Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Lufthansa Munich-Zagreb Line Delayed Until May

January 12, 2022 - The latest flight news to Croatia as the Lufthansa Munich-Zagreb line is delayed until the beginning of May. 

Star Alliance group member Lufthansa has postponed the start of the Munich-Zagreb line until May this year, reports Croatian Aviation.

Although the flights were previously planned from the first day of the summer flight schedule (the beginning of April), Lufthansa has now extended the first flights on this route by a month to the beginning of May.

Namely, as of May 2, 2022, the Lufthansa Munich-Zagreb line, on which A319 aircraft has been announced, will depart before noon from Munich, with an early afternoon departure from Zagreb.

Croatian Aviation has learned that meetings will be held within the company in the coming days on the destination network from Munich.

As it is a feeding line, its traffic in the upcoming summer season will depend on long-haul or overseas lines from or to Munich.

If Lufthansa decides to keep most flights from its central hub, Frankfurt, flights between Munich and Zagreb will likely be canceled this summer as well.

The Croatian national airline, Croatia Airlines, also operates between Munich and Zagreb. By the end of January, as many as ten flights a week were announced on DashQ400 aircraft with a capacity of 76 seats. As Lufthansa and Croatia Airlines have signed a code-share agreement for this route, scheduled flights are available to passengers of both airlines.

Recall, Croatian Aviation reported that Lufthansa would increase the number of weekly rotations between Frankfurt and Rijeka in the upcoming summer flight schedule.

Lufthansa has operated a regular flight between Munich and Rijeka for many years. In 2021, Lufthansa also introduced a regular line between Frankfurt and Rijeka, which was also in operation every Saturday. 

Instead of one weekly flight, Lufthansa will operate twice a week between Frankfurt and Rijeka this year. The line should start working on Saturday, April 9, and the second weekly flight will be introduced on Wednesday, May 25. Flights on Wednesdays will run in the evening, and on Saturdays in the morning. This will give passengers to and from Kvarner more flexibility when planning a trip, which was practically impossible with one flight a week.

A320 aircraft with a capacity of 168 seats have been announced for the summer of 2022.

German Condor will also operate between Frankfurt and Rijeka in the upcoming summer season, once a week, also on Saturdays, between May 21 and September 24. Thus, Rijeka will be connected to this famous European hub with three flights a week.

Between Munich and Rijeka, Lufthansa should operate once a week this summer, and Croatia Airlines is expected to launch three-weekly flights on this route.

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Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Lufthansa Cancels All Flights from Munich to Zagreb, Croatia Airlines to Run Daily Service

March 3, 2021 - Despite the announcements, Lufthansa has canceled all flights from Munich to Zagreb this summer. 

Croatian Aviation reports that just two weeks ago, Lufthansa announced plans to fly to several destinations in Croatia in the summer flight schedule, including two routes to Zagreb, from Frankfurt and Munich.

Lufthansa suspended the Frankfurt - Zagreb route in March 2020, after the pandemic outbreak, and has not operated on it for a year. Under the current flight schedule, the airline was to resume traffic on this route with the start of the summer flight schedule effective March 28. But that will no longer happen. 

Lufthansa suspended traffic on the Munich - Zagreb route on December 1, and because Croatia Airlines has not operated on it for a long time, Zagreb Airport has been without a direct line with the Bavarian capital for 3 months.

Many Lufthansa lines from Munich are currently suspended, as the airline has decided to keep its wide network of destinations mainly from the hub in Frankfurt. Thus, a larger number of lines are available from that German city to keep Frankfurt's functionality as a big "hub."

Croatia Airlines has not yet confirmed its summer flight schedule. Still, in the current reservation calendar, it is possible to buy tickets for a direct flight between Zagreb and Munich from the first day of the summer flight schedule (March 28, 2021). Flights are available daily, in the morning or evening, depending on the date of travel, throughout the summer, which is a significant reduction in capacity and number of flights, given that Croatia Airlines had two daily flights on this route in the summer of 2019. If Croatia Airlines stays with the current schedule, it will have no competition on the route to Munich this summer, which is certainly good news for the Croatian carrier.

From Sunday, May 2, Croatia Airlines plans to re-establish the Rijeka - Munich route with three flights a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday), and the Dubrovnik - Munich route with two flights a week (Friday, Sunday). The Split - Munich line has been in operation since May 2020 and will continue to operate in the upcoming summer season.

Lufthansa also plans to connect Munich and Frankfurt with Croatia's coastal airports from the beginning of the summer flight schedule, which should be finalized in mid-March. However, there is still a great possibility of reductions.

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