Wednesday, 6 April 2022

Osijek Ferivi Half Marathon on Saturday to Welcome 1,250 Participants from 11 Countries

April 6, 2022 – On Saturday, April 9, the annual Osijek Ferivi Half Marathon will be held, with a range of events for professional and recreational athletes alike.

As SiB writes, the citizens' race and relay race will start at 10.00 am on Ante Starčević Square, while children's races will start at 5.00 pm on the promenade of the upper Drava coast, west of the winter port. A press conference was held yesterday on the central city square in Osijek, the Ante Starčević Square, at which the 18th Osijek Ferivi Half Marathon was announced, a traditional event that will this year take place on Saturday, April 9.

This is the largest and most visited race in the ​​Slavonia and Baranja region, which has been held since 2005 and brings together many athletes, recreationists, and other citizens who want to enjoy running through the streets of Osijek. In addition to the half marathon (21.1 kilometers), there is also a 5km citizens’ race "Are you running, lega?", as well as the men's, women's, and mixed relay races of 3 x 7 kilometres and children's races from 300 meters to 1 kilometer. The organizer of the event is the Marathon Club Hrvatski Sokol from Osijek, and the sponsors are the Osijek-Baranja County, the City of Osijek, the Tourist Board of the City of Osijek, and the Croatian Red Cross.

"The pandemic finally allowed us to gather in large numbers and continue to socialize outdoors through running, cycling, walking, and other sports. I urge our citizens to come to the race because the contemporary lifestyle means a lot of sitting and using cars or public transport, so we need to practice sports. I am sure that everyone who runs the race for the first time will be excited for the next Osijek Ferivi Half Marathon," said the prefect Ivan Anušić.

The citizens' race and the relay race will be starting at 10.00 am on Ante Starčević Square, while the children's races will start at 5.00 pm on the promenade of the upper Drava coast, west of the winter port. More than 1,250 competitors have already registered, not only from Croatia but from 10 other countries (USA, Sweden, Norway, Serbia, Slovenia, Northern Macedonia, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina).

The Osijek Ferivi Half Marathon is not just a sporting event, but a combination of sports, entertainment, culture, and tourism, and contributes to the branding of Osijek. What is especially enriching about this event is that not only athletes but also recreational athletes take part, and even more so that children do. The city will continue to support this event", said the mayor of Osijek Ivan Radić.

He added that Osijek cares about its athletes and sports facilities and that this year Osijek will acquire a real Olympic swimming pool (at the Copacabana pools) for the first time, as well as introduce scholarships for athletes of the 5th and 6th categories while striving to raise sports and recreation to a higher level.

The Osijek Ferivi Half Marathon is an event that has been organized by the Marathon Club Hrvatski Sokol since the first race. The Club entered into a partnership with Ferivi & Co d.o.o. in 2008. and the race has since been called the Osijek Ferivi Half Marathon. Last year, the event had a record number of participants and outstanding accompanying content.

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Monday, 28 March 2022

Croatian PM Sends Message of Support During Concert Marathon for Ukraine

28 March 2022 - The whole of Europe, including Croatia, shows solidarity with the Ukrainian people and its fight for freedom and the values we share, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said in his message issued on the occasion of a concert marathon for Ukraine that was held on Sunday evening.

Dozens of internationally renowned musicians were included in that concert marathon that started  5:30 p.m. CET. Also other artists, athletes and politicians from around the world sent messages of support during the concert "Save Ukraine - Stop the War".

The venue of the charity campaign was in Warsaw. Under the auspices of the Polish TV broadcaster TVP, the two-hour concert marathon was broadcast by other TV broadcasters from 20 European countries as well as streaming platforms.

PM Plenković recalls on Twitter that Ukraine is a victim of the Russian military aggression and that the entire Europe, including Croatia expressed strong solidarity with the Ukrainian people and its fight for freedom. 

He reiterated Croatia's readiness to continue expressing solidarity and offering support and assistance in the political, humanitarian, technical and and other sense for the Ukrainian cause, and ended his message with "#StandWithUkraine!".

Friday, 13 August 2021

Neretva Boat Marathon to Be Held in Line with Anti-Epidemic Rules

ZAGREB, 13 Aug 2021 - Everything is ready for the 24th edition of the Neretva Boat Marathon, which will be held on Saturday in compliance with the epidemiological measures, the organiser of the event told Hina on Friday.

This year there will be 35 crews in this amateur sporting event, said Hrvoje Lazarević of the Neretva River Boatmen Association that organises this 22.5 kilometre-long race of traditional boats along the River Neretva from the city of Metković to the seaport of Ploče.

Thus, 23 crews are from the Neretva valley, another ten are from other parts of Croatia and two from abroad: one from Mostar and one from Sombor, Serbia.

Each of the 35 participating crews comprised ten rowers, a drummer and a coxswain.

This Boat Marathon, which has become one of the brands of the local community, will be covered live by the national broadcaster (HRT) on Saturday afternoon.

 It is held under the auspices of Croatian President Zoran Milanović.

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Friday, 21 August 2020

Zagreb Half Marathon on Sunday, Changes in Traffic

August 21, 2020 - The Zagreb half-marathon will take place on Sunday, August the 23rd, and cause some changes in temporary traffic regulation as well as changes in bus traffic.

The half-marathon will start at 7:30 and end at 12:20 in Hrvatska Bratska Zajednica street, so the bus line 234 (Main Train Station - Kajzerica - Lanište) will be suspended during the race.

The lines 218 (Main Train Station - Savica - Borovje), 220 (Main Train Station - Dugave), 221 (Main Train Station - Travno), 229 (Main Train Station - Odra - Mala Mlaka), 241 (Main Train Station - Veliko Polje), 242 (Main Train Station - Podbrežje), 268 Zagreb (Main Train station - Velika Gorica) and 281 (Main Train station - Novi Jelkovec) operate on changed routes in both directions.

Buses of line 218 will run from the Main Train Station to the left along Ulica grada Vukovara, then continue to the right to Marin Držić Avenue and Slavonska Avenue and left to Kruge and continue along their usual route to the final destination. The Lisinski and National University Library stops will be temporarily closed in both directions, and the Kruge - South stop, used by buses of line 107 (Jankomir - Žitnjak), can be used in the direction of the Main Train Station for further travel.

At the same time, bus lines 220 and 229 will depart from the Main Train Station terminal, turn left into Ulica grada Vukovara, then continue right along Marin Držić Avenue and Dubrovnik Avenue, turn left onto FR Germany Avenue and continue along the usual route to the final destination.
Lisinski, the National University Library, Bundek, the Museum of Contemporary Art and Sopot will be temporarily closed in both directions.

Bus lines 221, 241, 242 and 268 from the Main Train Station will turn left into Ulica grada Vukovara, then right onto Marin Držić Avenue, again right onto Dubrovnik Avenue and left onto Većeslav Holjevac Avenue, from where they continue on the usual route to their final destination. The Lisinski, National University Library and Bundek stops will be temporarily closed in both directions.

Line 281 will run from the starting point at the Main Train Station also along Ulica grada Vukovara, turn right onto Marin Držić Avenue, then left onto Slavonska Avenue and continue along the usual route to Novi Jelkovac.

The Lisinski, National University Library, and Kruge stops will be temporarily closed in both directions.

*Main Train Station - Glavni kolodvor

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Monday, 11 November 2019

Zagreb Cyclists Organize Marathon for Vukovar

As reported by direktno, the Volunteer Cycling Society (DBD Potepuh) from Zagreb is organizing the Bicycle Marathon for Vukovar for the eighth year from November 15-18 to commemorate the victims of Vukovar. Fifty-two recreational cyclists from all over Croatia will ride about 350 km from Zagreb to Vukovar in three days, commemorating the anniversary of the breakdown of the city’s defense and paying tribute to the Croatian veterans and civilians killed during the siege and occupation.

The event begins on Friday, November 15th at 9:00 at Jelačić Square in Zagreb (the gathering of cyclists begins at 8:00) and they will bike to Kutina. On the second day, cyclists will again depart at 9:00 and ride from Kutina to Orubica, a picturesque village on the banks of the Sava River. On the third day, participants are expected to make their longest trek: 155 km from Orubica to Vukovar. On the fourth day, November 18th, which falls on the anniversary itself, the cyclists will be divided into two groups: those who have not been to Vukovar will visit the Memorial Cemetery and Ovcara, and the rest will join the memorial procession at the hospital. The participants will then return by train to Zagreb in the afternoon on the same day.

"Over the past seven years, the DBD Potepuh Vukovar Marathon has grown from a group ride of seventeen friends to the largest recreational cycling event commemorating the anniversary of the Homeland War, which we as organizers are particularly proud of," their statement read.

Although the association has been organizing group bicycle rides for several years in a row on the occasion of the military-police operations "Flash" and "Storm" (May 1 and August 5), the Vukovar marathon is regularly the most attended, despite happening during a colder time of the year and well outside of cycling season.

The Vukovar Cycling Marathon is not a race. Participants do not wear numbers or keep track of their time, but all ride together as a group at the same moderate pace. They carry the necessary provisions on their bicycles for a four-day trip away from home: a pad and a sleeping bag, cycling clothes for several days, "civilian" clothes for participating in the memorial procession, night riding and rain gear. "Despite these somewhat spartan conditions: cool riding temperatures and an insignificant registration fee, most of the participants are 'returnees' who have already participated in one (or more) of the DBD Potepuh cycling marathons. As organizers, this is our best confirmation of our work to date, and an impetus for organizing future similar recreational cycling meetings" the organizers added.

Information about the Volunteer Cycling Society (DBD Potepuh) and the marathon can be found here.

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Monday, 25 September 2017

Spaniard Wins 10th Ston Wall Marathon!

Spanish runner Antoni Puig Izquierdo is the winner of the tenth edition of the Ston Marathon which took place on Sunday morning in Ston.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Dubrovnik International Half Marathon

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Registration Open for Half-marathon on Pag Island

Another great race is ahead of us, registration has been opened for the 2nd International Half-marathon Pag Island, to take place on April 30, 2017

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