Saturday, 10 September 2022

World War Two Anti-Tank Mines Discovered on Rab Island

September the 10th, 2022 - Fascinating anti-tank mines from back during the Second World War have been discovered on the popular Rab island in Northern Dalmatia.

As Morski writes, ever since the beginning of September 2022, the police have registered three voluntary surrenders of dangerous explosive devices by people from the areas of Crikvenica, Gorski kotar and Rijeka. Those individuals handed over one gun, a hand grenade and 31 pieces of different ammunition.

Over the aforementioned days, a German-made anti-tank mine from the Second World War was also found on Rab island. All the explosives discovered were handed in and dealt with by employees of the Rijeka Anti-Explosion Unit and will be disposed of safely and according to the strict rules of the profession.

The police would like to thank the conscientious citizens who joined the "Less weapons, fewer tragedies" campaign, which enabled the voluntary surrender of all types of weapons and explosives without any misdemeanor or criminal sanctions being imposed on anyone.

We'd also like to ask other citizens who still own unregistered explosive devices to hand them over to the police without fear of being sanctioned or punished in any way, and we particularly urge that such dangerous devices are not left out in open spaces in nature or at waste disposal sites, as this greatly endangers the safety of other people.

We'd also like to ask citizens not to touch or bring their explosive devices to the police station themselves, in order to prevent their activation and unwanted injuries, but to instead report the explosives to the police via the number 192. After that, authorised police officers will come and those explosives will then be taken safely away, the police explained.

Detailed information on the implementation of this action, as well as the handing over of weapons and other explosive devices, can be obtained by calling the free phone line 0800 88 92.

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Saturday, 16 April 2022

Istrian Police Remove Explosive Near Vrsar Following Fisherman's Call

April the 16th, 2022 - Istrian police have pulled an explosive device from the sea close to Vrsar after a fisherman checking his catch net alterted them to its presence below the surface.

As Morski writes, on April the 12th, Istrian police officers removed 200 pieces of small ammunition from the port of Stinjan, while not long after, in the Port of Vrsar, they acted on the report of a fisherman who found explosive devices while raising his catch net. An explosion protection officer was sent to the scene and determined that they were two artillery shells, he then seized them for their proper and safe destruction.

As for the people who voluntarily handed over their weapons to the Istrian police recently, in the area of ​Zminj, while cleaning the house of someone who had passed away, one citizen came across an automatic rifle with a magazine, 285 pieces of various types of ammunition and six shell casings. In the City of Pula, someone found a hand grenade from World War II while cleaning out their yard, while in Pazin, a woman handed over an air rifle to the Istrian police force.

The Istrian Police Administration continues to call on people living across Istria County to make their lives safer and to get rid of any weapons they have without facing any punishment or sanctions.

All people who illegally possess weapons, ammunition or mines and explosives can call their nearest police station completely anonymously in order to hand over or disable such means without facing any further legal action. No misdemeanor or criminal proceedings shall be instituted against those persons who voluntarily surrender such weapons or other means, if they surrender their weapons themselves, before the police begin to conduct reconnaissance operations.

It is also important to emphasize that people must not bring these weapons in person to the police station or administrations, in order to avoid their activation and unwanted injury, but to inform the police by calling the number 192, after which professional and trained police officers will come to your home to collect these weapons.

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