Sunday, 9 February 2020

VIDEO: Fourth Episode of "Mondays with Mate" YouTube Show

The fourth episode of the already popular ''Mondays with Mate'' is now on YouTube.

Rimac Automobili, owned by beloved Croatian entrepreneur Mate Rimac from Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina, is one of the country's most incredible business stories and Rimac himself has had to be the one to school the country's politicians on how to attact investment from the automotive industry.

He's no stranger to YouTube, and even recently hired popular Russian YouTuber and car enthusiast Misha Charoudin, who is sure to be providing the talented Mate with video techniques and ideas.

As Goran Jungvirth/Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 9th of February, 2020, in the latest episode of ''Mondays with Mate'' YouTube show, Rimac Automobili's founder described the issues of making and operating batteries for the electric hyper cars his company produces.

''What makes Rimac's high-performance EV technology so unique that the other car manufacturers reach out to us for collaboration? In today's episode, Mate will elaborate on Rimac battery technology and answer your questions about future battery technologies,'' states the video's description.

"My parents told me that I was crazy about cars when I was a kid," he said of his obsession, which led him to the position of one of the most famous Croatian businessmen in the world, who managed to attract foreign investors to his company without any problems, with some massive names from the world of cars being linked closely with his company, Rimac Automobili.

In the video, he also explained why his company is just interesting to them, that is, their concept of development that is unique in approach.

Rimac also made his predictions about the development of batteries for electric vehicles in the future.

Watch Mondays with Mate below:

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