Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Kaštela: 25 Things to Know About Castles, Tragic Lovers and Zinfandel

Join us on a tour of Dalmatia's most overlooked tourist destination - Kaštela.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Croatian Bureaucracy: Do Not Get Sick in Kastela This Week

Yet another absurd situation caused by complicated regulations

We're all pretty much used to the absurdities of some Croatian regulations, but the current situation in Kaštela is taking this to a brand new level. Long time general practitioner in Kaštel Stari dr. Neda Antičić has officially retired. That would not have made our news if it weren't for one tiny little thing. According to Croatian regulations, the minister has to approve the hiring of a new general practitioner and even though the notice of dr. Antičić's retirement was sent to the ministry two months ago, approval was signed yesterday, meaning that the new general practitioner will not be able to start working until the end of next week.

And as infomercials usually say – but wait, there's more!. Not only is the general practitioner unavailable, according to the very same regulations, once the doctor retires, all members of his team, in this case the nurse who is nowhere near retirement age, are also no longer registered within the office, so a public hiring notice has to be published even though the notice clearly states that candidates with experience in working this very office will have the advantage and the same nurse will most probably get the job.

So, if you live in Kaštela and are usually treated in the ambulance in the public health clinic in Kaštel Stari, try not to get sick until the end of next week since the doctor is still not “in da house”.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

A Taxicab Named Desire

Welcome to a city in Croatia where you are more likely to win the lottery than call a taxi

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