Thursday, 5 November 2020

PHOTOS: World's Largest Traditional Sail Ship Ready for Luxury Sailing

November 5, 2020 - Made in Split, the incredibly luxurious Golden Horizon is the largest traditional sail ship in the world. Take a look at her before her maiden voyage in spring 2021

Croatia is no stranger to the biggest and most luxurious yachts in the world. But, none of them look like the Golden Horizon. Built in Split to the template of a square-rigged sailing vessel called France II from the year 1913, she is the largest traditional sail ship in the world.



British cruise company Tradewind Voyages is offering places on the first voyage of the ship. The first cruise the world's largest traditional sail ship will undertake will see her sail around the coast and islands of Scotland and England. For the moment, the Golden Horizon is still moored in Split, where she was built.



The ship has 140 cabins and all face outwards, offering views of the sea. The refined but casual interior of the ship's shared spaces are intended to offer all the luxury of a modern cruise ship, but with the romantic ambiance of a traditional sailing vessel.


The largest traditional sail ship in the world is 162 meters long and 18.5 meters wide. It has five steel masts, 35 sails and can accommodate 300 passengers and 150 crew members. It holds a two-floored restaurant that can seat all passengers simultaneously and a glass-bottomed swimming pool.


The design of the ship might be regarded as retro, but its considered construction was specifically undertaken in order to facilitate sustainable holidaymaking. The ship will use its sails and sea currents for around 70% of its propulsion throughout any season.


Accommodation on board varies in size, standard and cost. The premium offer is four apartments of 45 square metres, each with two bathrooms, two showers and a jacuzzi. 34 smaller rooms have balconies and jacuzzis, while the other passenger rooms with windows are located on the lower decks.

The first passengers are expected to board for the debut two-week cruise on 1 May 2021. After its maiden voyage, it will spend the rest of the season touring Iceland, England and Ireland, the Arctic, the Baltic Sea, Norway, Denmark, Spain and Portugal, with each cruise usually lasting seven or fourteen days.

All images © Tradewind Voyages

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Monday, 27 March 2017

First Sotheby's International Realty Office in Croatia Opens in Split, Today!

The luxury properties of Split have been put on the world map as of today. 

Friday, 8 March 2013

Location and Style: 4 Quality Views, 4 Stunning Apartments


 I love wandering around Diocletian's Palace. It is such a vibrant place, with all sections of society going about their daily business within its walls. Of all the walled towns that I have visited in the region, none is quite as alive as Split. 

There are surprises round every corner, and I still get lost walking around. There are even more surprises through the doors of the properties in the palace. From total ruins to total palaces, one just never knows what to expect.

We will be doing an ongoing section on some of the more interesting properties for rent over the course of the year, and we thought we would start with one business which offers the three most sought after things in accommodation - location (within the palace), view (it would be hard to stay closer to, or have a better view of, the Adriatic) and quality accommodation. Rather than me ramble on about the high class (and surprisingly affordable) Riva Apartments at the front of the Palace, a picture of the view should suffice, with a link to each apartment to find out more.