Friday, 28 December 2018

Change to the Split - Hvar - Korčula Catamaran Schedule in 2019

We've written in our articles regarding connections between Korčula and the mainland about the Split - Hvar (- Prigradica) - Korčula catamaran line , which is a line that operates throughout the year, connecting the two islands with Split.

In 2018, it was scheduled to leave Split at 4:30 pm every day, arrive in Hvar at 5:30 and finally make it to Korčula around 7 pm. 


In 2019, the schedule will be different: on January 1st 2019 it will start leaving Split at 4 pm every day, arriving in Hvar around 5 pm, and finally make it to Korčula also half an hour sooner every day, at 6:30 pm. 

The change to the schedule will affect only the out-of-season time of the year, as during high season (June, July, August and September) it leaves Split at 5 pm, which is now a full hour later, arriving in Korčula at 7:45 (it takes longer during the tourist season, because it makes the stop at Prigradica in that period as well). 

We asked Kapetan Krilo what caused the change, and they directed us to ask at the Agency for coastal line traffic, where mr. Milan Mravulj explained that the line has changed its schedule several times in the past, and that the change was probably instigated by the local authorities in Korčula or Hvar. Anyway, just keep that change in mind when you're travelling to one of the two islands out of season, because if you miss that Split - Hvar - Korčula catamaran (now leaving) at 4 pm, there aren't that many chances to get to the islands after that...

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Top 5 Ways to Get to Korčula

Of course, sailing there on your own sailboat of yacht is in a league of it's own. But, other than that:

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Ferry and Catamaran