Monday, 9 August 2021

Under the Moonlight at Martinis Marchi: Šolta Island's Event of the Year

August 9, 2021 -  Under the Moonlight at Martinis Marchi - the Šolta Island event of the year, and TCN was there. 

There are few events in Dalmatia I get as excited about as the Martinis Marchi annual summer bash on Šolta, and perhaps watching Hajduk and Dinamo play the 'Eternal Derby' at Poljud is the only other event even to come close. 

But there is a reason that tickets for the soiree of the summer sell out nearly 4 months in advance - even in these still somewhat uncertain corona times. There is a reason Sunseeker yacht owners sail from all parts of Europe to experience this magic Martinis evening. There is a reason no rooms are available at this esteemed heritage hotel over this August weekend, one that is undoubtedly saved in your memory bank as a highlight of the year.


Marko Toric of Sunseeker

And this year, Martinis Marchi exceeded all expectations once again. 


After last year's Simply White theme put all of our COVID-19 worries at ease, even if just for one dazzling night, this year's Under the Moonlight affair made up for any lost time, transporting attendees back into more glamourous times as eyes twinkled at the decor fashioned of glimmering lights. 


The day began with tradition, as visitors could enjoy adrenaline water gadgets from MYYACHTTOYSlike LAMPUGA surfboards, BELASSI jet skis, and IAQUA Seadarts.



Guests could even enjoy electric bicycle tours to explore the secrets of Šolta or partake in a 2-hour art & wine date with academic painter Nina Šestanović and Šolta native Vice Buktenica, who guided guests through the basics of painting over a glass of wine in the shaded Mediterranean garden.



As the evening approached, a DJ heightened the island mood, and pink Beefeater Gin huts decorated the Martinis marina to showcase cocktails enhanced by rosemary and elderflower, topped with perfectly pink flower petals to complete the swanky ambiance. 


As the sizzling summer sun stepped back to let the moonlight shine, tables topped with bottles of Skaramuča lined the marina. For those of you that don't know, Skaramuča is one of the largest private Croatian winemakers and the owner of the largest vineyard in the Dingač area. 


Branimir Andelic of Skaramuča



Split-based dance group Crowd Control used twists, turns, and thrilling jumps to entice the already giddy crowd while a smartly dressed brass band traversed the marina, singing a cappella tunes that had everyone's toes tapping. 



One of the many highlights of the event, as always, is the fashion show, which this year featured celebrity designer Matija Vuica, whose beautiful garments have been worn by Hollywood stars! 


Stunning silhouettes paraded down the illuminated waterfront promenade, applauded by many as the most beautiful runway in the world, wearing eye-catching headpieces styled by Viktor Drago.

Forty dresses were presented, each handmade unique, of the finest silk and details of lace, crystal, glitter, and reflective mirrors, represented forty years of Matija's artistic work, which skillfully connects the world of fairy tales, fashion, and magical stories inspired by Croatia's authentic cultural and ethno heritage and Slavic mythology.

The installations on the model heads, which defied gravity, were made from local island vegetation and each was made to complement the dress.

"Vines, the roots of dried trees shaped into structures, pirate ships and wooden ships, and silk sails bravely sailed this unusual seaside runway accompanied by modern exclusive yachts in the audience. The indispensable agave, a synonym for storing drops of water, which means life on the island, also served as a detail in the part of the collection which serves the ancient Atlantis them," said Viktor Drago.

Unfortunately, not even photos can do these masterpieces justice. 




Once the fashion show came to a close, the party moved into the Martinis Marchi garden, but not before a chilled glass of Mumm champagne was poured to prepare the palate for the feast ahead. 




The already picturesque Mediterranean garden sparkled, with radiant lights overhead to imitate the essence of moonlight. Guests enjoyed the finest Croatian fare, coupled with crisp Skaramuča wines. 




The evening entertainment did not disappoint, either, as Croatia's own Frank Sinatra Marko Tolja took the garden stage, singing the classics of yesteryear and Dalmatian hits to delight a crowd scattered on picnic-style blankets and cush pillows. 



Under the starry island sky, guests danced, sang, and imbibed until the early morning hours, in an ambient only Martinis Marchi could provide. It was yet another one for the record books, an event that epitomizes all elements that make up Dalmatia's charm. An event you'd be silly to miss next year if you're given a chance. 



Stay in touch with Martinis Marchi by following their Facebook page, and don't miss out on another Šolta Island experience like this one!

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Sunday, 2 August 2020

Martinis Marchi Impresses Yet Again: A Simply White Themed Summer Bash to Remember!

August 2, 2020 - The corona couldn't get in the way of the Martinis Marchi annual summer bash, which was held under the 'Simply White' theme on Saturday night in Maslinica on the island of Solta. 

Another year, another blowout by Martinis Marchi, whose annual summer party continues to cement itself as the hit of the season. 

After attending my first summer soiree in the magical Maslinica back in 2017, I quickly learned it was an event that no other could rival - though Martinis manages to outdo themselves year after year. And while the disco dancing do of 2019 had me singing Abba songs for the weeks that followed, last night's Simply White theme hit the heart a bit harder than the rest. 

How the Martinis team, led by Creative Director Marija Gamulin, was able to pull off such a spectacle in the corona era, is not only commendable, but is truly remarkable.

With a limited capacity of 100 guests, the 9th Martinis Marchi summer party was exclusive, intimate, and exceptional. Dancing around the standard party go-to's to ensure all measures were strictly adhered to penetrated this profound experience for all guests, one that is unparalleled when compared to the rest.  

With the guest's safety and privacy at the core of each intricate detail, every element was executed to perfection to make for my favorite evening yet.  I was happy to have my father by my side as my date.


It all began in the late afternoon with Beefeater Gin on the Martinis marina, where white-clad waitresses walked from one end of the marina to the other, serving guests and yacht owners a selection of Tom Collins, Negroni and Blue Lagoon cocktails. This made for the perfect pre-party, as we strolled around the town to escape the sizzling sun. 



Just before sunset, we made our way back over to the marina for the official opening, where Martinis director Ivan Kuret greeted guests and shared why it was so crucial for them to hold the event this year. 

Guests gathered at small cocktail tables, each adorned with a chilled bottle of Dom Kalebic posip and hors d'oeuvres.





The opening speech was followed by a live saxophone performance, which set the mood for the night.

The evening continued with a striking acrobatic ballet performance by local dancers, which captivated the crowd for almost ten minutes. 

But then, the crown of the opening of the opening party - the Arileo Studio fashion show. 

Arileo is composed of Marija and Jurica Piric, a fashion duo and married couple. Creating together since 2003, the pair has worked in the famous fashion houses Armani and Nitya, while Marija also worked for Emporio Armani. The stunning summer collection seized the eyes of everyone in the audience... my father included. 


From the marina to the Martinis restaurant terrace, we were greeted with a cold glass of Mumm champagne. 


We were then escorted into the garden, which was decorated in white, with all tables socially distanced according to corona measures. 


Unlike in previous years, when the upper garden terrace was adorned with an all-you-can-eat buffet table, this year, each table was served individually by a careful waiter. We began with skuta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, whipped butter, focaccia, seafood pate, and salad. This was followed by soup made of crab and ravioli filled with duck and truffles. 



And this absolutely divine tuna. 


Dinner did not go without entertainment, as the acrobatic dancers returned for a performance under the stars.  

As guests made their way through more food, wine, and conversation, the night came to an end with a grand performance of Croatian tenors. The voices enhanced the already magical atmosphere and brought goosebumps to warm summer skin. As if we were in heaven. 

A speedboat back to Split on the calm sea, glistening under a glowing full moon, was the pinnacle of the perfect evening. 


A lit up Split Riva welcomed us home. 


A big round of applause to Ivan Kuret, Marija Gamulin, and the entire Martinis Marchi team for succeeding in creating a truly unequaled spectacle in these trying times. To say you've outdone yourselves would be an understatement. 

Just imagine what next year will bring!

For anyone interested in learning more about Martinis Marchi, or is interested in joining the party next year, you can visit the official website here.

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Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Martinis Marchi Celebrates Summer with White-Themed Bash on Solta Island

July. 29, 2020 - Martinis Marchi Heritage Hotel on the island of Solta will not let the corona stop their annual summer celebration. Instead, the biggest party of the year will adhere to the 'new normal'. 

While it's challenging to maintain events in the corona era, some persevere - and Martinis Marchi Heritage Hotel, in the town of Maslinica on the island of Solta, is one of the survivors. 

Rather than concede defeat and say goodbye to their traditional summer ball, they instead decided to take a dance with the new corona measures to ensure this favorite summer event would be held, albeit under slightly different terms. 


Martinis Marchi, the historic castle turned extravagant accommodation, pulls out all the stops for their biggest night of the year - their annual summer soiree. Flaunting a different theme each year, this summer, guests will enjoy a celebratory weekend under the theme 'Simply White'.

"The event, we hope, will delight you as every year while we will closely follow and apply all instructions from the Croatian Institute of Public Health to keep our guests and staff secured.

Today, maybe more than ever, we are aware that those “little” things in life matter the most, and what can be more rewarding than having the opportunity to spend a weekend in a private event, feeling safe while enjoying in culinary delicacy, fashion, art, good music and entertainment in the very special venue on Adriatic?" writes Martinis Marchi in their event announcement. 

It all begins on Friday, July 31, at the open seaside Restaurant, with an evening of Champagne & Sea Delicacies. The exclusive champagne evening continues with a five-course dining extravaganza, followed by the carefully selected wines from Galic winery.


But that's just the warm-up. 

Although already sold out due to strictly limited capacity, the 'Simply White' party of the year begins on Saturday, August 1. From the afternoon, guests can delight in cocktails and a DJ in the marina while enjoying surprises on the red carpet.
A special Sundown Fashion show by famous Croatian designer ARILEO follows, which officially opens the Martinis Marchi Summer Party 2020.

Guests will then move to the Martinis Marchi restaurant terrace for Mumm Champagne and a delightful dinner in the Mediterranean garden, accompanied by exclusively selected Dom Kalebic wines from the island.

The dinner atmosphere will be enhanced by a DJ accompanied by live sax performance, though the highlight of the evening is an intimate live concert performance of the most famous Croatian tenors.

Martinis Marchi has teamed up with Sunseeker International, Jamnica, Galic Wines, Dom Kalebic winery, and more to ensure guests are greeted with extravagance throughout this celebratory weekend. 

For those lucky enough to attend, it'll be the party of 2020.

You can read more about Martinis Marchi here.

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Sunday, 4 August 2019

Disco Fever Sweeps Martinis Marchi for Bash of the Summer

August 4, 2019 - Heritage Hotel Martinis Marchi is already the spotlight of the island town of Maslinica on Šolta. However, there is no brighter spotlight on Martinis than the one lighting up their annual summer party. 


It is a luxury heritage hotel in a quaint island town on the still undiscovered island of Šolta. Just that sentence alone should be enough to have you wanting more. But it gets better. 


Martinis Marchi, the historic castle turned extravagant accommodation, pulls out all the stops for their biggest night of the year - their annual summer soiree. Flaunting a different theme each year, this summer brought us back into the era of dancing queens and disco kings - and Saturday Night Fever swept Šolta for a disco party. 


The night began at the amphitheater where a dance group from Split delighted the crowd with their best 70s moves - from breakdancing to hula hoop tricks and even a guy on stilts!  Members of the crowd couldnt help but join in on the fun!




The crowd then moved from the amphitheater to the hotel, which was decorated in vinyl records, disco balls, and gold streamers. We were greeted with a glass of Mumm champagne before the glow sticks led us to the breathtaking garden area for dinner. 

Screenshot 2019-08-04 at 13.00.19.png

A setting that coupled the ease of the Mediterranean with a pop of disco flavor,  the rolling hills of the garden were dressed in plush blankets and pillows, the tabletops were adorned with dried figs and juicy apricots, and Galić wines made sure no glass was left empty. 

Screenshot 2019-08-04 at 13.04.29.png

An Abba cover band played the group’s best hits as we enjoyed a heavenly buffet table featuring everything from lobster spaghetti to prime rib, pašticada to veal risotto, and an unbelievable assortment of smoked meat and Croatian cheese. It was a spread made for royalty - the true disco kings and queens of the world.

Screenshot 2019-08-04 at 13.04.40.png

Screenshot 2019-08-04 at 13.04.55.png

During dinner, guests could also choose to partake in a vintage photo booth or have their faces painted in neon colors. 


With full bellies and pink cheeks from the rosé, the party continued in the pool area where Absolute vodka crafted a variety of cocktails served in fancy gold glassware. The after-party entertainment included everything from dancers dressed head-to-toe in neon suits to a fashion show featuring a designer from Zagreb. 



As the drinks continued to flow and the soles on our dancing shoes wore thin, some guests opted for a fully-clothed jump in the pool, while others enjoyed the 1 am “make your own” burger bar. 


It was the best of both worlds, and it was perfect. 

Martinis Marchi has once again thrown the party of the summer, and if you ever get the chance to visit this hotel and town, you won’t be sorry if it's during the first weekend of August. 

The Martinis Marchi annual summer party was sponsored by Sunseeker, Tomić & Co., Plurato Sailfin, Absolut Elyx, Galić, and G.H. Mumm. 

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Saturday, 23 March 2019

Martinis Marchi Opens Season with Wine Tasting and Gala Dinner this April!

March 23, 2019 - Summer is coming, but not before we get to enjoy the always pleasant spring season, which also features the opening of Šolta’s prized heritage hotel Martinis Marchi. 

Because the best way to announce your comeback after long winter hibernation is by doing something big, Martinis Marchi has prepared an exclusive wine and culinary evening to announce their return, and we promise this won't be anything like your winter. 


Martinis Marchi

Namely, on April 27, 2019, Martinis Marchi will open another new season with a Wine Tasting and Gala dinner.  In cooperation with Stories - Croatia's unique hotel's association, Martinis Marchi will showcase a group of talented and honored chefs who will craft a lavish 6-course dinner, complimented with the best winemakers from Italy, France, Germany and Croatia.

But this whole gastronomic journey does not just start and end there. As one should have expected, Martinis Marchi will prepare a full-day adventure for guests to ensure they have the chance to embrace every last drop of Šolta island, from its honey and olive oil to wine and fish. 

Martinis Marchi will announce the partners for the event in the coming weeks, though French beverage company Pernod Ricard has signed on as the first, and will present their ever-so-classy G. H. Mumm champagne! 


Martinis Marchi

And it wouldn’t be Martinis March party without some surprises, but we can't go ruining those now. 

If you’re interested in attending the season-opening, be sure to act fast as tickets are limited. Transport will be organized from Split to Maslinica and back, which will also be included in the ticket price. All details about departures will be provided a few days before the event. 

Here are the details of the Wine tasting & Gala dinner event:
1.000 HRK (135€ per person)
There are also desirable daily rates for hotel rooms: 197 EUR per suite for participants of the event (options open for Friday and Saturday).

All other questions can be answered by calling the reception desk at +385 21 572 768.

To reserve a place, visit here or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Martinis Marchi

See you in Maslinica!

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Thursday, 25 October 2018

Martinis Marchi Marina on Šolta Wins Best Small Marina in Croatia!

Martinis Marchi was awarded at the Days of Croatian Tourism currently taking place on Hvar. 

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Martinis Marchi Celebrates 10 Years with Dinner, Wine, and Friends

Celebrate 10 years of Martinis Marchi on Šolta this weekend. 

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Party of the Summer? Life is a Caberet at Martinis Marchi on Solta (VIDEO and PHOTO Special)

The island of Solta was the place to be on August 4, 2018, as luxury boutique hotel Martinis Marchi put on its annual spectacular party, with this year's theme 'Life is a Cabaret.' TCN was there, complete with video camera.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Sailing Croatia: 5 Destinations to add to your Central Dalmatia Itinerary

It's February 1st, 2018 and already we are looking ahead to the summer months... From January onwards bookings for summer sailing holidays only increase, so let's fire your imagination with some ideas for destinations. Here are 5 destinations we believe you should add to your central Dalmatia sailing itinerary

Monday, 7 August 2017

Martinis Marchi Ancient Rome Party, 2017 Summer Highlight

Over the weekend of the 4th and 5th August 2017, Martinis Marchi hosted their sixth annual summer party, and it proved to be an absolute highlight event on the Adriatic this summer. There were gladiator performances, fire dancers, a feast, champagne even royalty in attendance as well as top luxury brands like Sunseeker, Rolex, Tomić & Co. BMW, Croatia Sotheby's International Realty… a weekend to remember!

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