Thursday, 11 May 2023

Documentary ‘Croatia: Defining A Nation’ Wins AIPS Sport Media Award

May the 11th, 2023 - A documentary film titled ‘Croatia: Defining A Nation’ has won at the fifth edition of the AIPS Sport Media Awards, held in the capital of South Korea on Tuesday. 

FIFA Croatia Defining A Nation Poster

The film is by award-winning British filmmaker Louis Myles (Kaiser: The Greatest Footballer Never to Play Football, Liverpool FC: The 30-Year Wait), alongside producers Mark Pougatch and Ana Muhar Blanquart, David Kempshall and James Craggs. 

“Thanks to all the people that helped us to make a film like this, and to all the people that talked about and remembered a difficult past. Massive appreciation to all of them,” said Myles.

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The film is a truly inspirational story of the national football team from its fiery beginnings and how the power of football helped unite a nation during the extreme adversity of Croatia’s fight for political independence during the 1990s. It follows the path of Croatia off the pitch, but also a group of players whose lives were intertwined with the birth of the nation through the great success they achieved.

Featuring in-depth interviews with former Croatian national team players who became synonymous with this period in football and political history, including Igor ŠtimacSlaven Bilić, Davor Šuker, Robert Prosinečki and Zvonimir Boban, the 'Croatia: Defining a Nation' documentary showcases how football players carried their nation's hopes on their shoulders - promoting Croatia to the world as it fought hard for its independence. And when the fighting finally ended, their talent on the football pitch brought joy to their people - establishing the identity of the country, and the blueprint for all that followed them.

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‘Croatia: Defining A Nation’ won in the Video Documentary category, beating Benjamin Unger’s ‘Olympics 1972: The GDR and the terror – NDR’ and ‘The Figo Affair: The transfer that changed football’ by David Tryhorn. It is available across all web and mobile devices on the FIFA+ platform. It is available in five language editions (English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese) and also has Croatian subtitles. 

Watch the film HERE.

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