Tuesday, 6 September 2022

Dinamo Shocks Chelsea in Zagreb to Kick Off Champions League Campaign

 September 6, 2022 - Dinamo beat Chelsea 1-0 in the first round of the Champions League Group E at Maksimir Stadium in front of 20,607 spectators.

Dinamo Zagreb opened their eighth appearance in the Champions League group stage at Maksimir stadium with a victory against former European and English champions Chelsea. The deciding goal was scored by Mislav Oršić in the 13th minute.

Chelsea won direct placement in the Champions League after finishing third place in the Premier League last season. The Croatian champion played three qualifying rounds to secure a place among the European football elite. They clinched a spot in the group stage after beating Bodo/Glimt. 

Chelsea took the initiative from the first minute, but it didn't take long for Dinamo to answer back. In the 13th minute, Dinamo countered and converted the attack into a goal by Mislav Oršić.

The action started with Robert Ljubičić, who sent a long ball to Bruno Petković. Bruno passed it to Oršić, who dribbled past Wesley Fofana, a new Chelsea player who arrived from Leicester City for 82 million euros. Oršić ran about 50 meters and beat goalkeeper Kepa for 1:0!

Chelsea equalized in the 48th minute, but Aubameyang's goal was ultimately called offside. In the 56th minute, Dinamo was one step closer to a second goal, but Stefan Ristovski's fantastic shot hit the crossbar.

Reece James also hit the post in the 85th minute. Mateo Kovačić played for Chelsea until the 59th minute.

RB Salzburg and Milan meet in the second match from this group at 21:00.

Dinamo plays their next Champions League match on Wednesday, September 14, at San Siro against Milan. 


DINAMO: Livaković - Ristovski, Perić, J. Šutalo - Moharrami, Mišić, Ademi, Ljubičić - Ivanušec - Petković, Oršić

CHELSEA: Arrizabalaga - Azpilicueta, Koulibaly, Fofana - James, Kovačić, Mount, Chilwell - Havertz, Sterling - Aubameyang

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Wednesday, 24 August 2022

Dinamo Advance to Champions League Group Stage after Extra Time in Zagreb!

August 24, 2022 - With two quick goals in the final minutes of extra time, Dinamo has secured a spot in the Champions League group stage! 

Dinamo and Bodo/Glimt met in the return match of the Champions League play-off at Maksimir Stadium in Zagreb on Wednesday. 

In the first match, Bodo/Glimt won at home with a minimum of 1:0.

In their quest for the Champions League group stage, Dinamo and Bodo met at a sold-out Maksimir Stadium. Coach Ante Čačić could not on Josip Mišić due to cards.


Dinamo (4-2-3-1): Livaković - Ristovski, B. Šutalo, Perić, Ljubičić - Ademi, Ivanušec - Špikić, Baturina, Oršić - Petković

Bodo/Glimt (4-3-3): Haikin - Sampsted, Amundsen, Hoibraten, Wembagomo - Vetlesen, Hagen, Sltnes - Mugisha, Salvesen, Pellegrino 

Match report

Dinamo's first chance came in the 2nd minute when Baturina shot over the post from the penalty area. 

But Dinamo's quick counter two minutes later caught Bodo's defense off guard - Baturina found Orsic on the left who scored for 1:0 in the 4th minute! 

Dinamo was off to a great start and had complete control of the match, making it tough for Bodo to get out of their half.

Dinamo's first corner came in the 13th minute, which was cleared by the Bodo defense. 

Bodo had their most dangerous chance in the 15th minute when Mvuka just missed near post. Bodo was fortunately called offside. 

A tough call in the Bodo penalty area came in the 27th minute. The defender played with his hand, but after a VAR check, the ref said to play on. 

Ademi hit the crossbar in the 31st minute and Dinamo continued to relentlessly attack Bodo's half. 

But it didn't take long for Dinamo to get their second goal. A brilliant scissor kick by Petkovic from inside the box made it 2:0 for Dinamo in the 35th minute! 

Bodo didn't have many chances until the end of the half and called for a penalty kick in the 43rd minute. The ref said to play on. The match was 2:0 for Dinamo at the half.  

The second half started without any changes.

Bodo had their first chance of the second half in the 51st minute when Mvuka came up the right side. Boško Šutalo was calm and cleared any danger. 

Dinamo continued to press but without great opportunities. The first yellow card of the match went to Webanmogo in the 58th minute. 

Dinamo made their first subs in the 60th minute - Špikić and Baturina came off for Emreli and Gojak.

Bodo had a great chance in the 62nd minute. Livaković struggled to defend Mvuka's shot and Salvesen failed to reach the deflection in time 

Bodo made their first subs two minutes later - Grunbaek and Espejord entered for Hagen and Salvesen.

Bodo was continuing to press and got hungrier for a goal, which finally happened in the 69th minute. A hiccup in Dinamo's defense allowed Grunbaek to score for 2:1. The aggregate was now 2:2. 

Dilaver entered for Peric in the 71st minute. 

Dinamo started to lose their rhythm and Bodo continued to attack. Drmić entered for Orsic in the 82nd minute. 

The ref added 6 minutes of stoppage time to the match. At 2:1, the match went to extra time. 

Ademi came off for Bočkaj and Ljubičić moved to the midfield.

Dinamo had their first corner of extra time in the 100th minute, which was cleared out by Bodo's defense.

Pelligrino had a dangerous chance from a header in the 103rd minute. A minute later, Drmic had a 1-on-1 with the Bodo keeper but was called offside. 

The second half started at 2:1. 

In the 106th minute, Vetti and Konradsen entered for Amundsen and Vetlesen.

Moharrami received a yellow card in the 109th minute.

Another change for Bodo - Skau was subbed on for Wembangomo.

But it all changed in the 117th minute - Dinamo took advantage of a rattled Bodo defense and Drmic scored for 3:1! And Dinamo wasn't finished yet -a quick counter and another 1-on-1 with the Bodo keeper - the ball found Bockaj for 4:1 Dinamo and the final whistle! 

With this result, Dinamo has thus secured their spot in the Champions League this season. 

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Tuesday, 9 August 2022

Dinamo Books Champions League Play-off Spot against Bodø/Glimt!

August 9, 2022 - Dinamo Zagreb advances to the Champions League play-off round against Bodø/Glimt! The Zagreb club won 4:2 at Maksimir on Tuesday night against Ludogorets (6-3 aggregate).

Dinamo played the second leg of the Champions League 3rd round qualifiers at Maksimir Stadium against Bulgarian club Ludogorets. Dinamo won 2:1 away in the first leg. Estimates are that around 15,000 fans were at Maksimir on Tuesday night. 

By advancing past Ludogorets, Dinamo secures their spot in the Champions League play-off against Norwegian club FK Bodo/Glimt. And that's not all - securing at least the Europa League group stage means 7.17 million euros in Dinamo's bank account. 


Dinamo: Livaković - Ristovski, B. Šutalo, Perić, Ljubičić - Mišić, Ademi - Špikić, Baturina, Oršić - Drmić

Ludogorets: Sluga - Cicinho, Verdon, Plastun, Nedyalkov - Yankov, Piotrowski, Cafunama - Rick, Igor Thago, Despodov

Match report

Dinamo's first good opportunity came already in the 4th minute. Ademi shot from 13 meters, but Croatian goalkeeper Simon Sluga defended for Ludogorets, resulting in a corner for Dinamo.

But it didn't take long for Dinamo to get comfortable. Josip Drmić scored with a header in the 12th minute for 1:0. 

A sense of calm swept over Dinamo after Jankov was sent off with his second yellow card in the 18th minute, forcing Ludogorets to play with a man down for the remainder of the match. And not even 10 minutes later? Dinamo was awarded a penalty when Nedjalkov clipped Špikić from behind. Oršić scored for 2:0 in the 27th minute. 

Ludogorets was mostly helpless for the remainder of the first half, with Dinamo pressing and using their extra-player advantage to tire out the Bulgarian club. And then Dinamo did it again - Oršić dribbed through the Ludogorets defense and nailed the far post for 3:0 Dinamo with just a minute to go in the first half. 

Ludogorets reduced the score to 3:1 when Despodov scored in stoppage time. It was 3:1 for Dinamo at the half.

The second half started with changes for Dinamo. Mišić, Ristovski and Baturina were subbed off and Ivanušec, Gojak and Moharrami entered the match. 

A penalty was awarded to Ludogorets in the 49th minute, and Despodov scored again to bring the result to 3:2. 

Drmić was subbed off in the 70th minute, and Petković entered the match. 

Another blow for the Bulgarian club came in the 73rd minute. Rick received his second yellow card for a foul on Spikic and was sent off, forcing Ludogorets to play with two men down. 

And then a chance for Dinamo's 4th goal came in the 84th minute when a penalty was called for Dinamo. Petkovic scored for 4:2 and Ludogorets received yet another red card, bringing them down 8 players to finish the match! 

And the red cards didn't stop for Ludogorets there - the president of the club was sent into the tunnel in the 88th minute! 

The ref added 5 minutes of stoppage time, in which neither team scored. Dinamo thus won 4:2 with a 6-3 aggregate and advances to the Champions League play-off against Norwegian club Bodo/Glimt! 

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Tuesday, 19 July 2022

Champions League 2nd Qualifying Round: Dinamo and Shkupi Draw 2:2 at Maksimir

July 19, 2022 - In the first leg of the Champions League 2nd qualifying round, Dinamo and Shkupi draw 2:2 at Maksimir Stadium in Zagreb. 

Dinamo had their first European test of the season tonight against the champion of North Macedonia, Shkupi. The two teams met at Maksimir Stadium at 21:00 for the Champions League 2nd qualifying round. 

Dinamo entered tonight's match as big favorites. According to Transfermarkt, the North Macedonian champion is worth only 5.5 million euros, while the Croatian champion is valued at 100.5 million.

The match was refereed by 39-year-old Romanian Rad Petrescu.

The starting lineups saw Dinamo coach Ante Čačić leave Mislav Oršić on the bench.


Dinamo: Livaković - Moharrami, J. Šutalo, Perić, Ljubičić - Mišić, Ademi - Špikić, Petković, Ivanušec - Drmić

Shkupi: Naumovski - Brdarovski, Dzelil, Margvelashvili, Sheji - Putita, Faustin, Alvarez - Hamidi, Danfa, Adetunji

Match report

Dinamo's first real chance came in the 10th minute. Perić crossed, and Petković chested to Ademi, who shot ten meters over the goal. Dinamo used their first sub in the 17th minute as Theophile entered for an injured Josip Šutalo. 

Dinamo was shocked in the 25th minute. A big mistake by the defense between Mišić and Theophile saw Queven take advantage and shot past Livaković for 0:1. 

Dinamo had a few more chances but didn't equalize until the 44th minute. Ademi scored off a Moharrami cross for 1:1 at the half. 

The second half started with one change - Menalo entered instead of Špikić

Ljubičić had a chance in the 49th minute but shot near post. Oršić was subbed on for Drmić in the 64th minute. 

Ademi was shown a yellow card in the 72nd minute for simulation after diving in the penalty area. 

Dinamo continued to have chances in the second half and was relentlessly attacking Shkupi's goal. Bruno Petković finally scored to put Dinamo ahead at 2:1 in the 86th minute.

But the euphoria didn't last long. A quick attack and a volley over Livaković saw Shkupi equalize at 2:2 in the 89th minute, which is how the match ended. 

The second leg will be played away on Tuesday, July 26, at 21:00. 

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Saturday, 9 July 2022

SuperSport Superkup: Dinamo Beats Hajduk on Penalties at Maksimir

July 9, 2022 - Dinamo beat Hajduk 4:1 on penalties to win the SuperSport Superkup on Saturday in Zagreb. 

Dinamo and Hajduk opened the new season of Croatian football, fighting for the first trophy of the season - the SuperSport Superkup.

Around two and a half thousand Hajduk fans visited Maksimir for the first derby of the season, many of them on the 'Bili Vlak', or organized train transport that left this morning from Split. Around 17,000 spectators were expected at the match in total. 

Dinamo was said to have a slight advantage tonight playing at home, though we must remember that last season, Hajduk beat Dinamo twice, one match ended in a draw, while Dinamo celebrated in the last derby of the season. 

Dinamo has won six Superkups, Hajduk is close behind with five, while Rijeka has one. However, from 1995 to 2001, the Superkup was not played because Dinamo won the championship and the Cup, for the same reasons it was not played in 2008 and 2009, 2011 and 2012, as well as from 2015 to 2018, when they dominated again.


Dinamo (4-3-3): Livaković - Moharrami, Lauritsen, Perić, Ljubičić - Ademi, Mišić, Ivanušec - Špikić, Petković, Drmić

Hajduk (4-3-3): L. Kalinić - Mikanović, Borevković, Simić, Melnjak - Vuković, Grgić, Krovinović - Livaja, N. Kalinić, Biuk

Match Report

Dinamo was more offensive in the first 5 minutes of the match before Livaja, Biuk, and Kalinić picked things up for Hajduk in the next few attacks. The closest call of the match so far was in the 10th minute when Livaja hit the net near post. 

Petković was dangerous for Dinamo in the 22nd minute with a brilliant Lovre Kalinić save for Hajduk to keep it 0:0. Mikanović hit the crossbar for Hajduk in the 30th minute. 

Petković took a dangerous free kick in the 37th minute which was shot over the goal. The first half ended 0:0. 

Hajduk was the first to be dangerous in the second half. Livaja shot powerfully from 18 meters but it went far to the right post. A minute later, Ademi shot from the edge of the penalty area which Kalinić deflected into the corner. Two minutes later, Ivanušec shot over the goal.

Biuk went up the right wing and tangled with Moharrami. Hajduk looked for a penalty, but the referee remained silent.

Biuk came off for Sahiti in the 58th minute. Kalinić continued to be outstanding in goal, with another superman save to keep Dinamo from scoring. What a match so far. 

Livaja had a chance in front of Dinamo's goal in the 62nd minute which Lauritsen managed to clear. Drmić missed directly in front of Hajduk's goal in the 66th minute. 

Kalinić was having the match of his life - saving yet another close call from Dinamo a minute later. Nikola Kalinić came out for Mlakar in the 70th minute. 

Ademi was dangerous dribbling into the penalty area which Kalinić ultimately stopped. Ademi was subbed off for Baturina in the 77th minute.

A Dinamo corner in the 82nd minute put Kalinić to work again and Sipic headed towards the goal. It was 0:0 with 5 minutes left.  

Livaja shot near post in the 84th minute before Dinamo attacked again. Menalo was subbed on for Spikic in the 87th minute. 

Orsic was one-on-one with Kalinić which he too managed to save. It was 0:0 in the 90th minute with four minutes of stoppage time added before penalties would decide the winner.  


Bruno Petković was up first to score for Dinamo - 1:0.

Livaja scored for Hajduk - 1:1.

Orsic scored for Dinamo - 2:1. 

Mlakar shanked over the goal to keep Dinamo ahead 2:1. 

Ljubicic scored for Dinamo - 3:1. 

Vukovic's penalty was saved by Livakovic for 3:1. 

Ivanusec scored for Dinamo (4:1) and the SuperSport Superkup title in 2022. 

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Saturday, 25 June 2022

Croatian Police, Dinamo, Hajduk, and HNS Discuss Fan Safety at Croatian Super Cup in Zagreb

June 25, 2022 - The Croatian Police, Dinamo, Hajduk, and HNS discussed fan safety ahead of the Croatian Super Cup in Zagreb between the two clubs on July 9. 

A meeting of the Police Directorate and competent persons was held in front of Dinamo, Hajduk, and the Croatian Football Federation. The first derby of the season is being played as part of the Super Cup on July 9, and the goal is to prevent the incidents that accompanied last season's derbies.

The HNS press release is transmitted in its entirety below:

"On Friday, June 24, 2022, a working meeting was held on the official premises of the Police Directorate to prepare and implement security for the upcoming Super Cup football match between GNK Dinamo Zagreb and HNK Hajduk Split.

In addition to the representatives of the Police Directorate, the persons in charge of security on behalf of the Croatian Football Federation and the football clubs Dinamo and Hajduk participated in the meeting and discussed all segments of security preparation and implementation that affects security in this football match.

Namely, the Police Directorate declared the football match a high-security risk match and all participants in the meeting agreed on the importance of making every effort to play the match in the atmosphere of a football sports spectacle in which sport will be at the forefront with all necessary security measures for all participants and spectators." 

Recall, football fans and Croatian police clashed after Dinamo Zagreb beat Hajduk 3:1 in the final match of the season one month ago. Dinamo celebrated the Croatian championship title in front of their fans at Maksimimr Stadium, as Hajduk fan group Torcida remained outside protesting a new Dinamo banner rule. Later that evening, fans and police clashed at the Desinec rest area along the Zagreb-Split motorway. As a result, four men sustained shotgun wounds, and 35 people were injured. Forty-two people were in investigative custody and only released 9 days ago. 

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Thursday, 9 June 2022

Progledaj Srcem: Spiritual Concert Gathers 50,000 Worshippers at Maksimir Stadium

June 9, 2022 - A concert report on the 'Progledaj Srcem' spiritual concert held at Maksimir Stadium in Zagreb last weekend. 

Since late 2021, the date for the biggest spiritual-musical spectacle in Croatia and probably this part of Europe had been fixed. After the first concert in 2014 with about 2.000 visitors and up to 18.000 in the Zagreb Arena in 2019, thousands of people waited for June 4, 2022, to finally arrive – about 50.000 worshippers filled the Maksimir Stadium for the 6th 'Progledaj Srcem' (translation: “Look with the Heart”) concert. A concert that isn’t only one of the biggest in the Croatian history, but one that is already an important part of Croatia’s future. 



Over a thousand individuals took part in the organization of this incredible event and 200 volunteers helped to make it all run smoothly. With the start of an all-day program at 3 pm, which also served as a preparation for the Feast of Pentecost on June 5, one might even say that this year's 'Progledaj Srcem' has grown into a festival. Right before the musical part started, mindful messages were displayed on video walls, one of them “Fear not, we do not condemn, we are all friends here”. From 9 pm, 17 well-known names of Christian worship music in Croatia such as Alan Hržica, Amorose, Božja pobjeda, Božja Slava band, Emanuel, fra Ivan Matić, fra Marin Karačić, klapa 'Sveti Juraj' HRM, Rafael Dropulić Rafo, sestre Halužan, sestre Husar, sestre Palić, Toni Cetinski, Vanessa Mioč and Zbor Mihovil accompanied by an orchestra consisting of more than 20 instrumentalists gave the audience an outstanding performance. 


Thanks to the written verses of each song on video walls, the whole stadium was able to sing in unity together, all accompanied by dancing and praying. Moreover, while the priest put some of his spiritual thoughts into words, the Arka Korablja, a community of people with and without intellectual disabilities, presented those words in a little act, leaving numerous visitors with tears in their eyes. He concluded this message by saying that they aren’t children with special needs, but that it’s him, who’s a child with special needs - a child who needs to be loved and love others. 



By lighting up the Maksimir Stadium with their flashlights, the worshippers made this place shine like a real galaxy, while during the song “Blessing”, stunning fireworks brightened up Zagreb’s skyline.



This year’s 'Progledaj Srcem' was again filled with interactive moments of laughter and joy, tears and compassion, but most of all with love, peace, and gratitude. From performers to visitors, the majority cannot explain this incredible experience in words and are still processing the seen, heard, and felt. But one can be said for sure – it has been a unique opportunity for worshippers to show up, meet others, open their hearts, unite, pray and celebrate God together.

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Sunday, 22 May 2022

HNL Round 36 Recap: 2021/22 Croatian Championship Comes to an End

May 22, 2022 - The 36th and final round of the Croatian First League was held on May 20 and 21. Dinamo already clinched the title last weekend, though the season ended with the Dinamo-Hajduk derby at Maksimir Stadium in Zagreb. Here is our HNL round 36 recap. 

Istra 1961 v. Slaven Belupo (3:1)

Istra and Belupo opened the 36th round on Friday, May 20, in Pula. 

While the first half went without goals, Beljo put Istra ahead in the 48th minute for 1:0. Bande made it 2:0 six minutes later. Balgojevic was shown his second yellow in the 71st minute, forcing Istra to play with a man down for the remainder of the match. Zvonarek made it 2:1 in the 76th minute, but Beljo scored again in the 4th minute of stoppage time for the final 3:1.


Istra ended the season in 9th place with 31 points, while Belupo finished in 7th with 36. 

Lokomotiva v. Sibenik (2:1)

Lokomotiva and Sibenik met in Zagreb on Friday, May 20. Kulenovic scored for 1:0 in the 6th minute before Maric made it 2:0 in the 29th. Delic scored for 2:1 in the 41st minute, which was the final score. 


Lokomotiva ended the season in 5th place with 49 points, while Sibenik finished in 8th with 32. 

Rijeka v. Dragovoljac (1:0)

Rijeka and Dragovoljac met on Saturday, May 21 at Rujevica. 

The only goal of the match came in the 2nd minute when Obregon scored for 1:0. 


Rijeka ended the season in 4th place with 65 points, while Dragovoljac will be relegated from the First League, finishing last with 19 points. 

Gorica v. Osijek (1:1)

Gorica and Osijek met in Velika Gorica on Saturday, May 21.

Jovicic put Gorica ahead in the 30th minute for 1:0 at the half. Bartolec equalized for 1:1 in the 68th which was the final score. 


Gorica ended the season in 6th place with 45 points, while Osijek finished in 3rd with 69. 

Dinamo v. Hajduk (3:1)

Dinamo and Hajduk closed out the 36th round and the 2021/22 season at Maksimir on Saturday, May 21. 

While Dinamo already clinched the title in the previous round, the Eternal Derby between these two clubs is always played for pride. Around 2,000 Hajduk fans were meant to be in attendance, though they remained outside the stadium in protest of a new Makrsimir rule regarding banners. 

Petkovic put Dinamo ahead for 1:0 in the 53rd minute. Livaja's goal was called back by VAR in the 68th minute, though he came back to equalize in the 4th minute of stoppage time for 1:1. Dinamo ended up scoring two goals in the final two minutes - with Orsic and Baturina making it 3:1. 


Dinamo ended the season in 1st place with 79 points, while Hajduk finished in 2nd with 72. 

You can see the full HNL standings HERE.

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Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Football for Peace: Hajduk and Shakhtar Donetsk Playing Friendly Match at Poljud

April 26, 2022 - Hajduk and Shakhtar Donetsk will play a friendly match on Sunday to raise money for Ukrainian war refugees. 

Under the theme "Football for Peace", Hajduk and Ukrainian club Shakhtar Donetsk will play a humanitarian friendly match at Poljud on Sunday, May 1. The goal of the match is to raise funds to help children left without parents in war-torn Ukraine who now need accommodation in the Republic of Croatia.

"HNK Hajduk has already given its training grounds to coaches, staff, and over 80 Ukrainian children who were taken care of in Split, and we are especially glad that they will be able to watch their first team players again during this match," said Hajduk on its official website

The Hajduk - Shakhtar match is scheduled for Sunday, May 1, at 3 pm, and the unique ticket price is 30 kuna. In addition to buying tickets, you can also help by calling a special donor number, which will be published a few days before the game.

Tickets can be purchased at the following points of sale:

- Online at ulaznice.hajduk.hr

- Membership Department at Poljud - every working day from 8 am to 8 pm

- Hajduk Fan shop Joker

- Ticketshop outlets (Tisak Media)

- Ticket booths around the stadium on the day of the match

The first of two humanitarian matches to be played in Croatia will be played in Zagreb between Dinamo and Dynamo Kyiv on Thursday, April 28, starting at 6 pm. Maksimir Stadium will be open to spectators in the west lower and north lower stands. GNK Dinamo will play in the combined lineup of the first and second teams.

Ticket prices for the Dinamo - Dynamo Kyiv humanitarian match: tribune north lower 50 kuna and tribune west lower 50 kuna.

All proceeds from the tickets will go to the Kyiv club, which will distribute the money to Ukrainian refugees.

Ukrainian nationals who are in Croatia due to the war and want to come to the match can pick up their free ticket by presenting an ID. 

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Thursday, 24 February 2022

Dinamo Drops Out of Europa League, Sevilla through to Next Round

February 24, 2022 - Dinamo drops out of Europa League, and Sevilla moves forward with a 3:2 aggregate after the second leg was played at Maksimir Stadium in Zagreb. 

Dinamo Zagreb did not manage to secure a spot in the Europa League round of 16. After the return match of the Europa League playoffs on Thursday, Dinamo defeated the six-time winner of this competition - Sevilla 1-0 (0-0). However, as Sevilla won 3-1 in the first leg last week, they went on to the next round with a 3-2 aggregate. 

The match's only goal was scored by Mislav Oršić in the 65th minute from a penalty after Acuna played with his hand in the 16th minute.

The first half was overall unexciting. Dinamo opened it briskly and energetically, but Sevilla successfully repelled all attacks. Mišić had an attempt in the 20th minute from twenty meters though it missed the goal. 

In the middle of the first half, Sevilla took possession and control of the match, but in the 34th minute, Dinamo created a solid opportunity. After a great breakthrough, Tolić found Gojak, who fell in a duel with Diego Carlos. Unfortunately, the ref did not point to the penalty spot as expected. Sevilla sent several shots towards the Dinamo goal by the end of the half, none of which were dangerous.

Sevilla opened the second half much better and had two good situations in front of Dinamo's goal, first in the 48th and then in the 51st minute. However, Livaković managed to defend both times. After that, Kopić made four changes - he introduced Bulat, Bočkaj, Špikić and Emreli, and took out Tolić, Štefulj, Ristovski and Petković.

Bulat was responsible for Dinamo's lead in the 65th minute. Sevilla's left-back Acuna played with his hand in a duel with the Šibenik player, and the referee immediately awarded a penalty. Mislav Oršić scored for 1-0. 

Dinamo was even more motivated after scoring the goal. After 75 minutes, Bočkaj got through on the left and was close to equalizing but couldn't get the shot off. A minute later, Menalo shot after Špikić's cross, but Sevilla's goalkeeper was ready again.

By the end of the match, numerous attacks by Dinamo followed. Oršić had a superb strike in the 89th minute after a long ball through the middle, but it went out for a corner. Delaney earned his second yellow card in the first minute of extra time, forcing Sevilla to play with a man down for the last three minutes. Dinamo tried to attack after two interceptions, but Sevilla defended and has advanced to the round of 16.

Source: Index.hr

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