Monday, 22 August 2022

Makarska Tourism Still Booming as Hotels Continue to be Full

August the 22nd, 2022 - The summer is still very much in full swing on the gorgeous Makarska Riviera, with hotels still full and the overall Makarska tourism picture still booming.

As Morski writes, Makarska's coast in Central Dalmatia is still full of foreign visitors, and the third weekend of August is usually marked by a large shift of tourists, with more departures than arrivals, but the hotels are still fully booked, and there are crowds on the main roads and along access roads to tourist destinations.

This weekend, more than 10,000 guests will travel from tourist destinations along the Makarska Riviera, and fewer will arrive for their holidays in summer resorts from Brela to Gradac, according to local tourist offices. However, they pointed out that after this weekend, about 50 thousand tourists will continue their vacation on the Makarska coast, making the Makarska tourism picture full despite the gradual change of the times.

Hotels operating along the Makarska Riviera are continuing to do business without any free beds to speak of, hosting more than 14,000 guests in total, the same is the case in holiday homes and other forms of family/private accommodation, and the advance reservation of accommodation facilities is also recommended for people staying in rooms and apartments rented out from private home owners.

The change of guests is also being accompanied by significant traffic jams this weekend. On the D8 state road, people are continuing to drive in long queues, going very slowly and with rare stops, and traffic is also congested on the access roads to various destinations along that part of the coastline.

Along the road from Basko Polje through the Sveti Ilija tunnel to the highway and vice versa, the traffic has increased significantly, there is also traffic congestion on the access road to the toll booths near Zagvozd, yet the waiting times have decreased at the toll booths themselves.

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Wednesday, 6 July 2022

Aminess Khalani Beach Hotel - First Makarska 5 Star Facility Opens

July the 6th, 2022 - The stunning Makarska Riviera is known for its jaw-dropping panoramic views, rugged and imposing mountains, gorgeous beaches and of course - the sparkling Adriatic Sea that draws millions of visitors to Croatian shores from across the world. There's now a brand new Makarska 5 star facility on offer, as well.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, in the presence of more than 300 guests, the very first Makarska 5 star facility - Aminess Khalani Beach Hotel - was officially opened. This new hotel is otherwise a large greenfield investment worth more than 50 million euros, providing 200 new jobs for locals from the Makarska Riviera, and in addition to luxurious accommodation, it also offers top gourmet experiences, an impressive spa and wellness centre, modern conference halls, a gaming room for children and much more.

Aminess hotels and camps are already located in Novigrad (Istria), on the islands of Korcula and Krk, as well as on the Peljesac peninsula.

This expanding hotel group now has an impressive thirteen hotels under its belt, as well as four camping resorts with more than 450 mobile homes, 92 apartments, as well as 80 villas all over the beautiful Croatian Adriatic coast.

This brand new Makarska 5 star facility can accommodate 900 guests in 299 accommodation units spread over a total of eight floors, boosting not only Makarska's tourism offer but that of Central Dalmatia as a whole.

"We're very proud that Aminess hotels and camps entered the project initiated through a greenfield investment, which is still a rarity here on the Croatian market, especially when it comes to facilities with more than a hundred accommodation units. We believe that in the coming tourist seasons, the Aminess Khalani Beach Hotel will have a favourable impact on the tourism results of the entire region, especially the Makarska region," said Zrinka Bokulic, President of the Management Board of Aminess Hotel and Camps.

Renowned Croatian architect Jerko Rosin is responsible for the hotel's sleek exterior, while Studio Argentaria from Sarajevo in neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina was the company responsible for the hotel's interior design. From 2023 onwards, this brand new Makarska 5 star facility will be open to guests all year round.

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Wednesday, 11 August 2021

Makarska Firefighters: ''Use of Fire Outdoors is Strictly Prohibited''

August 11, 2021 - Through a statement, the Makarska firefighters have warned all landlords and their guests that the use of open fire, such as fireworks or barbecues, is strictly prohibited.

HrTurizam reports today that the Voluntary Fire Brigade of the City of Makarska sent an appeal to all landlords, tourist workers, the tourist community, and all citizens of Makarska, to warn tourists that lighting fires in the open are strictly prohibited.

In addition to the dystopian images coming from Turkey and Greece from the fires that have already caused irreparable ecological damage and evacuated thousands of tourists and locals, the fires also continue to be a threat on the Croatian coast due to the high temperatures in the summer, the wind, and in many cases by the irresponsibility of the people.

Just a week ago, a fire in Trogir set off alarms and took a few days to fully extinguish. Even in Makarska, which has seen record numbers of tourists and guests this summer, it has also had to call on fire brigades and canadairs to put out fires in the area. For this reason, the Makarska firefighters have decided to pronounce on the matter through a statement.

According to their statement, last night they had 5 interventions related to barbecues, lighting candles, torches, and other fire uses close to the forests.

They emphasize that during the summer months it is strictly forbidden to use open flames in the open, as any form of barbecue in the woods, lighting wax candles, torches, smoking, and more. The Voluntary Fire Brigade of the City of Makarska, therefore, has asked renters and all other accommodation owners to warn their guests that the use of open fires is strictly prohibited.

"Let's all be the guardians of our city together and prevent a catastrophe in time. Even the slightest zeal is needed for just that to happen. Let's be responsible", emphasizes DVD Makarska.

Also, DVD Makarska is in the process of raising money for a set of firefighting suits for forest fires, and they are asking for help with donations. Find out more details HERE.

Saturday, 31 July 2021

Makarska Registers 56 Thousand Guests, Highest Since 2019

July 31, 2021 - In a clear sign of recovery, Makarska registers 56 thousand guests on its riviera, reaching 70% of what was achieved in 2019, a record year for tourism in the Dalmatian town. reports that in the resorts on the Makarska Riviera, according to the data of tourist offices, more than 56,000 domestic and foreign guests spend their holidays, which is about 70 percent compared to the same time in 2019.

According to the number of tourists, Makarska leads with 15,800 guests, in Baška Voda where a 'bed more' is still sought, 11,500 tourists rest, in Tučepi there are more than 8000, and in Podgora 5.5 thousand, while the Municipality of Gradac hosts more than 6000 guests.

Almost all hotel houses on the Makarska Riviera operate without free rooms, so it is recommended to book accommodation in advance to continue your summer stay in hotels.

There are few vacancies left in holiday homes as well as apartments with private homeowners on the entire coast, and more beds are in demand in most tourist offices, according to tourist offices.

The last weekend of July was marked by significantly increased traffic on the roads of the Makarska Riviera and in ferry ports.

On the state road, the D8 is driven in longer intermittent columns with occasional shorter delays, and smaller crowds are created at the entrances to tourist places. Traffic was significantly increased on the state road 535 from Baško Polje to the Sveti Ilija tunnel in Basto, while at the entrance to the highway near Zagvozd, a convoy of vehicles was about two kilometers long.

The ferry Pelješčanka, which runs on the line Makarska-Sumartin, is full in both directions for today's and tomorrow's voyages.

There are two ferries on the Drvenik-Sučuraj line, the wait for boarding in Drvenik is about two and a half hours, and it takes so long to return from Hvar to the mainland.

Good occupancy of hotels, holiday homes, and family accommodation is expected in the summer, say the tourist offices on the Riviera, where the end of July pleasantly surprised hoteliers and tourism workers.

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Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Makarska Riviera Readies for Summer: 900 Seasonal Workers in 20 Hotels Needed

March 2, 2021 - The Makarska Riviera readies for summer with 900 seasonal workers needed in hotels from Brela to Gradac.

Slobodna Dalmacija reports that with the hope that the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us, 20 hotels from Brela to Gradac on the Makarska Riviera are looking for about 900 seasonal workers, of which 500 are in Makarska alone.

Director of the Makarska hotels Biokovo and Miramare, Drago Nosić, revealed that both hotels in the coming season would need from 30 to 50 seasonal workers, which were not needed last year, as Miramare closed after only one month of operation.

"We currently have 38 full-time employees and this summer, if all goes well, we will need 30 to 50 seasonal workers, mostly chefs, waiters, and receptionists," says Nosić, adding that Miramare will open its doors in May, and perhaps earlier, depending on the opening of borders.

"For now, there is no crazy demand for accommodation, but we should hope for the best," Nosić points out.

Given the current epidemiological situation, Hotel Romana opens on June 12, and Romana Apartments will open as the measures loosen.

According to Ines Buntić, work coordinator of Romana d.o.o., the company currently has 29 employees for an indefinite period of time. With the opening of Hotel Romana, they would need about 60 employees for an indefinite period of time.

"In the season, we plan to employ between 160 and 190 seasonal workers with a minimum net income of 5,000 to 7,500 kuna, with the fact that we offer accommodation or transportation, meals, as well as rewards for a job well done. We will soon open tenders for staff, given that within the Romana Beach Resort, there is Hotel Romana with 297 accommodation units, Romana Apartments with 111 accommodation units, wellness, nine restaurants, as well as other accompanying facilities and catering and tourist content, such as an exchange office, souvenir shop, hairdresser, and more," said Buntić, who adds that Romana will look for chefs and support staff in the kitchen, waiters, bartenders, maids, cleaners, receptionists, employees on the maintenance of outdoor areas and swimming pools, sales clerks and other necessary staff.

The Park Hotel will open its doors in April and will have 30 to 50 part-time employees, who work for 10 months a year along with 25 full-time employees. According to the Park director, Marina Josipović, the hotel will need only a few seasonal workers, maids, chefs, and waiters.

"It will not be a problem for us to find staff because more people are registered on the labor market than last year," Josipović points out.

Hotel Osejava will also open its doors to the first guests at the beginning of April. If it's anything like 2019, it will need 15 seasonal workers who will work with 20 full-time employees, which was confirmed by the director Ivana Pivac Ivandić.

"We need cleaners, maids, waiters, and bartenders, and the salary of seasonal workers is from 5,000 kuna and up, with the offer of accommodation and food," Ivandić emphasizes, adding that a group of foreign guests will arrive on April 1. They also had reservations for March 1, but there are more and more cancellations by Germans, Austrians, and Scandinavians.

Hotels Valamar Meteor, Dalmatia, and Riviera will most likely need about 200 seasonal workers. According to Joško Lelas, a member of the Imperial Riviera Management Board and director of the "Hotels Makarska" Makarska Branch for Tourism, Meteor should be open in April, while the opening of Dalmatia and Riviera is still in question.

"It is too early to talk about seasonal workers, but in 2019 we had about 200 of them, as well as 100 permanent employees," said Lelas.

Hotels in Baška Voda, Slavija, and Horizont, will need about 100 seasonal workers who will work with 100 employees registered indefinitely. As the President of the Management Board Jakša Medić revealed, Baškovo hotels have about 30 permanent seasonal workers.

"We act like our season will be great, although the announcements for April and May are not very good. Of the seasonal workers, we will need chefs and waiters the most, and we plan to open the Slavija Hotel on March 26, when a group of Slovak cyclists arrives, while we plan to open the Horizont on May 1," said Medić.

One-hundred-seventy-five seasonal jobs are currently open in four Brela hotels and five in Tučepi's Bluesun hotel. According to long-term practice, it is expected that this year at least three-quarters of that number will be permanent seasonal workers, returning from season to season and working with 320 employees employed indefinitely.

According to Stanislava Čulin, Bluesun's head of public relations, the needs have remained the same.

"We are looking for waiters, assistant waiters, bartenders, chefs, and kitchen helpers. In addition to the salary, the seasonal workers are provided with accommodation in a hotel for employees in Zadvarje. They have organized transport to the hotel and back several times a day.

They are also provided with meals at the hotels where they work, their travel expenses to and from are covered, and if they live more than a 15-minute walk away from work, they are also provided with transportation. They are paid on time, accurately, and for all overtime hours worked, either monthly or through a redistribution model of hours," says Kristina Radha Milinković, from Bluesun's Human Resources Department. The opening of the first Bluesun hotels in Tučepi and Brela and each destination is planned for the beginning of April, just before the Easter holidays, while other hotels will open around the May holidays when demand is traditionally higher.

According to Stjepko Šošić, director of revenue management at Bluesun Hotels & Resorts, this year's pre-season is greatly influenced by the current epidemiological situation and will be adjusted to further development.

"We are in daily contact with partners and guests, interest in travel is great, but it all depends on the epidemiological situation in the main markets, the degree and dynamics of vaccination, and measures to cross borders," says Šošić.

Furthermore, Medora Hotels and Resorts Podgora will need 130 seasonal workers according to current projections.

As Vladimir Miklić, head of revenue management and direct and online sales said, there are currently 72 full-time employees in Medora hotels. In terms of seasonal workers, the most needed are housekeepers and in the food and beverage department.

"In addition to the salary, we provide all our employees with comfortable accommodation near the workplace, food, and the opportunity for further training and career development, as well as a motivating work environment with a competitive salary," said Miklić, adding that the Medora Orbis camp plans to open in early April and the hotel Medora Auri in late April.

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Monday, 14 September 2020

PHOTOS: Luxury Villas Croatia - Breathtaking Views in Makarska's Foothills

September 14, 2020 – 10 minutes from the centre of bustling Makarska, blending traditional Dalmatia with incredible 5-star facilities, My Home Adriona is a blissfully secluded paradise and one of the most singular luxury villas Croatia has

_DSC0210.jpegMy Home Adriona sits in the foothills of Biokovo mountain, just 10 minutes drive from the centre of bustling Makarska

Not everyone knows exactly what kind of holiday they want. Taking to the crystal clear waters on a pristine beach and soaking up the atmosphere of winding old town streets and their taverns are essentials of every holiday in Dalmatia. But, sometimes you need to break off from the crowds. They are not who you chose to spend your precious holiday time with. Neither are the all-too-near neighbours in the crowded apartment complexes or the town's full capacity hotels.

20200809_155449.jpegViews from the first-floor bedrooms show the wild nature which surrounds the custom-designed pool, the Adriatic close by and Brač island is the distance

IMG_5694.jpegA handful of houses are the villa's only neighbours, the only sound you hear all day is the crickets in the trees and the splashes you make in the pool

Luxury villas Croatia are the best way to make sure you and your fellow travellers get the most out of your vacation, and each other. Located in Kotišina, a small village in a Makarska neighbourhood, My Home Adriona is one of the most singular luxury villas Croatia has. Balancing traditional Dalmatian architecture with 5-star luxury, the villa is surrounded by the indigenous flora of the region and breathtaking views of the Adriatic and Brač island. Out of sight, but less than 10 minutes drive by car, the beautiful beaches and vibrant tavern and town life of Makarska await. Like the salty waves, they are on your doorstep any time you feel like dipping in.

myhomeadriona-7_R.jpegOlive, citrus, fig and pine trees surround the villa.

The scent of wild rosemary, lavender, citrus and other Mediterranean plants and herbs fill the air on the ample terrace of My Home Adriona. Gazing across the custom-designed pool and down into the tree-filled valley below, only the sounds of crickets fills the air. The village is quiet. Many of its quaint, traditional houses lie empty, used for a week or two as holiday homes. A car or moped might travel through the single road in the village once every hour. Or maybe none will pass through all day.

20200709_195651.jpegThe 17th-century Kotišina castle is carved into the mountainside, just 10 minutes walk from the villa, before it, the Botanical Gardens, dedicated to local plants and herbs


IMG_5713.jpegShade from the sun by the side of the pool or soak up the rays in the morning or late afternoon

Sitting elevated from the shoreline, in the foothills of the mighty Biokovo mountain, it's all too easy to become captivated by the seascape from Adriona. But, of all the coastal luxury villas Croatia boasts, this is one where the breathtaking view surrounds completely. Olive and fig trees line the property boundary. Beyond them, the handful of traditional dwellings sit on gentle slopes before, suddenly, the karst rock shoots up towards the sky. At dusk, you can watch the colour shadings on the mountain change spectacularly every minute in response to the waning sun. Carved into the mountain, 10 minutes walk from Adriona, a 17th-century castle dominates the view behind. Below it, 300 wild plants grow in the Kotišina Botanical Gardens, each of them indigenous to this specific area, just like those surrounding Adriona.



_DSC1295.jpegThe spacious open-plan living room and dining area sit next to a monster-sized, modern and fully-equipped kitchen. There's an additional eating area on the terrace, perfect for dining in the evening

IMG_5792.jpegBedrooms come with king-size beds and ensuite bathrooms. Each double bedroom is individually named after locally growing fruits and herbs - the natural bathroom products of each room hold a corresponding scent

crop_9999_666_My-Home-Adriona-Dalmatia-Olivers-Travels24.jpgThe games room and its bar are a proper man cave, with snooker table and poker table. Like the rest of the villa, it is furnished with fully restored antique furniture

The traditional white stone of Dalmatian houses forms the exterior to Adriona. Inside, restored antique furniture maintains the authentic feel, but it's combined with jaw-dropping luxury features that are wholly contemporary. On the ground floor, a spacious living room and dining area sit next to a fully equipped kitchen. A games room comes complete with snooker table, poker table and a fully stocked bar (although it's not as well-stocked as the wine cellar which, like the rest of Adriona, displays exquisite taste). In the basement, a spa and wellness area boasts a gym, sauna and a jacuzzi. Each of the four double bedrooms is huge, with kingsize beds, ensuite bathrooms and incredible views which perfectly welcome each day. All floors are accessible by lift and one bedroom is designed to accommodate those with disabilities or mobility issues.

20190927_162108.jpegThe wine cellar is stocked with exemplary Croatian wines. Some of the best red wine from the country comes from this region and all feature within this connoisseurs collection

IMG_5719.jpegWhat a view to wake up to in the morning!

When it comes to luxury villas Croatia has more than a small share. But, among them, Adriona is quite unique. Neighbourless and remote, yet just 10 minutes from the centre of a town brimming with people, beaches and nightlife, it's a luxurious base perfect for exploring the Makarska riviera and wider Dalmatia. Beautiful beaches, the Biokovo nature park, islands Hvar and Brač, adventure sports on the Cetina river, traditional taverns and Michelin-starred restaurants are all within very easy reach. This is a luxury villa at which every day can be different, and at which you can take your holiday at your own pace.


IMG_5739.jpegThe view of Biokovo mountain and the castle from the upstairs terrace of My Home Adriona. The colours of the rock face seem to change every minute at sunset

All photos © Marc Rowlands / My Home Adriona

You can check out more photos of My Home Adriona on their Instagram page

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Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Huge Interest in Biokovo Skywalk, Online Tickets to be Introduced Next Year

August 12, 2020 - Since the Biokovo Skywalk opening, Biokovo has become one of the most sought after locations overnight, not only on the Makarska coast but far beyond.

Slobodna Dalmacija reports that this heavenly lookout has ushered Biokovo into the new age tourism industry, where there is no time for an in-depth exploration of the destination; most tourists want to put a "check" on their "must visit" list and capture the experience with a camera.

But is Biokovo ready for this rush of hungry tourists? And, quite frankly, what comes next?

Slavo Jaksa, director of the Public Institution Biokovo Nature Park, comments on the future of Dalmatia's hit attraction. 

"The Skywalk is in itself an attraction and an additional product of the nature park that has raised the level of attractiveness of the whole of Biokovo. How much interest has increased, it is difficult to say for now because the year is as it is, and it is not a year to make comparisons," he points out.

"We expected an increase in the number of visitors and increased interest, but I must admit that we were still surprised by the extent of it," adds Jaksa.

The current problem is the crowds on Biokovo, which are created due to the enormous interest, and in the current year, this issue is being solved by limiting the number of vehicles. Namely, only 25 vehicles can enter in an hour, but it happens that tourists return because the queues are too big, or because the closing time of the park is approaching. Thus, long lines are standard.

"It is not so much of a burden because we control it. Namely, we also regulate the issue of road congestion and possible pollution," claims Jaksa, adding that next year they plan to sell tickets online.

"This will reduce congestion and the influx of cars. It would function like at Plitvice Lakes or Krka, and tourists would come at a certain time when they take a ticket and thus significantly reduce the crowds," the director adds.

Is Biokovo endangered in the sense that it is now suddenly visited by a mass of tourists?

"Not yet. We as an institution are here to protect the mountain, and we ensure the protection of nature and monitor, and when this season is over, we will evaluate and see what can be concluded and applied next year. But I always say that Biokovo protects itself only for the simple reason that it is an inaccessible mountain. We do not yet know whether this is just an opening effect or will be a continuous public interest. We will see where improvements are needed and prepare for the next year in which, we hope, tourism will return as it was, which we all want," explains Jaksa.

For the next year, other facilities are planned, along with the already completed lookout point and a new bicycle and hiking trail, visitor center, and children's playground. The project is worth 34 million kuna.

"All this will be completed in 2021 and it is clear that the structure of guests is now changing. We get a wider base, and with Biokovo Skywalk, we see what effect has been achieved, not only for tourism on the Makarska coast, but for the county and Croatia. We have tourists who come from other counties, while so far Biokovo has been visited mainly by guests from the Makarska Riviera," says Jaksa.

The more extensive base also means the need to educate visitors, which the director says they are already doing at the reception itself.

So, what can we expect next year? How will the road handle increasing traffic?

Jaksa emphasizes that they will be significantly relieved by selling tickets online, and as far as the road itself is concerned, he agrees that it is too narrow. Thus, Jaksa warns to drive at your own risk.

In principle, there are plans to rebuild the road, but for now, it is a long shot. There was also talk of shuttle buses, which are actually the best, safest and most environmentally friendly solution, though this was also left for the second budget period. Recall, a public transport system was discussed within the existing project "New Adrion - Promoting the sustainable use of the natural heritage of PP Biokovo".

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Tuesday, 17 September 2019

TZ Makarska Director: Tourism Numbers Aren't Important, We Want to Measure Our Quality

September 17, 2019 - The peak tourist season has come and gone. But how was it in the Croatian coastal hotspot of Makarska?

Dalmacija Danas spoke to the director of the Makarska Tourist Board, Hloverka Novak Srzic, where tourism is the beating heart of the town.

It's been two years since Srzic was appointed the director of the Makarska Tourist Board. Makarska tourism is delivering results in numbers, and numerous projects have been launched. 

“I can unashamedly say that we have made big changes. When I became director, there were some nice manifestations in terms of klapa singing and fish evenings. The tourist board was located on the waterfront, in a neglected area, completely inappropriate to Makarska tourism. They had a lot of copyright-free photos, a few leaflets that were decades old. So, the situation was not so good. In these two years, we have acquired a bank of photographs, more than ten thousand photographs in particular. We have created a logo, which should be recognizable in all advertisements, brochures, in which we want to highlight our natural beauty. So the slogan is 'Embraced by Nature', as Makarska is.

I would emphasize that the Tourist Board did not advertise on any social platform before my arrival. In addition, we have created two new locations for tourist events. They are Fr. Jure Radic Park, which we opened with a craft beer festival, and the plateau in front of the Osejava Hotel, where two years ago the Russian Imperial Ballet performed Swan Lake. This year, there was the opera ‘Ero s onoga svijeta’, which was performed for the first time in Makarska. We had almost 4,000 visitors in just those two events. We have also organized several new events. I want to single out Šumoteka, in which we promoted writers and books, also in the Fr. Jure Radic Park, and Music Night Under the Stars. We had a Tribute festival, which was visited by almost 1,000 guests. We also raised the bar of our Jazz Festival, whose artistic director is Ante Gelo. The festival was visited by world-renowned musicians, and I believe it is one of the best events we have had this summer.

After two years, are Srzic’s goals the same or are things different than she imagined?

“Things are different in that the mentality is as it is. I was not promised something by either the HDZ or the SDP. I opened the doors to all young creative Makarska citizens, from designers to creators, painters, writers and various others, to collaborate on various events and projects. I don't want to look back at what was. You have to look forward, and there is not much to brag about because the works speak best about you.”

When will the announced Multimedia Visitor Center begin operating?

“We have new offices in the new PP Biokovo building, and a multimedia visitor center will be completed by early October. As soon as I became the TZ director, we proposed the project to the Ministry of Culture and we received 700,000 kuna for the center. In doing so, the City of Makarska and the Tourist Board invested their money.

There will be a gift shop, a place where tourists will be able to feel the familiar bura wind, which will be very interesting. There will be a big display around the tourists, and we have recorded the biggest bura, so everyone will get a real experience of our wind.

We will also open a Public Invitation for creatives to participate in the souvenir-making business. We will have our famous desserts, Makarska cake and rafioli, which are widely known. There will be a large interactive desk where they can find all the information.”

Furthermore, Kotisina, the historical and cultural pearl of Makarska, is almost ready. 

“We renovated the churches of Sv. Ante and Sv. Martin and Multimedia Kastel will be ready by next summer. It is a brand new tourism product. 

There will be a Skywalk at Biokovo, also by next year. The cable car is, for me, a capital project of the City of Makarska, which will completely change the image of the city. We did not give up on this project, it has just slowed down a bit, but I will do my best to push the project. I think it might all be completed in two years, in terms of economic studies and papers. This miracle that would drive from the sea to Biokovo is our wealth and highest quality.

People outside Makarska are worried about over-concreting the beautiful city. Is Makarska working on sustainable tourism?

“All of us, of course, are committed to this sustainable tourism. And that sounds great. I want to say that there can be no tourism unless you are protecting your space and natural beauty. Makarska was largely devastated by residential buildings, poor tourism and communal infrastructure, which did not accompany that construction. We also had one panel this year, at which the famous architect, Ante Vrban, said that Makarska is quite devastated, but not to the point where things cannot be fixed.

I will probably suggest that the City of Makarska decide that a building permit cannot be issued for residential buildings with more than ten apartments without a connection to water supply, sewage, electricity and that the access road must be at least nine meters wide. In the last session, I asked how it's possible that a hundred apartments were built without this utility infrastructure on a two-meter-wide road. I appeal to all councilors, and especially to the executive branch, that we all sit together and discuss urbanism, which is the wound of our tourism.”

Is the structure of Makarska's guests changing? 

“We can be very satisfied in terms of tourism results. We have a 2 to 3% increase in arrivals and overnights. The guest structure is changing. The German market is returning to us, arrivals from the UK have intensified. Also, the Italians are coming back to us. We still have the most Pole, and they will be our regular guests. I would also like to single out the Czechs, who are a wealthy country compared to Croatia. I am pleased to note that four-star hotels have increased by 7% and private four-star accommodations have increased by as much as 14% compared to last year. The message to our investors is that they need to put money into accommodation. Those garages won't work anymore.

Srzic added that at the state level, we need to stop counting overnight stays. 

“In terms of population, we have reached the growth limit. The respected Politico magazine surveyed tourism trends in Europe from 2009 to 2017. Accordingly, Croatia grew by 130%. Lithuania ranks first with 189%, Portugal growing 62%, France 47%. It's about the number of overnights. The EU has about 31 million beds, a third of which are in France and Italy. However, Croatia is at the top by the number of beds in terms of population. Thus, in Croatia, there are 255 beds per 1,000 inhabitants. By comparison, France has 77 tourist beds per 1,000 inhabitants, Italy 83. Competitive Greece has 118 and Spain 76.

In Makarska, we do not want to count more tourists, but to see how much money they have left, how they received our gastronomy, what our employees are like, the cleanliness of the city, and many other things,” Srzic concluded.

Excerpts translated from Dalmacija Danas.

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Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Meet Projects that will Change the Face of Makarska Tourism

February 5, 2019 - Makarska has recognized the value of cultural heritage as an outstanding potential for the development of selective types of tourism.