mobility, and finally get to know ourselves and our own desires. The future will certainly be full of innovations and it seems to us that the new generations are willing and ready to create them", concluded Nika Kurti in the end.

Check the full program here.

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Friday, 24 September 2021

Opatija Celebrates World Tourism Day With a Large Number of Activities

September 24, 2021 - After a successful summer, the jewel of Kvarner Bay joins festivities across the globe, as Opatija celebrates World Tourism Day with an exciting repertoire of activities and events starting tomorrow.

Sports and recreational walks, a costumed tour through the history of Opatija, oldtimers, and klapa concerts will fill Opatija with content for three days. From 25 to 27 September, the Tourist Board of Opatija celebrates World Tourism Day with a diverse program aimed at promoting the social, cultural, political, and economic values ​​of tourism, as well as the contribution that this sector makes in the field of sustainable development.

This year, after a long period marked by a pandemic, this day is dedicated to the impact of tourism on inclusive development through the promotion of the diversity and uniqueness of each culture and individual on our planet.

The program in Opatija begins with an exhibition of oldtimers in the port of Opatija, where fans of antique cars will present their well-preserved vehicles to visitors as a "warm-up" for the Liburnia Classic Rally, a traditional oldtimer race that will depart from the port at 10.30. At 10 o'clock in front of Villa Angiolina, an active walk will start, ie a recreational Nordic walking program. In addition to contributing to the health of the participants, this activity will also provide an opportunity to see Opatija's natural and cultural sights.

On Sunday, September 26, the cultural and historical features of the "cradle of Croatian tourism" will be presented in a unique way through a costumed walk through the history of Opatija, which will start in front of Villa Angiolina at 10 am. The guided tour will take place in Croatian and English, and the participants will discover the secrets of Opatija's past with some of the interesting historical figures who participated in them. After the walk, from 11.30 am, a performance of the klapa Baladur will take place in Portić, a small port in front of the Juraj Šporer Art Pavilion.

The World Tourism Day itself, Monday, September 27, will be marked by a klapa song. On that day, from 7 pm, the music program of Klapa va Portić will be held at the same place.

Finally, let’s say all the programs are free and maintained in accordance with epidemiological measures.

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Sunday, 22 August 2021

The 19th Liburnia Film Festival Kicks Off in Opatija

August 22, 2021 - The 19th Liburnia Film Festival starts tomorrow in Opatija, with 44 Croatian documentaries on the program, 22 of which are in competition for awards.

Documentaries in competition for festival awards: the best film is chosen by the jury and the audience, the best direction, photography, editing, sound design, and the best regional film, will be shown on the small Summer Stage in Opatija, writes HRT Magazin.

The five-member international jury consists of art historian and curator Branka Benčić, editor and director Vladimir Gojun, director and artistic director of Beldocs Marko Grba Singh, organizer of film programs and representative of the Kinedok network Szabolcs Szyrony and film critic Višnja Vukašinović.

The festival awards the best film and the audience award with a cash prize and Restart with a technical service for making DCP.

For the first time, AVC Zagreb is awarding authors for the best photography and best sound design with a voucher for the purchase of film equipment in the amount of 700 euros, and ACER Croatia will award the prize for the best editing.

As in previous years, the IDF Documentary Film Institute and the Balkan Documentary Center award the best director and the best regional film. All winners will receive an original statue of the Kastav artist Saša Jantolek.

On Friday, August 27, before the announcement of the best, the audience will watch two documentaries produced by the co-organizers of the Liburnia Film Festival of the Zagreb association Restart "Letters to Nicholas" Dunja Ivezić and "More than 35" by Timy Šarec.

The festival will close with the world premiere of Relje Dušek's film "Enrico Marotti: This is my voyage" about the world champion in windsurfing from Volosko.

The accompanying program includes a case study of Đuro Gavran's film "One of Us", as an introduction to the panel discussion "When Violence Lives at Home".

The festival continues the afternoon conversations of the audience with the authors of the films shown the previous day.

The accompanying film program includes the program of the Regional with documentaries from the Primorje-Gorski Kotar and Istria counties and a retrospective of films by Đuro Gavran.

The 19th Liburnia Film Festival is organized by the LFF Association, co-organized by Restart, and partnered by the Opatija Festival. It is supported by the Croatian Audiovisual Center, the City of Opatija, the County of Primorje-Gorski Kotar, the Society of Croatian Film Directors, AVC Zagreb, ACER Croatia, and other supporters.

Learn more about the 19th edition of the Liburnia Film Festival HERE.

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Sunday, 22 August 2021

Luxury Hotels and Private Accommodations in Opatija Most Wanted this Summer

August 22, 2021 - Luxury hotels and private accommodations in Opatija are in high demand this summer, reveals Tourist Board director Suzi Petričić.

On Friday, Opatija exceeded the total number of overnight stays in 2020. From January 1 to August 20, a total of 494,605 overnight stays were realized in the entire town, which is an increase of 35 percent compared to the same period last year. When looking at Opatija's record tourism year, the town has achieved 60 percent of 2019, reports HRTurizam.

In August, Opatija recorded 139,572 overnight stays, which is a 34 percent increase compared to the first 20 days of the same month last year. 94 percent of overnight stays were made by foreign nationals, mostly from Germany, Austria, and Hungary. In particular, Germans realized 46,000 overnight stays, which is 46 percent more than in 2020, Austrians 20,600 overnight stays with a growth of as much as 99 percent compared to last year, while Hungarians realized 10,500 overnight stays with a growth of 32 percent. Domestic guests are in fourth place in terms of representation, and they realized 8,600 overnight stays.

Half of all overnight stays were realized in hotels, which recorded a 47 percent increase. Private accommodation is responsible for 46 percent of August overnight stays, while the remaining 4 percent is non-commercial accommodation.

"The result that Opatija has achieved so far this season exceeds expectations, especially if the postseason is in line with the announcements that currently exist, which will largely depend on the epidemiological situation in the destination, but also the main tourist markets. Although this year is challenging and uncertain, Opatija has prepared well and is ready to welcome its guests both in terms of tourism and security," says the Opatija Tourist Board director, Suzi Petričić.

Luxury hotels and private accommodations in Opatija are in great demand this season, so this August you cannot find a free villa with a pool or hotel room, adds Petričić and points out that she is happy that the September facilities in this category are sold out in advance.

"Investing in raising the quality of service has certainly proved justified in both hotel and private accommodation," emphasizes Petričić.

As a reason for a great season, Petričić points out the quality of communication throughout the year, the generation of new tourist content and products, and the positioning of Opatija as an attractive, interesting, but - above all - a safe destination.

“Opatija is therefore recognized as one of the key destinations on the Adriatic, which can offer its guests not only beaches and the sea but also a long tradition of health tourism, quality wellness & spa centers, excellent gastronomy, a wide range of facilities for active holidays and stays in nature and numerous events organized following epidemiological measures. Furthermore, in cooperation with many entities from the tourism sector, we have been creating new tourism products and experiences adapted to the epidemiological situation and new habits of guests. We are glad that guests recognized this and reacted positively to the fact that Opatija really provides everything they need for the perfect vacation," concludes Petričić.

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