Wednesday, 16 March 2022

First Koprivnica McDonalds Near Supernova Centre to Open This July

March the 16th, 2022 - The very first Koprivnica Mcdonalds restaurant is set to open its doors near the town's Supernova centre sometime this July, bringing with it stable employment for local residents.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the world-famous American fast food chain, McDonalds, should open its very first Koprivnica restaurant this July. Work on the location next to the roundabout near the Supernova shopping centre has already started.

As has also been found out, the training of future Koprivnica McDonalds employees has been going on here in the City of Zagreb for three months now, and it is said that there will be at least 50 of them, which is more than excellent news for the local population of a continental town that certainly isn't immune to economic hardship and negative demographic trends.

The brand new Koprivnica Mcdonalds will have a standard offer for a Croatian Mcdonalds with space for McDrive so that people can order meals from the comfort of their own cars (Drive Thru) . It will be the 39th restaurant of that wildly popular American chain to open its doors here in the Republic of Croatia and the 17th city where it will be opened, writes Danica.

Last year, McDonalds in Croatia achieved revenue growth of 3.7 percent, amounting to a total of 610 million kuna. This can be attributed to the new restaurants they opened, including the one on Bjelovar, another continental Croatian town.

McDonalds had a net profit of 66.2 million kuna in Croatia the year before last. The average net salary per employee during 2020 amounted to 6,150 kuna, and they have about 2,700 workers employed in stable jobs in locations across the country.

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Sunday, 23 May 2021

McDonalds Koprivnica to Open Doors Before Christmas 2021

May the 23rd, 2021 - McDonalds Koprivnica is set to open its doors in that continental Croatian town before Christmas 2021 arrives.

When it comes to most tourists in Croatia, the last thing on their mind is grabbing a quick McDonalds when on the way somewhere. Instead dreaming of pizza, cevapi, lamb on the spit, peka, many fish dishes, strukli and the list goes on, and on, then on a bit more. For those of us who live here, though, after the end of a a hectic work day, McDonalds is often more tempting than you'd imagine when the aforementioned dishes become the norm.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, McDonalds Koprivnica will begin operating before the end of this year, offering not only a taste of this international fast food chain to yet another Croatian town, but employment possibilities to locals.

This is information that has been circulating in Koprivnica for weeks now, and now it is clear that the realisation of McDonalds Koprivnica is very close. As unofficially finds out, McDonalds will allegedly by located the roundabout in Koprivnica next to Interspar and Pevex. The exact location is apparently going to be in the area behind the Apiosa petrol station, on the site where old houses are today.

It has also been found out that McDonalds has already signed its pre-contracts with the owners to purchase the aforementioned properties and their wish is to open the brand new McDonalds Koprivnica by the end of the year at the latest, ie by Christmas 2021.

When this enormous American fast food chain was asked about coming to Koprivnica, McDonald’s Croatia replied: We plan to further expand our business across Croatia and Koprivnica is also one of the towns interesting to us. As soon as the plans become more specific, we will inform all interested parties of what they are.''

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