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First European Trip for US Travel Agents Takes Place in Croatia!

April 27, 2021 - After more than a year of uncertainty and restrictions for American tourists, the first European Trip for US Travel Agents is taking place in Croatia.

As the Croatian National Tourist Board reports, the first organized trip of travel agents from America to Europe since the outbreak of the global coronavirus pandemic is taking place in Croatia. Eight American travel agents are participating in the travel program, whose agencies are closely specialized in travel in the luxury tourism segment, and which will visit Croatian destinations such as Zagreb, Plitvice Lakes, Zadar, Trogir, Split, Hvar, Peljesac, and Dubrovnik until April 30. The trip was organized by the RealCroatia agency and the Representation of the Croatian Tourist Board in the USA.

"The fact that the first European trip of American travel agents was organized in Croatia shows how Americans eagerly await new trips to our country and confirms the position of our country as a sought-after, safe, and well-prepared destination. This was helped by the fact that last year we were one of the few destinations that were open to American guests, and we expect even better trends this year in which we are connected to the American market by a direct airline on the route New York - Dubrovnik. I am sure that this study trip will further contribute to the recognition of our country in the US market, our most important distant market", said CNTB Director Kristjan Stanicic, adding that luxury tourism is one of the most sought after products during the pandemic.


Credit: Croatian National Tourist Board

As part of their first European trip during the pandemic, travel agents from the US will focus, in addition to luxury tourism, on tourism products such as national parks and nature parks, cultural and historical heritage and gastronomy, and products that are in high demand in the US market and which they will be able to find in the Croatian cities and parks they will visit this week. The agents will also be introduced to all health and safety protocols implemented in Croatia, with special emphasis on the Safe Stay in Croatia campaign.

"This visit will work synergistically with the CNTB's efforts to extend the tourist season to 365 days a year, and it is the American market that can help us achieve this goal because it is about rich and demanding tourists who are not as seasonal as in Europe," said the director of the CNTB Representation in the USA Ina Rodin, emphasizing that the agents are also members of the prestigious Virtuoso, a network of the best American luxury travel agencies with more than 20,000 advisors worldwide and more than 1,800 partners, including top hotels, resorts, tour operators, airlines and agencies.

"The United States is a key tourism market with enormous economic strength. I believe that together we will use this crisis as a catalyst to break into a higher tourist segment", said the director of the RealCroatia agency Petra Gracin.

Let us add that the agents, accompanied by Ina Rodin, are staying in Split today, and then they are heading to Hvar and Pelješac to end their visit to Croatia on April 30 in Dubrovnik.

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Monday, 14 September 2020

PHOTOS: Luxury Villas Croatia - Breathtaking Views in Makarska's Foothills

September 14, 2020 – 10 minutes from the centre of bustling Makarska, blending traditional Dalmatia with incredible 5-star facilities, My Home Adriona is a blissfully secluded paradise and one of the most singular luxury villas Croatia has

_DSC0210.jpegMy Home Adriona sits in the foothills of Biokovo mountain, just 10 minutes drive from the centre of bustling Makarska

Not everyone knows exactly what kind of holiday they want. Taking to the crystal clear waters on a pristine beach and soaking up the atmosphere of winding old town streets and their taverns are essentials of every holiday in Dalmatia. But, sometimes you need to break off from the crowds. They are not who you chose to spend your precious holiday time with. Neither are the all-too-near neighbours in the crowded apartment complexes or the town's full capacity hotels.

20200809_155449.jpegViews from the first-floor bedrooms show the wild nature which surrounds the custom-designed pool, the Adriatic close by and Brač island is the distance

IMG_5694.jpegA handful of houses are the villa's only neighbours, the only sound you hear all day is the crickets in the trees and the splashes you make in the pool

Luxury villas Croatia are the best way to make sure you and your fellow travellers get the most out of your vacation, and each other. Located in Kotišina, a small village in a Makarska neighbourhood, My Home Adriona is one of the most singular luxury villas Croatia has. Balancing traditional Dalmatian architecture with 5-star luxury, the villa is surrounded by the indigenous flora of the region and breathtaking views of the Adriatic and Brač island. Out of sight, but less than 10 minutes drive by car, the beautiful beaches and vibrant tavern and town life of Makarska await. Like the salty waves, they are on your doorstep any time you feel like dipping in.

myhomeadriona-7_R.jpegOlive, citrus, fig and pine trees surround the villa.

The scent of wild rosemary, lavender, citrus and other Mediterranean plants and herbs fill the air on the ample terrace of My Home Adriona. Gazing across the custom-designed pool and down into the tree-filled valley below, only the sounds of crickets fills the air. The village is quiet. Many of its quaint, traditional houses lie empty, used for a week or two as holiday homes. A car or moped might travel through the single road in the village once every hour. Or maybe none will pass through all day.

20200709_195651.jpegThe 17th-century Kotišina castle is carved into the mountainside, just 10 minutes walk from the villa, before it, the Botanical Gardens, dedicated to local plants and herbs


IMG_5713.jpegShade from the sun by the side of the pool or soak up the rays in the morning or late afternoon

Sitting elevated from the shoreline, in the foothills of the mighty Biokovo mountain, it's all too easy to become captivated by the seascape from Adriona. But, of all the coastal luxury villas Croatia boasts, this is one where the breathtaking view surrounds completely. Olive and fig trees line the property boundary. Beyond them, the handful of traditional dwellings sit on gentle slopes before, suddenly, the karst rock shoots up towards the sky. At dusk, you can watch the colour shadings on the mountain change spectacularly every minute in response to the waning sun. Carved into the mountain, 10 minutes walk from Adriona, a 17th-century castle dominates the view behind. Below it, 300 wild plants grow in the Kotišina Botanical Gardens, each of them indigenous to this specific area, just like those surrounding Adriona.



_DSC1295.jpegThe spacious open-plan living room and dining area sit next to a monster-sized, modern and fully-equipped kitchen. There's an additional eating area on the terrace, perfect for dining in the evening

IMG_5792.jpegBedrooms come with king-size beds and ensuite bathrooms. Each double bedroom is individually named after locally growing fruits and herbs - the natural bathroom products of each room hold a corresponding scent

crop_9999_666_My-Home-Adriona-Dalmatia-Olivers-Travels24.jpgThe games room and its bar are a proper man cave, with snooker table and poker table. Like the rest of the villa, it is furnished with fully restored antique furniture

The traditional white stone of Dalmatian houses forms the exterior to Adriona. Inside, restored antique furniture maintains the authentic feel, but it's combined with jaw-dropping luxury features that are wholly contemporary. On the ground floor, a spacious living room and dining area sit next to a fully equipped kitchen. A games room comes complete with snooker table, poker table and a fully stocked bar (although it's not as well-stocked as the wine cellar which, like the rest of Adriona, displays exquisite taste). In the basement, a spa and wellness area boasts a gym, sauna and a jacuzzi. Each of the four double bedrooms is huge, with kingsize beds, ensuite bathrooms and incredible views which perfectly welcome each day. All floors are accessible by lift and one bedroom is designed to accommodate those with disabilities or mobility issues.

20190927_162108.jpegThe wine cellar is stocked with exemplary Croatian wines. Some of the best red wine from the country comes from this region and all feature within this connoisseurs collection

IMG_5719.jpegWhat a view to wake up to in the morning!

When it comes to luxury villas Croatia has more than a small share. But, among them, Adriona is quite unique. Neighbourless and remote, yet just 10 minutes from the centre of a town brimming with people, beaches and nightlife, it's a luxurious base perfect for exploring the Makarska riviera and wider Dalmatia. Beautiful beaches, the Biokovo nature park, islands Hvar and Brač, adventure sports on the Cetina river, traditional taverns and Michelin-starred restaurants are all within very easy reach. This is a luxury villa at which every day can be different, and at which you can take your holiday at your own pace.


IMG_5739.jpegThe view of Biokovo mountain and the castle from the upstairs terrace of My Home Adriona. The colours of the rock face seem to change every minute at sunset

All photos © Marc Rowlands / My Home Adriona

You can check out more photos of My Home Adriona on their Instagram page

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Croatian Gov. Waits For Pandemic & Recession to Lure Golf Investors

April 8, 2020 — A golf course, villas and a hotel next to Prokljansko Lake have been a dream for over 15 years, outlasting several economic booms and two potential investors. The Croatian government waited instead until a global pandemic collapsed the tourism industry and caused a painful recession to attract investors, according to Jutarnji List.

A binding tender for the long-awaited project "Prukljan in Skradin" opened on April 1, (with little irony). It offered interested investors 54 hectares of land for sale, and an additional 150 hectares in a concession to realize the €300 million project.

The Ministry of State Property announced a non-binding tender for Prukljan in March 2018, answered by two investment funds, one from Germany and one based in the Netherlands.

The Ministry announced at the time that a binding tender, given the interest of investors, should be announced as soon as possible The whole matter was extended so the state’s bureaucracies and administrative obstacles disappeared. Two years later…

Croatia’s on-again, off-again relationship with the luxury tourism market — especially golf — has been a hobby horse for Total Croatia News. The list of 30 - yes, 30 - proposed and unrealized golf projects has been languishing for seven years. Then, a pandemic hit.

"Better now than never," Skradin’s Mayor Antonijo Brajkovic told Jutarnji when asked if timing was aggravating.

“Look, certainly other circumstances would be better for the realization of the project,” he reportedly said. “If it is well-conceived, prepared, and the money is secured for it, then I do not see why investors would not respond.”

Brajkovic didn’t know why it took two years between announcing a non-binding and binding tender. The project originated during former Mayor Nediljko Dujic term in 2006, and was the put on hold until 2018. It was included in the catalog of state investment projects.

According to the tender, the investor will buy 30 hectares of land within tourist zones to build a hotel complex with a maximum of 1,500 beds. Another 136 hectares of land will be included in a concession for the investor, slated to become an 18-hole golf course. An additional 24 hectares are also for sale for the construction of tourist villas.

In addition, the project also envisages a concession over the maritime domain and the construction of a nautical tourism port, as well as the construction of two beaches for hotel guests.

The deadline for completion of the construction of the project is five years from the signing of the contract, within which the investor must obtain all necessary permits and start construction.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Sailing in Croatia: Inside the World of Luxury Cruising on the Adriatic

With autumn colours being dusted across the country, it seemed a perfect time to sit and reflect over the past summer and in particular, a very unique travel itinerary of sailing in Croatia.  

There has been a lot of talk lately about whether Croatia is still a worthwhile travel destination, with many stating that the inflated prices, no longer match the offer and service. The frustrations from the summer – from visitors and vendors alike are interestingly being held alongside conversations of whether Croatia can be a 365 Destination.

Working in the travel industry, my experience of summer and of Croatia as a travel destination has shown me both sides. In various experiences, I have witnessed the immense potential of Croatia, marred by some ‘usual suspects’ when it comes to tourism frustrations – from mass tourism to a lack of infrastructure and service.

However, I still deeply believe in the potential of tourism in Croatia. This past summer, myself and Daniela Rogulj were lucky enough to be involved in an incredible luxury itinerary, which only reiterated and inspired our thoughts on the potential of luxury tourism in Croatia.

In the peak of the summer, 34 Americans plus one token Brit, arrived in Croatia for the “trip of a lifetime”; a biennial event put together by one of their friends, the secretive and very detail-oriented ‘Kernal Angus’. Over 12 days, they travelled from Zagreb through Slovenia and Istria, then down the Dalmatian coast, with a host of incredible activities and very out-of-the-ordinary ‘surprises’ organised along the way. Believe it or not, none of the participants knew the extensive itinerary in advance.  They simply knew what cities to fly in and out of, and when.  A travel innovation dubbed “surprise travel” by Kernal Angus – a future trend of the luxury travel market perhaps?

I first spoke to Kernal Angus around December 2017, when he excitedly told me of his plans for their upcoming trip to Croatia. I agreed to help organise the second-leg of the trip when they would be sailing the Dalmatian coast on a gorgeous luxury yacht. Daniela hosted this aspect of the trip so she was on-hand to ensure that everything was executed as it should be – a requirement of Kernal Angus, and very important when the itinerary is so detailed and unusual.  “I’m here to have fun with my friends and watch the plan unfold, not deal with problems and changes along the way, so a competent on-the-ground organiser is a must”, he said.” Working in the tourism industry and knowing Croatia, this was a sentiment I easily agreed with. Daniela’s presence and skills proved invaluable over the course of the trip with the expected and unexpected changes that occur in travel.

 The trip was called the “Croatian Tongue Darting Championship”, complete with logos, uniforms and press releases but before you urban dictionary ‘tongue darting’ and freak out (like I did), it was literally just a little ‘tongue in cheek’ for the name of their group – who all happened to be close friends and amazing humans.

Sailing in Croatia, group photo (900 x 600).jpg

Photo Credit: Damira Kalajzic, The CTDC 2018

They arrived in Zagreb with a bang, where a scavenger hunt had been set up for them, complete with clues and actors which would lead them around the city’s highlights, finishing at a rooftop bar for a gorgeous sunset – the first of many over the coming days. Local photographer Dragan Novaković joined them for the first few days to capture every moment.

Sailing in Croatia, Scavenger Hunt.jpg

 Photo credit: Dragan Novakovic: Solving a clue in the backstreets of Zagreb,

Sailing in Croatia, museum of illusions Zagreb.jpg

Hunting down more clues in Zagreb at the Museum of Illusions, Photo Credit: Dragan Novakovic

The following days had them jeep-jumping on a dirt track in Slovenia, staying overnight in a former military prison – turned hostel, taking a tour of the Illy factory in Trieste before they reached the full Croatian part of their itinerary. It is worth noting that one of these days purposefully saw them having breakfast in Slovenia, lunch in Italy and dinner in Croatia – oh, the joy and the possibilities of European travel!

Sailing in Croatia, Northern itinerary (1600 x 533).jpg

Photo Credit: Dragan Novakovic, Jeep jumping in Slovenia, Hostel Celica Ljubljana, Tour of Illy Factory in Trieste

To showcase some of Croatia’s unique gastronomical offer, a sunset truffle hunt in Motovun was organised, followed by a truffle dinner at the Kukuriku Restaurant which lies in the heart of Kastav and is overseen by Nenad Kukurin, an esteemed Croatian chef.


Dragan Novakovic: Truffle Hunting in Motovun; photo credit

The following day had them staying at two boutique hotels – The Almayer Art Hotel and The Bastion, in the heart of Zadar, where they were welcomed with champagne and canapes while they got ready for a ‘very special wedding’.

DAMI1844 (900 x 600).jpg

Ten couples were to renew their wedding vows and, in yet another surprise to everyone – two couples really got married!

DAMI2046 (900 x 600).jpg

Damira Kalajzic: Wedding in Zadar, photo credit

The night had many more surprises and finishing touches, including a local acapella group – AKA Crescendo – who were ‘hiding out’ in the Garden Lounge and slowly came forward to sing each of the couples down the aisle. A destination which Alfred Hitchcock declared “has the most beautiful sunset in the world”, could there be a better setting to declare your love? No wonder destination weddings in Croatia are on the rise.

Sailing in Croatia, AKA Acapella (900 x 600).jpg

Photo Credit: Damira Kalajzic, Acapella AKA Crescendo Group

On day 6, they had an early morning start to visit the Krka Waterfalls, before arriving at the UNESCO heritage town of Trogir to board their gorgeous luxury yacht for 7 days sailing the Dalmatian coast.

Sailing in Croatia, exploring Krka (900 x 600).jpg

Photo Credit: Damira Kalajzic, exploring Krka

Sailing in Croatia, Krka Waterfalls (900 x 600).jpg

Photo Credit: Damira Kalajzic, Krka Waterfalls

Sailing in Croatia, luxury yacht, Trogir (900 x 600).jpg

Photo Credit: Damira Kalajzic, the view from aboard their luxury yacht

Just as everyone was relaxing into their new home for the week and thought life couldn’t get any better… a few speed boats pulled up alongside to ‘take them to a beach bar’ – little did everyone know that these were rib-racing boats, capable of going 50+ knots and they were really being whisked off to race into the sunset. Thanks to the team from Waterworld, the (well-travelled) group experienced, what the majority described as “the best sunset of my life”. Just take in these spectacular photos, captured by the very talented Damira Kalajžić, who was their fulltime photographer for the Dalmatian aspect of the trip.

Sailing in Croatia, rib racing collage.jpg

Photo Credit: Damira Kalajzic: Rib Racing with Waterworld Croatia

The adrenaline continued into the next morning as half the group went canyoning in Omiš before sailing to Hvar island, to experience their first real taste of nightlife in Croatia – they were impressed with the setting of Carpe Diem nightclub but not at all with the music. This is a fair critique and comes up frequently with my own clients year after year, that there is a real lack of quality entertainment – from DJs, to live music venues; if Croatia wants to position itself as a luxury travel destination, this area needs serious attention.

Thankfully, this group had organised a full DJ set-up of equipment aboard their yacht, so two of their very own talented DJs kept the right vibe going all week, they also had a very talented fire-breather in the group!

Sailing in Croatia, entertainment (1600 x 533).jpg

Photo Credit: Damira Kalajzic, private parties with DJ Big Daddy and DJ Goodwood aboard their luxury yacht, and 'Smiley' a world-class firebreather. 

 The next day was more about chilling but we still managed to surprise them by taking them to the idyllic setting of the Pakleni islands for oysters and cocktails at Laganini Lounge bar followed by dinner at the magical Meneghellos Restaurant. Many from the group confessed that they had never seen a setting quite like Laganinis or Meneghellos, which came as a surprise to Daniela and I but it seems that even we may take the beauty of Croatia for granted at times.

After their chill day, it was time for another surprise activity – how about learning to free dive with World Champions in the ‘big blue’? Well, that’s exactly what they did. World Champion Lidija Lijić and athlete Vitomir Maričić, came to their yacht which was anchored just outside the island of Vis, to deliver a private, half-day freediving workshop for the entire group. The session was part: theory, breathing techniques, then in the water to put it all in practice. The group did extraordinarily well, one guy managed to hold his breath for 4 minutes and many reached depths of 17 – 20 metres in their first attempts.

Sailing in Croatia, Freediving workshop.jpg

Photo Credit: Damira Kalajzic, Freediving workshop with Lidija Lijic and Vitomir Maricic

The group’s reaction to the session was overwhelmingly positive, one telling me that he felt “extremely humbled to be taught freediving by world champions”, another saying that he was “tempted to take it up back home” or if he ever returns to Croatia would love to do another full workshop. Another example of a unique offer available in Croatia thanks to the pristine water and talent like Lidija and Vitomir.

Sailing in Croatia, freediving.jpg

Photo credit: Vitomir Maricic, freediving workshop

With no time to rest on laurels, after lunch, the group disembarked to find scooters and guides waiting to show them the true beauty and charm of island Vis. They stopped at Aerodrom Gastionica – situated near the ex-Military airfield, for a wine tasting where they were served very generous glasses of the local white – Vugava, and red – Plavac Mali, alongside the traditional Viška Pogača. They finished in the picturesque town of Komiža just before a power-out of the entire island occurred – welcome to island life, it doesn’t get more authentic than this.

Sailing in Croatia, exploring with scooters (900 x 600).jpg

Sailing in Croatia, Vis Special scooters (900 x 600).jpg

Photo Credit, Damira Kalajzic, exploring Vis by scooters

Korčula, the home of Marco Polo was up next where bikes were ready and waiting for the group and a couple of mystery stops plotted along the way. The first being the Papagalo Animal Shelter, which is established and run by local volunteers. Our group helped water, feed, wash, walk the animals and even helped with a few repairs around the property. From the initial stages of planning, Kernal Angus had been adamant that one activity needed to include a volunteer aspect – a beautiful sentiment from visitors to a foreign country.

Sailing in Croatia, Papagalo animal shelter (1600 x 533).jpg

Photo Credit: Damira Kalajzic: Volunteering at Papagalo Animal Shelter in Korcula

After the shelter, they biked to Eko Škoj in Žrnovo just outside of Korčula town. Eko Škoj is an eco farm run by the Marović family and here, we had organised for the group to learn how to make traditional Žrnovski Makaruni with locals, before tasting the ’40 flavours of Eko Škoj' – a selection of all of their homegrown products, from olive oils and cheeses, to the traditional macaroni and local sweets. This was a beautiful touch, I believe they really got a taste of the Croatian way of life.

Sailing in Croatia, Eko Skoj (1600 x 533).jpg

Photo Credit: Damira Kalajzic, Visiting Eko Skoj and learning to make traditional macaroni

The next two days were a little more relaxed, they visited islands Mljet and Šipan – some took advantage and went scuba diving around Mljet, while the rest chilled and chose to enjoy water-sports and swimming in gorgeous, secluded bays.

Sailing in Croatia, swimming (900 x 600).jpg

Photo Credit: Damira Kalajzic, enjoying the gorgeous Adriatic

Sailing in Croatia, diving (900 x 600).jpg

The final day, saw the group disembark in Dubrovnik where they stayed at the luxury Dubrovnik Hilton as the ‘piece de resistance’ of their trip. Some had already spent a night in Dubrovnik, opting to skip Šipan and instead get private tours of Dubrovnik by land and sea, then indulge at the Michelin-starred Restaurant 360. The remaining group had a private Game of Thrones tour of Dubrovnik and it is worth mentioning that not all were avid GoT fans but the tour wasn't solely based on the series, it was a great combination of history, taking in some of the highlight locations and of course, a compulsory trip to the Iron Throne. Though the ethos of this trip aimed to be as unique as possible, sometimes there is no refuting a couple of 'touristy' attractions along the way – especially when you can pose like this on the Iron Throne.

Sailing in Croatia, exploring Dubrovnik (600 x 900).jpg

Photo Credit: Damira Kalajzic. exploring Dubrovnik

Sailing in Croatia, Iron throne (600 x 900).jpg

Photo Credit: Damira Kalajzic, the compulsory photo on the Iron Throne, done very well!

For the last evening, we decided to opt for something a little different, we whisked them across to Lokrum island, away from the peak-August crowds where a gourment picnic, set in amongst the olive grove was waiting for them thanks to Piknik Dubrovnik. Cold drinks  (local wines and craft beers), with a selection of fresh summer dishes sourced from local markets, accompanied by acoustic music... a perfect way to end an extraordinary itinerary.

Sailing in Croatia, picnic (1600 x 454).jpg

Photo Credit: Damira Kalajzic, picnic on Lokrum island set amongst the olive grove and away from the crowds

Reliving all of this, I am once again inspired and in awe of everything Croatia has to offer – gastronomy, history, entertainment, adrenaline and activities… this is exactly the sort of quality tourism that Croatia needs more of. There is also no reason that an itinerary like this can only take place in July and August either, pre and post-season are perfect for this with beautiful temperatures (so you can still swim and sail if wanted) and fewer crowds. In fact, Kernal Angus had originally wanted June but couldn’t find an adequate yacht available in this time.

And this is only just skimming the surface; while this group had a taste of almost every element that Croatia has to offer, an entire itinerary could be made up just for gastronomy – visiting gorgeous restaurants and unique wineries, then there is the plethora of activities available – rock climbing, hiking, biking, kayak, sailing, kite surfing… the list goes on. Many of these aspects DO have the potential for 365 Tourism.

Just to round off the picture, a few of the difficulties we came across in organising and executing this itinerary should be mentioned, here are some comments from the Kernal Angus:

It’s important for Croatians in the tourism industry to understand that there are higher standards of service elsewhere in the world. In regards to great service, there is a fine line between going above and beyond versus honesty when the situation dictates. For example, sometimes a relaxed Croatian “yes” when the answer clearly should be “no” or a lack of attention-to-detail has the potential to derail an entire itinerary. During our trip, when dealing with another supplier, the travel times were drastically underestimated, most likely to appease but this created a lot of upset when we experienced the ‘real’ travel times firsthand.

In other areas, some vendors were quick to say no, before hearing us out. While honesty is appreciated (like above), sometimes the attitude needs to be “how can we make this happen?” rather than an outright “we can’t do that” – with no consideration or thinking outside the box. More demanding/upscale travellers can distinguish and appreciate the difference between the two.

I think our trip represented the next level of tourism for Croatia which is finding unique activities which aren’t offered on Viator. Still, many activities fell-through because the vendors were being difficult to deal with. For example, we had booked a Military Paintball adventure on the island Vis, and with no real explanation, the supplier organising this aspect said it had to be dropped… So, last-minute we booked scooters and guides to take us around the island (less unique than the originally planned activity).

Tash and Daniela overcame a lot of these issues for us, but I can’t imagine if they weren’t there to help us during the process or on-the-spot.

I found similar frustrations during the planning process; I had many difficulties dealing with vendors, some not responding in time, some losing booking information, being passed from person to person and needing to explain our situation repeatedly… One venue didn’t want to respond during winter because it was ‘off-season’ (January) but said they would lock in the dates, then once I contacted them in March to touch base, they said that they were fully booked… We resolved it in the end but it was a little ridiculous – you can’t book during the off-season but then it’s fully booked?... Many were high-end or well-established businesses which left me quite baffled at their lack of responsiveness or unprofessional attitude.

In the same breath, there were individuals and businesses which blew us away with their professionalism and ability to adapt on the spot – from the hotels in Zadar and the Acapella group, rib-racing into the sunset, freediving with Lidija and Vitomir, the last-minute magic of Vis Special in organising 34 scooters in the peak of season, finishing with the logistical challenge of a gourmet picnic on Lokrum thanks to Piknik Dubrovnik and many moments in between.

Itineraries like this are proof that Croatia has much to offer, with a little more fine-tuning, it could (and should) stand out as a quality destination.

Sailing in Croatia, Beautiful Dubrovnik.jpg

All photos copyright to the stated photographers and Kernal Angus.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Croatia’s Eco Tourism Future: Could A Resort In Lika-Senj County Lead The Way?

August 1, 2018 — Several signs show the green, eco-conscious tourism industry has attracted investors, who see potential in the still-nascent sector.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Best Stay Conference: Dubrovnik Named Best Destination for Luxury Travel

More well deserved accolades for the Pearl of the Adriatic!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Luxury Yacht Eclipse: Abramovich Spends Million Euros on Fuel

On Monday 11th September 2017, luxury yacht M/Y Eclipse owned by Roman Abramovich, pulled into Port Gruz, Dubrovnik to get fuel, spending an estimated million euros on fuel.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Billionaire Alijan Ibragimov's Superyacht in Dubrovnik Harbour

Billionaire Alijan Ibragimov's €170million superyacht I Dynasty, spotted in Dubrovnik harbour Friday 28th July, 2017.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Owning Your Own Yacht Made Easier with Croatia Yachting

Owning your own yacht, sounds like a dream, right? Well, it may just be easier and more affordable than you think, thanks to Croatia Yachting and Charter Management programs.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Aboard M/Y Brazil, a Sneak Peek into Luxury Tourism

Ever wondered what it would be like to step onto a Luxury Motor Yacht? Well, on Monday 10th July, 2017, Daniela Rogulj and myself got to find out.

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