Thursday, 6 February 2020

Croatia EU Ambassador: 'Good Riddance' UK Becomes English School Billboard

“Good Riddance, UK!” After Irena Andrassy, Croatian ambassador to the EU, delivered her side-splitting parting statement to the UK; one English language school in Zagreb, Croatia used the ambassador’s English language fail to their advantage. She emitted the Freudian slip (?) while chairing the last meeting between the envoy of the United Kingdom and the European Union.

‘Good Riddance’ Becomes Croatia Ad Campaign

To widespread amusement, Andrassy told British Ambassador to the European Union Tim Barrow "Thank you, goodbye, and good riddance" which means "Thank you, goodbye, good to be rid of you", according to JutarnjiList on February 6, 2020.

The Američki institut (American Institute), a private English language school based in Zagreb, ​posted a photo of the new jumbo roadside billboard promoting the ambassador’s gaffe. The poster says: “Good riddance", and attributes those apparent no love lost parting words to the Croatian ambassador. The American Institute logo and message follow below along with the slogan: “Rid yourself of bad English”.

"Tree tousand young people" | Irena Andrassy

Croatia Ambassador Scrambles for Control of Runaway Gaffe

The Brexiting British and English speakers around the globe have enjoyed many laughs at Ambassador Andrassy's expense. After realizing the joke was on her, she rapidly responded in a Twitter post implying that her apparent gaffe was intentional, but that she was only kidding.

This isn’t the first time the American Institute has used the poor English skills of celebrities for its advertising campaigns. In 2017, the language school advertised English lessons with a photo of Melanie Trump on a roadside billboard: “Just imagine how far you can go with a little bit of English.”


First Lady Dispatched Legal Team to Threaten Language School

The First Lady of the United States was displeased with this representation of her considerable accomplishments and command of the English language. Through her legal team, the she demanded that the school remove the billboards within 24 hours or face severe legal consequences. The American Institute bowed to the demands of Trump's powerful legal team. However, because they had already leased the advertising space, they replaced the poster with another clever billboard; this time without Melania’s image.

On their Facebook page, the American Institute posted a photo of a new billboard with the caption “Take 2": “Invest in your English and billboards. People love a good billboard,” the new billboard sign advised.


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Thursday, 14 November 2019

Croatian Singer to Melania Trump: Come Back to Balkans!

Melania Trump is the inspiration for Croatian singer Miki Solus' new single “Melanija”. Everything will be fine as long as the CIA and the FBI don’t come knocking on his door! “Melania has completely lost touch and has not been in Slovenia for ten years. She's alienated herself."

In the Balkans, Melania could be an inspiration for how just how far you can go with “a little bit of English,” but Solus urges her to go even further and reconnect with her homeland. He also believes she could use her considerable influence for a greater good.

croatian_miki_solus_melania_trump 07.jpg

“I find it interesting that Melania has completely lost contact with her Slovenian homeland and the entire Balkan region. She has reportedly not been in Slovenia for ten years, let alone to her birthplace. She's alienated herself, and I want to remind her, through my song, to think about her roots a little! Who she is and where she comes from...and to influence her husband a little since she is in such a powerful position to do something good for this world,” Croatian singer Miki Solus reveals to Barbara Marinović/100posto on November 13, 2019; and introduces his new hit single: “Melanija”.

The song is dedicated to the first lady of the United States, Trump's wife and “Slovenian Rose” - as the Croatian singer teasingly calls her in his new single. This performance by Miki Solus could also get him into lots of trouble! When asked if he's afraid of The Donald's retaliation – because this song is not flattering to Trump at all; he replies, "Reprisals? What do I know? I don’t know. I’m a little scared, I'm thinking, Uh-oh, what if someone deletes my YouTube video in ten days, what if the CIA or the FBI come to my door, but I hope there won’t be any retaliation.” If the FBI knocks on the door of his Zagreb apartment - Solus will surrender to the mighty powers! What else can he do? “I would be powerless in that situation. I could fight and sue against this or that, but against the FBI or the US...I don’t stand a chance, the song will be gone and maybe I will be too…I'll disappear, yeah.” Miki jokes.


Making a Decent Living After Years of Work and Patience

He has been patiently working on his career for a long time and has just recently begun to make a decent living. “I've been doing this for seven or eight years since I released my first album. But it became serious about two or three years ago.”

“Everything started when I began working in theater and writing for others. It’s easier for me to write for others. As much as I try to do everything I do in a unique way, I cannot be as free when I work for someone else. Nevertheless, we can still deal with some more universal topics. Writing for others is a departure from myself, where my first goal is to be as innovative as I can. I try to express myself in a quality way but in a more standard pop form.”

Professor of Croatian Language and Art History

If he weren’t writing songs, he would be teaching. Soon Solus will obtain his degree as “Professor of Croatian Language and Art History” and he has already completed his teaching fellowship. “If I didn't have this (career in music), I would be teaching in school. I have already finished my fellowship and it was great. I would definitely like to work as a teacher for at least a couple of years, purely to get that experience because it’s a great job for someone who loves it.” When it comes to music, this unusual professor loves to study and is self-taught. He is learning to play various instruments himself. “I am learning to play the trumpet, and am nearly finished with that, and will begin studying violin next year. I never attended music school and am self-taught. I started near the end of high school, found some old guitar and began learning. In the age of the Internet one can really learn a lot. It's simple with instruments, at least in my opinion. When you learn to play one instrument, the next one comes easier...The principle is the same, one must simply master the physical aspects, but the whole philosophy is the same. It seems to come easy for me.”

Born in Germany and Built a Career in Croatia

He was born in Germany and came to Croatia when he was only three years old. “I lived in Germany for the first three years of my life and then my parents moved back here. I would not go back, I know how to write good songs, and I do my best in Croatian, so I'm fine with living here. As long as I can make my music and have an audience - I'll be fine”. He is aware that it would be easier to build his career in a larger country and sing in English, but he loves everything that he experiences in his home country. “There is a smaller audience for alternative music in this region. When considering concerts throughout the Balkans, there are two or three cities that are serious about this genre. There would be more of an audience elsewhere but also more competition. Working in the Croatian language is an advantage because we work among a small number of artists, relatively small, and it’s easier for me with a smaller crowd.” Solus reveals.

As one of the more talented young people in the alternative scene, this Zagreb-based musician will admit privately that he is rather boring and ordinary. “I walk the dog, watch football, go out with my girlfriend, and hang out with my friends. I enjoy walking my dog three times a day and love nature. I also like to go to the zoo and to Sljeme. It's a great break from making music, which requires a certain level of concentration, especially when working on a computer. Therefore, nature and animals are my best break from everything.”

He doesn’t have any specific ambitions except for continuing to make singles and albums. “’Melanija’ is coming out, and then I plan to drop two, three or four more singles by summer. The new album is planned for release before summer, and then I’ll quickly begin working on songs for the next album,” Solus says. Of course, unless everything is thwarted by Trump and his nefarious administration!

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Check out Miki Solus' website here. Find him on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

Miki Solus / Melanija
Music / Lyrics: Miki Solus
Arrangement: Miki Solus / Silvio Pasarić


Melania, who did you marry for?
Melania, don’t you know your husband is a fool?
Melania, instead of a young husband
you married a rich old snail.

Melania, this is a cry from the Balkans
Melania, come back to us someday
Melania, you can stop the war
save this world, f*** the marriage.

Because you are a Slovenian Rose, and he is a maniac
let’s find you a husband who is not a psychopath
or ugly, because you are a delicate flower
Melania, save the world.

Melania, who made you do this?
Melania, how did you fall in love with that b******?
Melania, I know that you see a saint in him
but your husband is a walking bag of trash.

Melania, this is a cry from the Balkans
Melania, come back to us someday
Melania, you can stop the war
save this world, f*** the marriage.

Because you are a Slovenian Rose, and he is a maniac
let's find you a husband who is not a psychopath
or ugly, because you are a delicate flower
Melania, save the world.

Slovenian Rose, save the world!
Slovenian Rose, save the world!

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Melania Trump Croatian Billboard Saga: Version 2

After lawyers for First Lady Melania Trump intervened, the Croatian marketing campaign which went global reinvents itself on September 20, 2017. 

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Melania Trump Billboards Removed, School Uses Brenda Lee to Apologise

The Croatian billboard ad which went global all the way to The White House has been removed, reports The Guardian on September 19, 2017, accompanied by a musical apology.