Friday, 6 May 2022

9th Pink Day Festival Announced for 21st and 22nd of May at Lauba

May the 6th, 2022 - The 9th Pink Day Festival has now officially been announced, and it is set to take place on the 21st and the 22nd of May, 2022, at Zagreb's beautiful Lauba.

The 9th Pink Day Festival, dedicated to rosé wines (together with the "festival within a festival" dedicated to extra virgin olive oil) GREEN IN PINK by Romerquelle, the official water of the festival, will be held for the first time this year over two days - Saturday the 21st and and Sunday the 22nd of May, 2022.

The 9th Pink Day Festival will also take place in a brand new location, and we're happy and proud to be able announce that it will be in the beautiful Lauba - a house for people and art. In addition to exhibitors of rosé wine and olive oils, we are announcing something else different - Pink Mixology - where our partners will be able to exhibit and the audience will be able to taste some pink gins, tonic waters and cocktails.

We are also looking forward to the After Party in collaboration with Lauba, which will take place outdoors - in front of Lauba, after the end of the exhibition on the first day of the festival, more precisely on Saturday at 19:00.

Pink Day's partners will also decorate their exhibition tables at this edition of the festival, because that is how they'll be able to enter the competition for the most beautiful table of all. Traditionally, Pink Day rewards the most creatively decorated tables with prizes - this time from Foreo, SMEG and Nikel.

Just like before, Pink Day will celebrate rosé wines and sparkling wines; extra virgin olive oils and pink cocktails; spring, hope for better days, a world without war and COVID-19; flowers, femininity, and beauty. It’s actually a two-day attempt to look at theworld through pink glasses! In a word: a celebration of optimism!

Of course, in addition to tasting the products, there are also educational activities and entertainment to be enjoyed. The programme of rosé wine workshops is interesting, as is the one for olive oils and Pink Mixology.

In one of the VIP corners, Pink Day will be joined by Kraš, who, as part of their recently launched #IJaSamDomaćica campaign, is trying to raise public awareness of how women, including those from the world of winemaking and viticulture, oenology or olive growing, are still the main people responsible for taking care of the household. The aim of the campaign is to remind us all that the job of a housewife is demanding and complex, and that in our society there is still a lot of room for improvement when it comes to a fairer distribution of household chores among all family members.

Pink Day is happy to include Visa Premium Card, DS Automobiles and Romerquelle among its partners. We're sure we'll be able to reunite a large number of visitors dressed in pink or decorated in pink, all of whom will be eager to socialise - especially after everything that has happened to us lately. The friend of the Festival this time is VAPT, and Pink Day is being held under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Croatia.


SATURDAY 21.05.2022.
13.00 - 14.00
Masterclass "VAPT rosé wines" powered by Premium Visa
Leaders: Dino Kušen and Juraj Dusper
15.00 - 16.00
Olive oil: "Indigenous varieties of Croatia"
Mentor: Edi Družetić
17.00 - 18.00
Mixology: Pink Mixology powered by Double Dutch
Mentor: Natali Borić

SUNDAY 22.05.2022.
11.00 - 12.00
"Rosé of the autochthonous variety" powered by the Ministry of Agriculture
Leader: Nikolina Paleka mag. ing. agr.

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Tuesday, 22 February 2022

12 Year Wait: Caribou Returns to Zagreb with Lauba Concert on March 12

February 22, 2022 -  After a long 12-year wait, Caribou returns to Zagreb for an impressive audio-visual concert at the Lauba House for People and Arts.

As anti-pandemic restrictions ease across Europe, Caribou can finally embark on their European tour and has added a Zagreb concert! As they put together a new audio-visual concept for the upcoming tour, which includes a 10-meter-wide LED screen and a 12-meter-wide stage, the Lauba House for People and Arts proved to be the best space to meet all required technical requirements. All those who were lucky enough to see Caribou at the SC Gallery back in 2008 know about the natural symbiosis of their unique audio-visual expression and gallery space, so it is to be expected that the combination of Caribou and Lauba will result in a stunning spectacle.

Thus, after a long 12-year wait, the Canadian genius and London-based Dan Snaith and his great four-member band Caribou will return to Zagreb. Fortunately for us, this 42-year-old doctor of mathematics appeared in KSET for the first time in 2004, shortly after the release of the great "Up in Flames" album when he danced with the Chicago Underground Trio, cementing his status in this city, apparently, for all time.

Changing the band's name to Caribou under the threat of a lawsuit by a certain Handsome Dick Manitoba did not hurt Dan at all because each of his new arrivals in Zagreb attracted more and more people, while with each new release, he disarmed critics by bringing his abstract fusion of electronics and indie pop on the annual lists of the best albums around the world.

Each album came with numerous professional awards, such as the prestigious Canadian Polaris Music Award and the Juno Awards.

With their last concert in Zagreb, Caribou promoted the album "Swim," which hinted at the significant commercial potential of this group and was further emphasized after Caribou's entire world tour in 2012 supporting Radiohead. It was therefore not surprising that two years later, with the release of the album "Our Love," they exploded and replaced 500-capacity clubs with halls that accommodate more than 3,000 people. They also reached the top at festivals and, in 2014, played at the Pula Arena as the main act of Dimensions festival.

Two years have passed since Caribou released their new album "Suddenly," which was praised by critics like its predecessors, and which will be presented to the Zagreb audience after several delays.

A limited number of tickets at a promotional price of 170 kuna can be purchased at Dirty Old Shop and Rockmark and online until February 28 or until stocks last. After that, the price will be 190 kuna, and 220 kuna at the entrance. 

Tickets purchased when they were initially released two years ago are valid for this concert and do not have to be replaced with new ones. Refunds are accepted until February 28. 

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Sunday, 13 December 2020

Zagreb Lauba's Revolutionary Redesign by World-Famous Japanese Architect

ZAGREB December 13, 2020 – .One of Croatia's best-loved gallery and event spaces will undergo a revolutionary new facelift at the hands of a world-famous architect. Zagreb Lauba's new look comes at the hands of internationally acclaimed Sou Fujimoto. A serial award winner, the architect's prominent works are found all over the world.

Newly-released images of how Zagreb's Lauba will look show an incredibly imaginative redesign. Echoing the avenue of trees that runs by the side of the gallery and event space, Sou Fujimoto has planned an oval-shaped garden roof space for the building in which trees will also be planted. The inspiration for the design came from Zagreb Lauba's name – it is a colloquial word used to describe a certain circular area of trees, the architect being informed of this by gallery owner Tomislav Klitschko.

laubynew22.jpg© Sou Fujimoto Architects / Lauba

According to Jutarnji List's coverage of the redesign, by journalist Patricia Kish, the new roof garden space will be accessed by stairs and lift. Zagreb Lauba's design as it stands today was originally made by Alenka Gačić-Pojatina, who will collaborate on the new additions by Sou Fujimoto.

Zagreb Lauba's story dates back to 1910 when it was constructed by Emil Eisner and Adolf Ehrlich for use as a stables and riding school for the Austro-Hungarian army. It later became the weaving mill of the Textile Combine Zagreb, which it remained until being converted to a gallery and event space in 2008.

laubynew3.jpg© Sou Fujimoto Architects / Lauba

Sou Fujimoto is one of the most celebrated architects of Japan. He has won several prestigious awards for his work and the acclaim has made his designs much in-demand around the world. Often working with wood and natural materials, his designs can be found in London, Paris, Budapest and soon, at Zagreb Lauba's hands, in Croatia.

Lauba is a contemporary art gallery and its mission is to discover artistic expression by Croatian visual artists, and also participate in international cultural trends. Set in a huge black building near Črnomerec its exhibitions usually change around every month. In recent times it has also played host to large-scale electronic music events.

1620px-Final_Wooden_House_2008.jpgOne of Sou Fujimoto's previous designs © Kenta Mabuchi

Monday, 19 February 2018

Vinart Grand Tasting Coming to Lauba Again

Zagreb will on March 2 and 3 see the third edition of the Vinart Grand Tasting festival. It is an invitational festival held in the Lauba gallery and organized by a leading Croatian wine expert, Saša Špiranec

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Art in Spotlight: 5 Exhibitions to See in Zagreb

Art lovers have plenty of reasons to rejoice as the new year kicks off with impressive cultural events in the Croatian capital

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

A New Wine Event for Zagreb: Grand Tasting in Lauba

Zagreb's expanding wine scene welcomes a new event, according to a press release on February 16, 2016.