Wednesday, 10 March 2021

University Hospital Centre in Split Performs its First Stem Cell Transplantation

ZAGREB, 10 March, 2021 - The university hospital centre in Split recently performed its first transplant of stem cells, and the patient concerned is a 62-year-old woman, who is recovering from the surgery very well, the centre's director, Julije Meštrović said at a news conference on Wednesday.

The operation was performed 16 days ago, and this is the first time to have a stem cell transplant outside Zagreb.

This is a great success for the medical profession in Split and Croatia, he said.

Three hospitals in Zagreb perform stem cell transplants, and the first surgery of this kind was conducted in 1983.

The Split hospital expects to annually carry out 10-15 transplants of this kind.

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Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Looking for the Best Doctors in Split? A Complete List

For the fifth year in a row, portal has published a list of the best male and female doctors by choice of patients. The criteria for the best doctors of the year includes the total number of comments, the number of positive and negative comments, and the quality of the commentary, reports Dalmatinski Portal on December 11, 2018. If you’re in Split and looking for a new doctor, don’t fret - today we bring you a list of the best. 

Zenon Pogorelić is named the best pediatric surgeon, Ivana Hlevnjak is the best in dermato-venerology, Zoran Vučinović is the best endocrinologist, and Mirjana Jukica is the best physicist. 

The list gets even longer when it comes to gynecology, but the best are  Dubravka Branica, Zdeslav Benzon, Vedran Hrboka, Tihomir Bušić, Hrvoje Vlašić, Teo Budimir, Tatjana Postrak-Jukić, Tanja Vukušić-Pušić, Sandra Benzon, Robert Vulić, Nives Luetić, Marko Mimica, Jelena Marušić, Jakov Viđak, Dino Markovina, Baldo Obad, Ante Radić, Ante Pecotić, and Ante Mršić  are the favorites in Split. 

The best internists were named as Robert Matutinović and Milan Marković, while Kanito Bilan and Ognjen Barčot are the best surgeons.

The best microbiologist for this year is Javorka Leko-Grbić, the best neurologists are Darijo Sucevic and Mario Mihalj, while Vlatko Ledenko is the best neurosurgeon. 

Dusanka Kaliterna-Martinović is the best rheumatologist, and the best ophthalmologists are Darko Batistić and Dobrila Karlica.

In the category of family medicine, patients selected Silvana Milovac, Jadranka Bandalo-Žebčević, and Doris Pallaoro-Šarotić, and the best otolaryngologists are Zlatko Kljajić, Draško Cikojević, Zaviša Čolović, Robert Tafra and Ivan-Anđelko Lisec. Dario Bojčić is named the best periodontist.

Dea Jurić-Perković, Ante Kovačić, and Mia Roglić are the best dentists, while the best psychiatrists are Damir Mrass and Anđelko Beg.

The best pediatricians are Luka Stričević, Tamara Bošnjak, Vitomir Metličić, Snježana Kapor-Jeričević, Meira Kraus, Dubravko Matić, Denis Mladinić-Vulić and Blanka Labur.

You can find the full list of Croatia's best doctors on najdoktor

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