Tuesday, 4 October 2022

Mirela Kardasevic Sets New World Record in CNF Freediving Discipline

Mirela Kardasevic set a new world record at the World Cup in Kas, Turkey in the CNF freediving discipline (constant weight without fins) with a dive of 75 meters. 

Mirela Kardasevic set a new world record at the World Cup in Kas, Turkey in the CNF freediving discipline (constant weight without fins) with a dive of 75 meters. With this exceptionally great success, she became the first woman in history to win a gold medal and set a new world record at the depth and pool world championships. Mirela is one of the few divers who competes in the pool and in the deep, so this success is even bigger. 

“I did it! NEW WORLD RECORD CNF 75m ??‍♀️ (constant no fins) at Kas Baska World Cup? My first world record in depth (the hardest discipline by far), and let me tell you, the one I ve been waiting for the longest. It took me 5 years to finally achieve this result. The journey was hard. I had many failures and doubts. I was the "early turn" diver, but nevertheless, I never stopped working hard, I changed my approach, I started from the beginning this year regarding equalization, and I wasn’t afraid to take that risk. As I said in my previous post, sometimes we have to take that huge step back in order to understand and grow ?”, said Mirela Kardasevic in her latest Facebook post. 

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At the Free Diving Indoor World Championship that took place in Belgrade in June, Kardasevic set two new world records. In the DYNB (Dynamic With Bifins) discipline she won a gold and set a new record by swimming a distance of 250 meters, while in the DYN (Dynamic with Fins) event she covered a distance of 275 meters, winning another gold and setting another world record. 

Mirela has a total of 11 medals from the world championships in diving, of which four gold, four silver and three bronze medals, while she has two bronze medals from the European championships. It is interesting that the Croatian Diving Association did not include our most successful athlete in freediving in the national representation for the upcoming world championship. 

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Friday, 17 June 2022

Mirela Kardašević Wins Two Gold Medals and Sets New Diving World Record!

June 17, 2022 - Croatia's best diver, Mirela Kardašević, set two new world records at the World Pool Diving Championships from June 10 to 16 in Belgrade, winning two gold medals and one silver medal! 

On the first day of the World Championship, Mirela competed in the DNF (finless dynamics) where she dived 201 meters, a new world record! However, the Polish diver broke that record the same day and took the gold medal. In the DYNB discipline (dynamics with bifin fins) Mirela won a gold medal and set a new world record by diving 250 meters. In the last discipline, DYN (dynamics with monofin) she dived 275 meters which brought her another gold and another world record!

"The competition was very strong, the strongest so far, so these achievements are extremely great. All the effort, work, and great sacrifice paid off. I am still overwhelmed with emotions because this was the most successful World Championship for me so far. This success is a reflection of perseverance, healthy motivation, and great sacrifice. I would not have achieved this without my family and my sons, coach Ivan Drviš, DPS club, and Slaven Cubric. Every success is a team success and that is why I thank them all!" said Mirela Kardašević after winning her medals.

The Croatia diving national team is the most successful in Belgrade. Namely, Croatia won 6 medals at the World Championship, of which 3 were gold, 2 silver, and 1 bronze. Vanja Peleš won silver in the finless dynamics with a dive of 226 meters, Budimir Šobar won gold in the static discipline with 9 minutes and 12 seconds and Boris Milošić won bronze in the same discipline with 8 minutes and 2 seconds.

Mirela will now finally enjoy a short break, after which preparations for a new season and a new World Championship in October will begin! 

Mirela has been freediving since the summer of 2017. Until this competition, Mirela's achievements are 2x World Champion, 3x Vice-World Champion, 3x bronze medalist at the World Championship, 7x World Record Holder, 2x bronze medalist at the European Championship, and multiple Croatian national champion and record holder.

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Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Mirela Kardašević Sets New Freediving World Records!

April 5, 2022 - Last weekend, the Zagreb Open Championship in freediving was organized by DPS Zagreb and the Croatian Diving Association - and Croatia's best freediver Mirela Kardašević set two new world records!

On the first day of the competition, Croatia's best diver Mirela Kardašević broke the world record in the women's category of the DINBF discipline, diving 251.2 meters. She will remain recorded in freediving history as the first woman to touch the wall in the 250m in the same discipline, where the record is now 251m, up from 244m.


On the same day of the competition in the men's category, Polish freediver Mateusz Malina broke the world record in the same discipline and recorded a result of 282m. Vanja Peleš recorded an excellent result in finless dynamics and reached 208m, while Budimir Sobat took gold in statics where he held his breath for 8 minutes and 43 seconds.


On the second day of the competition, Mirela Kardašević broke another world record, this time in the discipline of dynamics with monofin (MONO), diving 272.70 meters. With this result, she broke the Polish record of 265 m and achieved a record in this discipline for the first time. Vanja Peleš also achieved an excellent result in the monofin discipline, where he won a gold medal with a result of 254.5m.


"I still do not believe I achieved this result. I am extremely pleased with how everything went, and I believe this is the best indicator for further preparations before the World Championships. As always, I take this opportunity to thank my coach Ivan Drviš, the DPS Zagreb club, my family, and sponsors who have supported me from the very beginning," said Mirela after setting the record.


This was the last competition and the last test before the World Championships held in June in Belgrade.

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Monday, 11 October 2021

Croatia's Kardašević Wins Bronze at Free Diving World Championship in Turkey

ZAGREB, 11 Oct 2021 - Croatian Mirela Kardašević clinched a bronze medal at the Free Diving World Championship in Kaş, Turkey, setting a new Croatian record.

In the free diving discipline CNF (constant weight without fins) with a 63-meter dive, she set the national record and won medals in both pool and depth world championships.

The CMAS 5th Free Diving World Championship Outdoor took place in Turkey from 30 September to 10 October.

"Bronze at a depth world championship is a great success for me since I have very little time for preparation for depth. I am one of the few divers competing both in the pool and outdoor, so the success I have achieved makes me very happy."

At the Free Diving World Championship that took place in Belgrade in June, Mirela Kardašević won three medals -- one gold and two silvers. This is her eighth medal from Free Diving World Championships (two golds, three silvers, and three bronzes), and she has two bronze medals from European championships. Mirela Kardašević also holds six world records.

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Monday, 28 June 2021

Croatian Free Divers Win Three Golds, Two Silvers at World Freediving Championship

ZAGREB, 28 June 2021 - The Croatian national freediving team won three gold medals and two silvers at the World Freediving Championship, held in Belgrade on June 21-27.

The most successful Croatian free diver was Mirela Kardašević, who won a gold medal in the Dynamic Without Fins (DNF) discipline, with a 191-metre swim, a silver in the Dynamic With Bifins (DYNB) discipline and a 232-metre swim, and another silver in the Dynamic With Monofin (DYN) discipline and a 256-metre swim. All the results are national records.

Male free diver Vitomir Maričić won a gold in the Dynamic With Fins, while another male free diver, Vanja Peleš, won a gold in the Dynamic Without Fins, with a 226-metre swim, setting a national record.

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