Friday, 5 February 2021

2.7 Magnitude Quake Registered in North Croatia on Friday Morning

ZAGREB, 5 February, 2021 - A tremor measuring 2.7 on the Richter scale was registered near the northern town of Ludbreg on early Friday morning, Croatia's Seismological Survey reported.

The epicentre of the earthquake, which was registered at 0430 hours Friday, was seven kilometres south of Ludbreg.

Wednesday, 6 January 2021

PHOTOS: Ivanscica – Northern Croatia's First Nature Park?

January 6, 2021 – The spectacular backdrop to photographs taken at some of Zagorje's most famous landmarks, Ivanscica is the highest mountain in the country's north. Richly ringed by castles and fortresses that draw investigating hikers, could it become Northern Croatia's first-ever Nature Park?

Northern Croatia is renowned for many reasons. It has the highest concentration of castles and stately homes in the whole of Croatia, including many of the country's most spectacular. It has fantastic museums, some of which are even situated inside these castles. Rivers, water parks and ancient spa waters dot the landscape and the rustic, classic cuisine is often so great you know exactly why the capital city claims much of it as its own. In regular years, northern Croatia also has a full calendar of exciting events that take in all manner of music, folklore, arts & crafts, film festivals and much more besides.

Yet, anyone who has visited the land 'over the mountain' will tell you that one of its most remarkable attributes is its scenery. Historic settlements, comprised of architecture varying between the grandiose, the modern and the functional, amalgamated over hundreds of years, sat on gently rolling slopes. Away from the houses and other buildings, vineyards and farmland stretch along similarly undulating land, gifting a view that must have looked much the same 100 years ago. You can see this amazing topography when you fly into Zagreb from western Europe – it's the magical-looking land below you that looks like something JRR Tolkien might have imagined for The Lord Of The Rings.

zagorje-vinogradi--ivo-biocina_1.jpgZagorje © Ivo Biočina / Croatian National Tourist Board

Despite its wondrous natural assets, northern Croatia (which is nowadays split into three, vast counties – Medimurje, Krapinska-Zagorje and Varazdin county), is the only region in Croatia that surprisingly does not have a dedicated nature park. That may be changed with the launching of an initiative to make Ivanscica the first nature park in Hrvatsko Zagorje.

Belecgrad.jpgBabin Zub on the south-west slopes of Ivanscica offers incredible views of Zagorje. Mount Medvednica can be seen in the distance © Croatian Mountaineering Association Belecgrad

Ivanscica is the highest mountain in northern Croatia. It is 30 kilometres long and nine kilometres wide, rising to 1060 metres at its highest point. Situated less than 30 kilometres south-west of the city of Varazdin, it runs along the border between Krapinska-Zagorje and Varazdin counties in a long stretch of mountainous ground that starts near the westerly-lying Strahinjčica (near Krapina_. These mountains hug the horizon within photographs taken at many of northern Croatia's most famous landmarks. They are also rich in geodiversity and biodiversity.

ivanscicahpd.jpg© Zoran Stanko / Croatian Mountaineering Association Ivancica

The nature and geological make-up of Ivanscica has long been drawing visitors. A much-loved site for walking, hiking and climbing, its topography varies between bare rock and lower areas covered with trees like beech, oak and hornbeam. Ivanscica is particularly popular as a traditional excursion on May Day. The numbers of walkers and hikers around this time can reach into the thousands and the event extends over several days.

snowy12333.jpg© Croatian Mountaineering Association Belecgrad

At the peak of Ivanscica is a mountain lodge, Pasarić's house and two lookouts with incredible views, the lodge's original construction date of 1929 attesting to the mountain's long popularity as a place for recreation. It was named after Josip Pasarić (1860 - 1937), a teacher, journalist, sometime politician and a former president of the Croatian Mountaineering Association. Nearly a century old, it is far from being the oldest structure to have taken advantage of this raised ground and the views they provide.

kucaIvan.jpgPasarić's house © Croatian Mountaineering Association Ivancica

On the southern slopes of Ivanscica, two particularly impressive ruins invite exploration. Less than two kilometres south of Ivanscica's peak, Belecgrad Fortress, sits on a secluded and steep rocky peak that is 540m high. It can be reached by approaching from the west. Although now a ruin, this strategically important fortress was once a royal estate, over time belonging to a series of owners including Frederick of Celje Peter Gising and the families Celjski, Szekely, Frankopan, Keglević, Erdody and Rattkay.

hpd-belecgrad-dron.jpgBelecgrad Fortress, seen from above © Croatian Mountaineering Association Belecgrad

Three or four kilometres to the east of Belecgrad Fortress, the medieval castle of Milengrad dates back around 775 years and served as a residence and defensive fortress for a good 400 years before succumbing to either the Ottomans or an earthquake (Ivanscica has been the site of several considerable earthquakes – the most recent being a 6.2 level quake in 1983).

MilengradEmaBabić.jpgMilengrad, one of many castles and fortifications that can be found on the slopes of Ivanscica © Ema Babić

These ruins are impressive enough, but they are only two of a series of defensive structures to ring the mountain, others including the castles and fortresses Pokojec, Oštrcgrad, Loborgrad, Židovina (a Jewish fortification), Gradišče, Ivanec, Bela, Gotalovec, Cukovec, Lepoglava and Grebengrad. Some of these (Grebengrad, Bela and Cukovec) were rebuilt on the site of forts that extend further back than the 12th century.

BelecgradonthesouthsideofIvanscica.jpgBelecgrad on the south side of Ivanscica © Branko Barlović / Croatian Mountaineering Association

There are currently eight National Parks within Croatia - Krka, Plitvice Lakes, Mljet, Brijuni Islands, Kornati, Paklenica, Risnjak and Northern Velebit – each closely guarded to protect and preserve their nature and beauty for future generations. In addition, there are a series of eleven Nature Parks - Žumberak / Samoborsko gorje. Biokovo, Kopački rit, Lastovo archipelago, Lonjsko polje, Medvednica, Papuk, Telašćica, Učka, Velebit and Vrana lake, with Dinara well on its way to becoming number twelve. Their status differs from National Parks in that, although they are protected areas, their standing does not impede on recreation and other activities within them that do not damage their distinct assets. As a site rich for exploration, walking, hiking and climbing, the destination of Nature Park status would perfectly suit Ivanscica and it could well become Croatia's thirteenth Nature Park, the first within Northern Croatia.

Ivanscica Croatian Mountaineering Association Belecgrad.jpg

Tuesday, 20 October 2020

PHOTOS: 22 Incredible Varazdin County Holiday Homes

October 20, 2020 - Escape to nature and peaceful seclusion in one of these incredible Varazdin County holiday homes

This year we've been forced to adapt. Our perspectives and priorities have changed. Sacrifices have been made. With stress coming from new angles, one sacrifice that many simply don't want to give up is their holidays. And nor should they.

Brvnara Noah

Brvnara Noah3.jpg

Brvnara Noah4.jpg

Brvnara Noah.jpg

Introduced at just the right time for a new type of getaway, Varaždin County Tourist Board's 'My Varaždin Holiday' website showcases beautiful rural holiday homes that offer an escape into nature and peaceful seclusion. Here are incredible photos of 22 Varazdin County holiday homes from the portfolio.

Country House Imanje Pijevci

Country House Imanje Pijevci2.jpg

Country House Imanje Pijevci.jpg

Eva's House

Eva's House.jpg

Flower Street House

Flower Street House.jpg

Taking a break and getting away from it all has arguably never been more needed. While the crowded parties and packed resorts of previous holidays must remain a memory for now, that doesn't mean you have to forgo your much-needed vacation altogether.

Hiža Golubić

Hiža Golubić2.jpg

Hiža Golubić.jpg

Holiday Home Bitosevje

Holiday Home Bitosevje.jpg

Holiday Home Bitoševje.jpg

Holiday Home Boltar

Holiday Home Boltar.jpg

Holiday Home Brezovec

Holiday Home Brezovec.jpg

Holiday Home Burg

Holiday Home Burg.jpg

Most of the Varazdin County holiday homes are detached, offering privacy, peace and calm for you and your family or friends.

Holiday Home Kopjar

Holiday Home Kopjar2.jpg

Holiday Home Kopjar.jpg

Holiday Home Maturanec

Holiday Home Maturanec.jpg

Holiday Home Milk & Honey

Holiday Home Milk & Honey2.jpg

Holiday Home Milk & Honey.jpg

Holiday Home Mintas

Holiday Home Mintas2.jpg

Holiday Home Mintas.jpg

Some 34 Varazdin County holiday homes are the first participants in the project. Each of the holiday homes is unique.

Kuća Lješnjaka

Kuća Lješnjaka2.jpg

Kuća Lješnjaka.jpg

Moments Pool House Trakošćan

Moments Pool House Trakošćan.jpg

Oak Cottage / Apartman Matak

Oak Cottage Apartman Matak.jpg

Oak Cottage Apartman Matak2.jpg

Pool Jacuzzi Dreams

Pool Jacuzzi Dreams.jpg

Many hold a rustic architecture that blends in with their natural surroundings. Others are ultra-modern and hold outdoor swimming pools, indoor pools and jacuzzis.

Pool Village House

Pool Village House.jpg

Pool Village House2.jpg

Rural Holiday Home Domus Antiqua

Rural Holiday Home Domus Antiqua.jpg

Rural House Gabriela

Rural House Gabriela.jpg

Most have incredible views and stunning interiors. Each has a different story to tell. Not dependent on the season. Varazdin County holiday homes have a year-round appeal.

Villa Barbara

Villa Barbara2.jpg

Villa Barbara.jpg

Villa Mila

Villa Mila.jpg

All photos © Varaždin County Tourist Board / Siniša Sović / Domagoj Miletić

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Saturday, 26 September 2020

Traditional Grape Harvest Feast Held in Northern Croatia

ZAGREB, Sept 26, 2020 - The 50th edition of the traditional grape harvest feast took place in the northern town of Pregrade on Saturday under the auspices of Croatian President Zoran Milanovic.

Attending the feast in the vineyards of the wine-making cellar Zdolc, President Milanovic commented on the grape harvest rituals in the country, and called on the Croatians "to drink a little, drink well", and in this context, he called for the consumption of local wines produced throughout Croatia.

Representatives of the tourist board recalled that the roots of the traditional grape harvest feast in Pregrada went back to1939, and the first edition of the festival was held in 1971.

Average wine consumption per capita in Croatia 22 liters in 2018

In the 2017/2018 wine-making year in Croatia, the average wine consumption per capita was 22 liters, according to the National Bureau of Statistics (DZS) data.

The total production of wine in 2018 was 726,000 hectolitres, and wines with protected designation of origin accounted for the majority of the total production (470,000 hectolitres, 64.8%).

Varietal wines account for 4.1% of the total production, and other wines for 31.1%.

The DZS data show that the total wine export in the 2017/2018 wine-making year was 232,900 hectolitres, while the initial stock was 712,800 hectolitres.

Total domestic wine consumption in the 2017/2018 wine-making year was 984,700 hectolitres, and other wines accounted for the largest part in the total consumption (468,000 hectolitres, 47.6%). The degree of self-sufficiency, that is, the ratio of production and total domestic consumption of wine, was 74%.

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Saturday, 6 October 2018

From Varaždin to Dubrovnik, Croatian Cities Win Awards

Towns across the country win awards in various sectors.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Intangible Heritage of Croatia - Easter Pistols of Kostel

Get better acquainted with one Northern Croatian Easter tradition.

Friday, 23 March 2018

Weekend Getaway at LifeClass Sveti Martin Thermal Spa, Međimurje

Spa weekend in Croatia; from the 16th – 18th March 2018, I stayed at the LifeClass Sveti Martin Terme Spa, (Thermal Spa) in Međimurje, a much-needed break in the middle of a long winter.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Čakovec to Get First 4 Star Hotel in Spring!

Međimurje's popularity is growing among tourists, and without high-end accommodation...

Monday, 4 December 2017

Northern Croatian Counties Demand More Support from Government

The five counties want the government to establish the Council for Central and Northern Croatia and implement a number of projects.

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