Thursday, 26 May 2022

2022 Korčula Summer Season Expected to Catch Record 2019

May 26, 2022 - The 2022 Korčula summer season is expected to catch the record 2019, with the return of many cultural events, a revamped ACI marina, and the soon-to-open Pelješac bridge. 

Korčula has already recorded an excellent pre-season with figures better than the record 2019. All local governments on the island are growing, bookings are crazy, caterers and renters are satisfied, and a hellish season awaits them, reports Slobodna Dalmacija.

Expectations for a good start to the pre-season in Korčula town have been justified, said the director of the Korčula Tourist Board, Hana Turudić. Compared to April and the first week of May 2019, Korčula has 25 percent fewer arrivals and overnight stays, which are very good numbers and indicators of a successful season, Hana Turudić is convinced. Most guests are still from Croatia and Slovenia, followed by travelers from the USA, Great Britain, and Germany, and markets that have slowed down in the last two years and are looking forward to returning. With no restrictions in place, the possibility of holding numerous events that were called off in the previous two years is now a reality. Following the traditions of the famous Korčula Vela setemana, the 12th Marco Polo Challenge was successfully held, the Croatian Championship in Medium-Long Triathlon, and the Asparagus Festival, Fortress Night, and the Kumpanji Klapa concert on May 1.

"Of great importance are the completed works in the ACI Marina Korčula, which welcomes this season with full capacity and numerous catamaran lines that connect the city of Korčula with Split and Dubrovnik and the islands of Lastovo, Hvar, and Mljet. The Pelješac Bridge opening will be a turning point for further development. In addition, we are announcing numerous events, from the Festival of Knightly Games, classical and popular music concerts, music festivals, the Korčula Baroque Festival and Lost in the Renaissance, food and wine festival Korčula Pjatance, and many other events," announced Turudić.

Lumbarda has recorded excellent numbers, too, and the pre-season recorded an increase of 175 percent in overnight stays compared to last year, but 3 percent more than the pre-pandemic 2019. The director of the Lumbarda Tourist Board, Ante Šestanović, said most guests are Slovenes, followed by the Swiss, French, Norwegians, and Irish. Most of the tourist traffic, more than 41 percent, took place in private accommodation, and they stay for almost a week during the pre-season!

The Municipality of Blato recorded a 25 percent increase in arrivals and overnight stays in the first four months of 2022 compared to 2019. Croats are the most numerous in Blato, followed by Slovenes and guests from BiH and Poland.

"What is worth mentioning is that visitors perceive our island as a destination for a pleasant and quality vacation, and despite all the challenges, expectations for the upcoming season are certainly positive," announced Blato Tourist Board director Maja Separovic.

Several traditional events are planned and held this pre-season at the Blato Tourist Board, starting with the successful traditional gastronomic event Tastes and Scents of the Homeland - Easter Fair in Blato. Then, from mid-May, there are specially designed gastronomic tours for visitors and the local population, to whom they will present local winemakers and producers of traditional lumblija cake.

The Vela Luka Tourist Board director, Dorjan Dragojević, is more than satisfied with the results, especially with overnight stays and arrivals in April, which are 65 percent better than last year.

"Hotel Korkyra has opened, and private accommodation is slowly filling up. Given the good bookings, we expect even better tourist numbers in the future, which we are currently planning at the level of 2019," announced Dragojević.

Although last year's season was excellent for Orebić, this year they are announcing an even better one, primarily due to the Pelješac Bridge opening, and the current figures prove it.

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Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Korcula Becomes University Town for Nautical Studies, Shipbuilding and Business Economics-Tourism

July 7, 2020 - The agreement was signed by the Mayor of the Town of Korcula, Andrija Fabris, and the Rector of the University of Dubrovnik, Niksa Burum.

HRTurizam writes that with this agreement on business cooperation, the Town of Korcula becomes an extended location for undergraduate university studies in Nautical Studies, Naval Architecture (Shipbuilding) and Business Economics, Department of Tourism, University of Dubrovnik. It is also the first island university and student town in Croatia.

Korcula thus becomes an extended arm and a branch office of the University of Dubrovnik, which is in line with the development strategy of the town and fits perfectly into the County Development Strategy 2016-2020 to achieve a higher level of education on the islands, educating the islanders, but also all other interested population in complementary studies with the locality. Nautical Studies, Naval Architecture, and Business Economics in the field of Tourism are complementary to the development strategy, and the Town of Korcula is making a significant step towards higher education by introducing complete university education.

The Town of Korcula will remain written in history as the first island where the accredited program of the established Croatian University, the University of Dubrovnik, will be studied.

Administrative, professional and financial assistance from the University of Dubrovnik will facilitate the Town of Korcula's protocol and organizational procedures for starting studies. It was also mentioned that the primary space in the city pool would be replaced with areas from the conceptual design in the "Old School in Dominče" after obtaining the necessary documentation and performing adaptation works.

With the realization of this cooperation with the University of Dubrovnik, the Town of Korcula becomes the first island student city in the Republic of Croatia. By investing in education, sustainable development, complementary studies with the development strategy of the county, and by educating able-bodied staff, Korcula is well on its way to a prosperous future.

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Monday, 21 May 2018

Parking in Korčula Town

It is expected that a medieval city built on an islet connected to the island-mainland will have problems with the parking.