Thursday, 25 November 2021

Kornati National Park Finalist for 2021 Best European Filming Location

Kornati islands are among the finalists competing for the best European filming location of the year!

The European Film Commission Network (EUFCN) announced the five finalists competing for the Location Award 2021. In the fifth instalment of the annual competition, Kornati National Park made the cut as one of the filming locations for the award-winning Croatian film Murina

Each year, all EUFCN member film commissions have a chance to nominate one location from a film or a TV series filmed in their country; the list of submissions is then reviewed by the Location Award Jury who select the top five locations to compete for the title. EUFCN state that the jury looks for locations that have a significant role in the story and innovative use in the audiovisual product. 

Here’s a full list of this year’s finalists:

Berlin, Germany: The Queen’s Gambit

Cahir Castle, Ireland: The Green Knight

Malaga, Spain: The Crown (Season 4)

Stadlandet, Norway: Dune 

Kornati National Park, Croatia: Murina

eufcn.pngEUFCN - European Film Commissions Network 

Voting is open to the general public - you can cast your vote until January 31st, 2022 at the EUFCN Location Award page. If you need an incentive, let it be known that one lucky voter will be randomly selected and awarded a trip to the winning location!

Murina was directed by Antoneta Alamat Kusijanović and stars Gracija Filipović, Leon Lučev, Danica Ćurčić and Cliff Curtis. 

The Dubrovnik-born director’s first feature film won quite a few international accolades this year, most notably the prestigious Camera d’or award at the Cannes Film Festival in July. Murina had its Croatian debut at the Pula Film Festival where it won three awards: the Golden Arena for Best Supporting Actress (Danica Ćurčić), the Breza Award for Best Debutant (Antoneta Alamat Kusijanović), and the Golden Gate of Pula Audience Award for best film in the Croatian programme. 

Apart from Kornati, the filming of Murina also took place on Hvar and Koločep island. 


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Monday, 7 September 2020

PHOTOS: It's True! Beyonce and Jay Z in Croatia on Holiday

Total Croatia News broke the story last Friday. And now it's finally been confirmed - it's true, Beyonce and Jay Z in Croatia

News travels fast in Croatia. Nowhere does it travel quicker than on the ever-reliable News pages of Total Croatia News. Unless, of course, you count Croatian gossip.

TCN journalist extraordinaire Iva Tatić was relaxing on the island of Korčula, playing with her dog, when last week she heard an eyebrow-raising piece of gossip through the open window. “Beyonce and Jay Z in Croatia!”

Iva Tatić's dog, one of the first to hear about Beyonce and Jay Z in Croatia

Ever the professional, Iva leaned out of the balcony to ask a neighbour to confirm the rumour. “That's what they're saying” replied the neighbour, above a small street filled with laughter. The cause of the chuckles? Not only are Beyonce and Jay Z in Croatia, but they've also asked for the entire islet of Vrnik to be evacuated so they can enjoy a private visit. “Hmm, difficult request,” thought Iva. Vrnik is an inhabited island. People live there throughout the year. There are probably around 100 people there right now.

Much to the disappointment of her dog, Iva's journalistic instincts took over. She sat down at the computer and set about trying to corroborate the rumour so that she could break the news. At her time of writing, she was unable to do so. There was simply nothing in any other media confirming Beyonce and Jay Z in Croatia.

Screenshot (6).png
How Iva Tatić broke the story about Beyonce and Jay Z in Croatia last Friday. Her's was the first story to announce the pop star's arrival. It has since been confirmed that the celebrity couple are indeed aboard the pictured yacht, Lana. Iva Tatić took this photo of the yacht from the shores of the island of Korčula, where she likes to spend much of her summer

But, sometimes a journalist's instinct is all they need. Iva confirmed that the yacht Lana had been seen in the surroundings of the Korčula archipelago. She went to the shoreline and it was there! From a distance, she managed to grab a photo. At 107 meters in length and capable of accommodating 12 guests and 31 crew, this is no ordinary yacht. Some special visitors were definitely holidaying here.

Knowing that Beyonce and Jay Z had been here nine years ago, on Hvar, and two years prior to that had been in Dubrovnik, Iva went with gut instincts and published the story, being careful to mention it was uncorroborated. Her article was the first to break the news of a visit that is now 100% confirmed. It's true, Beyonce and Jay Z in Croatia.

Beyonce and Jay Z in Croatia, pictured on Instagram

The yacht Lana was spotted further up the coast on Saturday, around the Kornati archipelago. Then, in the afternoon of the same day, tourists visiting the island of Žut were finally able to corroborate Iva's story. They managed to grab pictures of Beyonce and Jay Z in Croatia. They were dining in an otherwise deserted restaurant, Fešta on the island. The visit coincides with Beyonce's 39th birthday.

Iva's story was confirmed by Croatian portal one day after Iva published when they were able to show photos of the couple dining on the island of Žut

This being visit number three for Beyonce and Jay Z in Croatia, we wouldn't count out a return visit next year for her 40th. The couple clearly love coming to Croatia. If they do come, be sure to look out for Total Croatia News again breaking the story. Since the writing of her article, Iva Tatić and her dog have been taking their cuddling sessions much closer to Iva's open window.

Iva Tatić's dog "Beyonce and Jay Z in Croatia? I don't care! Where did my cuddles go?"

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Tuesday, 4 August 2020

VIDEO: Drone Footage Shows Cycling On Ugljan Island, A Blissful Paradise

August 4, 2020 - Get a bird’s eye view of Zadar’s closest facing neighbour with this new drone footage of cycling on Ugljan island

Even in the height of summer, Croatia can offer total escape. The crowds and city streets have been all but forgotten by Andrej Šimunaj and his friends, who are currently enjoying cycling on Ugljan island. A new video they shot using a drone offers an incredible perspective of the peace, tranquillity and beauty of this little-discussed island.

The footage shows the visitors passing through peaceful pine forests as they journey to the vantage point of Venetian-built St. Michael’s Fort, high above the town of Preko and just of the edge of the Kornati National Park. From there, the cyclists roll downhill to a small cove named Prtljug, which holds the incredibly clear turquoise seas so beloved by visitors to the Croatian coast.

Cycling On Ugljan Island

Saturday, 31 August 2019

Commemoration Held for Firefighters Killed on Kornat Island 12 Years Ago

ZAGREB, August 31, 2019 - Croatia today remembers the greatest tragedy in the history of firefighting in the country which occurred on 30 August 2007 on the Kornat island, when 12 firefighters were killed, and a central commemoration was held by the firefighters' families and Interior Minister Davor Božinović at stone crosses that were erected on the island in their memory.

Frano Lučić was the only surviving firefighter of the tragedy. A large number of firefighters from around the country also attended the commemoration.

"I spoke to the families of the killed firefighters today. I empathise with their pain, which is not easy to bear. That is burden that is difficult to live with," Božinović said.

He could not comment on the judicial epilogue of the case which is currently being heard before the Supreme Court.

What awaits us now is to see what the epilogue of that procedure will be. As far as institutions are concerned, they are prepared at any given moment to act if there is any indication or need for that and if requested by relevant authorities, Božinović said.

National Fire Chief Slavko Tucaković said that everyone wishes that a tragedy of this nature never occurs again. He added that he believes that the system has been improved compared to 12 years ago.

Šibenik Fire Chief Dražen Slavica was tried for negligence that led to the death of the 12 firefighters on Kornat island. However, he was acquitted of the charges in two trials, for the second time in April last year.

More news about firefighting in Croatia can be found in the Lifestyle section.

Sunday, 9 June 2019

10 Incredible Chefs, 1 Uninhabited Island: Festa Days Returns to Zut

June 9, 2019 - It may be an uninhabited island for most of the year, but the Kornati island of Zut has a growing reputation for gourmet excellence. Festa Days returns next week. 

The diversity of Croatian tourism never ceases to amaze me. Not the determination of people to succeed. 

Next week TCN will be heading down to the gorgeous island of Zut, part of the Kornati Islands for this, our third visit. It remains one of the most fantastic stories of Croatian tourism success for me, despite all the odds. 


Imagine trying to open a restaurant and tourism business on an island with no water and no electricity. And no ferry, so everything had to be brought in by yourself. 

And then try and imagine doing it and opening for business in the middle of a war. That is the story of Festa on Zut, which last year celebrated 25 years of successful business as one of the Adriatic's top restaurants, attracting humble sailors and A-list celebrities. Last year's event was celebrated by Festa Days, a gourmet treat with ten Michelin and top Croatian chefs providing the culinary magic. Without repeating the Zut story, you can learn more from our report on last year's event.  


After the success of last year's event, Festa Days is returning for its second edition from June 14-16, with another high-quality lineup of international and Croatian cheffing excellence. 

No less than 5 international Michelin-star chefs and five of Croatia's top 5 chefs. 


And while the focus is very much on food, there will be plenty of other activities, including cooking shows, a mixology workshop, local fishing traditions including an opportunity to go night fishing with lanterns with local fishermen, and ecology education points.  


There is still limited availability - contact details on the flyer below. It promises to be quite an event. 

To learn more about Festa on Zut, including the new glamping options, check out the official website

festa-days-zut (2).jpg

Saturday, 2 February 2019

Kornat Tragedy Sole Surviving Firefighter Wins Damages before Zagreb Court

ZAGREB, February 2, 2019 - Frane Lučić, a firefighter from Vodice who was the only survivor in a 2007 tragedy in which his 12 fellow firefighters were killed while trying to put out a wildfire on the Kornat island, has won a lawsuit, pending appeal, against the town of Šibenik and the Republic of Croatia, which are to pay him damages in the amount of 1.75 million kuna as well as cover his previous and future disability-related costs and compensate him for lost income.

Lučić has won the case after more than 12 years since what was supposed to be a routine firefighting operation turned into a tragedy in which 12 firefighters from Šibenik, Vodice and Tisno were killed while Lučić survived, albeit with multiple injuries. He has been declared totally unfit for work.

When interest is added to the damages, and if the ruling of the Zagreb Municipal Labour Court becomes final, the town of Šibenik and the state will have to pay Lučić damages in the amount of several million kuna.

Šibenik firefighting commander Dražen Slavica was on trial for the Kornat tragedy two times but on 27 April 2018 he was acquitted by Zadar County Court pending appeal.

The prosecutor's office in Šibenik has appealed against the ruling, proposing that the Supreme Court quash the ruling and return the case to the trial court.

More news on the Kornati islands can be found in the lifestyle section.

Monday, 8 October 2018

Ecotourism Experts Test New Tourist Programme for Kornati Islands

ZAGREB, October 8, 2018 - International ecotourism specialists have tested a new tourist programme for Kornati National Park, which is based on tradition, nature and authentic experience, the national park's management said.

Saturday, 1 September 2018

5 Top Croatian, 4 Michelin Star Chefs, 1 Uninhabited Island: Quite a Festa on Zut

A rather special 25-year anniversary will take place on an uninhabited island much loved by celebrities on September 4, 2018, and there is quite a team of culinary talent to ensure one of the gourmet events of the year. 

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Anniversary of Kornati Firefighters’ Tragedy Marked

ZAGREB, August 30, 2018 - A wreath-laying ceremony was held outside the firefighting station in the coastal city of Šibenik to mark the start of events commemorating 12 volunteer firefighters from Šibenik, Vodice and Tisno who were killed while trying to put out a wildfire on Kornat island on 30 August 2007.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

How Much Do You Really Know About The Kornati Islands?

Ever been to the Kornati islands?

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