Friday, 21 January 2022

Split Women Entrepreneurs Check In - A Stylish Success!

January 21, 2022 - The first Split Women Entrepreneurs Check In was held at Heritage Hotel Santa Lucia on Thursday, January 20, as the ultimate networking event for anyone interested in lifestyle and new business connections, all while indulging in a tasty brunch.

The Women's Entrepreneurs Check-in is organized under the Lifestyle Check-in brand, which organizes a series of B2B & B2C events focused on international fashion, beauty, and lifestyle companies, held in mesmerizing venues such as galleries, yachts, and hotels. Thursday's event was thus held at Kavana Central, part of the chic Heritage Hotel Santa Lucia, located at Narodni trg 1 in Split. 


The Women Entrepreneurs Check In aims to raise awareness about women entrepreneurs and affirm women’s role in the Croatian and Dalmatian economies. Speakers and journalists from Croatia, Austria, and Romania joined the event through a panel discussion about women's entrepreneurship to celebrate great business minds and up-and-coming entrepreneurs while highlighting the influential role women play in the business community.

In addition to bubbles and brunch, the event featured 3 different panels with questions directed to the audience once the speakers finished. The breaks between each panel included artistic moments, with acoustic music by Michelle Rowsell, live portrait paintings by Sunčica Kuzmanić Perišin Tomljanović, and artwork by Esther Canata. 

The audience was also encouraged to use the breaks to network, test the Makeover Polyclinic Beauty Corner products, and enjoy the stunning reclaimed wood sculptures by Earth Wind Desire and Pierre Lang jewelry from Austria. 




The Women Entrepreneurs Check In was introduced by Total Croatia News COO and event moderator Daniela Rogulj, who thanked everyone for joining and highlighted the importance of celebrating women, networking, and dressing up on a January Thursday in Split. 


The opening words were shared by Joze Tomaš, Director of the Split County Chamber of Commerce (HGK), and Nevena Čikeš, manager of Heritage Hotel Santa Lucia. Tomaš reiterated his support for women business owners through HGK and various projects and promised to continue fighting for equal rights for women in Croatia. Čikeš stressed the importance of unity and pledged her support to Lifestyle Check In for future events. 


The first panel discussed businesswomen in Europe and Croatia, the importance of connection, and social entrepreneurship, with speakers Tash Peričić and Barbara Marković. 

Originally from New Zealand and living in Croatia for almost 8 years, Tash Peričić has worked in hospitality and tourism for 17 years, including managing Gordon Ramsay’s Michelin-starred restaurant – ‘Maze’ in London. Tash has worked in the field of Leadership based on Emotional Intelligence, as a writer for TCN, and more recently started giving guest lectures at Aspira University, delivering training for luxury yachts, and teaching the stewardess course for Atlantis Yachting Academy thanks to her experience working on yachts in Croatia for almost 10 seasons. Tash has also created an online community to support women which now includes nearly 600 members in Dalmatia.


Tash spoke about her ethos being connection, collaboration, and community, how women's communities differ in the various parts of the world she's lived, and how it is imperative to dismiss competitive mindsets and instead support each other, which she has discovered through the community she has built in Dalmatia. 


Barbara Marković has worked in different areas of tourism for over 20 years. She also spent 10 years in the United States, working for Marriott and the cruising industry, mainly in hotel operations. She has worked on projects with private accommodation owners for the last ten years. Barbara is the president of the Croatian Family Accommodation Association on a national level and has presented the project in the media and locally to assist and help private accommodation owners as much as possible. She also owns the Dalmagic travel agency, mainly specializing in Split county cruises, tours, and accommodation services. She also works part-time for the tourist boards of Croatia and Split-Dalmatia County as an educator for accommodation business owners.


Barbara discussed the importance of being a good host, how he has adapted as a businesswoman to Split's rapidly changing tourism environment, and how we need to honor quality over quantity. 

The second panel touched on business trends and how we can design our feminine future through projects led by Hildegard Brandl and Cornelia Rieger. 


Originally from Romania, Hildegard Helene Brandl studied architecture in Bucharest, graduated in Dortmund, and set up her first architecture office in Venezuela. In 2009, she returned to Europe and opened UNITH2B Architects in Romania with her partner Anca Sandu in Romania. Hilde is strongly involved in volunteering projects - she is a member of the Romanian Business Leaders Association, a member of the AHK Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the leader of the ANTREPRENORESTI project - Adopt a village. She is currently the President of the Bucharest Entrepreneurs Organization and Coordinator of the National Business Environment Commission of the PNL. As a founding member & board member of the Association of Romanian Architectural Societies, she promotes public policies and leaner legislation within the construction domain. She is one of the founding members of ROBELO - Romanian Best Locations - a platform for exceptional tourist locations in Romania and passionately promotes the unique, wild landscapes and experiences that Romania offers. Hilde spoke about her unique experience as a woman in the male-dominated political world and the most significant lessons she's learned. 


"I constantly ask myself - would it kill me? No. So I do it. Anything that doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Saying yes to opportunities, even in areas like politics which was unfamiliar to me, is one of the biggest reasons I've grown and been successful in the business world," said Hilde.

Cornelia Rieger has been a businesswoman in Austria since 2003. She has worked as a consultant in the Back Office Work for Entrepreneurs and a Mentor and Trainer for Women in Leadership. She has also been part of the Real Life Academy since 2018, Partner Agency "We bring together, what belongs together " since 2020, and the Summer Rose Community - Inner Circle for successful People and Entrepreneurs.


Cornelia stressed the importance of following your dreams and building many empires. 

A big take from the second panel touched on why women don't support each other. 

"Men naturally support each other. They get together, go for a drink, and talk about everything from life to business and politics. Through that connection, they naturally gain networks. Women aren't doing these things enough - women need to get together once a week to talk, have a drink, and genuinely connect and share with each other."

The final panel featured Larisa Čišić, Janine Widmann, and Rino Medić. 

Larisa Čišić, a licensed architect, and Daniel Poelzl, a wood artist, make up the artist/architect duo behind Earth Wind Desire, helping people reconnect to nature and their inner selves. Born in Croatia, Larisa studied architecture in Zagreb and Milan, worked in Japan, and traveled the world to master the skill of designing soulful architecture. Earth Wind Desire uses natural reclaimed materials to create exceptional artwork, architecture, and interior design. Based in Croatia, they endeavor to elevate your surroundings from dull & artificial to calming & natural or create wholly new and unique luxury experiences.


Larisa spoke about how living in Japan and working in the rather militant Japanese business culture differed from Croatia and the lessons she now implements in her business having the experience working abroad. 

Janine Widmann is a former Sales Director within the hospitality industry that started her own business during her maternity leave in 2017. She now works with 120 business partners in 6 countries. Her partner in crime is the US Company Jeunesse, founded in 2009 and is now a billion-dollar company that continues to grow worldwide and is expanding further in Europe. Janine focuses her entire business on starting a new start-up every day, together with a prospect. She helps implement essential processes to support the latest startup to be successful.


Janine stressed the importance of celebrating your achievements, not being humble about your success, how it is more important now than ever not to be entirely dependent on one income - and that it's okay to make more money than your husband! 

The final panelist and only male speaker was Rino Medić. Originally from Mostar, Rino received his MBA in marketing from the Zagreb School of Economics and Management in 2009. Rino earned his Ph.D. from the Faculty of Economics in Osijek last year with the thesis “The Role of Volunteering in Remote Communities” under the mentorship of professor Dan Ebener from St. Ambrose University.

Rino has worked for 13 years in publishing and education as a key account manager, event manager, project manager, and head of publishing and has led several exciting projects. He was a member of the program and organization committee of the WinDays Business Conferences, International Conference on Women in the Film Industry, and the Conference on Croatian Film Heritage. He is currently a member of the program and organization committee at the Mediterranean Islands Conference on Vis and the Creative Future Insights Conference in Zagreb. Rino has attended many educational programs and is the author of a few scientific articles and book chapters. In addition, he is an editor of Conference Proceedings from two international scientific conferences, and even a former athlete with many honors and awards. 


Rino shared a personal story about collectivism versus individualism for sustainable growth. 

Music and Artists

Michelle Rowsell

Originally from the small island of Jersey, Michelle’s love of traveling upon the open waters ultimately brought her to Split. Michelle’s background and training are in theatre, contributing to her diverse musical taste, spanning from old classics by Sam Cooke and The Shirelles to contemporary pop-rock songs performed in a stripped-back, acoustic style.


Sunčica Kuzmanić Perišin Tomljanović

Croatian-born, Suncica Kuzmanic Perišin Tomljanović is an international artist with a worldly soul. Sunci studied in London, graduated in fine arts at St. Martins College of art & design, lived in Rome, and has exhibited in Italy, London, New York, Mexico, Paris, and Istanbul. Her collectors are from all walks of life and all parts of the world.


While Sunci works with many themes and painting mediums, performance portraits are at the center of her work, usually working with watercolors or oil on canvas. Suncica was born drawing and painting, but only after seeing Andy Warhol’s portrait of Mick Jagger at 16 that she fell in love with portraits. Sunci has experimented with portraits and collected people and stories ever since. Sunci’s portraits and works share the same element of interaction – in person or remotely; this ‘live element’ is essential to her work. However, Sunci’s true magic lies in her ability to connect with her client, dive into their world and create from this space, bringing an energetic element to each painting.


Esther Canata

Esther Canata is a former stage and screen actress, singer-songwriter, poet, and self-taught visual artist. Esther was born and raised in New Jersey to an Italian family with Irish and South American roots. She studied the arts through high school and continued her creative growth to NYC where she worked as an artist model and studio apprentice at the School of Visual Arts for two years. Esther partook in various performative and visual works, aligning with street artists, gallerists, musicians, filmmakers, and other creatives in downtown Manhattan’s underground music and arts scene. A multicultural, tough-love childhood combined with leaving home at a very young age armed Esther with a natural street edge – an artful arsenal – baring many layers of life fully lived, helping cultivate her signature style. Esther’s approach is authentic, a stream of conscious abstract expressionism. Esther plays in mixed-mediums, and her style is influenced by street art and great masters such as Basquiat, Picasso, Chagall, Miro, and Klimt. Her work is emotionally charged, moody, complex, and empowering – embodying femininity, sensuality, diversity, and soulful depth of character. 


Esther has exhibited through New York, Miami, LA, and Europe. As an emerging international artist, some career highlights include her solo exhibit entitled “ELEMENTAL” at the Museum of Trogir in Croatia and ART BASEL Miami as a featured artist in the ARTBOX. In addition, private collectors have exhibited her work in their homes, hotels, restaurants, and workspaces. 


The event was sponsored by the Central Dalmatia County Tourist Board and Amarea Travel, which offered a guided city tour after the event. Journalists attended an elegant dinner at Zrno Soli in Split on Thursday evening, sponsored by the Central Dalmatia County Tourist Board. 


More information about upcoming events can be found here:

All photos by Maksim Bašić

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Monday, 17 January 2022

Women Entrepreneurs Check In: A Stylish Networking Event in Split

January 17, 2022 - The first Women Entrepreneurs Check In will be held at Heritage Hotel Santa Lucia in Split at 11:30 am on Thursday, January 20. A look at what's in store.  

The first Women Entrepreneurs Check In is set to be the ultimate networking event for anyone interested in lifestyle and new business connections, all while indulging in a tasty brunch dressed up in stylish attire. 

The Women's Entrepreneurs Check-in is organized under the Lifestyle Check-in brand, which organizes a series of B2B & B2C events focused on international fashion, beauty, and lifestyle companies, held in mesmerizing venues such as galleries, yachts, and hotels. Thursday's event is thus held at Kavana Central, part of the chic Heritage Hotel Santa Lucia, located at Narodni trg 1 in Split. 

The Women Entrepreneurs Check In aims to raise awareness about women entrepreneurs and affirm women’s role in the Croatian and Dalmatian economies. Speakers and journalists from Croatia, Austria, Italy, and Romania will join the event through a panel discussion about women's entrepreneurship to celebrate great business minds and up-and-coming entrepreneurs while highlighting the influential role women play in the business community.

The opening words will be shared by Joze Tomas, Director of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce - Split County Chamber, and Nevena Cikes, manager  of Heritage Hotel Santa Lucia.


Panel speakers include Tash Pericic (Connection, Collaboration & Community), Sara Miante (Social Entrepreneurship), Cornelia Rieger (Design the Future),  Rino Medic (Collectivism Vs. Individualism for Sustainable Growth), Hildegard Brandl (Green Village / a project in cooperation with Charlie Ottely), Barbara Markovic (Luxury Tourism), and Janine Widmann (Start-ups). 

Earth Wind Desire is a special touch to the event, an artist/architect duo helping people reconnect to nature and their inner self. It is founded by Larisa Cisic, licensed architect, and Daniel Poelzl, wood artist. Based in Croatia, the couple uses reclaimed materials found in nature to create exceptional artwork, architecture, and interior design. 

Singer Michelle Rowsell will perform during the panel breaks, bringing a diverse musical taste spanning from old classics by Sam Cooke and The Shirelles to modern pop songs performed in a stripped-back, acoustic style. International artist Suncica Kuzmanic Perisin Tomljanovic will conduct live portrait sessions, while Esther Canata will showcase her emotionally charged, moody, complex, and empowering artwork, embodying femininity, sensuality, diversity, and soulful depth of character. 

Poliklinika MakeOver will spoil guests with a "Beauty Corner" and reveal the newest treatments in the world of esthetics, and Pierre Lang jewelry from Austria will be on display.

The event is sponsored by the Central Dalmatia County Tourist Board and Amarea Travel, which will offer a city tour with a personal guide after the event.

On Thursday evening, journalists are invited to attend an elegant dinner at Zrno Soli in Split, sponsored by the Central Dalmatia County Tourist Board. 

A Covid passport, negative PCR or antigen test, or COVID-19 recovery certificate in the last six months is required to attend the event. 

Tickets & more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or

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Saturday, 25 September 2021

Slovenian and Croatian Business People Come Together for Lifestyle CHECK IN in Zagreb

September 25, 2021 - A bilateral meeting between Slovenian and Croatian business people was held at the Hotel Esplanade in Zagreb as part of the Lifestyle CHECK IN brand.

The beauties of Slovenia are widely known. From Lakes Bled and Bohinj, Triglav, cities of Ljubljana and Maribor to Kranjska Gora and the Julian Alps, this green country is located in southern Central Europe, offers a wide range of opportunities for a quality vacation, but also for a comfortable life, work, and education. This, as well as the many other qualities of this country, through numerous examples and with guests from economic and diplomatic life, was discussed by the participants of the "Beauty of Slovenia" event, held at the Hotel Esplanade in Zagreb.


During the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union to further strengthen the traditionally intensive and successful economic cooperation and cultural exchange between Croatia and Slovenia, the event brought together numerous Croatian and Slovenian business people from various sectors. Thus, it was an opportunity for even better mutual acquaintance, exchange of experiences, but also to establish concrete business relations.

The event was attended by Mr. Bernard Šrajner, Counselor for Economy at the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Zagreb, who emphasized the excellent connection between the two neighboring countries on many levels. "The global health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic may have slowed us down for a while, but it has not and will not stop us from deepening our economic and other ties between Zagreb and Ljubljana," he said.


Besides him, the diplomatic delegation also included the Ambassador of Romania to the Republic of Croatia, HE E. Constantin - Mihail Grigorie, Honorary Consul of Romania in Croatia Mr. Stjepan Roglić, Mr. Ilario Schietto First Secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Italy in Croatia and Attaché for Trade Promotion at the Institute of Foreign Trade, Ms. Sandra di Carlo.

Mr. Joze Tomaš, President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce - Split County Chamber, also pointed out the positive results from the cooperation between the two countries' chambers of commerce. He emphasized that this event, organized by the international platform Lifestyle CHECK IN based in Split, is an additional input to the excellent cooperation between Croatia and Slovenia. "This project brings foreign entrepreneurs closer and presents to them the most valuable thing we have in Croatia - our unique lifestyle in a unique natural environment. I believe that the citizens of Slovenia, as well as many other international guests, will recognize the off-season potential of our country as a place for professional work and development, thanks to the benefits that Croatia offers to the growing business category - digital nomads. Working from some of the Croatian locations by the sea, their lives will be more pleasant thanks to the mild and pleasant climate and significantly reduced stress," added Joze Tomaš.


The artistic part of the program included the performance of the renowned jazz singer Jadranka Juras, and numerous Croatian and Slovenian artists and designers were presented, such as the sculptor Hrvoje Dumančić with his recognizable and unique horse sculptures and the painter and graphic artist Leon Zakrajšek with his works.


The colours of fashion design were 'defended' by the designers Ivana Jurić and Draž Knitwear who on this occasion showed some of their models, adorned by beautiful jewelry by world-famous Slovenian designer Olga Košica. The event was moderated by the Croatian presenter with a Slovenian address, Ivana Šundov, who briefly presented numerous business people from Croatia, Slovenia, but also Austria and Germany, among which: Quintessentially – global luxury concierge lifestyle club, SAMSIC – European leader in facility management and ORBICO – leading Croatian distributor of numerous high-quality brands. 


Lifestyle CHECK IN is one in a series of events aimed at bringing together business and diplomacy. “Before this event, with all the organizational challenges brought by the pandemic, we held the events with Austria Romania as partner countries. The ones to follow soon will focus on other European countries and their numerous beauties," announced Monica Ioanițescu, an entrepreneur based in Split and founder of the Lifestyle CHECK IN platform.

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Friday, 28 May 2021

Lifestyle CHECK IN - International Event Connecting Business and Beauty Held in Šibenik

May 28, 2021 - For the first international promotion after the pandemic, foreign and domestic companies from the lifestyle sector chose Šibenik as part of the Lifestyle CHECK IN platform. 

A sunny day by the sea and a light, refreshing breeze while enjoying the great company, food, and exclusive ambiance of the En Vogue beach bar of Amadria Park, may sound like a scene from a past life but that's exactly what today's Lifestyle CHECK IN looked like. It is a series of business events that serves as a platform for Croatian and foreign companies to cooperate and connect. It was opened by the organizer, a naturalized woman from Split with Romanian roots, Monica Ioanitescu:

"Dalmatia can compete with the most beautiful lifestyle destinations in the world and is a perfect place to promote companies and brands. I believe that together we will succeed in the intention to make Dalmatia a recognizable lifestyle destination in the world," she said at the beginning, and support for her project is provided by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce - Split County Chamber, headed by Jozo Tomaš.


Moderated by Nenad Hervatin, presentations of brands and services followed. Sabrina Jakobitsch guided the audience through the holistic care and use of her natural cosmetic products EchtSchoen, which is handmade from natural ingredients from Carinthia. Dr. Marija Milić from SkinClinic, the latest Split address for facial care and body shaping and weight loss, pointed out the multidisciplinary approach and the latest state-of-the-art technology they use to achieve excellent results.


The Croatian manufacturer of 100% mulberry silk, the ILKS brand presented by Helena Sraka, aroused great interest: “Although we first think of cars and jewellery when we mention the word luxury, the greatest luxury today is the time we dedicate and as we have less time, we designed products made of pure mulberry silk precisely in order to provide top skin and hair care," she pointed out, and their silk pillows and sleeping masks aroused great interest. Darko Šupuk, the editor-in-chief of the luxury bilingual magazine Yachts Croatia, agreed with her only to a certain extent, pointing out that yachts are an indispensable part of the destination's luxury experience.


Andrei Voiculescu Bezić mediated the communication between Croatian, Austrian, and Romanian companies in front of the boutique company AVB Consulting, and after the first part, the participants looked at the exhibited paintings by Thomas Kogler. Known under the ArtGunn brand, Thomas is the author of interesting and unusual large-format art paintings, realistic pop-art works that he will present in Dubai after Šibenik.


Today's Media Style-Up continued with a vivid and flamboyant fashion show of the summer collection by Dali Oleschko Couture. The star of the Austrian fashion scene at the exclusive Beach Club En Vogue Amadria Park presented day and evening dresses made of light and breathable silk fabrics, which had its premiere in Šibenik today. The perfect view of the Šibenik archipelago and the beautiful ambiance of the En Vogue beach club created magic in which Dali Oleschko's creations expressed a seductive summer story. She also presented the first "Limited T-Shirt Summer Edition 2021" for women and men, a limited edition is the design itself - selected details of the samples of the summer collection Dali Oleschko Couture.


Part of the success of today's event should be attributed to the support of the Tourist Board of Šibenik-Knin County, but still, the greatest credit goes to entrepreneurs who supported the event by participating and creating new business opportunities through cooperation. Among them is the Korčula hotel Lumbarda, whose director Duško Dobrota presented the beauties of this Dalmatian island. NCP & Mare, a charter company specializing in renting luxury sailboats and motorboats brought one of their yachts where gathering continued. There, guests enjoyed the top cigars of the Mareva club, teas of the Veroslim brand, and a video presentation of Dr. was broadcast. Mansoor Alobeidli, Regional Director for the Middle East of the World Beauty Congress, who designed and organized numerous international events through which numerous professionals and creatives from the world of lifestyle in the UAE were promoted and established. The lifestyle and event industry is always accompanied by musical notes, and on this occasion the Austrian duo of singers Baghira, also a music consultant, singer-songwriter for DJ and producer El Presidente, presented themselves.


This edition of the Lifestyle CHECK IN event also held a strong humanitarian note, and on this occasion, domestic and foreign entrepreneurs were introduced to the work of the Croatian association "Femina", which was founded to support women, which is increasingly needed in these crisis and unpredictable times of the pandemic, and the Austrian association "Kleine Herzen" whose volunteers care for orphans and children in need from Russia, Ukraine, and Cambodia.

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Thursday, 15 October 2020

PHOTOS: First Masked Fashion Show Held in Split

October 15, 2020 - The first masked fashion show held in Split took place last night at the Radisson Blu Hotel!

Ahead of the Lifestyle Check In event, at the Radisson Hotel, a dinner was held for exhibitors and elite guests according to the strict measures in place for catering facilities. Given the obligation of masks indoors, they were also worn by models at the fashion show.

Keeping a 1.5-meter distance between tables with protective masks did not prevent Croatian and Austrian entrepreneurs from connecting with each other. Split Mayor Andro Krstulović Opara and the President of the Split County Chamber, Jozo Tomaš, also proved to be excellent hosts to the Austrian delegation led by Ambassador Josef Markus Wuketich.

The meeting held last night welcomed local and Austrian entrepreneurs from the fields of fashion, cosmetics, home decoration, car, and nautical industry, and technology had the opportunity to meet, exchange opinions, ideas, and visions before presenting their products and services to the general public.

___LCI_Joze Tomas, Andro K. Opara, Dali Oleschko, Josef Markus Wuketich, Monica Ioanitescu.jpg

Mayor Andro Krstulović Opara sent his sincere congratulations to all participants and the young entrepreneur, organizer Monica Ioanitescu:

"I congratulate you on your courage and determination to organize this event despite increasingly stringent measures, and I congratulate the Croatian and Austrian entrepreneurs who arrived in Split, an ideal city for both life and entrepreneurship."

_LCI_bilateral soirée.jpg

Austrian Ambassador Josef Markus Wuketich, who visited Austrian companies based in Split during the day, conveyed their satisfaction with investments and business development, emphasizing the importance of organizing business meetings, cooperation, and community of our countries.

The Radisson Blu menu for 25 participants included local and Austrian delicacies, and during the evening, skillfully moderated by Nenad Hervatin, a short presentation of fashion creations took place by Austrian entrepreneur and fashion designer Dali Oleschko and the brand "Teralli by Vukušić," founded by sisters Dora and Lara Vukušić to maintain the vision of their deceased mother, an award-winning fashion designer. 

LCI_ Dali Oleschko s modelima.jpg

The dresses were presented in cooperation with the Croatian bag brand "My Lovely Bag," the hairstyles of the models were taken care of by the experienced hands of hairstylists of the international brand Keune. The "Callegari" school was in charge of make-up.

During the evening, all epidemiological measures were respected, so the models wore face masks during the show because it was impossible to maintain a distance of more than two meters indoors. This was unusual at first glance but definitely did not detract from the beauty of the creations and the audience's overall experience. It was the first masked fashion show held in Split, and probably in the country.

LCI_modna revija Teralli by Vukusic 3.jpg

The Lifestyle Check In event takes place today at the Radisson Blu Split Hotel. Exhibitors will present their products and services in hotel rooms that become exhibition spaces. For this occasion, Dr. Kaliterna will hold a workshop on skin health and beauty in cooperation with his cosmetics brand MySkin from 6 pm fashion show will be on the program from 8 pm under masks.

Dali Oleschko will show her entire collection that focuses on an elegant woman. Simultaneously, the proposal for the upcoming seasons will be given to men and women by "No7 by Šime Kovačević" in collaboration with the unique "La Koffa" bags.

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Thursday, 15 October 2020

Lifestyle Check IN Begins in Split: Enjoy Croatian and Austrian Brands in COVID-Safe Environment

October 15, 2020 - The Lifestyle Check IN series is an event that focuses on products and services that nurture a philosophy of comfortable living such as fashion and fashion accessories, cosmetics, home decoration, the automotive and nautical industries, and technology.

The first partner country is Austria, so in addition to Croatian products, visitors will also be able to enjoy the products of Austrian lifestyle brands in the exhibition rooms of the Radisson Blu Hotel in Split on Thursday from 1 pm.

After the first two events in Austria, this will be the first edition of the event held in Croatia, and given that any private initiative is a rarity among local, let alone among foreign entrepreneurs due to the epidemiological situation, organizer Monica Ioanitescu revealed why she chose Split for the premiere edition in 2020.

"Split embodies the philosophy of comfortable and beautiful living and is an ideal place to live and do business, so your city this year is also my choice for permanent residence. On Thursday, Croatian lifestyle brands and colleagues from Austria will present their products to the domestic business and general public.


To avoid grouping visitors and provide them with a pleasant stay while allowing them to observe and enjoy undisturbed conversation with exhibitors, the exhibition spaces will be hotel rooms located on different floors of the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa. Also, we limited the number of visitors to a hundred, with the hotel being so spacious that keeping a distance of two meters can be easily respected. Still, masks are, of course, mandatory if, at some point, you cannot maintain a distance. Health is our priority, but we should not stop living and stop all our private and business activities. It is only necessary to invest a little more creativity in the organization of events in these new circumstances," said Ioanitescu.

What type of visitors are expected at the Lifestyle Check In event?

"Lifestyle Check In addresses the general public, the citizens of Split, but also local and foreign entrepreneurs. Everyone is welcome. Tickets are sold through, but the number is limited. Part of the guests will come with an invitation that we sent primarily to local entrepreneurs to have the opportunity to connect with Austrian companies from the sector. Entrepreneurs I approached presented the concept and suggested a presentation, both domestic and Austrian; most of them accepted with enthusiasm; entrepreneurs want to work and create. We need to allow them to continue creating."

Apart from the lifestyle brand products themselves, what else will welcome visitors on Thursday?

"Most of the brands are for ladies, and a hair & makeup corner has been designed for them, but we also thought of men who will be taken care of by the Marevo Cigar Club, and we have also provided a corner for the youngest. Then, from 4 pm, Radisson's happy hour starts, and at 6 pm, the workshop 'My skin by dr. Kaliterna' whose products have delighted ladies of all generations in recent years. At 8 pm, the program includes a fashion show by renowned Austrian designer Dali Oleschko, who will present the clothes she creates for the modern woman, colorful and of the highest quality fabrics. We will be introduced to the brand No7 by Šime Kovačević, which many Split residents already know, but those who are not familiar with his work, I would advise you to join us definitely!"

Source: Dalmatinski Portal

You can learn more about Radisson Blu HERE

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Saturday, 19 September 2020

Lifestyle Check IN Presented to Public for First Time

September 19, 2020 - On Friday, Lifestyle Check IN was presented to the local public for the first time on the terrace of the Radisson Blu Resort in Split.  It is a series of business events whose previous two editions were held in Austria.

Lifestyle Check IN is an event whose goal is to connect Croatian companies with European ones, whose products and services nurture the philosophy of comfortable living, such as fashion, cosmetics, home decoration, and the nautical industry.

"Lifestyle Check IN will be held in Split because this beautiful city embodies the philosophy of comfortable and beautiful living. Split is an ideal place for living, but also for business, so on October 15, in addition to Croatian lifestyle brands, their colleagues from Austria will present their products to the domestic business and the general public.", said Monica Ioanitescu, the conceptual originator and project director.

Although most brands are aimed at women, the offer won't neglect men or children - men will have a cigar area, while children will enjoy a dedicated playroom organized with entertainment and educational programs for all ages. 

President of the Split County Chamber - CCC, Joze Tomaš, gave his full support to the organization of this business event.  

The event was also joined by a famous Austrian entrepreneur and fashion designer, Dali Oleschko, and local entrepreneurs were introduced by Marko Bilić from Cigar Club Mareva. Jan de Jong, entrepreneur and currently the most prominent member of the Split expat community, pointed out that "people here complain a lot and do nothing, and it is these holes that are ideal for those who have an idea and are enterprising".


At the first event to take place on October 15, the partner country is Austria, and three more events are planned in the first half of 2021, when Split will be hosted by entrepreneurs from Romania, Italy and Slovenia.

"The event is open to all, we invite domestic business, but also the general public, provided that the number of available tickets will be defined later and in accordance with the recommendations of experts. Health is our number one priority, but entrepreneurship must not stop, we just need to invest a little more creativity to continue to connect and do business together in new circumstances", Monica concluded.

This event supports the association "Dancer with Cancer"and the organization is carried out with the support of the sponsor "Juelstox international", with a collection of jewelry from Sri Lanka and the Romanian brand "VeroSlim"


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