Saturday, 6 April 2019

World's Biggest Welcome in Croatia: Day 11 - Njivice to Martinšćica (Kayak, Bike)

April 6, 2019 - Putting Croatian adventure tourism on the map, with the biggest welcome in the world. Day 11 of this incredible 2011 adrenaline trip covering 2,500 km along the Croatian coast. 

The World's Biggest Welcome, an ambitious adventure tourism project in 2011 in Croatia enters Day 11 of this 2019 appreciation of one of the finest tourism promotion projects ever in Croatia.  

The plan? To showcase the diversity and fabulous offer of adventure tourism in Croatia by following a GPS route the length of the Croatian coast in the shape of the word 'Welcome' - thereby creating the biggest welcome in the world from a hospitable tourism country. 


Day 11 moved on kayak and bicycle from Nijvice to Martinšćica.

Screenshot 2019-04-06 at 08.26.11.png

61 kilometres for the day: 31 km by kayak from Njivice to Merag, followed by 30 km bike ride from Merag to Martinšćica to continue forming the ‘E’ in ‘Welcome’.

Unlike the rest of the days of the journey, Day 11 saw only a few photos taken by photographer Luka Tambača.



One of which was on the ferry to Cres from Krk. Lacko wrote that there were even some tourists from Germany traveling as well. 


And another of them napping on a bench on the island of Cres with the caption “We were so tired that day.” Understandable. 


But then a bike race on Cres to wake them up.


A stellar photo with a view on both Cres and Krk from the old path above the village of Merag.



And Lubenice.


Lubenice in bloom, too.


They even fed hens with grass there.


Lubenice in all of its glory.

A key part of the project was promoting tourism, and the official website has details of the key places visited during the day. 

Screenshot 2019-04-06 at 08.38.59.png

Lubenice was the one landmark they did visit on this part of the journey, which is an ancient fort city on the island of Cres, exactly opposite Valun.

You can see the entire project on the Welcome website, as well as much more of Luka Tambaca's stunning photography on the Welcome Facebook page

Tune in tomorrow for Day 12, as Lacko moves by kayak, foot, and bicycle from Martinšćica to Mali Lošinj. 

To follow the whole project from the start, follow the dedicated TCN page