Wednesday, 26 January 2022

17th Croatian Museum Night on January 28: Split Program

January 26, 2022 - The 17th Croatian Museum Night will be held on January 28, 2022, across the country. A look at what we can expect this year and the Split program. 

Museum Night began in 2005 with several Zagreb museums and has grown into the most important event of Croatian museums in recent years.

The Croatian Museum Association has organized the Museum Night event in Croatia since 2005. The initiators are the author of the program concept and project leaders, Vesna Jurić Bulatović and Dubravka Osrečki Jakelić, who in December 2005 launched it as a city pilot project with six Zagreb museums. Since 2007, Museum Night has grown into a national event involving more and more museums and cities.

The 17th Museum Night will be held on January 28, 2022, in conditions that are more or less similar to those of last year. This means in circumstances in which cultural institutions have "adapted" to the new reality, when a large part of the program takes place in controlled conditions and circumstances with mandatory Covid certificates, when the number of visitors to cultural events is significantly reduced, and group and tourist visits to museum exhibitions are almost completely absent in the statistics of museum visitors.

Most of the events moved online, which contributed to the wide availability of museum content. However, on the other hand, the immediate experience of the museum space, content, atmosphere, and people is irreplaceable when it comes to the true experience. The visitor is looking for a way to best meet their needs, and that is a true and real experience of a cultural event.

Thus, in uncertain circumstances when it has become almost impossible to plan museum programs, and it is especially unknown to which target audience certain programs are intended, in conditions when museums and other institutions balance between the real and possible, the real and digital, and many difficult conditions due to the great damage they suffered in the earthquake, it is important to continue the beautiful tradition of this event.

The existing zeal, enthusiasm, and great Museum Night programs and atmospheres will be given to the loyal audience throughout Croatia for the 17th edition. After consultations with the Croatian museum community, the 17th edition will be organized with live programs, in compliance with prescribed epidemiological measures, while all programs will also be available through digital channels.

The 16th Museum Night, which was held on January 29, 2021, organized by the Croatian Museum Society, included 188 museums, heritage, educational, scientific, and religious institutions that participated for the first time through digital communication channels. Numerous live programs were also held, where possible and in accordance with epidemiological measures.

In recent years, this national event has been marked by a massive number of visits to museums, which exceeded 300,000 visits during one night. Last year's Museum Night was realized almost entirely on a digital level - online, except in those locations and facilities that can take place outdoors, again in accordance with the prescribed measures of the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia. It is precisely this interest in the Museum Night event that confirms the vitality and strength of museums and other cultural communities, despite the given circumstances.

The participating museums in Split this year include:

Archaeological Museum in Split || Split Ethnographic Museum Split || Meštrović Gallery || Split Gallery School || Split Art Gallery || Croatian Maritime Museum Split || Museum of the City of Split || Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments - Split || Prokultura - Observatory of Cultural Policies - Association || University of Split / University Gallery || Star Village Mosor 

You can find all the programs for Museum Night in your city HERE

All programs must be completed by 24:00 due to the measures for holding professional cultural and artistic performances, programs, and events.

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Sunday, 23 January 2022

This Year's Museum Night to Take Place on 28 January

ZAGREB, 23 Jan 2022 - The 17th edition of Museum Night will take place on 28 January and this year's theme is "Museums between the real and the digital".

In light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, events will be held online and, where possible, offline with mandatory use of COVID passes.

The organizer, the Croatian Museum Association (HMD), said that cultural institutions were forced to adapt to the new reality, with most of the events being moved to digital communication channels.

All Museum Night programmes will be available via digital channels.

In the pre-pandemic years, Museum Night saw mass visits to museums, with the number of visits in one night exceeding 300,000. Last year, nearly all events were organized online.

The HMD organized the first Museum Night in 2005, with the participation of only a handful of museums in Zagreb. Since then, it has evolved into a national event, attracting 3,635,127 visitors. It takes place on the last Friday in January, from 6pm to 1am, and admission to museums is free.

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Friday, 24 January 2020

Your Guide to Museum Night 2020 in Split

January 24, 2020 - Museum Night will be held across Croatia on January 31, 2020. A look at the program in Split. 

This year, the fifteenth Museum Night will be held, an event that began in 2005 with several Zagreb museums, which over the past few years has become the most significant event in Croatian museums. 

Museums have built this event with their programs, an audience that has supported it year after year, the general public, the media and partners. Based on numerous surveys of visitors to Croatian museums and quality records of visits to museums and other heritage institutions, it can be said that more than 5,000,000 visitors have frequented Croatian museums over the past 15 years during the event. One of the most significant achievements of the event is promoting the museums themselves and creating a new audience, as many visitors discover the museums and later became part of the permanent audience.

This year, Museum Night is commemorating two major anniversaries: the 200th anniversary of the Split Archeological Museum, founded in 1820, and the 140th anniversary of the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb, founded in 1880.

Furthermore, in 2020, it will be 184 years since the founding of the National Museum, the 152nd since the founding of the Strossmayer Gallery of Old Masters, and 142 years since the founding of the Museum of Natural History. 

Thus, the theme of Museum Night 2020 will be an opportunity for Croatian museums to once again remind the general public about the importance of 'museum history, present and future'. Communicating various content to the public - from museum collections, professional, scientific, educational and entertaining content to virtual tours of museum exhibits, historical buildings and protected heritage sites, and digital technologies have opened up unprecedented possibilities for presenting the museums. 

These two significant anniversaries - the Split Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb - provide an incentive for museums to update the following topics, which are worth talking about more broadly and point to numerous programs at Croatian Museums and Heritage Institutions on Museum Night 2020:

- The relevance of the museum in contemporary society and future development

- Museum greats and personalities who are in charge of Croatian culture

- Museums as places for meeting and acquiring new knowledge

- Relationship between museums and local communities

- The influence of museums in creating positive public change

- Museums and cultural and creative industries

- Museums and sustainable development of cultural tourism

- Museum architecture and infrastructure

- New museums, new technologies and new audiences

Museums can also be defined as:

- learning centers

- centers of economic influence

- key partners in travel and tourism

- bearers of cultural renewal - (urban, social and economic regeneration)

- community gathering centers of all social classes

- centers of research, innovation, application of new knowledge and technologies

- centers of motivation for creativity

- Supporters of social change and intercultural understanding

- centers of friendship development and international cooperation

On the 15th Museum Night, let's confirm that Croatian museums have the knowledge, power, potential and audience that loves them.

In Split, guests can visit:

Archaeological Museum 

Ethnographic Museum

Meštrović Gallery

Croatian Maritime Museum

Brodosplit Museum

Split City Museum

Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments

Natural Museum and Zoo

Prokultura - House of Language and Culture Peristyle

School of Fine Arts - Gallery School

Art Academy

Mosor Star Village - Science, Culture, Art

The Croatian Museum Society has organized the Museum Night in Croatia since 2005. The author of the concept and the project manager are Vesna Jurić Bulatović and Dubravka Osrecki Jakelic, who decided to launch it as a city pilot project back in December 2005 with six Zagreb museums. Since 2007, Museum Night has grown into a national event involving more and more museums and cities each year.

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