Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Supreme Court upholds sentence for Briton convicted of Zrće murder

ZAGREB, 26 July, 2021 - The Croatian Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal by British national Douglas Cane, upholding a ruling sentencing him to 24 years in prison for murder and attempted murder at the Zrće beach on the northern Adriatic island of Pag in June 2018.

Without revealing the identity of the accused, the Supreme Court said that the sentence by the appellate court was appropriate given the accused's profile and the circumstances of the crime.

The Supreme Court said that the sentence was neither too harsh nor too lenient, recalling that Cane was sentenced to 17 years in prison for murder and to eight years for attempted murder and that he was given a combined sentence of 24 years.

The court cited his earlier convictions in the UK and his attempt to flee Croatia after the crime. He had shaved his head in an attempt to disguise his identity, police said at the time.

Early in the morning of 27 June 2018, after an argument with three persons, Cane attacked and stabbed Briton Ugo Wilson to death. The other victim, also a Briton, rushed to help Wilson but Cane stabbed him as well, using a sharp object resembling a knife. The man was rushed to the hospital and survived.

The media said at the time that it was most likely a showdown of drug dealing gangs.

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Saturday, 5 June 2021

Highlights of the Week: 5 Big Events in Croatia from May 31- June 6, 2021

 June 6, 2021 - TCN's highlights of the week. A look at the events in Croatia from May 31 through the selection of TCN's reporter Ivor Kruljac. 

From significant political changes after the local elections to the losses and preparations in sport, the week was hyped by a strive for hope in Croatia. But, the tragic murder of Nino Čengić in Varaždin was a painful kick to the stomach. Here is another weekly selection of the news depicting the bittersweet life in Croatia. 


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Highlights of the week: Tomislav Tomašević officially. becomes the new mayor of Zagreb

Zagreb local elections winner Tomislav Tomašević met with Jelena Pavičić Vukičević for an official ceremony of transferring power on Friday, which makes Tomašević officially the new mayor of Zagreb.

Media attention was also caught for the fact that Tomašević was four minutes late to the ceremony because he was waiting for the ambulance on Cibona because a woman fell ill in the middle of the street. But, for the bigger public interest, it's important to note today was the first time for Tomašević to have a detailed view on the financial situation of the City of Zagreb, giving him a clear picture of the debt problem Zagreb has. 

As TCN reported earlier, Tomašević told the press after the ceremony that the situation is not good, but there are solutions. Still, so far, no more details were given on the two-thousand-odd-page reports on the 2020 budget execution and preliminary figures. Additionally, the new city assembly would hold the founding meeting on 17 June.  


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Highlights of the week: Zlatko Dalić on Croatian National Football Team

The Croatian National Football Team is preparing for the friendly clash with Belgium. As reported by TCN, Zlatko Dalić faced the press on Friday ahead of the match. 

„I am satisfied with everything except the result. We had minor injury problems. We did the rest as expected, but the draw with Armenia left a bitter taste. In that game, we had to win 4-0 or 5-0, not draw 1-1. I am dissatisfied with this result. Plus, we created 5-6 percent chances, and we didn't do that in three games in a row at the beginning of the World Cup qualifiers against Slovenia, Cyprus, and Malta. We were nonchalant and irresponsible and did not realize them. We were not specific, and that is a minus“, said Dalić to the press. 

Dalić also pointed out that the national team is aware of its obligation to the Croatian people. He spoke about the problems in the national team, the pros and cons of the draw against Armenia, and the expectations from players who are dissatisfied with their status. One of them is Andrej Kramarić, who, after 20 goals scored in the Bundesliga this season, is not safe among Dalić's starters. A few days ago, he advised the media to ask Davor Šuker what he would say after such a season. 

Expectionsare big ahead of the EURO championship, and no doubt fans will pay attention with close interest. 


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Highlights of the week: Anđelko Stričak, new prefect

The power transfer ceremony on Friday also took place in Varaždin where Anđelko Stričak defeated current Varaždin prefect Radimir Čačić. 

„The victory is well deserved. In the past nine years as the president of Varaždin county organization of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), and in six years as a member of the parliament, I've been to every corner of Varaždin county and talked to everybody. I heard the needs of our citizens, and I tried to solve them by cooperating with coalition partners on every level. Of course, I'm not the best, most capable or most perfect, but I will try with my team to give my best that everybody in the county feel changes for the better“, said the new Varaždin County prefect Stričak, as reported by Varaždin county's official website


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Highlights of the week: Croatia Loses to Spain in the Under-21 European Championship

Spain was better than Croatia after extra time in the Under-21 European Championship quarter-final in Maribor on Monday. The match ended 2:1. As reported by TCN, Croatia was solid in the first half and threatened the Spain goal on a few occasions. Despite Spain's high pressure, Ivanušec had a chance from 20 meters in the 7th minute, and in the 23rd, Bradarić's shot was blocked by the Spain defense. Spain retaliated with a Diaz shot from 20 meters, but Croatia's defense made it difficult for them to do much more. 

The young Croatia national team fought against Spain for a spot in the semifinals. 

Igor Bišćan's side met Spain at Ljudski Vrt stadium in Maribor. 

"The guys are aware that we have a great chance, they are motivated to do something, and we are all around them to give them that chance and be supportive. They have quality," Bišćan announced before the match.  


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Highlights of the week: Nino Čengić funeral in Varaždin

The Funeral of the English professor Nino Čengić who passed away last Sunday, was held on Wednesday. Nino Gengić, a substitute English professor in one Varaždin school, was brutally beaten with bats and chains in front of the local club in Varaždin called Kulturana. He was 35 years old.

As Jutarnji List reports, four suspects aged 24-29 are currently in custody while the investigation is ongoing as to what lead to this attack. Suspect's apartments were searched, and one suspect illegally possessed a considerable amount of ammo and fire weapons to match. All suspects were previously known to the police for troubling behavior, and the most tragic was the fact that 15 people witnessed the beating, but nobody stopped it.

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Monday, 8 February 2021

Solin Murderer Receives Croatia's Highest Ever Prison Sentence: 50 Years

February 8, 2021 – Solin murderer Luka Juretić today received the highest ever prison sentence passed down by a Croatian court. He received 50 years for the brutal murder of his neighbour and the attempted murder of his neighbour's wife

Solin murderer Luka Juretić (26) was today sentenced to 50 years in prison. The sentence passed down to him is the highest ever to be given by any court in Croatia. The sentencing hearing took place at the Split County Court. Solin murderer Luka Juretić received the 50 years for the aggravated murder of his 92-year-old neighbour and the attempted murder of his wife (87).

Previously, Solin murderer Juretić had been found guilty of brutally killing his neighbour with a knife, a mallet and a hammer. The incident took place in 2019. He also hit his neighbour's wife on the head. She sustained an injury from the blow which two months later caused her death.

Juretić was sentenced to 35 years for the aggravated murder of Vicenza Uvodic, and to 23 years for the aggravated attempted murder of his wife Senka Uvodic. The single sentence passed down to the Solin murderer was one of 50 years.

Juretić was not in the courtroom at the time of sentencing. In addition to the 50 years he also received a compulsory order for the treatment of addiction.

According to an article in today's Index, in her closing speech, Deputy County State's Attorney Rene Laura said that the Solin murderer had “entered his neighbours' apartment in a very fraudulent way. They let him into the apartment with full confidence because he was looking for flour for pancakes."

Luka Juretić's defence attorney, Boris Majić, a lawyer from Split, said that his client, the Solin murderer, didn't remember anything of the incident.

Following the attack, the Solin murderer was found to have stolen a wristwatch, gold jewelry, coins, chocolates, lighters and paper clips from the apartment of his neighbours. He then went two floors up, to his own apartment, where he was later arrested because Senka Uvodić was still alive when first discovered and said who attacked them.

Juretić's defence attorney had argued previously that the items seized by the police were confiscated illegally and should therefore not be taken into consideration at the trial.

Monday, 1 February 2021

New Details On Quadruple Murder in Sibenik, Killer Used Chinese Kalashnikov

February 1, 2021 – At today's press conference, the Sibenik police released new details about quadruple murder in Sibenik, revealing that the killer used the Chinese version of a Kalashnikov.

The Šibenik police held a press conference today on the quadruple murder and suicide in Šibenik and Vodice on Saturday, January 30, 2021. The Chief of the Šibenik-Knin Police Administration, Ivica Kostanić, opened the conference by explaining the case's chronology.

Kalashnikov procured illegally

"At 12:56 pm, we received a report that a dead man was found in a Mercedes in Vodice. We found him with gunshot wounds. The ambulance informed us about three more dead people on the South Highway. It was determined that they had gunshot wounds. An arrest warrant has been issued for the perpetrator.

During the inspection at 18:22, we received a report that a vehicle had been seen in the Vodice area. The report was from the citizens, and I have to thank the citizens for their help. The suspect's body was dead in the vehicle.

We determined that he used a 7.62 caliber weapon, the Chinese version of the Kalashnikov. He killed three people near Šibenik and then drove towards Vodice in the car of the murdered 60-year-old. He parked in front of the store of the injured 47-year-old. When he came out, he fired shots at him from the same weapon. Then he drove the Škoda outside Vodice, got out of the vehicle two kilometers away, and killed himself with the same weapon.

In addition to that weapon, he possessed a pistol, a rifle with optics, and 302 pieces of ammunition. We have determined that the motives are of a business nature and related to the pre-bankruptcy procedure," said Kostanić.

He added that the perpetrator acquired and owned the Kalashnikov and all other weapons illegally, and they are now investigating how. Kostanić also denied the possibility that there was any indication that the killer would commit this crime because there was no farewell letter.

Motive of the murder – business relationship

"By reviewing the documentation and interviews, we determined that the motive for the crime was a business relationship between the suspect and the victims related to the bankruptcy proceedings against the suspect's company and the amount for which the suspect's real estate and movables were or should be sold," Kostanić said.

Bankruptcy proceedings are being studied. The criminal investigation continues in the establishing business relations and court proceedings at the Commercial Court in Zadar.

"These are all criminal offenses in the field of economic crime. Extensive documentation should be studied here, and, based on what we have established, we could fully explain the motive for the committed crime. The fact is that it was a business relationship and the consequences related to it," Kostanić said.

Suspect had his weapon confiscated earlier

The murder happened an hour after the three victims, and the killer met in a business meeting at a warehouse in Ražine. In Vodice, the killer came in front of the "Djelo" shopping center and waited for the fourth victim.

At the murder places near the warehouse in Ražine, the police found 16 shell casings of automatic weapons and 21 shell casings in the car of the 47-year-old. They found a CZ pistol and 125 pieces of ammunition, a silencer for an automatic rifle, and a knife in a holster in the vehicle of the person they presume to have killed.

In the Škoda, which was searched for on Saturday, the police found an automatic rifle with 28 rounds of ammunition and a hunting cartridge. In one of his houses, ammunition for a pistol, an air rifle with optics, and ammunition for a hunting rifle was found. Bankruptcy documentation was found in another house.

"Although he was a hunter, his weapon was illegal and was previously confiscated due to domestic violence. In 2009, the weapon was confiscated. In 2014 it was returned. However, in 2018, the weapon was confiscated again due to the threat to one person. No elements were identified then, but when the police entered the house, they found that the weapons were kept inconsistent with the law. And we filed a misdemeanor motion, and the proceedings were ongoing," the chief explained.

He added that the mentioned report for the threat had nothing to do with this event. It was about neighborly relations.

As TCN reported earlier, a 47-year-old businessman from Šibenik was killed in Vodice. A 42-year-old businessman, a 61-year-old bankruptcy trustee, and her 62-year-old husband were killed in Šibenik. The suspected 57-year-old businessman was found dead after the murder.

Source: Index