Tuesday, 12 April 2022

4 Islands MTB Race on Krk, Cres, Lošinj and Rab Becomes Part of Ironman Epic Series

April 12, 2022 - The 4 Islands MTB Race is a five-day mountain bike race whose primary goal is to promote mountain biking as a recreation, hobby, sport, and lifestyle.

This year differs from events in the past in that the Ironman group bought the Kvarner race and presented the "4 Islands MTB race" as part of their Epic series. Thus, Croatia and Kvarner will stand alongside Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Wales, Andorra, and South Africa. The additional value of this event is the promotion of the Croatian islands of Krk, Rab, Cres, and Lošinj as cycling destinations and improving cycling tourism as an alternative form of tourism in Croatia.


Vedran Metelko

In five days, the cyclists will cover 270 kilometers of trails and over 5,000 meters of total altitude. The race takes place every day on a different island, which is a demanding logistics and an unforgettable experience for competitors and companions. It gathers about 600 competitors from more than thirty countries worldwide, and thanks to the professional and intensive organization, participants can enjoy events in a family environment and concentrate only on their competition.


Ivan Sardi

Thanks to the top initiative of the hosts and their pleasant welcome, hard work of the organizing team, and excellent cooperation with partners, the synergy of sports and off-season tourism is achieved in Croatia, which is at its peak, and returning competitors have recognized this for several years. The race is held at the beginning of the cycling season, so it is conceptually arranged to extend the tourist season and open the cycling season of training and outdoor racing after winter.


Ivan Sardi

It is possible to compete in several categories, thus enabling fair participation of competitors of different age groups and combinations. Furthermore, racing side by side with the professionals of this sport is something that makes this race and cycling itself exceptional. It is an amateur race side by side with professionals that allow the interaction of amateurs and lovers of the sport and their idols.

The project organizer, Tomislav Zobec, revealed that the vision of the project is to position the 4 Islands MTB stage race as one of the most recognizable stage mountain bike races in the world and achieve a sustainable project for the company and the local community.

"We want to promote mountain biking and provide users with a unique cycling experience in unique locations and become a race with the world's strongest names in the sport."

"We are delighted to participate in such an event because this is another opportunity to position ourselves as an important destination for cycling tourism. Both Baška and the island of Krk and the whole of Croatia are still insufficiently discovered pearls for tourists looking for adrenaline, rest, and great experiences of the destination. We have just all of that, and that is why we are big supporters of such events, and I hope that there will be more and more of them. It is an honor and pleasure to be a part of this beautiful and truly inspiring story," said Ivana Topic, the Baška Tourist Board director.


Ivan Sardi

It is important to emphasize that the trails on all four islands are cleaned and prepared every year. After the race, they are enjoyed by many walkers, runners, and cyclists. Most of the trails that were or are part of the race today are part of the island's tourist offer.

The race takes place from April 19 to 23, 2022. 

Baška, 19.4.2022.

STAGE 1: Krk, 20.4.2022.

STAGE 2: Rab, 21.04.2022.

STAGE 3: Cres, 22.04.2022.

STAGE 4: Lošinj, 23.04.2022.

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Tuesday, 12 April 2022

More Than 300 Volunteers Partake in Losinj Beach Cleanup

April the 12th, 2022 - More than 300 selfless volunteers recently partook in a praiseworthy Losinj beach cleanup, which saw them come across and remove countless environmentally damaging objects from the environment.

As Morski writes, there is nothing that the group of hard-working volunteers didn't manage to find along the coast and on the seabed around Losinj in a large environmental action called ''The sea knows, the island remembers/More zna, otok pamti,'' which was organised over this past weekend.

As many as 360 volunteers joined forces to remove more than 30 cubic metres of various pieces of rubbish and waste from the Losinj coast and seabed. Just about everything you might imagine was unfortunately found in the otherwise crystal clear Adriatic sea - from standard car tyres and other parts to discarded plastic and glass packaging, to rusty iron doors. The diligent hands of many volunteers partaking in the latest Rovinj beach cleanup cleared a large area of ​​the Losinj coast.

54 divers and teams on land cleaned the bay of Malolosinj, more precisely the part of the coast from Velopin to Borik, Cikat bay, the promenade and the coastline continuing on from there.

The ecological action was organised by the Blue World Institute and the Subseason Diving Centre, the City of Mali Losinj and the local Tourist Board, Jadranka Tourism and several associations and clubs which pointed out the need to preserve the natural heritage of the Losinj seabed and coastal areas.

The organisers of this latest Losinj beach cleanup pointed out that the purpose of the project was to warn and raise the overall level of awareness of the general population of the problem of waste on the seabed and the beaches and to promote sustainable solutions for the preservation of the marine environment.

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Thursday, 10 March 2022

Via Apsyrtides, Long Distance Hiking Trail That Redefines Island Hopping

March 10th, 2022 - The trail is 149 km long in total and connects the islands of Cres, Lošinj and Ilovik

A unique hiking trail has been established in Croatia that will redefine island hopping. Named Via Apsyrtides, the transversal runs through the islands of Cres, Lošinj and Ilovik, providing a new way to explore the Croatian coast and bask in the dreamy Mediterranean vibes unbothered by the summer crowds.

The long distance trail connects Cape Jablanac, the northernmost point of Cres, with Cape Radovan on Ilovik island at the southern tip of the archipelago. The trail is approximately 149 km long in total and consists of 11 stages varying in length and difficulty, totaling 4,000 metres of elevation.

IMG_7370-min.jpgLošinj / Mario Romulić

Why Via Apsyrtides? The poetic name has its origins in the Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts, a story which also gave the name to the entire archipelago of Cres and Lošinj.

When the Argonauts fled Colchis with the Golden Fleece, Medea’s brother Apsyrt was tasked with retrieving the stolen treasure. Legend has it that Apsyrt finally caught up with the crew in the Northern Adriatic, whereupon he was tricked by his own sister and was captured by Jason’s crew.

Jason killed poor Apsyrt and Medea then chopped his body into pieces, which transformed into islands upon being thrown into the sea. An unnecessarily cruel move, perhaps, but the newly formed archipelago was named the Apsyrtides in his honour.

IMG_7486-min.jpgOsor town, Cres island / Mario Romulić

Via Apsyrtides now runs through the entire archipelago and is almost ready to welcome the first thru hikers. Along the way, they’ll learn about the cultural heritage of the islands and their wondrous natural features. It’s envisaged for the trail to become a tourist product, one that will attract visitors outside the summer season and thus contribute to the development of sustainable tourism in the area.

hatIn 2021, a historic network of 75 kilometres of trails on Cres were restored as part of the European project VALUE. They’re now connected to the Via Apsyrtides transversal and marked with the recognisable VA logo in blue and red, along with educational panels put up along the route to get the hikers better acquainted with the island.

Trail marking was carried out by the company Xplore Cress in cooperation with authorised markers and according to the standards of the Croatian Mountaineering Association.

A comprehensive website is in the works that will present a detailed overview of all the stages, complete with trail maps and selected sights to discover along the route. The site is still under construction and should be completed in a few weeks, but the map and the overview are ready to explore - head here to discover what wonders await at Via Apsyrtides.

Saturday, 5 March 2022

US Blocks Company of Russian Oligarch's Daughter, Who Owns Villa on Lošinj

March 5, 2022 - The USA has imposed sanctions against the Russian oligarch Nikolai Petrovich Tokarev, so the company Katina, which is part of the business empire of Tokarev's daughter Maja Nikolaevna and owns a villa on Lošinj, has been blocked.

Among the assets of Russian oligarchs that have been seized or blocked around the world in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the United States has also imposed sanctions against a Russian oligarch whose family owns a villa on Lošinj, reports Novi List.

The US Treasury Department (OFAC) and the US State Department said in a statement that they had stepped up pressure on Russia by sanctioning many Russian rich people and their families, identifying certain assets as blocked. They say the sanctioned elites continue to provide direct and indirect support to the Government of the Russian Federation through their business empires, wealth, and other resources. As part of the operation, the assets of three Russian oligarchs, two of their spouses, three of their adult children, and six of their companies were blocked, as well as one of Russia's largest private jets and one of the world's largest superyachts.

These actions, according to the US Treasury Department, were taken in close coordination with the European Union, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, South Korea, and Australia. The targets are Russian oligarchs Alisher Burhanovich Usmanov, one of the richest people in Russia, who, among other things, owns the Dilbar megayacht worth about $600 million and recently seized in Germany, followed by Yevgeniy Prigozhin and Nikolay Petrovich Tokarev.

According to the US Treasury Department, Tokarev is a longtime Putin aide and president of one of Russia's most important companies, Transneft, a state-owned oil pipeline company responsible for transporting 90 percent of Russia's oil. As president of Transneft, Tokarev and his family became rich, amassing a business and real estate empire that stretches across Russia and Europe.

''Members of Tokarev's family, including his wife Galina Alekseevna Tokareva and daughter Maiya Nikolaevna Tokareva, benefited from his proximity to Putin. Maiya Tokareva's real estate empire is estimated at more than $50 million in Moscow, Russia alone, and includes at least three companies, the Moscow limited liability company Ostozhenka 19 and the Croatian companies Katina doo and TGA doo Katina owns top-class real estate by the sea, which includes a villa built by Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I'', could be read from the statement.

The company Katina, namely, is the owner of Villa Karolina in the bay Čikat on Lošinj. Villa Karolina, an imposing building in one of the most beautiful bays on the Adriatic, was sold by the company Jadranka dd to an Italian entrepreneur in 2003, and in 2009 it was resold to an unnamed Russian oilman for 12 million euros.

Karolina was the second villa built on Čikat, and local sources state that the villa on Lošinj is really associated with stories about love meetings between the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Francis Joseph and the actress of the Vienna Burgtheater Katarina von Schratt. 

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Thursday, 3 March 2022

Three Sea Turtles Rescued on Lošinj Island, Washed Ashore by Bura Wind

March 3rd, 2022 - The turtles are being looked after at the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre on Lošinj

The mighty bura wind is known to sow chaos on the Croatian coast, but not often do we hear about it leaving several confused visitors washed ashore.

In the last few days, strong north-eastern wind blew with a strength of over 30 knots on Lošinj island. Locals spotted a large loggerhead turtle stranded in the port of Veli Lošinj town, and informed the Blue World Institute of the sighting.


Two younger and smaller turtles were also spotted floating in the port as the first one was being rescued by the institute employees. All three were admitted to the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre on Lošinj and were provided with the necessary care, announced the Blue World Institute.

Adverse weather conditions interrupted their hibernation process, and as they were stunned by the cold, the turtles were not able to dive and ended up disoriented in the port of Veli Lošinj.

The three turtles have been named Bura, Veli and Saturn, and are now being looked after at the rescue centre. Once the sea temperature has risen sufficiently, they'll be released back into the sea.

Photos: Blue World Institute / Sara Širola

Saturday, 23 October 2021

Croatian Sustainable Cultural Tourism Destinations Named Among Best in Europe

October 23, 2021 - Croatian sustainable cultural tourism destinations have been awarded at the 14th International Cultural Tourism Conference held in Athens. 

As part of the 14th International Cultural Tourism Conference in Europe, organized by the European Cultural Tourism Network (ECTN), an award ceremony for the best European destinations for sustainable cultural tourism was held in Athens on October 21, 2021, reports HRTurizam.

The awards have been presented since 2014 to create a platform to exchange experiences and knowledge and promote networking among destinations. The competition is open to all tourist destinations across Europe, and this year's theme was related to the regeneration of European tourism through culture, heritage, and creativity. Therefore, the competition was open to tourist destinations across Europe to showcase their results in sustainable cultural tourism in seven categories.

Among the winners in all categories were representatives of various culturally valuable projects from all over Europe; The Netherlands, Italy, Romania, Germany, Slovenia, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Slovakia, Latvia, and Croatia, with four representatives as best practices of sustainable cultural tourism.

In the Archaeological Sites and Museums as Cultural Tourism Attractions category, 1st place was won by the Krapina Neanderthals Museum and the Hušnjakovo site. The 2nd place in the same category was won by the Lošinj camp Nerezinac project.

The awards were given in five other categories, among which Walking Tourism and Slow Travel - Synergies with Cultural Tourism should be highlighted. The first place went to Rab Archeological races - open-air museum, a project nominated by the Lopar Cultural Center. In the Cultural and Creative Industries category, 3rd place was won by the Chocolate Museum in Zagreb.

"I am extremely honored that the Nerezinac camp is recognized as one of the best examples of sustainable cultural tourism, and I would like to thank everyone who participated in renovating and constructing the interpretation center of the maritime heritage of the island of Lošinj. This year, Croatia has distinguished itself as a leader in cultural tourism with four award-winning projects, and this is further proof that through culture and heritage creatively and innovatively can develop year-round sustainable tourism," said Dalibor Cvitkovic, director of the Mali Lošinj Tourist Board, who accepted the award in Athens together with the author of the project, Ferdinand Zorović.

Nerezinac is a valuable example of traditional shipbuilding. Since 2010 it has been included in the list of protected cultural assets of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia. It was restored with the cooperation of many experts from various institutions to local masters, following the example of the Lošinj camps from the end of the 19th century.

Three of the winning projects from Germany and Romania were submitted by members of the ETC, the German National Tourist Board, and the Romanian Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship, and Tourism.

The German National Tourist Board launched a digital social media campaign called Feel Good to promote Germany with reliable and diverse sustainable tourism products. The campaign has direct synergy with cultural tourism due to topics such as local tradition and regional products (arts, exhibitions, handicrafts, regional food, urban gardening, organic restaurants) and the involvement of the local population. Also, visitors were inspired by the use of public transport and various slow travel options such as hiking and biking.

The marketing campaign #WanderlustGermany of the German National Tourist Board addressed nature and active travelers, emphasizing cycling and hiking that are just around the corner from the main cultural attractions or even next to them.

Following the stagnation in global tourism caused by the coronavirus pandemic, studies have found that customers consider the risk of COVID-19 to be a tiny nature-oriented vacation and individual forms of vacation. Accordingly, the campaign focused on a diverse range of products with well-thought-out hygiene and safety concepts and first-class service. Furthermore, through the targeted use of digital communication measures and events in local markets with great potential, the campaign focused on targeted impulses for a fresh start to incoming tourism in Germany.

The Romanian Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship, and Tourism has created a voluntary system for the recognition of national cultural tourist routes, developed by tourism organizations and local public bodies. The initiative stems from the recognition of local potential in promoting historical and archaeological heritage and religious or gastronomic traditions in Romania.

The cultural-tourist route of wooden churches in Romania and the Republic of Moldova is a transnational network that connects villages, towns, counties, districts in which local communities have built their churches over the centuries. It is a remarkable journey into history and local legends.

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Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Lošinj Open Becomes First ATP Tennis Tournament Held on 'Island of Vitality'

October 13, 2021 - On an island with a long tennis tradition, the Lošinj Open tennis tournament in the ATP Challenger 80 category is on the calendar this autumn, from October 18 to 24, which is another step forward in confirming Lošinj as a recognizable tennis destination.

As part of the Ljubičić Tennis Academy, which gathers professional tennis players and young competitors on Lošinj this year, all tennis enthusiasts will be able to enjoy this sports spectacle, as well as the natural beauties of the island of Lošinj, announced HRTurizam.

Along with Ivan Ljubičić, one of the best Croatian athletes who also hosts the tournament, the tournament will feature Italian Marco Cecchinato, former 16th player in the world and winner of the ATP tournament in Umag, and Russian tennis player Teymuraz Gabashvili, the former 43rd player in the world. After an excellent performance at the ATP Challenger in Naples, the young Duje Ajduković will also arrive on Lošinj, who will defend Croatian colors together with Nina Serdarušić.

"When I started the Ljubičić Tennis Academy, I wanted it to become one of the leading tennis centers in the world, and I recognized Lošinj as an ideal place where talent and sports skills will be developed. Therefore, I am proud to cooperate with partners who helped organize such an event which will not only set new standards of professional tennis, but also contribute to the popularity of sports, but also Lošinj as a destination," said Ivan Ljubicic, famous tennis player, top coach, and leader of Ljubičić tennis academies.

The cooperation of Ivan Ljubičić and Jadranka Group has additionally contributed to the branding of the island of Lošinj as an attractive destination, and Lošinj Open as the first tournament of this category held on Lošinj will strengthen efforts to make this island of vitality a gathering place for tennis fans from around the world. Furthermore, the tournament is also the only Challenger in Europe in that period, which is a good precondition for this sporting event to become a tradition and get a well-deserved place in the ATP calendar.

The organizer of the tournament from the ATP Challenger series, which will attract many visitors to the tennis courts within the Vitality Hotel Punta in Veli Lošinj, is Jadranka Turizam d.d. in cooperation with Ljubičić Tennis Academy and in partnership with the Tennis Club "Lošinj - Jadranka", Jadranka store, Kvarner Tourist Board, Mali Lošinj Tourist Board and manufacturer of top sports equipment HEAD, while the tournament director is Mario Višak from the Tennis Club "Lošinj - Jadranka".

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Thursday, 7 October 2021

Scientists Record Distressed Female Lošinj Dolphin Mourning Loss of Calf

October 7, 2021 -  A female Lošinj dolphin mourning the loss of her offspring saw scientists visibly heartbroken and showed once again that animals have feelings which run just as deep as our own.

The clear and beautiful waters of the Croatian Adriatic bring a lot of joy and relaxation to people from all over the world, either by jumping and swimming in the soft waters in the hot summer months or by simply observing and breathing in the healthy air either from deck or land on less sunny days.

However, like any other place, the Adriatic can be a place of tragedy and sad scenes, whether for humans or animals that call this Mediterranean ''alley'' their home. The waters surrounding beautiful Lošinj island was sadly the location of a sad tale.

As was reported on Wednesday by Croatian RadioTelevision (HRT), the Blue World Institute from the small town of Veli Lošinj, recorded a female Lošinj dolphin mourning the  tragicloss of her calf. The calf sadly died and the mother used her nose to keep the baby on the surface of the sea, swimming with the deceased calf for hours.

This recording of dolphins in the Croatian Adriatic acting this way showcased just how much love, empathy, and emotions they possess.


''These are the first recorded cases even though the research here has been being conducted for over 35 years,'' said Tihana Vučur Blazinić from the Blue World Institute for HRT.

The touching scenes disrupted scientific procedures which decided to only record the incident and not take the calf's body to try to determine the precise cause of death of the unfortunate baby dolphin.

However, since they saw these touching scenes in person, it's hard to blame them for not removing the corpse from the female Lošinj dolphin who was visibly distressed, especially when other dolphins joined the mourning mother.

''At one moment, you had a feeling as they were swimming so close, as if to hug and comfort her, like they're supporting her in these difficult times. The mother, however, regardless of other adults animals approaching, didn't want to leave her baby,'' they told HRT from the Blue World Institute.

With the stork Klepetan mourning the death of his love Malena, the heart-breaking grief of this female Lošinj dolphin is proof that animals have very deep emotions and are much more like humans than we might think. These sad scenes offer another argument that should warn the public that the preservation of biodiversity is a must.

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Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Losinj Sustainable Tourism Project Tested Out, Assessments to Follow

September the 28th, 2021 - Losinj sustainable tourism has been being tested out, and the so-called ''eco standard'' of it will be measured and judged by nobody but independent travellers themselves.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marija Crnjak writes, last week, Losinj hosted a project which showcased the modern simulation of sustainable travel. Six people of different professions, from several Mediterranean countries, had the task to try out and evaluate a carefully designed all-inclusive innovative eco trip called "Rhythm of the senses of the island of Losinj" in the protected area of ​​Cres-Losinj.

This is the main activity of the Mediterranean project INTERREG DestiMED PLUS called "Ecotourism in Mediterranean destinations", which, back at the end of 2019, included the Croatian Institute of Tourism. This Losinj sustainable tourism project has been being prepared for two years now and is taking place in parallel in Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Albania and of course Croatia, and the leading partner is the Italian region of Lazio. The International Association for Nature Conservation (IUCN) and WWF Mediterranean are also involved in the implementation of the project.

The subject of the project is the development of an innovative ecotourism package deal in each of the selected protected areas of project partners, which is created, tested, improved and then adapted to current market needs through the accurate measurement of the environmental sustainability footprint and all other sustainability indicators. The goal is to minimise the negative impacts of tourism on the environment, economy and community, by exact measurement, and not only by declarative, anticipated recommendations.

Specifically, the Losinj sustainable tourism project itinerary was made for smaller groups of 6 to 12 people and lasts for six days. Now, the testers, and in the future tourists, will be staying in family/private accommodation with eco references, and they'll also make the most of the more sustainable transfers provided in the wider Losinj area.

The programme includes an hour of cooking in a family restaurant, a visit to a fragrant garden and a herbarium workshop with local herbs and a tasting room, a visit to the Apoxyomenos Museum as an aspect of local cultural value, kayaking and diving on the island of Orjula, enjoying a glass of local wine, being educated on sustainability at the Blue World Institute, cycling, and a promenade walk along the Path of Vitality and a picnic along the coast.

"The name of ''Rhythm of the senses of the island of Losinj'' was created in the desire to introduce guests to the true island rhythm that Losinj breathes during the rest of the year, when it isn't the peak of the tourist season in summer. The rhythm of the senses alludes to the sheer variety of activities Losinj boasts. With their arrival, tourists extend the season and participate in the conservation of this protected area through responsible behaviour and their consumption of arrangements whose negative impact on the environment and local population is minimised, and income is kept within the local economy of the resident population,'' explained the Institute of Tourism.

The trip which the Losinj sustainable tourism project created was intended for the market of experienced, solvent, environmentally responsible and adventurous middle-aged, English and German-speaking travellers who enjoy a combination of outdoor activities and psychophysical rest, local gastronomy, culture, nature and tradition and interaction with locals through various creative workshops, experiences and visits.

These guests love and seek sustainable more remote, Mediterranean exotic destinations, they typically choose comfort over luxury, and put quality before the price of a tourist service or product. The itinerary of the ecotourism package includes a number of local service providers who have recognised the quality and long-term value of this project, which will be available on the tourism market in the future.

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Saturday, 25 September 2021

Lošinj Hosting First International Testing of Eco-Tourism Product Footprint

ZAGREB, 25 Sept, 2021 - Select foreign experts, gathered around the international project InterregDestiMed Plus, are evaluating a new eco-tourism package tour and testing its sustainability on the northern Adriatic island of Lošinj, which is the first such international test in Croatia.

The Zagreb-based Tourism Institute, which is taking part in the project, said that the project was about the professional testing of the footprint of the eco-tourism package tour in the Cres-Lošinj protected area (Natura 2000), designed in cooperation between local, regional and national partners.

The Tourism Institute in 2019 joined the Interreg DestiMed Plus project "Ecotourism in Mediterranean Destinations: From Monitoring and Planning to Promotion and Policy Support", which has been implemented simultaneously in Mediterranean protected areas and involves 12 project partners from Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Albania and Croatia.

The island of Lošinj was chosen as the pilot destination in Croatia, being an integral part of the Cres-Lošinj maritime area protected under the Natura 2000 network and a leader in sustainable tourism in Croatia, the Institute said.

The package tours for each of the selected protected areas are tested, improved and adapted to market needs with the help of the ecological footprint indicator and other sustainability indicators.

"By carrying out practical measurement instead of only giving expected recommendations, an attempt is being made to reduce the negative impact of tourism on the environment, economy and local community," the Institute said, noting that this week Lošinj would host a modern travel simulation whose eco standard will be measured by independent travellers.

Travellers from different walks of life from several Mediterranean countries will test a carefully designed all-inclusive eco package in the Cres-Lošinj protected area, created for the market of experienced, solvent, ecologically responsible and adventure-seeking middle-aged travellers from English and German-speaking areas who enjoy a combination of outdoor activities and psychophysical rest, local gastronomy, culture, nature and tradition as well as interaction with the local population through various events.

Taking place outside the peak season, the project is also important for extending the tourism season, while income stays in the local community, with the involvement of an increasing number of local service providers, who have recognised the quality and long-term value of this tourism product, to be available on the tourism market in the future.

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