Friday, 20 May 2016

Klis Fortress from Above (Video)

Klis and its fortress became a must visit destination for all those Game of Thrones fans out there. And although the crew moved to to Dubrovnik, Klis fortress is waiting for all of you to explore its beautiful views.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Klis is Becoming Even More Attractive as a Tourist Destination

Klis is getting its place among the most important places on the tourist map of central Dalmatia. As the last year´s tourism results (significant increase in overnight stays and visits to the Klis fortress and various tourist facilities) have shown, there is much potential in tourism development with the right offer and good promotion, informs Dalmacija News.

Mindful of the importance of the information quality, a new Tourist Information Centre was designed to be installed at the entrance to the Klis fortress to inform each visitor about the rich history, cultural heritage and the unique offer of the Klis region through a kind of hologram.

Works on the Provveditore´s residence are almost done, The residence by its concent and meaning becomes a representative space by providing diversity and specificity to the tourism offer in the area of culture and will be a type of active and educational tourist attraction.

Klis is getting known by its rich offer of new types of tourist activities - like themed walking tours, climbing on attractive rocks and cycling. For all mountain-climbing lovers, Klis has one of the most attractive climbing walls in the region - Markezina greda, which is known by its beauty and attractiveness among climbers around the world.

Interesting are the communication connections from ancient times called Roman roads, that largely pass through Klis and are the best preserved at the archaeological locality Klapavice-Kurtovići.

A walking and hiking paradise can be experienced at the edge of the Klis area, in the village Nisko, where a beautiful, undiscovered gem of the traditional Croatian architecture and heritage is located - Dubočica and Rajčica.

(photos: Dalmacija News)
Cycling presenting a healthy life-style is increasingly popular, which is recognized as an opportunity to attract potential guests, so that the Klis municipality organised 3 bicycle races, one of which was an official race of the Croatian Cycling Federation.

Few months ago, the first bike trail was marked - from the Klis fortress to the source of the Jadro river and back. Today, there are close to 200 km of marked trails through the municipality, connecting all villages of the area, making Klis a real hit of the cycling tourist offer.

"The efforts of the local government to attract potential visitors through various measures and projects, are supported by the contribution of the private sector, where potential service providers get involved in improving the tourist offer through various types of training and other activities", said Slavica Caktaš, the Klis tourist board director.

Klis has been for centuries and remained to this day a geostrategic and traffic centre of the middle-dalmatian geographical area and all activities of the local authorities are focused to preserve the historic achievements, to refine and upgrade them to a higher and better level.

Friday, 18 March 2016

All Cyclists to Klis on Sunday for the Atrium Spring Trophy

The Cycling Association of the Split-Dalmatia County in cooperation with the BK Spalatum organizes a mountain biking race XCM Atrium Spring Trophy. The race will take place on Sunday, March 20, 2016 in Klis (starting from the Klis fortress).

The race format is XCP (XC marathon) - circular track of 34,3 km. Categories of the race are: ELITE M, ELITE W, SPORT, VETERAN A and B, JUNIOR, VETERAN C, VETERAN D, AMATEURS, ML. JUNIOR.

Applications to be sent at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The whole entry-fee and sponsoring money will be donate to the SRCE NGO from Split.


1st place for women - weekend package for two at the Hotel Atrium Split

1st place for men - weekend package for two at the Hotel Atrium Split

For more information follow the FB page of the Cycling Association of the Split-Dalmatia County.

Here is a short trailer for the Atrium Spring Trophy event:


Friday, 11 March 2016

Klis: Live the True Experience - A Brand New Promo Video

Klis has a brand new promo video!! It highlights the rich culture and heritage of Klis and its surroundings, from the magnificent fortress, through the pure nature, up to its food and available sports - from cycling to hunting, there is much to explore in Klis.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think.


Wednesday, 13 January 2016

A New Website and Virtual Tour for the Klis Fortress

It was a great year for the Klis fortress. With a 20% annual increase in visitors, it became an important destination in Inland Dalmatia. So to highlight it even more, here is a new website for the fortress, with a virtual tour, opening hours and ticket prices. There is even info about the fortress´history available in 8 languages (after you enter the virtual tour):

(photo: snapshot from

Monday, 4 January 2016

Dalmatian Fortresses - A Hit Among Tourists

Until a few years ago, only the locals and a few tourists knew about the existence of the historic fortresses in Dalmatia. Today, fortresses from ancient times are increasingly the chosen destination for thousands of tourists. The boom in this part of the cultural tourism is the result of the work and enthusiasm of the tourism professionals, government representatives and NGOs dealing with cultural heritage. Fortresses that once protected the villages and towns are now becoming known destinations, a story from the past reaches to the future, as those centennial buildings get new facilities, informs an article in Slobodna Dalmacija from January 4, 2016.

One such place, a historic fortress, that protected the Dalmatia from Turks is Klis and among many cultural and historical values, Klis people are the most proud of their Krlis Fortress. Jakov Vetma, the mayor of the municipality Klis shares more information about the historical Klis and the Klis of today and tomorrow. The Fotress as a symbol of resistance dominates the city. Once a famous place of the rulery of Petar Kružić, today a place that is being visited by thousands of tourists.

- Klis is waking up and one of the most important focuses for us is the cultural tourism. Our Klis Fortress is being renovated for the last six year, by a very good cooperation of the County, Department of Conservations and the Municipality of Klis. Many collapsed buildings were renovated, so the 20% increase in visitors per year is understandable.

A good cooperation is essential in this area with many beautiful sites. Foreign guest do not know, where Split ends and Klis starts, so a common approach to this form of tourism is extremely important. We have a good cooperation with Split, both in terms of summer cultural program as a part of the Split Summer Festival, as well as through a joint project of bicycle paths from the fortress to the Diocletian´s Palace - says Vetma. Within this common approach of developing cultural tourism, everyone should keep its own values, so they believe in Klis.

Klis has every right to be proud of its history, so it is not surprising that the Klis Fortress was used as a location for filming the HBO series Games of Thrones" and stories about the history of Klis spread in the movie-making world. To preserve the history and tradition, one should think about the future, introduce new technologies. Klis will, through a new project (which made it to the shortlist of the Ministry of Culture) of an interpretations centre with holograms, so far unseen on similar historical buildings, take its guests through the turbulent history of Croatia.


Read the whole article here.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Works on the Klis Fortress

Interesting pictures from the Klis mayor Jakov Vetma´s FB page about ongoing works on the Klis fortress:

"Works on the fortress, reconstruction of the Provveditore´s residence and the archaeological explorations are in full progress. Everything will be ready for the next season. Many thanks to the Department of Conservation in Split for supervising the project."

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Klis Fortress Welcomes More Visitors than Ever Before

The beautiful Klis Fortress is getting more and more popular. With the closeness to Split, interesting history, stunning views and a Game of Thrones filming location, it was just a matter of time, when it will become one of the top destinations to visit in the area.

According to Slobodna Dalmacija, the fortress was visited by more than 10.000 people during this summer, which is a huge increase comparing to last year when there were 12.400 visitors through the whole year.

If you haven´t already, be sure to visit the fortress, as it is truly amazing!!

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Forget Game of Thrones - Battle for Klis on Saturday

Klis fortress will come alive this weekend for the Medieval battle re-enactment with many acting groups from Croatia and Europe. A lot of happening in these 2 days with knight tournaments, a fair, a magician and many more with free entrance. For the main battle to take place on Saturday, there is a limited number of tickets available here for a special rate or later at the spot for a higher price.

From the FB page Battle for Klis:

"As the central event stands out reconstruction of the historic battle between the fugitives and the Ottoman army. Scene of the siege, attacks, negotiations, conquest, defence, punching, individual and group battles choreographed and performed by members of the historical drama troops from various parts of the European Union."

Here is the full program for these very special days at the Klis fortress:


Experience a piece of history over the weekend at the Klis fortress. It will for sure be an event to remember.

Monday, 14 July 2014

How to Visit Game of Thrones Klis Fortress by Bus from Split

The entrance to inland Dalmatia could not be more magnificent from Split, with the majestic Klis Fortress holding the keys, looking imperiously down on the Dalmatian capital and islands beyond.

The fortress was of course, the setting for Game of Thrones filming for season 4, and there has been an increase in tourism as a direct result. One of the best organised tours is that offered by Vetus Itinera, which you can learn about here.  

Tourists often think it might be too difficult to get to and so rarely bother, which is a shame, as it is only 20 minutes away by bus, and there is the added advantage of trying the infamous Klis lamb to make the visit complete. 

Information on how to get there is not that easy to find online, so here is how to do it by bus:

Bus 22: 7:00, 8:50, 10:20, 11:45, 13:00, 14:30, 15:50, 17:20, 18:50, 20:20, 21:50 from HNK (the Croatian National Theatre, at the top of Marmontova) to Klis Megdan.

BUT! On Saturdays and Sundays it is bus line number 16, which only leaves at 20:20 and 21:50. 

Bus 34: 5:00, 6:30, 10:15, 14:30 from local bus station by the police station. Or from the same place, there are 2 buses that go up to the fortress or you can also take buses 35 or 36 that go to Dugopolje or Koprivno and get off at bus station by the Caffe Bar Oprah on the road and walk about 10-15 min up to fortress...

Entrance to the fortress is 20 kuna for adults, 10 kuna for kids. And DON'T visit Klis without stopping for its famous lamb at one of the restaurants close to the fortress. Unless you are vegetarian of course... 

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