Saturday, 17 April 2021

Rimac Campus Project Moving Forward, Sveta Nedelja Mayor Signs Contract

April the 17th, 2021 - The Rimac Campus project, which will work to further showcase what Croatia can offer to the automotive world through its most impressive entrepreneur, Mate Rimac, has taken another step towards fruition as the Sveta Nedelja Mayor, Dario Zurovec, signs on the dotted line.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Suzana Varosanec writes, the signing of the appropriate contract for the future Rimac Campus in Sveta Nedelja between CEO and founder Mate Rimac and Sveta Nedelja Mayor Dario Zurovec will start the wheels turning on a very significant cooperation.

With their signatures on the contract, the Rimac Campus project will officially be off the ground and firmly on track for 2023. Their new headquarters, with a capacity of 2,500 employees and at location only sixteen kilometres away from Zagreb, will cover 200,000 square metres of land in total.

The planned investments in the Rimac Campus project have been announced in the amount of more than 200 million euros - in the form of the construction on the new location which is expected by the end of the year, and its completion is planned for 2023, while on the other hand the size and ambitions of the new Rimac Campus project are so large that according to general estimates, it is set to be among the largest of its kind in all of Europe in terms of its various industries.

However, given the company’s rapid growth, the location is designed so that it can expand over time while still blending in with its natural environment. In the long run, the new location will, as stated, accommodate over 2,500 employees, which exceeds the current number of employees by more than 100 percent, and is therefore going to be divided into two different areas.

The first is the company's headquarters building, where the main functions, management and research and development centres will be located, as well as the offices of Greyp, a company for the production of electric bicycles, which was also founded by Mate Rimac.

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Thursday, 15 April 2021

Croatian Businessman Mate Rimac Talks Plans with Bloomberg

April the 15th, 2021 - The wildly successful Croatian businessman Mate Rimac is going from strength to strength, and he sat down with Bloomberg to discuss not only his plans going forward but his concerns.

As Novac/Bernard Ivezic writes, reports claim that Rimac Automobili is set to produce a maximum of 100 vehicles per year. After his company announced its highly detailed plans for a new campus, which will include the first car factory in Croatia, Croatian businessman Mate Rimac told Bloomberg that his focus in this segment will remain on small series vehicles.

Bloomberg writes that Rimac has stated that cars with his name on them will always be sold in small quantities - meaning less than 100 units of them per year - to avoid competing with manufacturers who are customers of his company.

It's worth noting that Rimac Automobili's core business isn't actually the production of electric vehicles, but the development and production of components for electric vehicles. The technology of this Croatian company is thus incorporated into the Aston Martin Valkyria and Koenigsegg Reger models.

In addition, Rimac Automobil's largest partner, Volkswagen, has been trying to consolidate Bugatti through this particular Croatian company for a long time. After Croatian businessman Mate Rimac rejected the possibility of transferring the majority ownership of Rimac Automobili to Volkswagen or Porsche, in exchange for Bugatti, the Germans presented a new plan.

Bloomberg recalls that back in March, Herbert Diess, the CEO of Volkswagen, proposed that Porsche enter into a joint venture with Rimac and thus take over Bugatti.

As such, Volkswagen, or Porsche, would de facto give up most of its ownership of Bugatti only if the well-known French manufacturer of internal combustion engines took over and modernised the most successful European manufacturer of technology for electric vehicles. Rimac Automobili thus found itself in a somewhat unenviable position, because Porsche is, after Rimac, individually the largest co-owner of Rimac Automobili and a company that raised its market valuation to the status of close to 1 billion US dollars.

Bloomberg also reports that, although Croatian businessman Mate Rimac has already stated once that he is not inclined to go public through the SPAC, he is still, at least theoretically, thinking about it.

''It wouldn't be a good feeling for me, that while everyone is collecting heaps of money in this way and may not have as many things to show for it, in the same way as we do, that we're left behind without capital, so of course we're still looking into this possibility,'' explained Mate Rimac.

SPAC is when company is created and has the obligation to take over another company and de facto sells the shares of that other company through itself. Rimac told Bloomberg that he has a high opinion of companies like Lucida or the company Rivian Automotive in which Amazon has invested, but also that he is suspicious of how much SPAC can be used by other startups for electromobility.

Late last year, Mate Rimac told the Financial Times (FT) that frequent use of SPACs could harm the long-term prospects of the industry in which it operates.

''The managers of such specialised companies (SPAC) don't bear the same responsibility for the potential growth prospects of the company as managers who raise money through an initial public offering (IPO) in stock markets do, which raises fears,'' said Mate Rimac. He explained that a lot of money can be obtained today for companies that don't have any product to speak of and that it scares him.

''When we list shares on the stock exchange, I want to show the numbers, I want the shares to be traded on the basis of facts,'' Rimac told the Financial Times at the time.

Now for Bloomberg, he pointed out that no other company in the field of electromobility can boast of making a profit for five years. Back in 2019, Rimac Automobili had revenues of €23 million and a profit of €1.4 million in total.

For 2020, Rimac Automobili pointed out that they have achieved strong growth and that they expect even stronger expansion this year. However, the result for 2020 has not been revised yet, so it hasn't been made public yet either.

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Tuesday, 13 April 2021

VIDEO: New Rimac Automobili Campus Presented with Sports Facilities, Farm Animals, and More

April 13, 2021 - The new Rimac Automobili campus was presented on Monday, set to open in 2023. reports that the manufacturer of electric hypercars and propulsion systems for electric cars, Rimac Automobili, presented the project of its new technologically advanced headquarters, which includes a test track, accommodation facilities, and a museum.

According to the statement, Rimac Automobili was created with a vision of creating exciting electric cars and propulsion systems for electric vehicles. In just ten years, they have grown from a garage project to a company that already employs 1,000 people. Today, the company develops and manufactures its own cars and technology and electric drive systems for many global car manufacturers. Today, it is one of the prominent companies on the rise in the automotive industry, transitioning to the electric future.

In line with its status as a strategic partner to large companies such as Hyundai, Kia, and Porsche, Rimac wants to gather all its employees and functions in one unique location. The striking complex, designed by the famous Croatian architectural office 3LHD, will embody all Rimac values. The new complex will be a base for research, development, and production. It will enable the company to grow from the production of prototypes and projects in small series to large-scale production of high-performance electric powertrains and battery systems for many global automotive companies.


The new location, based on the idea of creating the best possible working environment for employees from all over the world, is located just a few kilometers from the current headquarters of Rimac Automobili and is located on a plot of 200,000 m2. In comparison, the built area will reach about 100,000 m2. It is expected to be completed by 2023. The look and impression left by the new complex are the results of long deliberation. Mate Rimac wanted the new headquarters of his company to embody the character of the brand and the character of the employees. The spaces are designed to be friendly, open, and warm, with added elements of entertainment. Simultaneously, in line with the company’s status as a technology leader, they will be modern, illuminated, and inspired by the natural environment.


Unlike most automotive industry locations, where high fences and levels of secrecy are set up, the Rimac Campus will be open to the public, and the interaction of visitors, guests, the curious, and employees are desirable and welcome.

Speaking about the exciting plans, the CEO and founder of the company, Mate Rimac, said: "Only 10 years ago Rimac Automobili was one man in a garage. Since then, we have grown to about 1000 employees, entered into strategic partnerships with Porsche, Hyundai Motor Group, and other important partners. We work with the biggest names in the automotive industry. But what we have remained committed to is the development of our business in Croatia. We are proud to have stayed here and that this new location will become our long-term home."

"With the rapid growth came problems with space, which we 'patched' with many improvisations, so we ended up in more than 10 buildings in 6 cities in Croatia. The working environment and cooperation of teams are essential to us, so we decided to make a big step and build our long-term home - Rimac Campus. We want to create a space that best reflects our brand and our ambitions. We work with leading world architects to build a campus that fits into Croatia's natural beauty while uniting every aspect of Rimac Automobili. The project will create the best possible working environment for our employees and enable visitors and the general public to enjoy the space and socialize with Rimac Automobili employees. The campus will also contain some unexpected elements, such as an animal shelter, a hairdresser, a veterinary clinic, and growing our own food. Still, we have never been conventional, so the campus reflects our approach, which is different from most. The campus is our springboard for planned growth for the next decade and beyond, as it strengthens us as hypercar manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers of electric drive components and vehicle systems to major automakers.”


3LHD has already designed several significant Croatian and international projects, including the Grand Park Hotel and Hotel Lone in Rovinj and the Hotel LN Garden in the Chinese city of Guangzhou. Using their rich experience in creating spectacular buildings and complexes, often integrating spaces with nature, the architects drew inspiration for the campus's design from several sources, including the shape and movement of Rimac's hypercar - C_Two, as well as speed, described from Rimac Automobili.


Thus, the main building's design focuses on how the four key groups will enter and move around the site. For example, employees will naturally strive to get to their jobs as quickly as possible. At the same time, at the other end, visitors are likely to want to soak up the experience as long as possible and stay in impressive common indoor and outdoor spaces.


Of course, in line with the brand’s focus on striking design, innovation, and sustainability, the new complex will feature many smart and unique features. Among them are the "urban swamp" and meadows and the garden on the roof of the restaurant. An additional element of the complex will be accommodation facilities. Instead of a classic hotel to accommodate visitors and new employees, a series of individual “capsules” are envisaged that will blend in with the forest environment.


Given the brand’s commitment and passion for automotive projects, the site will also have many facilities that will allow visitors to immerse themselves in the full experience of exciting cars and Rimac Automobiles. Among other things, customers will be able to view and choose their Rimac car's specifications in a special configuration room, and there will also be a museum and bar. As part of the tour of the site, visitors will have the opportunity to tour the production. Given the scope of Rimac's work for other automotive companies, several rooms are also planned for customer projects, which will be available only to employees working on a particular project.


One of the key values ​​of Rimac is the well-being and education of employees. That is why a playroom, a gym and a sports center, a restaurant, and even a kindergarten with a meadow with domestic animals are planned. In line with the sustainability orientation, on-site organic food production is also envisaged, and an abundance of greenery to enjoy for both employees and visitors. Satisfying the company's desire for multi-purpose and adaptable spaces, the site will also have an auditorium, conference hall, and training rooms. Given the company's rapid growth, the location is designed so that it can expand over time while still merging with its natural environment.


In the long run, the new location will accommodate more than 2,500 employees, which exceeds the current number of employees by more than 100%. Therefore, the site is divided into two different areas. The first is the company's headquarters building, where the main functions, management, research, and development will be located. The offices of Greyp, an electric bicycle company, were also founded by Mate Rimac.


This production facility will be connected to the production facility by a large glazed restaurant subtly embedded in the landscape overlooking both sides of the campus. At one end, there will be retail space and a nursery. On the other side, there will be a reception and a museum. Opposite them will be production and test facilities, which include design and prototyping. At the back, there will be an entrance to the heart of the site, a production plant with machining, composite production, paint shop, production of batteries and electric drive parts, vehicle assembly, and a quality control laboratory.


The new campus's size and ambitions are huge, which makes it one of the largest buildings of its kind in Europe, not only in the automotive industry. The planned financial investments in the project exceed 200 million euros. Construction on the new location is expected to begin by the end of the year, and completion is planned for 2023.

You can read more about the new Rimac Automobili campus HERE.

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Wednesday, 31 March 2021

New Zagreb Rimac Automobili Office Now Up and Running

March the 31st, 2021 - The new Zagreb Rimac Automobili office is now up and running, with yet more enormous plans lying ahead of Livno-born businessman Mate Rimac.

Mate Rimac is the protagonist of far one of the country's most fascinating and indeed inspiring entrepreneurial stories. In a country where ''you can't do that'' continues to reign strong when it comes to business, investments and actually getting ideas off the ground, Rimac's dogged determination and drive is something to be greatly admired.

The self-proclaimed lover of tech who has rather miraculously managed to make something work in Croatia which would have been deemed impossible before, has attracted the likes of German automotive giant Porsche to Croatia, having them invest eye-watering amounts of money into his company and even giving the Croatian Government a lesson on how to attract the car industry and as such foreign investment.

There seems to be little Mate Rimac can't turn his hand to and succeed in, and as the brand new Rimac campus and the move to a new space in Jankomir dominates his company's ''life'' at the moment, the new Zagreb Rimac Automobili office opening is yet another item ticked off his long list.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, Rimac Automobili has opened a new development office in Zagreb, which already has about 400 employees working there.

The new 4,400-square-metre Zagreb Rimac Automobili office covers two floors and ''houses'' experts from a number of different departments working on the development of battery systems, electric drive components, software solutions and autonomous driving systems. The new location on the ground floor is also home to three innovative R&D laboratories.

"This new Zagreb Rimac Automobili office has made it possible to group teams based on the projects they're currently working on - whether it's internal Rimac projects or technology we're developing for other carmakers," the company's official Facebook page stated.

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Friday, 26 March 2021

Sveta Nedelja Mayor Dario Zurovec Reveals Details of Rimac Investment

March the 26th, 2021 - Sveta Nedelja Mayor Dario Zurovec has spoken out in more detail about the enormous investment tied to Mate Rimac's name.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marija Brnic writes, Mate Rimac, as expected, was the only one to submit a binding offer to Sveta Nedelja for the establishment of building rights in a field in Kerestinec, in the area near the old Erdödy Castle, which proved to be an ideal location for his upcoming Rimac campus construction project.

The tender, which closed very recently, envisions the conclusion of a 69-year-long contract, with an annual rent of 199,000 square metres at a price of 0.10 kuna per square meter, and sets out, among other things, a three-year deadline to complete the investment and the beginning of the works beginning within the first 12 months.

Judging by Mate Rimac, who has been looking for such a location for a long time, none of this will be a problem, because the lack of space has been a problem for him for a long time, and he has just announced that he has found a temporary solution to accommodate his current 400 to 500 employees in the former Pevec building located in Jankomir.

Sveta Nedelja Mayor Dario Zurovec revealed that the total investment of Rimac Automobili in the future Rimac campus oriented to new technologies and the automotive industry will amount to more than one billion kuna in total, which is significantly more than what was set out as the minimum amount in the tender (one hundred million kuna) and is being seen as one of the largest investments to have ever taken place in Croatia.

According to data from Rimac's offer, Sveta Nedelja Mayor Dario Zurovec says that the creation of around 700 new jobs is planned, mostly of highly educated members of staff. The location in Kerestinec has already been spatially adjusted to the needs of the Rimac campus project, which, in addition to the production plant and research and development centre, also envisages the construction of a testing laboratory, an information and educational complex, a restaurant and a space for short stays, as well as various facilities for employees such as a gym, sport and recreation areas.

Zurovec has made no effort to hide his sense of pride and satisfaction in the fact that everything is now ready for this huge investment venture, which will result in an even better position of Sveta Nedelja on the Croatian and even on the European investment map.

"This is by far the largest investment in the history of Sveta Nedelja", said Mayor Zurovec proudly, who expects to sign a contract with Rimac Automobili, in accordance with all relevant decisions, in just a week or two.

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Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Rimac Automobili UK Office Opens for Research and Development

March 24, 2021 - The Rimac Automobili UK office for research and development has opened its doors, Mate Rimac announced on Tuesday when British Minister of State for Tade Policy Greg Hands visited Sveta Nedelja. 

T.portal reports that Rimac's R&D office has thus opened in the Warwick Enterprise Park and has plans to employ 30 people by the end of this year.

There, the British automotive industry will cooperate with the company's headquarters in Croatia.

Mate Rimac announced the news when Greg Hands visited the company's headquarters in Sveta Nedelja.

Hands, who watched Rimc's cars at Top Gear, said that the Croatian car company was "inspiring."

"He left probably the most famous television car figure in the world, Jeremy Clarkson, without words," Hands said of Rimac's cars.

A new office has opened near the University of Warwick near the city of Coventry.

"It's a great university of engineering," Hands said.

"And rights," added the British ambassador to Croatia, Andrew Dalgleish, who studied law there.

Rimac said that British engineers were "first-class in new technologies for vehicle electrification and future mobility" and added that "although they are starting with a small office, they could significantly expand in the years to come."

"Although Croatia will always be our home, we decided to take the opportunity and gather a small team in the UK, where the automotive industry has a long history and a high level of expertise," said Rimac.

Rimac Automobili currently employs nearly a thousand people and continues to expand rapidly.

The company has already worked closely with British companies to supply technology for automotive brands such as Aston Martin and Jaguar.

Rimac Automobili is also a supplier to many of the world's largest car manufacturers such as Hyundai, Porsche, Pininfarina, Koenigsegg, and others.

Sveta Nedelja announces that the company will soon present the super sports electric car C_Two in its final form. The car will soon enter series production, limited to 150 units.

The C_Two will reach a top speed of 412 km / h and accelerate to 100 km / h in less than two seconds.

Hands told Hina that he arrived in Croatia to maintain good trade relations with EU member states now that the UK has left. He was opposed to that decision.

"Croatia is a like-minded country when it comes to the free market and is a good friend of ours," the British minister said, revealing earlier on his Twitter profile that he had spent his honeymoon in Croatia in 2005.

Hands, a conservative MP for London's Chelsea and Fulham districts, met with Prime Minister Andrej Plenković's adviser Vladimir Drobnjak earlier on Tuesday, and in the coming days, will meet with several Croatian ministers, including the economy minister.

Ahead of Hands' visit, the British embassy in Croatia said the UK was "sending a clear message that it wants a strong partnership with Croatia and great local companies, with a special focus on green technologies."

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Friday, 19 March 2021

VW Boss Clarifies Info Surrounding Alleged Rimac Bugatti Purchase

March the 19th, 2021 - Volkswagen's boss has spoken out about the information which has been circulating for months now about the alleged Rimac Bugatti purchase. Rumors have been doing the rounds for some considerable time, and speculation has been rife.

As Novac writes, rumours about an alleged Rimac Bugatti purchase, more specifically that Rimac Automobili would take over Buggati, have been flying around for a while now. The main body of these rumours was how Volkswagen could restructure the business of its entire concern by merging Rimac, Porsche and Bugatti into one unit which would work together to produce supercars. Now, for the first time since the proverbial rumour mill began operating, Volkswagen's Herbert Diess has spoken out, writes Seebiz.

He explained the fate of this reorganisation in a conversation during the annual VW press conference. Currently, Bugatti is in the phase of moving under the cap of Porsche, which will become its umbrella company. At the same time, Porsche increased its stake in Rimac Automobili from 15.5% to 24%. Both moves go in the same direction, and that is the creation of a separate unit specialising in advanced technologies and supercars that would take advantage of the synergistic effect of all those involved.

After the merger of Bugatti with Porsche, in the form of a partnership, talks will begin with Rimac, which will also be taken care of by Porsche, explained Diess, confirming that the VW group had absolutely no plans to "sell Bugatti to Rimac".

Instead, the responsibility for Bugatti will be shifted to Porsche, which could then form a joint venture with Rimac, in which Porsche will hold a minority stake. That joint venture could include Bugatti, so Rimac Automobili and Bugatti could indeed be merged.

These were roughly the expectations when the information about the merger of Bugatti Rimac with Automobili first appeared in Croatia, and now it has been officially confirmed for the first time.

The exchange of ownership shares, the transfer of control to Porsche and then the creation of a new joint venture - this is what is set to follow if Diess' plan ends up being realised. Nothing has been confirmed or agreed on yet, but now at least the direction in which Volkswagen's department for supercars and modern sports electric vehicles will develop is known.

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Thursday, 18 March 2021

YouTuber Marques Brownlee Drives Incredible Rimac Concept_One

March the 18th, 2021 - The stunning Rimac Concept_One is a supercar which put Croatia on the automotive map, leading to a snowball effect and even the German car giant Porsche investing huge amounts in Rimac Automobili, the product of a Livno-born entrepreneur with a dream and a lot of drive.

YouTubers have gone from relative obscurity to having very much overtaken celebrities as we've come to know them via mainstream media. There are some enormous names and even more enormous amounts of exposure (and indeed money) attached the to the names of certain, primarily American YouTubers who have raked in millions of subscribers with their content over the years. When it comes to tech, there are few better positioned or better known than Marques Brownlee.

Brownlee is an American YouTuber (and a professional frisbee player) with a subscriber count to die for. His videos bring in literally millions of tech lovers from across the globe and his Waveform podcast succeeds in doing the same. It was only a matter of time before Brownlee turned his keen eye to the likes of Croatian entrepreneur Mate Rimac and his state-of-the-art supercars, more specifically the Rimac Concept_One.

While Mate Rimac needs very little in the way of publicity, rising to the spotlight repeatedly and entirely on his own merit and dogged determination, the 27-year-old American tech YouTuber's attention on the Rimac Concept_One is absolutely worth a mention, as is the attention of his 13+ million channel subscribers.

The video, which at the time of writing was at 27 on trending, is called Dope Tech: The Fastest Car AND Drone Yet! and Brownlee indulges his tech passion by looking into a drone which can travel at an incredible speed of 87mph and of course, the jawdropping Rimac Concept_One supercar which can reach 211 mph.

At the beginning of the video, Brownlee describes Rimac's supercar as the "fastest car he'll have ever driven", before adding how the vehicle is "on another level" and that it isn't something one would see in the street - for good reason. The stylish blue Concept_One is then driven by a visibly impressed Brownlee, who is full of compliments for the Croatian entrepreneur's fascinating vehicle.

Watch the whole video here:



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Monday, 15 March 2021

Businessman Mate Rimac Moving Company to New Space - Jankomir

March the 15th, 2021 - Croatian businessman Mate Rimac, the owners of the Sveta Nedelja-based company Rimac Automobili, has announced that due to a need for more space, the company will be moving to Jankomir.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, Livno-born businessman Mate Rimac is moving his company to a new space due to the excellent levels of growth he has been experiencing with more and more employees, he announced on his Facebook profile.

Earlier on this month, it was announced that Porsche had further increased its investment in Rimac Automobili, increasing its stake in the company to 24 percent. The latest investment strengthens Rimac Automobili´s position as a company specialising in technology development and the production of key systems for the high-performance electric vehicle market.

Since Porsche’s first investment in businessman Mate Rimac´s company back in 2018, the Rimac Automobili team has doubled to nearly 1,000 employees.

Rimac wrote a Facebook status which said that his company has been struggling with space for years and they are currently scattered across ten locations. The long-term solution to this problem is the construction of the Rimac campus, but until it is completed, the company will work from the new space, which is the former Pevec in Jankomir. It is a space which covers 25,000 square metres in total.

¨Given that we´re growing very quickly (both in terms of the number of people and the number of projects and production lines we have), we´ve been struggling with space for years, and as such we´re scattered in 10 locations (14 facilities in 9 cities and 3 countries), which makes things for our business very difficult. I think it is well known that we have been planning to build a campus for a long time now - our long-term solution to the location problem. Unfortunately, some things are going quite slowly, so we still have to "patch" up some things and find some semi-solutions. We recently opened an R&D office for 400+ people in Zagreb. We haven´t yet published any pictures or details about that location - we will soon,¨ businessman Mate Rimac wrote on Facebook.

“As the realisation of the Rimac campus will take some time, we´ve been intensively looking for a space that will enable us to survive until the campus becomes a reality. We were looking for a space of at least 15,000 m2 in Zagreb and its surroundings. I believe that there´s no space that we didn´t visit - we even went so far as to see crazy combinations such as the old passenger terminal of the Airport (Pleso), various shopping centres (Mandi, West Gate, Tekstil Promet…), old industrial buildings (Gredelj, Viadukt, a bunch of neglected old factories) etc. I think we´ve literally looked at everything that can more or less meet the conditions (even areas quite far from Zagreb) and the conclusion is - Croatia really does not have suitable (and available) space for any more such serious production. Some locations may be used but are not suitable for the area in which they´re located or their ownership/property status issues (eg Gredelj) or have already agreed a long-term lease, so it´s impossible to start using a building within a reasonable time (such as the former Magma in Jaska, which would be our best solution).

At least now we know that we have gone through everything we can and made the best decision based on all of the available data. Or in fact - the least bad. "Bad" because we have to invest a lot of money in a space that we will only use for a few years until we move to the campus. But I guess that’s the price of growth (and locations where there are no industrial plants available).

We decided on the former Pevec in Jankomir - an area of ​​some 25,000 square metres. I know, it´s far from perfect, but considering everything, this was really the only possible option.

The works are in full swing and in 4-5 months we should have 400-500 employees on site. Part of the production will be located there, industrialisation, part of the development and other parts of our business. As with all of our locations - despite the short time of use, we will do our best to arrange the location to be representative and comfortable to stay in and work in. I hope tours will be possible by the end of the year.

P.S. We´ll publish the Rimac campus project with all the details in the next few weeks,¨ businessman Mate Rimac wrote on his Facebook page.

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Friday, 12 March 2021

Rimac Campus Location Revealed, Huge Investment Remains Condition

March the 12th, 2021 - The location of the brand new Rimac campus has been revealed, and the condition of everything coming to fruition lies on one massive investment and a praiseworthy job creating promise.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marija Brnic writes, the door to the realisation of the new Mate Rimac campus investment project is finally opening up. Sveta Nedjelja, in which Rimac Automobili is situated, has announced a public tender for the establishment of construction rights on an area covering a total of 199 thousand square metres, for which the construction of a production and research and development campus is planned, and for which the annual fee would be at least 0.10 kuna per square metre.

The right to construct on that piece of land would be contracted for 69 years, which means that the investor would pay Sveta Nedelja almost 20 thousand kuna a year. These are assets that were transferred to the ownership of Sveta Nedelja, whose spatial plan envisages the construction of such a campus in the area of ​​the old Erdödy castle in Kerestinec.

The tender envisages, among other things within the realm of the Rimac campus, the construction of a production plant, a testing laboratory, a research and development centre, an information and educational complex with complementary facilities for both regular users and visitors, from restaurants, dormitories for short stays to offices, exhibition and sales premises, and even the the construction of a smaller hotel boasting up to 100 beds. It will also be possible to build sport/fitness and recreational facilities for Rimac campus employees.

A few years ago when he initially announced his intention to build a campus, entrepreneur Mate Rimac explained that it would be a win-win situation for everyone. "The castle would be renovated, and the company that is the flagship of Croatian industry would be even more representative," said Rimac at the time, whose facilities were already being regularly visited by interested people from all over the world.

The criteria for scoring bids show that a minimum investment of 100 million kuna needs to follow, which will create at least 200 new jobs and employ 50 new highly educated members of staff, and the tender conditions show that the further investment process will proceed quickly, because the plan is to conclude a contract within 30 days from the selection of the best offer, and in the following eight days, the investor will be introduced to property, and they then have exactly three years left to realise the investment in the Rimac campus. The start of the investment must begin within twelve months, otherwise Sveta Nedelja may unilaterally terminate the contract should it so wish.

The tender will remain open until March the 23rd, 2021, and the selection of the offer will be announced in the next thirty days, which means that the investor would have all the predispositions to start investing in the brand new Rimac campus by the beginning of June.

It is unlikely that Mate Rimac will have a competitor in this process, because he drafted the entire project a long time ago himself and announced that he was looking for a unique location like this one for his campus in the vicinity of Zagreb and Sveta Nedelja.

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