Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Hot Scoop: Is Beyonce in Korcula?

September 2, 2020 - Sometimes you overhear the best scoop in the streets. For instance, is Beyonce in Korcula?

The news is almost completely uncorroborated, but it comes from a source we have reason to trust, and it's not the first time Korcula has seen major celebrities in 2020 (need we remind you of Magic Johnson or Owen Wilson?) The story goes that Beyonce and her entourage are on a yacht in the Korcula archipelago and that they've requested the entire islet of Vrnik to be emptied for their visit. 

While many celebrities have chosen to come to Croatia for their holidays this year, which is quite different from any other year, we've seen no other reports of Beyonce returning to Croatia this year. The story of one of her previous visits is well-documented, with her daughter Blue Ivy supposedly getting her name after a bit of Croatian coastline. The grapevine has, at this moment, not produced any news regarding Jay-Z's location. 


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