Thursday, 30 December 2021

300 New, 300 Old Tourist Board Directors in Croatia from January 1, 2022

December 30, 2021 - According to the latest information from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, 300 tourist board directors in Croatia will be replaced immediately after the New Year.

Namely, on January 1, 2022, the provision of the article of the new Law on Tourist Boards and the Promotion of Croatian Tourism, which was adopted in 2020, enters into force, reports

As learns, the current tourist board directors will not be fired; they do not lose their jobs, but they will have to find a new job within the tourist board if they have an indefinite contract.

In addition to the tourist board directors, a new director of the Croatian Tourist Board (CNTB) will be selected.

According to the new provision, directors are elected for four years, which has not been the case so far. Namely, their term lasted indefinitely, that is, until the tourist board confirmed the report at the end of the year.

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports told Index that on January 1, 2022, the provision of Article 22, paragraph 2 of the Tourist Board Act came into force. This provision met the legal requirements for announcing tenders to elect tourist board directors. 

"The election of tourist board directors terminates the office of the persons who held that office until the election of tourist board directors following Article 75 of the transitional provisions of the Act. However, the termination of the director's mandate does not mean the termination of the employment contract by force of law," Index learned about whether the current directors will be fired.

The provisions of the Labor Act and directors who have established an employment relationship for an indefinite period retain the rights from the employment relationship provided for in the employment contract.

"The employer is responsible for the correct application of the Labor Law, in this case, the tourist boards. Therefore, there is no unambiguous answer to the question of canceling or concluding fixed-term employment contracts in other jobs. Still, each employment relationship should be considered concerning the concluded contract," stated the Ministry for Index.

The decision on announcing the competition, and thus the deadlines, i.e., the time in which the directors will be elected, is said to be made by the Tourist Council.

"In the end, the tourist council of each tourist board chooses the best candidate and makes a decision," they added. 

When asked why this law was changed, according to which directors are now elected for four years, they answered that before the pandemic in 2019, they started reforming the legal framework aimed at sustainability and professionalization of the tourist board system, where the directors will have a term of four years.

"This ensures competitiveness and the ability to respond more quickly to the challenges facing destination management, which became especially evident last year. In addition, the sustainable development of tourism that we want requires specific knowledge, which includes the environmental aspect and response to climate change, digitalization, and perhaps most important of all, social sustainability and a better life for the local population," the Ministry said.

The current Tourist Board directors oppose this provision.

Index thus received an e-mail with a letter by lawyer Boris Ivančić, who the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board hired.

In a letter sent to all directors of Split-Dalmatia County tourist boards, lawyer Ivančić wrote about the problem with the new law.

"Namely, although there is no obstacle to the appointment of a new director of each tourist board, we are convinced that they, although they can be elected under this regulation, cannot take over the duties they should perform by law, all because the Ministry did not regulate the issue of termination of office of previous directors (appointed, following the law, indefinitely), as a result of which each tourist board, which would decide to elect a new director through a tender, is threatened with significant property, but also functional damage," reads the letter.

The lawyer further states that for this purpose, he explicitly suggests stopping all procedures for electing directors following the provisions of the new Law until the issue of dismissal of current directors is defined with the Ministry.

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Saturday, 27 November 2021

Wine Roads of Jastrebarsko, Samobor, Sv. Ivan Zelina Presented through New Website

27 Nov 2021 - Central Croatia is rightfully getting more and more acclaim as a top-notch travel destination. This is especially true when it comes to its offer of food and wine. Another step in the right direction is the unveiling of the new project Gourmet Tourism – GoWine.

There are numerous attractive towns, villages, and micro-regions around the Croatian capital Zagreb. Some of them are well known among Croatians, most of them unfairly neglected by international travellers. However, things are changing at a rapid pace and we are seeing an increase in promotional actions uncovering the wonders of Central Croatia. The Gourmet Tourism project is a joint effort by tourism boards of three towns: Sv. Ivan Zelina, Jastrebarsko, and Samobor and aims at promoting the food and wine offer in these three areas. This project is backed by the Zagreb County Tourism Board and authorised by the Croatian Ministry of Tourism and Sports.

Increasing visibility of Jastrebarsko, Samobor, and Sv. Ivan Zelina

The primary goal of the project is to communicate a local offer of authentic food and wine more clearly and efficiently by creating interactive and printed maps, a promotional website (, WebVR app, as well as to give the project its own recognisable visual identity. The most attractive parts of all these three areas covered in the project are their wine roads. Using stylised maps, the users will now have an easy time navigating them. The locations of numerous local wineries and countryside estates offering quality, authentic bites and sips are now there for all to find and enjoy. With plenty to explore in the area, the creators of the maps had their hands full at selecting those local businesses that will represent the area well.


The presentation of the project itself took place at the beautiful Mirnovec Ethno Farm. While there was plenty of information to go through, representatives of the three tourism boards and their associates kept the protocol dynamic and interesting. With plenty of mouth-watering local food and delicious wine, all gathered members of the press were able to taste for themselves exactly what wonders lie in the vicinity of Zagreb. Well-known names of the Croatian food and wine scene: Mr. Bakalovic, Mr. Spicek, and Mr. Spiranec created a lunch menu perfect for showcasing the finest this region has to offer. 

So, next time you get a chance, make sure to explore the areas of Jastrebarsko, Samobor, and Sv. Ivan Zelina. With and all the local information one click away, you now officially have no excuse not to do so. Just make sure you go hungry and thirsty.

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Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Croatian Tourism Month Launches in October to Extend Tourist Season

September 8, 2021 - Croatian Tourism Month will be held this October to replace last year's first-ever Vacation-Worthy Week campaign.

On the Croatian Radio 1 - Business Week show, the Minister of Tourism and Sports Nikolina Brnjac announced that to extend this tourist year, in which Croatia reached 60% of tourist traffic realized in 2019 on August 28, last year's Vacation-Worthy Week campaign will now to be carried out throughout the month of October, under the name Croatian Tourism Month, reports HRTurizam.

"On this occasion, I invite all stakeholders in the tourism system to get involved in this action to achieve the best possible postseason. Good results this season are the result of systematic work and planning of all departments of the Croatian Government since the beginning of the year. Thanks to the synergy of the tourism sector, Croatia has been recognized this year as a destination that has taken all measures to create the preconditions for a safe environment," said Brnjac.

The first "Vacation-Worthy Week," a joint project of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and the Croatian National Tourist Board, took place from October 16 to 25 last year.

In the promotional week, citizens were able to take advantage of a total of 424 offers and services from all parts of Croatia at 50 percent better prices.

Although due to the specific situation in which the action was carried out, following the coronavirus pandemic, it was difficult to assess how successful the campaign was. 

Among the numerous tourist entities, national parks and nature parks took part in the action, which was in the special focus of visitors. Thus, Plitvice Lakes National Park, which offered tickets to all visitors at an affordable price of 50 kuna, was visited by almost 30,000 guests in ten days.

Krka National Park, which 2,700 tourists visited in the promotional week, also recorded good results, while the Northern Velebit National Park sold more than 500 tickets in the same period. 

The Croatian National Tourist Board pointed out that the Vacation-Worthy Week website attracted more than 150,000 unique visitors, who spent an average of three minutes researching the offers. At the same time, they mostly reviewed offers from the city of Zagreb and Split-Dalmatia, Primorje-Gorski Kotar, and Istria counties.

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Saturday, 10 July 2021

Minister Brnjac Asks Not to Neglect the Favorable Epidemiological Situation

July 10, 2021 - From the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Minister Brnjac joins other government authorities who ask the population to be responsible and careful in the current favorable epidemiological situation.

Večernji list reports that as announced on Saturday by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Minister Nikolina Brnjac held a meeting in Dubrovnik yesterday with representatives of regional and local self-government and representatives of the tourism sector on the county report on the implementation of measures in the tourism sector to make the tourist season more successful and safe.

The importance of vaccination was emphasized at the meeting in order to maintain a favorable epidemiological situation. Namely, in the city of Dubrovnik, about 75 percent of tourist workers have been vaccinated so far. Additional activities were also discussed, as well as current measures at the county level and restrictions on holding various events.

"We have before us the striking weekends of this summer season where the largest number of tourists awaits us and the period when we need to be even more careful and responsible in order to maintain a favorable epidemiological situation," said Minister Brnjac.

According to her, the measures implemented so far have contributed to additional interest and the establishment of numerous airlines in Dubrovnik and have enabled the Dubrovnik-Neretva County to have significantly better tourist results in this part of the year, ie almost 70 percent more overnight stays than at the same time last year.

''But we are just at the beginning, it is up to all of us to continue to maintain these trends to ensure a successful future for tourism'', added Brnjac.

Brnjac pointed out that the Government of the Republic of Croatia will continue with measures to help the affected sectors, including tourism, referring to the Public Call of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports for support to travel agencies and travel organizers, for which HRK 36 million has been provided.

According to data from the eVisitor system, Dubrovnik-Neretva County has been visited by 187,000 tourists since the beginning of the year, who realized 894,000 overnight stays, which is an increase of 47 percent in arrivals and 68 percent in overnight stays compared to the same period last year.

Guests from Poland (125,000) and Slovenia (87,000) spent the most nights. Tourism is of great importance for the Dubrovnik-Neretva County and when it comes to its impact on the entire economic county, and especially the city of Dubrovnik.

Namely, according to the data of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) from 2019, in the city of Dubrovnik, the direct contribution of tourism to GDP is 17.8 percent, with 95 percent of total consumption being foreign tourists.

In addition to Minister Brnjac, the meeting was attended by Dubrovnik-Neretva County Prefect Nikola Dobroslavić, Dubrovnik Deputy Mayor Jelka Tepšić, Dubrovnik-Neretva County Civil Protection Headquarters Director Joško Cebal, County Public Health Institute Director Mato Lakić, County Tourist Board Director Vladimir Bakić and director of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board Ana Hrnić, director of Dubrovnik Airport Frano Luetić, member of the board of Adriatic Luxury Hotels Antun Jakobušić, director of Hotel Valamar Lacroma Vlaho Sabljić and director of Hotel Aminess Lume Žarko Pecotić.

During her stay in Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Minister Brnjac will today participate in the fourteenth annual international conference Dubrovnik Forum entitled "(Post) -Pandemic Geopolitics - Together in a World Apart" and in the opening ceremony of the 72nd Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

Of 4,105 tests performed for coronavirus in Croatia in the last 24 hours, 110 or 2.7% have turned out to be positive, the national COVID-19 crisis management team stated on Thursday.

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Monday, 1 February 2021

Tourism Ministry Announces Campaign for 'Safe Stay in Croatia' Label

February 1, 2021 – The Ministry of Tourism and Sport will launch a campaign for the "Safe Stay in Croatia" label in mid-February, which will show tourists that Croatia applies health and safety protocols during the coronavirus pandemic.

After announcing that the Ministry was preparing a "Safe travel" label for the upcoming tourist season, Minister of Tourism and Sports Nikolina Brnjac confirmed today that they would start the campaign in mid-February.

Tourism must show adaptability and responsibility

As Hina reports, apart from tourist entities for which this label is intended, airlines, gas stations, various tourist facilities, cultural and natural attractions will also use it. The protocols will be harmonized with the recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health (HZJZ). It will also include a sticker with a QR code that can be displayed in a visible place. As part of the promotion, a special website will also be launched.

The Ministry will assign and keep the labels free of charge and monitor their application with associations.

"In addition to the application of these protocols, important preconditions for achieving tourist results are a favorable epidemiological situation, a sufficient level of vaccination, and the perception of destination security. Croatia was recognized for that last year. We will continue to work on it in 2021. Due to the pandemic, the tourism sector will again have to show creativity, adaptability, responsibility, and cooperation," said the Minister.

Adherence to global standardized health protocols

Noting that the introduction of these labels is an important wheel in branding Croatia as a safe destination, the Minister expects that by Easter, it will contribute to the promotion, recalling that it is essential to continue to adhere to epidemiological recommendations and measures.



Source: Pixabay

The labels are a national upgrade of last year's "Safe Travel" labels of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) to make it easier to identify destinations and companies that adhere to global standardized health and hygiene protocols. The Croatian Ministry of Tourism and Sport immediately got involved. Harmonization of safety protocols for restaurants, hotels, family farms, holiday homes, beaches, marinas, boats, travel agencies, rent-a-car, tourist guides was one of the first tasks of the Council for the Repair and Development of Tourism.

Slow vaccine distribution not in favor of tourism trends

Minister Brnjac said that the vaccine is excellent news for tourism. Vaccination of tourism workers, for which about 70 percent of them are interested in Croatia, will play an important role in tourism promotion and results.

She says the slow distribution of vaccines and vaccinations, the new strain of the virus, and the growing number of infections in Europe and the world, are not in favor of tourism trends. It is necessary to open borders and overcome the psychological barrier of fear to travel again. It is encouraging that the EU insists on an agreement on the quantity and dynamics of vaccine delivery.

"We hope that in Croatia, as in other EU member states, a good initial vaccination rate will continue. Given the current situation with the vaccine at the EU level, Croatia's position is to insist on talks with pharmaceutical companies on the agreed quantity and dynamics of vaccine delivery," adds Brnjac.

Among other things, Croatia is in contact with representatives of other EU member states. At the moment, all EU member states want to speed up vaccination.


Source: Pixabay

Regarding the introduction of measures for tourist arrivals and border crossings, the Minister recalls that EU leaders agreed to work on a standardized form of evidence of vaccination in compliance with EU data protection regulations. This certificate would, for the time being, be used exclusively for medical purposes.

"For crossing Croatia's border, a negative PCR test result not older than 48 hours should be presented, or PCR testing should be performed immediately upon arrival (at one's own expense), with the obligation of self-isolation until a negative result. If it is impossible to test, a self-isolation measure will last for ten days. Further measures will be subject to the course of the epidemiological situation in Croatia, but also specific markets," said the Minister.

Croatia recommended destination for 2021

In the current situation, the Minister considers it's good that the people from foreign markets are eager to travel. It's even better that Croatia is mentioned as a desirable destination, thanks to the proximity to many markets and good transport links, especially road.

"This year, we expect a distinct 'last-minute' demand and demand for safe, fast, and easily accessible destinations, as well as accommodation that provides additional security such as holiday homes, on boats, in camps, and staying outdoors in nature. There are expectations from domestic tourists, who can be a driver of tourism, as well as from the cooperation with the European Association of Travel Agencies and Tour Operators (ECTAA), according to which Croatia in 2021 has the status of a selected and recommended destination," says the Minister.

She believes that a favorable epidemiological situation will be maintained in Croatia with the adherence to the measures. The tourism sector is ready to prove its responsibility and provide a safe stay this year as well. Through cooperation, knowledge, and experience, Croatia will continue to position itself as a desirable destination for foreign and domestic tourists.

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Friday, 29 January 2021

Conflict of Interest Commission Launches Proceedings Against Brnjac

ZAGREB, 29 January, 2021 - The Conflict of Interest Commission on Friday launched proceedings against Tourism and Sport Minister Nikolina Brnjac for her failure to declare a speed boat her husband owns in her Declaration of Assets in a timely fashion.

The complaint notes that Brnjac and her husband obtained a valuable asset without a loan and failed to declare the Jeanneau Leader 805 speed boat registered in her husband's name on her Declaration of Assets.

The applicant of the complaint claimed that Brnjac's husband only declared a small vessel while failing to declare the new vessel purchased in 2018 that is valued at €85,000.

In an explanation to the commission Minister Brnjac presented a sales contract noting that she had omitted to note that the proceeds from selling the smaller vessel went to purchase the new boat.

The commission confirmed that in 2019 Brnjac reported the new vessel in her Declaration of Assets, which meant her declaration had not been adjusted to the real state of affairs for a year and a half.

Brnjac added that she did not intentionally fail to declare the vessel as she did not consider it necessary to declare the new vessel as its value was the same as the vessel sold.

Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Tourism Ministry Readying 'Safe Travel' Labels for 2021 Croatian Tourist Season

January 19, 2021 - The Croatian Tourism Ministry will award 'Safe Travel' labels to hotels and tourist facilities ahead of the 2021 Croatian tourist season.

Unlike some countries, such as Greece, Hungary, and Estonia, which have announced the introduction of COVID passports for tourists intending to visit, the Croatian Tourism Ministry has taken the view that "the COVID passport system has not been developed at the EU level" and that they will await the decision from the EU, reports Jutarnji List.

It can be learned unofficially that Croatia is not in favor of introducing COVID passports at the moment and that this will be its starting position at a virtual meeting next Thursday, at which EU heads of state or government will discuss this topic.

COVID-passport is a colloquial name for a vaccination certificate, i.e., a certificate that a person has vaccinated against coronavirus, which in some EU countries could replace rigorous measures when crossing the border, like presenting a negative PCR test or quarantine. In other words, a vaccinated tourist who has this certificate (COVID-passport) with them could enter the country without hindrance.

The idea was first put forward publicly by Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who believes it will help kick-start the recovery of the tourism and travel industry. According to the draft of the new law, France envisages the introduction of 'green passports' for people who have been vaccinated. The draft law also states that those who cannot prove they are negative for COVID-19 or have not been vaccinated are "banned from certain activities and access to public transport, restaurants, cultural institutions, and other public places." Spain has also been announced that the authorities there will register their citizens who refuse to be vaccinated and share it with other EU countries.

The idea is controversial from a legal point of view because, in most countries, vaccination cannot be mandatory. On the other hand, there must be no discrimination in the rights of freedom of movement. Another problem will be that citizens still cannot decide for themselves when they will be vaccinated because there will not be enough vaccines for at least a few more months for everyone to be vaccinated.

"To introduce such a restrictive measure in Croatia, it should be acknowledged that the situation is so serious - extraordinary - that it requires quite extraordinary human rights restrictions. Since such a thing is uncommon, we would have to be in a state of a great natural disaster (Article 17 of the Constitution), so the introduction of such a measure would have to be decided by Parliament by a two-thirds majority of all deputies. Or, in other words, as long as the government claims that we have a regular state of constitutional law (Article 16 of the Constitution), this type of restriction cannot be introduced, which represents a kind of coercion," explains Djordje Gardasevic from the Department of Constitutional Law at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb.

While an agreement is awaited in Brussels, the Croatian Tourism Ministry is preparing a list of hotels and tourist facilities that will be awarded the 'Safe Travel' label as proof that they are safe for guests because they respect epidemiological protocols. In about twenty days, the Ministry will start a campaign, 'Safe stay in Croatia,' and will award these labels.

"Safety protocols are being prepared for accommodation and catering facilities, including for nautical tourism, and the label will be harmonized with the recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health, which are currently in force. The labels will be awarded at the beginning of February, and the Ministry of Tourism and Sport will keep records of entities with national labels and conduct ad hoc checks on compliance with the measures," reads the official response of the Ministry of Tourism.

At the end of last summer, Croatia became one of the countries that received the WTTC seal for safe travel, created by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC). The 'Safe Travel' trademark was designed to enable travelers to identify destinations and companies worldwide that have adopted global standardized health and hygiene protocols. In a way, it is a guarantee to tourists that they will stay in a facility that adheres to coronavirus control protocols.

"We will have two types of Safe Travel labels - WTTC and national - and the application of safety protocols and achieving the required level of vaccinating tourism workers and the entire population will contribute to strengthening Croatia as a desirable and safe tourist destination, where guest safety comes first," explained Ivana Crnić, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Tourism and Sport.

"The list will include hotels, marinas, family farms, private accommodation, even airports, and ferries. After all, we have already proven to be a safe destination because no tourists became infected in hotels in Croatia in the summer of 2020," said Crnić.

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Saturday, 12 December 2020

Ministry of Tourism and Sport Holds First Meeting on Croatia's Recovery and Development of Tourism for 2021

December 11, 2020 - The first meeting of the Council for Croatia's Recovery and Development of Tourism, the 2021 tourist year, and improving the tourist offer was held at the Ministry of Tourism and Sport. 

HRTurizam reports that the recently established council brings together key representatives of the tourism and travel sector, including associations of large and small hoteliers, camps, agencies, marinas, caterers, family accommodation, unions, carriers, and others.

The meeting participants agreed that health is in the first place and that by respecting the measures, we can contribute to the faster normalization of tourist activities. The meeting also discussed short-term recovery measures, preparation for the next tourist year, and things important for the tourism sector. Also, it appealed to hoteliers celebrating the New Year to adhere to the measures of the Headquarters. They assessed the Government of the Republic of Croatia's compensatory measures to preserve the economy and jobs as satisfactory, with the expectation that they will continue.

"Cooperation is now needed more than ever before as the tourism sector is one of the most affected by the pandemic," Brnjac said, adding that the full potential of European funds was being used to enable the tourism sector to grow further on a sound footing.

The Council members presented their views on the situation and constructive proposals to improve the tourist offer further. They expressed satisfaction with this model of work, believing that open cooperation guarantees quality solutions. Minister Brnjac once again called on them for cooperation and openness and for better interconnection to create quality tourist products, raise the competitiveness of Croatian destinations and announced further activities of the Ministry in which they will be involved.

New Year's Eve will not be possible in hotel and catering facilities following the measures and the current epidemiological situation.

"At today's meeting, we touched on key topics related to short-term measures for the recovery of Croatian tourism, with an emphasis on the hotel industry, as well as preparations for the 2021 tourist year. I must say that at this moment, the most important thing for all of us is to stay healthy and to stay focused until the end of this challenging year, thinking that our health is still in the first place. For us all to start preparing for next year as soon as possible, I appeal to my fellow hoteliers to take all the Civil Protection Headquarters' prescribed measures very seriously and not to try to interpret those measures as would suit us. Unfortunately, the situation is such that it does not suit anyone, but the most important thing is to stay healthy. Organizing New Year's Eve and other celebrations prescribed by the Headquarters is not allowed to be organized. I believe that we are all aware that we must spend these holidays in peace and health," pointed out Josipa Jutt Ferlan, president of the HGK Hoteliers Association.

Eduard Andrić, President of the Trade Union of Tourism and Services of Croatia and the Social Council for Tourism, pointed out that the meeting was good with open topics.

"My goal as a representative of the Trade Union and workers is for the Government to decide by Christmas at the latest whether the subsidies for workers go further, i.e., by Easter. This is the only condition for workers and employers to welcome the next season without any problems. Workers who are dissatisfied at the moment because most of them receive only support provided by the Government, will be in a position next year to return to their salaries agreed in collective agreements by the tourist season," said Andrić, adding that the goal is to stay healthy, which is why it is better, both for guests and workers, not to hold New Year's Eve.

"At today's meeting, we presented our proposals on the topic of recovery and resilience in the short term and preparation for the 2021 season, which aims to ensure quality service to all guests who will come to Croatia. We hope that the measures to preserve jobs will remain in force, at least until April, and we are pleased that the new liquidity loans will ensure better accessibility to small and family hotels. We are sure that with all the adopted measures and those planned, we will welcome guests in Croatia with a quality workforce and service. As for the topic of holding New Year's Eve in hotels, I think that most, or no one is even thinking about it, given that the measures that have been adopted in no way allow any celebration over 20 people or pouring alcohol. So, at the moment, the measures do not provide any possibilities for New Year's Eve, so I am surprised that some are advertising New Year's Eve, which will certainly not be able to happen,"  said Sime Klaric, president of the National Association of Family and Small Hotels.

"The conclusion of the first meetings goes in the direction of cooperation, openness, and a stronger focus on the domestic guest as well as on the importance of uniform security protocols, which are being prepared," concluded Minister Brnjac.

Associations in tourism and related activities that participated in the meetings were: Croatian Association for Tourism and Rural Development "Village Members Club", Croatian Rural Tourism Association, Family Tourism Association HGK, Adventure Tourism Association HGK, Cultural Tourism Association HGK, Croatian Holiday and Hostel association, Association of Hostels of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Family and Small Hotels, Association of Hoteliers of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Group of unique luxury hotels HGK, Croatian Tourism and Services Union, Health Tourism Association HGK, Croatian Employers' Association, Business Tourism Association HGK, Croatian Tourism Association, KUH, Croatian Hotel Employers Association, Association of Catering Activities of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Caterers, Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts - Guild of Caterers and Tourist Workers, Association of Voices of Entrepreneurs, Association of Croatian Travel Agencies, Association of Travel Agencies HGK, Association of Croatian Tourist Guides, Association of marinas HGK, Association of boat accommodation providers - charter HGK, Association of tourist shipping companies HGK, River tourism association HGK and Diving tourism association HGK.

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Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Vacation-Worthy Week Campaign Ends, National Tourist Board Satisfied with First Results

October 28, 2020 - The first Vacation-Worthy Week campaign by the Ministry of Tourism and Sport and the Croatian National Tourist Board, which took place from October 16 to 25, has come to an end. 

HRTurizam reports that during the promotional week, citizens could take advantage of a total of 424 offers and services from all parts of Croatia at 50 percent cheaper prices. 

Although, due to the specific situation in which the action was carried out, per the coronavirus epidemic, it is difficult to assess its success. The current epidemiological situation is certainly not conducive to tourism, so it isn't easy to have real data on any action, including this one. However, the CNTB points out that they are satisfied with the results of the action.

Currently, there is no analysis or assessment of how much the action generated in total visits and tourist spending. Still, the CNTB points out data from individual tourist entities and data from the action's website.

Among numerous tourist entities, national parks and nature parks took part in the action, which was in the special focus of visitors. Thus, Plitvice Lakes National Park, which offered tickets to all visitors at an affordable price of 50 kuna, was visited by almost 30,000 guests in ten days.

Krka National Park, which was visited by 2,700 tourists in the promotional week, also recorded good results, while Northern Velebit National Park sold more than 500 tickets in the same period. At Biokovo Nature Park, they are delighted with the results achieved, as more than 3,000 tickets were sold as part of the campaign, and most of the guests visited the newest Skywalk tourist attraction. Excellent results were also achieved by the freshwater aquarium Karlovac - Aquatika, which recorded 1,500 visitors, or three times more than the usual number of visitors at this time of year.

The CNTB points out that the campaign's website attracted more than 150,000 unique visitors, who spent an average of three minutes studying the offers. They mostly reviewed offers from  ​​the city of Zagreb and Split-Dalmatia, Primorje-Gorski Kotar, and Istria counties.

"I thank everyone who joined the Vacation-Worthy Week campaign, tourist entities with a large number of offers, but also all tourists who confirmed their reservations and participated in the research of cultural, natural, gastronomic, and other riches of Croatia. I am pleased with the tremendous response of visitors to nature parks and national parks, which shows that we all want to stay in the fresh air, be physically active, but also that such offers are valuable," said Minister of Tourism and Sport Nikolina Brnjac.

"We are satisfied with the excellent response of tourist entities and citizens who supported the first campaign. I want to thank the providers of tourism services who made their offers and services part of our project, and I would also like to thank all the citizens who took the opportunity to get to know Croatia better through this action. We are aware of the challenging moment in which the project was launched. Still, numerous positive reactions testify to its success," said the director of the Croatian National Tourist Board Kristjan Stanicic.

The CNTB adds that the action will be carried out twice a year in the coming years, in spring and autumn, to strengthen domestic tourist traffic in the pre- and post-season.

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Friday, 16 October 2020

Vacation-Worthy Week Campaign Begins: 400 Offers in Croatia for 50% Off

October 16, 2020 - Tourist services and experiences within the Vacation-Worthy Week campaign of the Ministry of Tourism and Sport and the Croatian National Tourist Board begins today until October 25. Travelers can enjoy a minimum of 50% off!

Thus, HRTurizam reports that all Croatian citizens and foreign guests in Croatia in that period can experience about 400 different tourist services in all parts of Croatia at promotional prices, which can be found on the official website

As we know, the project's goal is to increase tourist traffic in the pre- and post-season periods, as well as the further development of domestic tourism. Through this action, tourists will have the opportunity to visit different parts of Croatia with a 50% discount for many tourist products and services, from accommodation, transportation, cultural, historical, natural sights and tourist attractions to catering services and various experiences.

"I am glad that we have decided to launch this completely new project in times of crisis, in the days when we all need to move away from the news and enjoy nature with our loved ones. I hope that this week will arouse optimism in all of us and the will to get to know the whole of Croatia better and that we will truly enjoy the charms of the off-season in several destinations, with numerous benefits. With projects like this, we open the way and promote the offers and services of tourist entities and small entrepreneurs, family farms, farmers, caterers, craftspeople, and all other valuable people who are the foundation of the success of Croatian tourism. Thanks to the excellent response of providers and all tourists who have already confirmed their reservations, I am sure that this week will be the first of many. Let this week be a worthwhile holiday for you," said the Minister of Tourism and Sport Nikolina Brnjac.

"We note the excellent response of many tourism service providers involved in this action, without which a worthwhile holiday would not be possible, and we are pleased with the information that many tourism entities have already sold out their offers and services. I invite as many domestic guests as possible to take this opportunity and discover Croatia at much better prices, of course, adhering to all prescribed epidemiological measures. We are pleased that, despite this demanding moment, we have launched this project, which will continue in the coming years," said the director of the Croatian National Tourist Board Kristjan Stanicic.

Numerous national parks and nature parks are participating in the project, including the Mljet National Park, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary, offering half-off ticket prices, and Plitvice Lakes National Park, whose director Tomislav Kovačević emphasized that this year the park is celebrating the 71st anniversary of the proclamation of Plitvice Lakes as a National Park and the 41st anniversary on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

"To celebrate our 41st birthday with our visitors, we are participating in this project with much better ticket prices and more favorable menus in the restaurants Jezero, Poljana, and Korana. We are proud to be a part of this story; we invite everyone to visit us and see why millions of tourists from all over the world have come to Plitvice Lakes National Park in recent years," said Kovacevic.

Otherwise, the action will be organized twice a year, during the Easter holidays and in October.

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