Wednesday, 29 November 2017

No Emigrating Youth in Two Croatian Municipalities

Meet Dubravica and Luka, two Croatian municipalities with an incredibly low emigration rate

Sunday, 22 January 2017

What's the Most Popular Name in Croatia?

Popular Bulgarian graphic designer Yanko Tsvetkov has made a detailed map showcasing the most popular names throughout the Slavic countries.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Kickstart Your Week: Where to Eat to Stay Fit in Split

When most of us think about Croatian food we think hearty meat dishes, seafood pastas and risottos, and a lot of deliciously carb-y desserts. What many may not realize is that the city of Split is sprouting through a health food revolution, with more options available than ever to keep you lean, clean, and super green.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

We Have A Champion: Luka Has The Best Ice Cream in Town

Declaring something as "the best in town" is either extremely subjective, or just a marketing trick. It's much easier just sit aside and watch what is the most popular, and go with the crowd. Recently, we published an article about by far the most popular ice cream parlor in Split, pastry shop Hajduk. There are probably some other where it's possible to eat better ice cream, but we were holding on popularity criteria.


Now we can say, we found our favourite ice cream place, and judging by increasing crowd gathering there every day, it seems that Hajduk's throne is in jeopardy. Place is called Luka Ice Cream & Cakes, and is based right behind Croatian National Theatre. For more precise directions, check out their Facebook page.


What is so special about Luka's? It's not even Italian, which is a prejudiced synonim for good gelato, but founded by Polish guy living in Split Luka Klimczak. There is no some huge selection of flavours, but they are changing on a daily basis, you never know what you will find when coming to a small square behind theatre. What you do know is that flavours will be excellent, sometime exotic, like apple pie, panacota raspberry, blueberry, cheesecake, mojito, rosemary vanilla, figs, plums, orange & carrot, just name it. Owners guarantee that all ingredients are natural, and fresh, and same goes with cakes, too. Not to mention price, which is competitive to others, with seven kunas for a serving (it's possible to go half and half). If you take two balls in a cup, it's even cheaper, 13 kunas for both. And trust us, it's worth every penny, like many other guests already know.