Tuesday, 19 October 2021

4 Islands MTB on the Islands of Kvarner Added to the Ironman Race Circuit

October 19, 2021 - On the Kvarner islands: Krk, Cres, Lošinj, and Rab, the 4 Islands MTB stage race is held every year. Starting in 2022, it will become part of the Epic Serious Ironman circuit, raising the prestige of the region as a top-quality adventure sports destination.

The well-known renowned mountain bike race 4 Islands MTB, which is traditionally held on the Kvarner islands: Krk, Cres, Lošinj, and Rab from next year is part of the Epic Serious Ironman group as Legend race, reports Turističke Priče.

Ironman is one of the fastest-growing sports licenses in the world, which automatically brings with it greater media visibility, but also greater interest of participants and thus the benefits of the destination.

Ironman Group officially announced this information and presented the Kvarner race "4 islands MTB" in the series along with the other 7 races, of which there are 8. Thus, Croatia and Kvarner will be alongside Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Wales, Andorra, and South Africa.

The race will take place in the spring from 19 to 23 April on the Kvarner islands, and with the race itself, our four islands expect significant media attention through this well-known and recognized brand. On the example of the Swiss Epic race, Ironman brings 592 hours of transmission in 68 countries, Facebook reaches 650,000 and an impressive 775,000 views via the Youtube channel, and Instagram recorded 1.5 million impressions.

According to the Ironman Group, the average television media value reaches almost 4 million dollars, and to that amount are added the values ​​of print media, online publishing, Youtube, mailing lists, and social networks - Instagram and Facebook. So, we come to the enviable amounts obtained through the promotion of the race and this project is looking forward to all in Kvarner mostly tourism workers. This is the announcement of a good pre-season for Kvarner, but also a big promotion of the four Kvarner islands.

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Friday, 24 September 2021

Opatija Celebrates World Tourism Day With a Large Number of Activities

September 24, 2021 - After a successful summer, the jewel of Kvarner Bay joins festivities across the globe, as Opatija celebrates World Tourism Day with an exciting repertoire of activities and events starting tomorrow.

Sports and recreational walks, a costumed tour through the history of Opatija, oldtimers, and klapa concerts will fill Opatija with content for three days. From 25 to 27 September, the Tourist Board of Opatija celebrates World Tourism Day with a diverse program aimed at promoting the social, cultural, political, and economic values ​​of tourism, as well as the contribution that this sector makes in the field of sustainable development.

This year, after a long period marked by a pandemic, this day is dedicated to the impact of tourism on inclusive development through the promotion of the diversity and uniqueness of each culture and individual on our planet.

The program in Opatija begins with an exhibition of oldtimers in the port of Opatija, where fans of antique cars will present their well-preserved vehicles to visitors as a "warm-up" for the Liburnia Classic Rally, a traditional oldtimer race that will depart from the port at 10.30. At 10 o'clock in front of Villa Angiolina, an active walk will start, ie a recreational Nordic walking program. In addition to contributing to the health of the participants, this activity will also provide an opportunity to see Opatija's natural and cultural sights.

On Sunday, September 26, the cultural and historical features of the "cradle of Croatian tourism" will be presented in a unique way through a costumed walk through the history of Opatija, which will start in front of Villa Angiolina at 10 am. The guided tour will take place in Croatian and English, and the participants will discover the secrets of Opatija's past with some of the interesting historical figures who participated in them. After the walk, from 11.30 am, a performance of the klapa Baladur will take place in Portić, a small port in front of the Juraj Šporer Art Pavilion.

The World Tourism Day itself, Monday, September 27, will be marked by a klapa song. On that day, from 7 pm, the music program of Klapa va Portić will be held at the same place.

Finally, let’s say all the programs are free and maintained in accordance with epidemiological measures.

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Thursday, 9 September 2021

Tourist Numbers for Kvarner in August 2021 Almost at Level of 2019

September the 9th, 2021 - Numbers for Kvarner in August 2021 are impressive, as the rest of 2021's tourist season across the country has been. They're close to reaching the figures we saw in record, pre-pandemic 2019.

As Novac/Barbara Ban writes, the beginning of September brought with it some great news for Kvarner. According to the official data of the eVisitor system, more than 5.5 million overnight stays were realised in Kvarner in August 2021, which is 90 percent of the overnight stays registered from the record 2019! As such, in August 2021 in Kvarner, there were 35 percent more overnight stays realised when compared to the same month last year.

Since the beginning of the year, tourist overnight stays have reached 77 percent of the overnight stays registered from back in 2019, meaning that when compared to overnight stays realised from the same period in 2020, 29 percent more have been achieved.

"Since the beginning of this year, Kvarner has been at the very top of Croatia in terms of tourist results. Information from the field and the state of booking for both during July and August gave a hint that the numbers were set to be above all expectations. Thanks to joint efforts, we managed to preserve a good epidemiological picture in the region and this year the main season is lasting for longer, and the whole tourism sector was more than ready for this situation.

If we look at the tourist results of July and August together, we can see how successful the main part of this year's tourist year was - in those two months, slightly more than 10 million overnight stays were realised, which is 87 percent of the amount of overnight stays when compared to July and August 2019, meaning 28 percent more overnight stays compared to July and August 2020.

With a lot of effort and conscientiousness from all of Kvarner's tourism and healthcare professionals, we've preserved a stable and favourable picture of health for our population and guests, which is a great success since a very large number of people holidayed in Kvarner's destinations and moved around Kvarner. Although our county is one of the best vaccinated counties in Croatia, the Teaching Institute for Public Health of Primorje-Gorski kotar County is still conducting their vaccination campaign because even greater vaccination in the future will mean milder measures,'' said Dr. Irena Persic Zivadinov, the director of the Kvarner Tourist Board.

The most numerous guests in August 2021 in Kvarner were guests from Germany (almost two million), Croatia (800 thousand), then Slovenia (slightly more than 700 thousand) and Austria (420 thousand). At the same time, it is certainly important to emphasise that certain markets during August achieved a higher number of overnight stays than those from the record 2019:

• Guests from Germany realised 33 percent more overnight stays compared to 2019 and 62 percent more compared to 2020;

• Guests from the Czech Republic realized 11 percent more overnight stays compared to 2019 and 25 percent more compared to 2020;

• Guests from Switzerland realised 14 percent more overnight stays compared to 2019 and 45 percent more than in 2020;

• Guests from Serbia realised 8 percent more overnight stays compared to 2019 and 50 percent more compared to 2020;

• Guests from Poland realised almost the same number of overnight stays compared to 2019 and 2020.

When we talk about foreign guests, the good news is that in Kvarner in August 2021, guests from neighbouring Italy returned in greater numbers than were present there last year.

As such, during August, they realised 48 percent more overnight stays than they did back in 2020. Italy was one of the countries that was hit hard and extremely seriously by the coronavirus pandemic when we talk about the number of seriously unwell patients and the state of the economy. Unlike our other important and close markets, Italy as a Mediterranean country has access to the sea and a really large number of coastal cities and destinations.

Like many other countries, the Italian Government has worked hard to encourage its residents to spend their holidays in their own country to boost the economy. Namely, Italian tourism is also continuing to suffer losses because Italy as a destination hasn't managed to record a large number of foreign guests in 2021.

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Friday, 18 June 2021

New Rijeka Hilton Costabella Resort Opening Doors in Just a Few Weeks

June the 18th, 2021 - The much talked about new Rijeka Hilton Costabella Resort is set to open its doors as the summer season rapidly approaches, with high hopes for their first Croatian tourist season, despite the coronavirus-dominated uncertainties which still reign.

Kvarner Bay has increased in popularity in terms of tourism over recent years, with many preferring the often more temperate climes in comparison to a very hot and humid Dalmatian summer. The close proximity to Istria is also a bonus, particularly for wine lovers. Not to mention its close connections to be able to visit both Italy and Slovenia in normal, non-pandemic years.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marija Crnjak writes, Ryan Gauci of the brand new Rijeka Hilton Costabella Resort has a degree in hotel business from the Faculty of Tourism in Malta and has more than twenty years of international experience under his belt.

The Hilton Rijeka Costabella Beach Resort & Spa will open in just a few weeks and will be run by Ryan Gauci, who has been appointed the new general manager of the resort.

"I'm looking forward to this new opportunity and I'm proud to be able to lead the great team at the Rijeka Hilton Costabella Beach Resort & Spa. My ultimate goal is to make the resort the first choice for guests visiting this area. We're going to try to provide all our guests with an authentic and unforgettable stay. We will provide them with the highest quality services and ensure the hospitality for which Hilton is known around the world, and enable them to experience the unique Adriatic joie de vivre,'' said the new CEO Ryan Gauci on the eve of his appointment.

In addition to his vast experience in the field, Ryan Gauci has worked various jobs at Hilton hotels across Europe, including those in Malta and in the United Kingdom, Poland, France and Italy. Before coming to the much anticipated Rijeka Hilton Costabella Beach Resort & Spa, he was the head of the famous Hilton Prague hotel in the Czech Republic.

Ryan will lead the Rijeka Hilton Costabella Resort's team towards their first summer tourist season in the heart of the beautiful Kvarner Bay, while Jose Luiz Ruiz Arroyo has been responsible for the implementation of the project before the opening of the resort for eighteen months.

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Sunday, 6 June 2021

New Fence on Krk Bridge to Block Stunning View Over Kvarner

June the 6th, 2021 - A newly constructed fence along the beautiful Krk bridge (Krcki most) will unfortunately block the beautiful view over the Kvarner area which drivers enjoyed so much before.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the first two phases of the reconstruction works on Krk bridge, which began back in September last year, will be completed by June the 18th this year, and from that date, both lanes of the bridge will be open to vehicles until September the 15th. Following that date, work on the third and fourth phases of reconstruction of the upper surfaces and pavements will begin. The above was confirmed for Novi list by Sanjin Velebit Pesut, a chief engineer at Croatian Motorways (HAC), who is also in charge of the reconstruction project.

The Krk bridge is completely open for traffic as normal this weekend, as it was for the previous two, due to the increased number of vehicles passing over it on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The same will be true next weekend too, while on weekdays until June the 18th, the traffic will be allowed to continue to flow along only one lane and with regulation, which is why, since last autumn, there have been occasional increased traffic jams and delays on the approaches to the Krk bridge.

''Over this and next weekend, both lanes of the Krk bridge will remain in operation in order to enable the smooth passage of vehicles in the days of increased traffic load, before the start of the summer tourist season. On working days until June the 18th, the traffic will be allowed only on one lane, with traffic light regulation, and by then all works on the pavement of the large arch of the bridge will be completed. So far, the concreting and asphalting of the upper surface of the Krk bridge has been performed, which were the biggest works.

In addition to the installation of transition devices, the installation of a new pedestrian fence on the bridge is also in progress. It is an external fence on the bridge that will be replaced with a new one that will have a far higher degree of corrosion protection than the previous one and will, in the future, require significantly less maintenance than the existing fence, which practically had to be constantly sanded and painted,'' Pesut said.

The reconstruction of the superstructure and pavement of the Krk bridge is worth 55 million kuna, and due to the need to maintain traffic in parallel with the works, it is being divided into four phases. The works are being performed by a consortium of Croatian companies - Sitolor, Spegra and Geotehnika.

The works on the Krk bridge include the installation of a brand new concrete slab and the completion of the primary reconstruction and protection of the remaining concrete surfaces of the bridge from the effects of the aggressive action of chloride from salty seawater. As part of the reconstruction of the bridge, a new drainage system is being installed, given that the previous system consisted of drains from which rainwater flowed directly down into the sea and onto the land underneath. New drains are now being installed, and a new controlled drainage system will be installed under the pavement in the construction phase.

In addition to the above, on the large arch of the Krk bridge, a new protective fence has been placed on both sides between the lanes and the pedestrian part, and it is much stronger than before, which is clearly visible when crossing the bridge. The load-bearing posts of the fence are placed much more densely, ie with smaller intervals than before, they are much stronger than the previous ones, as is the protective lining placed on them. Although traffic safety will be higher, passengers in most vehicles will no longer be able to enjoy the view that has been provided when crossing the Krk bridge due to the fence being constructed in this way.

''Today's standards in construction are like that, safety comes first. The protective fence of the roadway far surpasses the previous one in terms of strength, in accordance with the valid regulations, and there are no compromise solutions,'' Pesut pointed out in anticipation of complaints about the view of Kvarner being taken away.

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Saturday, 5 June 2021

Kvarner Tourism Doing Well in Overnight Stays When Compared to 2020

June the 5th, 2021 - Kvarner tourism is showing some encouraging results when compared to this time last year, as the eVisitor system's data shows a 30 percent increase in overnight stays in 2021's first five months.

As Barbara Ban/Novac writes, according to the Croatian eVisitor system, more than 600,000 thousand overnight stays were realised in Kvarner in the first five months of 2021, which is 30 percent more than were recorded back during the same period in 2020. It is also equal to 40 percent of the overnight stays recorded for Kvarner tourism compared to the record, pre-pandemic year of 2019.

The highest number of overnight stays were realised by Croatian guests (234,000, which is 75 percent of the realised overnight stays for Kvarner tourism when compared to 2019), followed by guests from Germany (more than 126,500 overnight stays) and guests from Slovenia (66,000 overnight stays).

The island of Krk, the Opatija Riviera and the Cres-Losinj islands were the most sought after destinations for Kvarner tourism, and if we're to talk about the type of accommodation facilities sought, from January to May, most overnight stays were realised in family/private accommodation (216,000 overnight stays), hotels (157,000 overnight stays) and camps (126,500 overnight stays).

"In mid-May, with the gradual calming down of the epidemiological situation, many European countries began to ease their anti-epidemic measures. In Kvarner, we began to record a stable and significant growth of overnight stays during the month of May - for example, in the first week of May we realised about 36,000 overnight stays, while that number rose to almost 120,000 overnight stays in the last week of May. Over recent days, about 20,000 guests have been staying in Kvarner every day, and we're very happy that loyal guests from Germany have returned in large numbers and in May they hold the first place in terms of the number of overnight stays (104,000 overnight stays, a 36 percent share in total overnight stays),'' stated Kvarner Tourist Board director Irena Persic Zivadinov.

Numerous studies tell us how guests want and now even need to travel following such a long time of being restricted, and this is especially the case during the hot summer months. For example, the European Travel Commission (ETC) says as many as 56 percent of Europeans plan to travel within the rest of Europe by the end of August. TUI analyses also confirm that guests will choose destinations that are easily and quickly accessible by car, while "last-minute" bookings and the ability to change the date of stay at any time without additional costs will be almost crucial in the decisions of guests.

Analyses from the Booking.com platform also show that 79 percent of respondents are looking forward to being able to travel elsewhere again after a period of isolation and numerous restrictions placed on movement, while 64 percent of respondents say that travel is now even more important to them than it ever was before the pandemic.

“Since the beginning of 2021, we've done a series of virtual presentations. The participants of these presentations, whether they're representatives of tour operators, agents or media representatives, confirmed to us that guests want and need to travel. That's why the Kvarner Tourist Board continues to present the region throughout the month of June through presentations and advertising campaigns. Thanks to the EU digital COVID certificates and the growing vaccination of the EU's population, we believe that movement between countries, especially at the EU level, will be greatly facilitated and encourage guests to travel again. In cooperation with the County Teaching Institute for Public Health and the Health Centre, we'll continue to organise locations for conducting COVID-19 testing.

Additional tourist clinics will soon be open, where guests will also be able to take tests, and many accommodation facilities - hotels and camps - will conduct tests on COVID-19 only for their guests, right there on the spot. In this way, we'll try to ensure a carefree and safe stay for guests in Kvarner. Guests are always looking for quality, which also gives them a sense of security and protection in their destination, at all levels. In addition to all that, the proximity and accessibility of Kvarner will certainly remain our important imperative in 2021 as well,'' pointsed out the director of the Kvarner Tourist Board.

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Friday, 4 June 2021

New Krk Souvenirs Chosen at "Gift from Krk" Competition

June 4, 2021 - After an arduous competition between a record number of 39 proposals and 21 producers from all over Croatia, 16 were chosen by a Krk tourist board committee as part of the Krk souvenirs project, ''Gift from Krk''.

As reported by turistickeprice.hr, the jubilee tenth competition application for the Krk souvenirs "Gift from Krk", announced by the Tourist Board of the City of Krk, has ended. The focus of the competition was on the cultural and tourist values ​​of the town and the island of Krk, with an emphasis on accepting creative challenges inspired by the island's natural heritage. A record of 39 proposals was received, 21 producers and authors from all over Croatia, of which 16 were selected, which met the tender criteria.


''Gift from Krk'' Official Banner - Krk Tourist Board

Namely, the souvenir, as a kind of present of the town and the island of Krk, is a reflection of the continuity of its artistic, cultural, cultural-historical, or cultural heritage, i.e., it presents its tangible, intangible, or natural heritage in various ways.

The very thematic dimension of this year's competition is motivated primarily by one of the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, which is reflected in the return to nature and which, among many other benefits, has the potential to stimulate creativity and encourage the creation, as evidenced by several newly selected souvenirs.

Tenth Gift from Krk - selected souvenirs

  • Alen Mrakovčić: Golden drops of the island - 100 ml, extra virgin olive oil with the addition of edible golden leaves
  • Andrea Marhofer: Hand-painted wooden magnets
  • Blanka Petric (Craft for making unique ceramics Atelijer Cambun): Thunderbolt flowers, ceramic bracelet with margarine motif
  • Blanka Petric (Craft for making unique ceramics Atelijer Cambun): Thunderbolt flowers, ceramic necklace with margarine motif
  • Blanka Petric (Craft for making unique ceramics Atelijer Cambun): Thunderbolt flowers, ceramic brooch with margarine motif
  • Jasminka Gršković (OPG Gršković Jasminka): Handmade balls made of Krk sheep wool for dryer and washing machine
  • Katica Orlovčić: Kamižot, a decorative ceramic vessel inspired by Krk folk costumes
  • Ivica Lukarić (Craft for making advertisements and engraving Konto): Six-sided well from Vela place, decorative jewelry box made of laser-engraved plywood
  • Ljubica Marević: Cotton men's short-sleeved T-shirt with an applied portrait of Antonio Udine Burbur - the last speaker of the February language
  • Ljubica Marević: Cotton women's T-shirt with appliqué text Antonio Udina Burbur - name and surname of the last speaker of the February language
  • Mirela Rušin Kokotović and Andrijana Fiorentin Rušin (Craft for Lavandin Services): Big soapy greeting from Krk, gift package with natural soaps
  • Monika Kovač (Anagraf d.o.o. - KuSshh Plantation): KuSshh, a line of natural cosmetics for facial care
  • Smiljka Franjić and Kristina Ladika: Immortelle - immortelle, set of brass jewelry (earrings, bracelet, and necklace) inspired by immortelle flower
  • Zvjezdana Depikolzvane (Craft for production and trade Piccola Stella): Krk hammer, decorative ceramic vessel
  • Zvjezdana Depikolzvane (Craft for production and trade Piccola Stella): Noble periscope (Pinna nobilis), decorative ceramic tray
  • Zvjezdana Depikolzvane (Craft for production and trade Piccola Stella): Empty (ram), decorative ceramic vessel


Alen Mrakovčić: The Golden Drops of the Island (Krk Tourist Board)


Andrea Marhofer, Hand-painted wooden magnets (Krk Tourist Board)


Blanka Petric, Gromača roses - ceramic bracelet with margarine motif (Krk Tourist Board)


Ljubica Marević, Cotton men's T-shirt - Burbur (Krk Tourist Board)


Monika Kovač (Anagraf d.o.o.), KuSshh - a line of natural cosmetics (Krk Tourist Board)

In the selection of souvenir proposals received during February and March, along with the director of the Krk Tourist Board Ivana Kovačić, the Commission, consisting of Dino Jakovljević, as president, and members Lucija Morić and Igor Gržetić, invested their efforts and expertise.

Considering all the Krk souvenirs selected so far, which are distinguished from the rest of the offer by originality, authenticity, thoughtful concept, and perhaps most of all the quality of workmanship, the people of Krk and their guests have at their disposal a whole range of works of art, various decorative and/or useful objects. and interesting publications, which are also presented through the digital catalog available from the following link.

The new Krk souvenirs will be awarded a recognizable stamp with a prominent bilingual motto Dar from Krk and will be included in a digital bilingual catalog that combines the entire certified souvenir offer in one place, with a photo and contact information of the manufacturer/author.

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Thursday, 27 May 2021

Summer Business School: A Chance for Entrepreneurs at Step-Ri Science-Technology Park

May 27, 2021 - This June, a five-day Summer Business School organized by Step-Ri Science-Technology Park and the American Embassy in Croatia makes Rijeka the place for entrepreneurs.

Science parks, research parks or technology parks or less intriguingly known as innovation centers, are a purpose-built cluster of office spaces, labs, workrooms, and meeting areas designed to support research and development in science and tech, says Bidwells, one of the UK's most reputable property consultancy companies. Common infrastructures worldwide and in Europe, the biggest city in Kvarner, Rijeka, is no exception in having one.

Step-Ri is a science-technology park, part of the University in Rijeka, and a place where science and economy meet to encourage entrepreneurship based on knowledge and new technologies.

„As one of the leading institutions in Croatia when it comes to entrepreneurship, Step Ri brings the newest knowledge in innovation and management from around the world through interesting education and business consulting. With our knowledge and experience, singlehandedly and with the help of the international network of partners and friends, we create projects and specialized programs to encourage entrepreneurship initiatives for both employed and unemployed, students, and the scientific community. With new services, business models, personal and organizational competencies, we make already successful entrepreneurs more competitive“, says Step-Ri's official website.
One example of such initiatives is the upcoming Summer Business Camp which will take place from June 23-27. And what's more interesting, this five-day program is brought to Step-Ri in collaboration with the American Embassy in Croatia.

„Summer Business Camp brings teams from all Croatia that want to improve or refine their business ideas and solutions through exercises, lectures, and individual coaching, “says Step Ri, promising extraordinary mentoring from successful entrepreneurs and investors.

This year, special attention will be given to the gaming startups, but other industries are also welcome. Regardless of whether you are already an entrepreneur or just aspiring to be one, you are welcome to apply if you have a developed business idea or a functional prototype.

Learning how to bulletproof your idea, experienced entrepreneur as a mentor, a chance to hear directly from investors what are they looking for and how to deliver it, valuable feedback and honest thoughts to accelerate your project, creating new opportunities, meeting other people in the business, and a having a good time- are some of the promises by Step-Ri for those who apply.

But, it would be best if you hurried, as June 6 is very close, and that's the deadline to beat. At least ten teams will be selected after a committee of experts evaluates project applications. Bed and breakfast accommodation for up to two team members, lunch at the venue, local bus tickets for getting to the venue, and a commemorative T-shirt await for those who are selected. And once in, a panel of venture capitalists, business angels, and business people will award the best with Apple iPad Pro (1st prize), Apple iPad Air 4 (2nd prize), and Apple iPad 8 (3rd prize).

Pieces of technologies such as the aforementioned above can certainly come in handy to entrepreneurs, but what about money? The actual finance for your projects?
„Many teams in the past received funding from participating investors and judges. However, nobody but you can answer that! Come and pitch your idea and see how far it will take you!“concludes Step-Ri regarding finance possibilities to turn your vision into a reality.

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Wednesday, 26 May 2021

REPLACE Project from Horizon Europe: Third Primorska-Goranska County Renewable Energy Meeting Held in Rijeka

May 26, 2021 - With Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar (EIHP) being the lead partner, the REPLACE Project from Horizon Europe steadily continues the progress of renewable energy for the Kvarner region.

Earlier in January, TCN wrote about Croatian energy development, whose goal is to be based on clean technologies. And that it's not all empty talk, as shown by the third meeting of a local workgroup enrolled in the REPLACE Project. As Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar (EIHP) reports on its website, the REPLACE Project has a goal of supporting European energetic, climate, environmental, economic, and social goals with the deadline until 2030 and 2050.

As part of the OBZOR 2020 (Horizon Europe) EU program for research and innovations in the 2014-2020 time frame, the REPLACE Project receives EU funding. Twelve partners from nine countries participate in the project, and EIHP is in charge of the project activities in Primorska-Goranska county. In support of European goals, the plan of REPLACE Project is to gradually switch the current ineffective and outdated heating and cooling systems with new efficient systems which rely on renewable energy.

The meeting held at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Rijeka saw Dražen Balić, Antonia Tomas Stanković, and Lea Leopoldović from EIHP hold lectures presenting results of the first period of the project, but also the plans for future activities. The accent was put on implementing campaigns and collective actions supported by the members of the local workgroup. Energetic poverty, gender aspects, and „lock-in effect“ (an economic practice, where a company makes it extremely hard for their customers to leave them, even if the customer wants to) are the obstacles the project runners are aware of and were explained in greater detail. Another thing that stood out in the presentation was the presentation „Technology of Blue Energy in Croatia“, which presented modern technologies used in heating and cooling in coastal areas, and applicable to the Primorska -Goranska county.

Key institutions in the regions such as REA Kvarner (regional energy agency), Energo Rijeka (gas and heat energy provider), representatives of the Primorska-Goranska county, OIE Hrvatska (The economic-interest association The Renewable Energy Sources of Croatia - RES), and Rijeka Consumer Centre were present at the meeting, showing that the motivation to bring energy efficiency in Primorska-Goranska County is in its full strength. Both on corporal, political, and expert levels. 

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Tuesday, 13 April 2021

World's Most Unique MTB Race Prepares For New Edition: Mitas Adria 4 Islands

April 13, 2021 - The Mitas Adria 4 Islands race in Kvarner is one of Europe’s best mountain cycling tournaments and it is ready for its new edition, to take place next week from April 20 to 24, 2021.

As htz.hr reports, beautiful and picturesque landscapes and great organization have put this race on the calendar of many MTB enthusiasts, which is not surprising since the 4 Islands race in Croatia was declared one of the best in Europe.

This is the sixth edition of this unique MTB race in Kvarner, which has so far been attended by almost 2,000 fans and MTB fans. This year, from April 20 to 24, 2021, contestants will drive again along all four Kvarner islands: Krk, Rab, Cres, and Lošinj.


Credits: 4 Islands MTB

The entry list for the 2020/21 edition has already been confirmed and you can find it here.

Competitors will cover a total of 270 kilometers of track through these four stages and achieve over 5,000 meters of altitude ascent. The race is intended for all-mountain bikers, especially those who are looking forward to the early opening of the season and the beginning of collecting points - UCI scoring in the S1 category, which means that race competitors collect points for their national teams to participate in the Olympics.

More information about the tournament, accommodation, volunteering, or how to get there can be found on 4 Islands' official website.

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