Monday, 25 January 2021

Milanović Speaks With Representatives of Končar Electrical Industry

ZAGREB, 25 January, 2021 - President Zoran Milanović on Monday received representatives of the Končar Electrical Industry Group, on the occasion of the company's 100th anniversary, the President's Office said in a press release.

The President of Končar's Management Board, Gordan Kolak, presented the members of the new management board to President Milanović, as well as the current business operations and the existing business activities and development plans of the group, which consists of 14 companies.

Representatives of Končar said that the company's focus in the future would be on electrical energy and on increasing exports, which already make up nearly 60% of total revenues.

As one of Croatia's largest exporters, Končar is planning to export mostly to Germany, Sweden, Austria, Latvia, Hungary, North Macedonia and the UAE.

At today's meeting, it was said that professional and educated employees were important for Končar's development and successful competition.

The company currently has 3,500 employees.

As the biggest business successes in 2020, the company's representatives mentioned the production of transformers for substations for a buyer from the USA, the production of low-floor trams for a buyer from Latvia, the construction of the biggest solar power plant in Croatia on the island of Vis, and the continued production of electric trains for the HŽ Passenger Transport company, the press release said.