Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Hajduk and HNS Discuss Relations Moving Forward, Poljud as Primary Croatia Stadium

November 25, 2020 - The presidents of Hajduk and HNS met on Tuesday in Zagreb to discuss several topics and open issues that directly and indirectly concern the Split club and Croatian Football Federation.

The President of the Management Board of HNK Hajduk, Lukša Jakobušić, met with the President of HNS Davor Šuker at the headquarters of the Federation in Zagreb. The meeting lasted an hour and 20 minutes, and the two discussed a number of topics and open issues that directly and indirectly concern Hajduk and HNS.

"This meeting is a logical sequence of what I announced in my inaugural speech. I want to talk about everything and for a start, I choose the most difficult topics which, understandably, are of most interest to Hajduk, but also to the wider football public. I think that the context and issues of the relationship between Hajduk and the Croatian Football Federation are well known to everyone. The president of HNS is the one who represents the Federation and who has the power to resolve the open issues and problems we discussed today. I met him and repeated things that bother not only Hajduk, but the entire football public because I have the impression that some attempts at positive changes on our part were rejected only because of the way they were presented," said Jakobušić after the meeting.

One of the topics discussed was hosting Croatia national team matches at Poljud.

"If Poljud will be the primary home of the Croatia national football team in the next few years, given the condition of Maksimir, then it is logical for HNS to invest in infrastructure. I am thinking especially for the new pitch."

Representatives of HNK Hajduk currently do not participate in the work of the HNS body.

"Regarding the presence of Hajduk representatives in the bodies of the Federation, we first want to focus on the football federation of Split-Dalmatia County where Hajduk must be the bearer and leader of positive vibes, choose the right people, renew and strengthen relations with clubs in Dalmatia, and only then participate in HNS. And we want to be ready and equipped for the HNS elections that are scheduled for next year. My personal focus is Hajduk, but Dalmatia must have representatives in HNS who are familiar with Hajduk."

What Hajduk will continue to strongly insist on is the transparency of work within HNS and the moral credibility of all persons who represent HNS or are in any way involved in its work.

"I emphasized once again how important transparency is for the HNS institution itself. The key is what I emphasized at the inaugural press conference, and that is that people who are legally, and in the case of HNS, illegally convicted, have no place within the Federation. This is primarily important for HNS, and indirectly for all clubs, to change the climate of the general impression and restore confidence in the umbrella football institution.

We will not and do not want to run away from all these challenges, we want to confront all stakeholders with them and now, using chess vocabulary, it's the Federation's move. Maintaining the status quo suits only those who benefit from it," concluded Jakobušić.

"We spoke openly about everything, I hope that we will roll up our sleeves as soon as possible and do a lot to benefit Croatian football. We care that Hajduk is strong, competitive and that, in football jargon, it has power. The Croatian Football Federation will not interfere in the work of the Football Federation of Split-Dalmatia County, which must be independent. I would like Hajduk to be the main conductor there and an important factor, everything that its leaders must show by acting through that institution in order to enter the HNS Assembly, is important and they have my support in this matter. It is very important to us that Hajduk continues to create quality young players and that Croatia continues to draw football talents from all over Dalmatia. The national team is coming to Split again in March, and we have to do everything to provide Modrić, Perišić and the company with excellent conditions for the game. We have already made a decision on the reconstruction of the field in Varaždin, Velika Gorica and Šibenik, and my proposal at the next session of the Executive Board will be to fix the Poljud stadium pitch," concluded Davor Šuker.

Source: HNK Hajduk website, HNS wesbite

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Tuesday, 3 November 2020

New President, New Rules: Hajduk Sacks Mario Stanic as President's Advisor, Who's Next?

November 3, 2020 - With Luksa Jakobusic as the new president of the Split club, many changes can be expected, the first of which occurred on Monday as Hajduk sacked advisor Mario Stanic.

Mario Stanic is no longer an advisor to the Hajduk president! After a desperate and disastrous start to this season, the former great player and legendary member of the Croatia national team left Poljud. He arrived at the club 11 months ago as an adviser to former president Marin Brbic, and after Brbic's resignation at the end of July, he did not advise practically anyone. His role overlapped with the role of sports director Ivan Kepcija.

"As of today, Mario Stanic is no longer an advisor for sports policy to the President of the Management Board of HNK Hajduk and will no longer perform any function in the Club.

We wish Mr. Stanic a lot of luck and success in his future career," Hajduk announced on Monday.

One year ago, Hajduk fired coach Damir Buric, and after five years, Igor Tudor returned to the club as a coach. Stanic also brought a new sports director, the young Ivan Kepcija. 

Upon their arrival at the club, Stanic and Kepcija promised continuity in the coaching staff and promotion of Croatian players, but Hajduk's poor play is proof that they failed.

Luksa Jakobusic, the 11th consecutive president, took over the club on Friday and announced a sharp turn in operations. After Hajduk's third consecutive defeat, the current team at Hajduk is anything but safe, and Stanic's departure could be sensed immediately after Jakobusic's first address as president.

Namely, at the official presentation, Jakobusic said that he did not need an advisor and thus questioned the future of Mario Stanic at the club.

"Someone allowed Hajduk to be in that position, and because of that, the president does not have to leave. I want Stanic to explain the logic of departures and arrivals of players, especially arrivals, and how they intend to continue. In that context, I would also talk about Kepcija. There is a lot of illogicalities. Either one is not for the coach or the sports director is not the one."

After Stanic's dismissal, the key question is whether Kepcija will remain the club's sports director. Jakobusic will speak to him and make another important decision soon. Hari Vukas led the afternoon training at Poljud on Monday, though many believe it could be his last.


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Friday, 30 October 2020

Luksa Jakobusic Named New President of Hajduk Split!

October 30, 2020 - Big news from Poljud this morning as Hajduk names Luksa Jakobusic its new president!

This was decided by Hajduk's Supervisory Board, which in the end, did not select a leader from among the candidates who applied for the competition.

From May 16 to November 4, 2019, Jakobusic held the position of Hajduk's Vice President and resigned for personal reasons.

As for the current situation, Marin Brbic resigned on July 13 but had the support of the Supervisory Board. On July 22, he announced a definitive departure, saying 'It is humiliating that the association Naš Hajduk voted no confidence in me.'

The competition for the new president was announced on August 17, though it seems that no one applied for the role that the Supervisory Board thought deemed worthy.

Many wanted Jakobusic to return to Hajduk even sooner because he holds strong leadership skills, and the supervisors knew his qualities well. However, only after talking to the candidates from the competition did they decide that there is no one better for Hajduk than Luksa.

The news was announced on the official Hajduk website this morning:

"Luksa Jakobusic is the new President of the Management Board of HNK Hajduk. Born in Dubrovnik in 1976, he is an entrepreneur with many years of experience in the private sector and a successful sports worker. He is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Sports Management at Aspira and has completed an EMBA at Cotrugli Business School.

Jakobusic was the president of VK Jug from 2013 to 2017. In that period, the club won five trophies in one season, which until then was not succeeded by any sports club in the country, making him the most successful president in Jug's great history. Luksa Jakobusic served as vice president of HNK Hajduk from May to November 2019.

He is a Croatian veteran and is decorated for his participation in the military-police operation Storm."

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