Monday, 9 May 2022

Karlovac Mayor Says Marking Victory Over Fascism Day For Sake of Victims, Not Victors

ZAGREB, 9 May 2022 - Leaders of Karlovac County and the City of Karlovac on Monday laid wreaths at the Jamadol cemetery, with Karlovac Mayor Damir Mandić saying that they commemorate the day for the sake of the victims and not the victors. 

The office of the mayor, who is a member of the HDZ party, said that modern-day Croatia was founded on antifascism and the fight against all totalitarian regimes.

Mandić said that they were commemorating the millions of victims who in the 20th century paid with their lives during "the rampage of totalitarianism, Fascism, Ustashism and Communism."

"Commemorations like these are held for the sake of the victims, not the victors. Notably, if we remember that in communist countries the victory turned into a defeat because under the guise of antifascism and victory, freedom and democracy were abolished," said Mandić.

The office of Karlovac County head Martina Furdek Hajdin, also a member of the ruling HDZ party, said that she laid a wreath and lit a candle on Europe Day in memory of the victims of all totalitarian regimes.

"Unfortunately we are again witnessing a war in Europe, an aggression on Ukraine and the suffering of innocent victims, which even more underlines the importance of strengthening the values of democracy and unity in Europe," she said.

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Sunday, 3 April 2022

Karlovac to Hold European Energy Award Certificate for Next 4 Years

April 3, 2022 - For the next four years, the City of Karlovac will proudly boast the European Energy Award certificate, chosen as the city with the best projects out of six Croatian cities that have received the certificate.

This is a European award for projects in the field of energy efficiency, i.e., a quality management and certification program dedicated to sustainable local climate and energy policy, reports

"The European Energy Awards campaign has been running for more than ten years. Four years ago, REGEA was the national contact point for Croatia. We evaluated several Croatian cities that had to meet these relatively demanding European criteria.

The project was implemented in six European countries and involved more than 1,700 European cities and municipalities. The City of Karlovac had the best results from Croatian participants in that campaign, which I sincerely congratulate. Still, as the director of REGEA, I must admit that we are not particularly surprised given the excellent cooperation we have had all these years and that we see each other very often and collaborate on projects. This is an award given not only for implemented projects but also for thinking, planning, documenting plans, and preparing projects and specific investments in the area of ​​Karlovac. The city of Karlovac is also successful in the preparatory part. Here I mention an idea such as one urban zone Luščić, defined as a zone without fossil energy sources. This is an example that does not exist from here to Vienna," said Julije Domac, Director of REGEA, Regional Energy Agency of Northwest Croatia, who presented the award to Karlovac Mayor Damir Mandic.

Mandic said that he was pleased that this award recognized the direction of Karlovac toward a completely green city.

"It is important to say that I read this concept of the City of Karlovac related to energy and our efforts to implement what is popularly called green today in all our projects and our businesses. Especially in planning the time to come, the so-called green future. First of all, it should be borne in mind that we, I am talking about the city administration, but also about all components of the work of the city administration, public institutions, schools, kindergartens, and even city companies, are aware of the fact that today it is our responsibility in what way and how some generations after us will live tomorrow. We are building that for them today through caring for the environment, energy efficiency, and green energy. The goal is for Karlovac to be a green city in that awareness of self-sustainability and green energy. Our goal is inspired by what Karlovac is today. Karlovac is a green city, a city of parks, so we intend to be an energy green city, a logical continuation of what makes our city today," said Damir Mandic.

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Friday, 1 April 2022

CROMADS in April: Visit Croatia's $6bn Airbase, 18th Century Grain Ship Cruise

April 1, 2022 - Looking to explore the real Croatia on the road less travelled? The Zagreb CROMADS Travel Club takes you back to the 18th century on the Kupa River and inside an incredible US$6 BILLION secret airbase.

After almost 20 years in Croatia, and just when I thought I knew most of its many impressive secrets, I realised that I knew very little at all. 

Our new CROMADS platform, showcasing authentic Croatia, 365 days a year all over the country, has been a huge voyage of discovery into the road less travelled in this beautiful land.  

Ever since the first event for the CROMADS Travel Club (you can sign up here), the quite incredible GINcredible gin education and tasting, the concept of a travel club offering unique and authentic experiences that are hard to find elsewhere has got me very excited. And if you are in Zagreb, that fun is set to continue next week, with two great tours showcasing parts of Croatian history that few know about. 

Did you know, for example, that Croatia has a secret airbase with 5 runways built into a mountain, whose construction costs were estimated at US$6 BILLION? One of the most far-out things I have seen on Planet Earth. 


But we start on Tuesday, April 5, with something a little more tranquil and historic - a wonderful day in nature aboard a replica grain ship on the River Kupa. A journey back in time, surrounded by idyllic nature, experiencing aspects of Croatia as it really once was. You can learn more here or check out the tour highlights below. 


5th of April (Tuesday)
⏰ 15.30h -19.00h
 Meet in front of Ethnographic Museum Zagreb

*Welcome On Board Žitna lađa - Karlovac *
Let us take you out of the city and on a unique European tour down the Kupa river onboard “Zora” – a replica of the 18th-century grain boat.

PRICE: 40,00€/per person

✅Private 2- way transfer
✅Private tour guide
✅Private 90min boat ride on Kupa river
✅Finger food, homemade cakes, liquor tasting and two glasses of local wine

Limited spots so book yours at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

And for something really far out, the following day has us heading to the Croatian border with Bosnia to visit surely Tito's most unbelievable project - a huge military airbase built inside a mountain, located mostly in Croatia but also in BiH, capable of housing up to 80 MiG fighters. An airbase that was fully operational until 30 years ago. Learn more about the spectacular Zeljava Airbase. While Zeljava is the highlight, there is plenty more included in this fascinating day, including Tito's view of Plitvice Lakes from his former villa. Check out the itinerary below, and contact CROMADS partners, Swanky Travel, to book. 

A UNIQUE day tour to places you did not know exist.

Turbulent Croatian history has left a huge heritage behind including some amazing places that are abandoned.

1. The biggest and best kept secret project of ex-Yugoslavia stands today as a reminder of some different times - Zeljava underground airbase.

2. Another amazing location is Villa Izvor - one of the residences of former Yugo president Tito situated just above the source of Plitvice lakes.

 6th of April (Tuesday)
⏰ 8.00h - 20.00h
Meet at Swanky Mint

PRICE: 75,00€/per person

*private small group tour

✅Private 2- way transfer
✅Private tour guide (urbex expert)
✅Željava underground airbase visit
✅ Abandoned Villa Izvor visit
✅ Flashlights for underground exploration
✅ Tickets for Museum of Homeland war

After the Ston Oyster Festival and a 3-tour day in Imotski, the CROMADS Split Travel Club will be back shortly with more authentic experiences in a couple of weeks. Stay tunes, or better still, join the CROMADS Travel Club and be the first to hear about the news.  Or follow CROMADS on Facebook.

Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Electric Taxis Introduced in Karlovac

ZAGREB, 4 Jan 2022 - As of Tuesday, two electric taxis will be providing taxi services in Karlovac, their purchase by the Ambassador company having been co-financed with HRK 70,000 (approx. €9,300) per car by the Environment and Energy Efficiency Fund.

The two Volkswagen vehicles each cost HRK 300,000 (€40,000) and Ante Čerkez of the Auto Hrvatska car dealer said electric cars accounted for 3% of all car purchases in 2021, three times more than in 2020.

Čerkez expects the sale of electric and hybrid cars to rise significantly due to the need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

"Electric car sales in Karlovac are 25% higher than the national average," said Čerkez.

Ambassador CEO Duško Gušić said the company had opted for electric cars owing to financial incentives from the state and client expectations. He noted that thanks to the city administration, the electric taxis would be charged for free.

The company plans to buy three more electric vehicles with the support of state subsidies this summer, he said.

Karlovac Mayor Damir Mandić said that in 2020 the city invested around HRK 200,000 (€27,000) to install seven charging stations, available for free to anyone with an electric car.

He announced that the city public transportation would go green as well, calling on other providers of taxi services in the city to opt for electric cars and promising free charging of their vehicles at the city-owned charging stations for them as well, until further notice.

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Saturday, 13 November 2021

Largest Church Mosaic in Croatia Unveiled in Karlovac

November 13, 2021 – After many years of preparation and effort, the largest church mosaic in Croatia has been revealed to parishioners at the Church of Saint Joseph (Crkva sv. Josip) in Karlovac

The beautiful mosaic covers an incredible 120 square metres of wall behind the church's altar. Depicted in the mosaic is the birth of Jesus Christ.

The mosaic is the work of renowned Croatian artist Josip Botteri Dini who is based in Split. On 1st January 2021, Mr Josip Botteri Dini and several assistants began stacking coloured glass pieces into one-square-metre templates to construct the work.

20211113_180321.jpgLargest Church Mosaic in Croatia © Marina Buric / Visit Karlovac

Each template contains around 2500 mosaic parts. In total, the mosaic has around half a million pieces of coloured glass. It took Mr. Botteri Dini nine months to finish stacking 168 templates. After completing that long section of the task in Split, he then travelled to Karlovac and continued working there. The installation of the templates onto the wall took two weeks. Subsequently, six weeks of cleaning and aligning of the mosaic followed.

20211113_180428.jpgFrom the rear of St. Josip's Church © Marina Buric / Visit Karlovac

Josip Botteri Dini, the artist behind the largest church mosaic in Croatia

Although he now lives and works in Split, Josip Botteri Dini was actually born in Zagreb in 1943. He studied at the city's Academy of Fine Arts, notably in the class of famous Varaždin painter and graphic artist Miljenko Stančić. Josip graduated in 1968. Since the early 1970s, the work of Josip Botteri Dini has been exhibited over a hundred times throughout Croatia and overseas. In addition to painting, he works with mosaics and stained glass.

20211113_180500.jpgIn detail, Croatia's largest church mosaic, in St. Josip's, Karlovac © Marina Buric / Visit Karlovac

Being the largest Church mosaic in Croatia, it was necessary to construct a 13-metre high scaffold for the work to be set on the church wall. Although Mr. Botteri Dini is now 78 years old, he climbed the scaffold every day to finish his work, helped by his brothers Juraj and Dezi. They are also in their seventies.

235923953_4726506400716876_6957011206049499185_n.jpgNacionalno svetište svetog Josipa (National Shrine of St. Joseph) in Dubovac, Karlovac

Nacionalno svetište svetog Josipa (National Shrine of St. Joseph) in Dubovac, Karlovac

Otherwise known as Nacionalno svetište svetog Josipa (National Shrine of St. Joseph), the modern Church of Saint Joseph lies to the west of Karlovac city centre in Dubovac. In fact, it sits at the foot of the hill on which is placed the 13th-century castle fortress Old Town of Dubovac, from where the settlement gets its name.

Construction of the Church of St. Josip started in 1968 but its external facades were not completed until 1972. In 1975 its bell tower was built although it would take until 1980 for three new bells to be placed within it. In 1987, the church was dedicated as a national shrine for Saint Joseph, marking the 300th anniversary of Saint Joseph being assigned as Protector of the Homeland and the Croatian people. Saint Joseph is also the patron saint of Karlovac.

The largest Church mosaic in Croatia is not the only masterpiece to be found in the Church of St. Josip. Within the building is the permanent exhibition space Galeriji 'Martin Borković'. It contains works of art by 28 eminent Croatian painters and sculptors. You can see them every day after Holy Mass.

Dubovac.jpgThe Old Town of Dubovac © Ivo Biočina

The Old Town of Dubovac is one of the best-preserved buildings of its kind in Croatia. A popular tourist attraction, it hosts events and has one of the city's best restaurants on the ground floor of its atmospheric courtyard. With the addition of the largest Church mosaic in Croatia, visitors now have another excellent reason to stop off in the quiet Karlovac suburb of Dubovac.

You can read more about Karlovac in the Total Croatia guide to the city here. For the latest news about Karlovac, be sure to check Total Croatia News tagged pages here

Friday, 29 October 2021

Petrova Gora Stars Trail: Race of Humanitarian Character

October 29, 2021 - Karlovac Tourist Board organizes the Petrova Gora Stars Trail, which will bring together nature lovers and recreationists, and the organizers expect more than 150 competitors, aiming to promote the beauties of the county and to raise funds for a humanitarian cause.

The Regional Tourist Board of Karlovac County invites to the premiere edition of the trail race on Petrova gora. The Petrova Gora Stars Trail will bring together nature lovers and recreationists, and the organizers expect over 150 competitors and certainly as many people in the entourage who will come to support their friends, family members, and acquaintances.


You can find more information at

As reports, the Regional Tourist Board of Karlovac County expects a beautiful day filled with numerous activities for runners and other participants who may not actively participate this time.

Lunch and drinks after the race, a dry-fit long-sleeved sports shirt, protein bars, and rich refreshments during the race, which includes healthy products from local family farms, are provided for all participants with a starter pack. Before and after the race, all those present will be entertained by a musical duo who will take care of the good atmosphere, while for all those who will not run this time, a guided tour of the sights on Petrova Gora is provided.

Free transport will take all those interested to the memorial to the last Croatian king Petar Svačić, as well as to the place where the Central Partisan Hospital was located and to the monument on Petrova gora, where the participants of the race will run.


09:00 - 11:30 download of start packages, 12:00 start of the long race, 13:00 start of the short race.

In addition to the rich sports and entertainment content, the race will raise funds for the girl Klara, who has her roots in the vicinity of Karlovac, and due to a serious illness, she needs generous financial resources for treatment outside the Republic of Croatia.

We invite all lovers of sports and nature to combine the pleasant with the useful and take advantage of the beautiful day that awaits us and come to the first Petrova Gora Stars Trail race which will take place at the hunting lodge Muljava on Saturday, October 30, 2021, from 11 am.

The organizer of this event is the sports association Footloose with the support of destination partners of the Regional Tourist Board of Karlovac County and the Tourist Board of Vojnić and Hrvatske šume doo.

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Thursday, 21 October 2021

First Bee Hotel Set Up in Karlovac

ZAGREB, 21 Oct 2021 - Karlovac's first bee hotel was set up in the arboretum of the Forestry School on Thursday, and the structure imitates the natural habitat of insects that do not have enough space in cities to overwinter and reproduce.

This is a project of the Međimurje association "Pinklec" from Karlovac, financed by the utility company "Zelenilo" according to the designs by the public institution Međimurska Priroda (Međimurje Nature), and it was realized by students and mentors of the Forestry School in their workshop.

The head keeper of Međimurska Priroda, Velimir Bašek, said that insects would definitely fill the numerous holes of the bee hotel, with solitary bees entering the biggest holes of 10 to 12 millimeters.

"When a bee enters its hole, it closes it with mud and overwinters there," Bašek said, adding that by setting up about 20 hotels over several years, they have gained enough experience to build the perfect hotel with holes for accommodating different species and that all hotels are mostly filled.

The Karlovac Arboretum, which spans 16 hectares, also has a pharmaceutical garden, which as of today contains habitat for wild pollinators.

"This hotel will allow insects to stay here and contribute to the pollination of everything that blooms because insects are the ones that enable plants to reproduce in nature," said the director of the Forestry School, Daniel Peris.

Karlovac's first bee hotel today received the support of the Institute for Nature Protection.

The institute said that events such as this one raised awareness of the importance of pollinators for the stability of ecosystems.

According to Cro Buzz Kilma project manager Ana Ješovnik, about 90% of plant species and 75% of agricultural crops depend on animal pollination and in the Croatian climate the most important pollinators are insects, primarily wild bees.

There are 725 different species of wild bees in Croatia.

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Monday, 18 October 2021

Aquatika Freshwater Aquarium in Karlovac Celebrates Five Year Anniversary

October 18, 2021 - Located on the banks of the Korana river in Karlovac, the Aquatika Freshwater Aquarium seeks to educate about the rich flora and fauna of the river, as well as the environment preservation. This weekend they will celebrate five years of existence with a varied program of fun and educational activities.

As Turitičke Priče reports, the Aquatika Freshwater Aquarium, located on the banks of the river Korana in Karlovac, dedicates five years of its existence to the importance of preserving the environment. The central part of the celebration will last from October 22 to 24. Walking through the River of the Future, visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about the history of Aquatika and the topics of sustainable development through various programs. Educational programs will try to draw attention to the environment and the preservation of freshwater ecosystems, and various lectures, plays, animations, holograms, quiz and programs for children and the whole family have been selected.

In anticipation of the birthday celebration, Aquatika Freshwater Aquarium Karlovac will offer visitors a pre-program "Aquatika in the city" at several locations throughout the city of Karlovac. The Katzler Pavilion has turned its exhibition space into a large aquarium. The themes of the exhibition include the Karlovac rivers and their fish stock, and they will be on view until 31 October. The Karlovac City Museum will be able to visit the ichthyological collection as part of the "Aquatics in the Museum" program.


Aquatika in the City Library Ivan Goran Kovačić will mark the presentation shelves with books about fish and workshops for children, and the play for children "On the trail" will play for free in the theater as part of the Aquatika program in the City Theater Zorin dom on October 24.

On October 22, entry to Aquatika is free

The main part of the program will last from October 22 to 24 at Aquatika Freshwater Aquarium Karlovac. It will consist of a program on the aquarium square and a program on the River of the Future (promenades along the Korana). Visitors will be able to see the aquarium at promotional prices, see several plays, attend various educational lectures and workshops, participate in educational and quiz walks along the Korana, listen to stories, animations, and programs for children and experience the holograms of Aquatika Freshwater Aquarium Karlovac.


Zoran Vakula's lecture "5 to 12" should definitely be singled out, which will introduce visitors to climate change. Aquatika invites all citizens to get acquainted with the river world, and the first 500 visitors on October 22 are expecting a special gift.

It is important to emphasize that on October 22, entry to the Aquatika Freshwater Aquarium will be free, and on October 23 and 24, tickets will be available at 50% lower prices.

Aquatika has hosted more than 320,000 visitors in five years

Public institution Aquatika Freshwater Aquarium Karlovac was established five years ago as a result of a project co-financed by the European Union. Already in the first year of its existence, it has largely fulfilled the goals set in the project itself. So far, the aquarium has been visited by more than 320,000 visitors, mostly families with children, school groups, groups of retirees, hobbyists, nature lovers, and students and scientists.


The aquarium is an ecological, educational, tourist, and scientific attraction. It exudes originality considering that it is about almost all Croatian freshwater fish species, in a city on four rivers in the heart of Croatia. Through his work, in addition to the function of the aquarium, he has the task to present the traditional culture, geological past, and way of life along the rivers and collaborates on various projects with the scientific sector.

For more information about the event and other upcoming activities, as well as learning more about Aquatika Freshwater Aquarium in Karlovac, be sure to check their official Facebook page.

A beautiful city of beer, four rivers, promenades, parks and 10, 000 trees. For more about Karlovac, be sure to check Total Croatia's complete guide, Karlovac in a Page, here. Now in your language!

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Monday, 13 September 2021

Memorial Plaque Placed in Karlovac at Site of Former Synagogue

ZAGREB, 13 Sept 2021 - The city of Karlovac on Sunday held a ceremony of placing a memorial plaque at the site of the former synagogue which was built 150 years ago in that Croatian city and demolished in 1960.

Addressing the ceremony, Israeli Ambassador to Croatia Ilan Mor said that the contribution of Jews to Karlovac, Croatia, Europe, and the world must not be forgotten.

Croatian rabbi Luciano Moše Prelević said a Jewish prayer which, he explained, he always prays when commemorating  "the disappearance of the Jewish community" in a certain area.

Ambassador Mor thanked the president of the association "Jews in Karlovac", Tena Bunčić, for founding the association which, with the help of Karlovac County and the City of Karlovac, reconstructs the life of the Jewish community in Karlovac.

In this way, the great contribution of Jews in Karlovac and other cities in Croatia to the development of cultural and economic prosperity is saved from falling into oblivion, he said.

The ambassador wished all Jews a happy Jewish New Year.

The head of the Zagreb Jewish Community, and the coordinator of the Jewish communities in Croatia, Ognjen Kraus, wished that "something be done for a better future, apart from talking about graves", and he spoke about the suffering of Karlovac Jews in Ustasha camps in 1941 and later.

Karlovac Mayor Damir Mandić said that Karlovac is an open city that nurtures the coexistence, and County Prefect Martina Furdek Hajdin said it was important that history, as the teacher of life, be objective and impartial, "that the fate of Jews acts as a reprimand, and that we should be grateful for the indelible mark of Jews in the economic and cultural development of this area".

The culture ministry's official, Davor Trupković, said that they were trying to contribute to a better presentation of historical data and multiculturalism and multireligiousness, that the Jewish cemetery in Karlovac was an important reminder, and that numerous cultural goods spoke about the Jewish community in Karlovac as an integral part of the city.

Tena Bunčić, the initiator of this event, is the great-granddaughter of the conductor of the first Croatian choral group "Zora" (Dawn), David Meisl. Bunčić said that while researching the life of her great-grandfather she had discovered how much the Jewish community had contributed to Karlovac. That contribution, she added, is the fruit of their love to this city. That is why she founded the association "Jews in Karlovac", through which the memories of that community are renewed.

Kraus told Hina that there were now about 10% of ethnic Jews in Croatia compared to their number before World War II.

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Thursday, 2 September 2021

Štrudlafest 2021: Croatian Strudel Festival Returns

September 2, 2021 - Štrudlafest 2021 lifts the bar of the already known Croatian strudel festival in Jaškovo village near Karlovac. More sport, more workshops, and obviously, more strudel.

With the pandemic dying down just enough for events to be allowed to be held (while still respecting the current epidemiological measures) Štrudlafest in Jaškovo village near Karlovac is back! With the motto: ''It can't get sweeter than this,'' the event spanning September 3-5 is promising a delicious and unique combo of gastronomy, sport, culture, art, and lots of entertainment for all ages.

''Štrudlafest is a true paradise for strudel lovers because apart from the delicious tastes of homemade strudel you can purchase from dozens of stands of hard-working domestic manufacturers - strudel is everywhere around you. You'll have the chance to enjoy a picnic in the shade next to the water source, but also enjoy creative workshops where you can decorate your own strudle plate,'' said the organisation when speaking about this Croatian strudel festival.

Due to the current epidemiological measures in place, many events require prior reservations, but with so many events finally taking place once again, there's no reason to be sad if you miss a few of them.

For instance, there is Art Apetit, a painting workshop, and for those who want to dive deep into the secrets of making the perfect strudel, official ambassadors of this much loved product will be able to consult with you to ensure total satisfaction.


Marica, a strudle Ambassador © Štrudlafest promo

For the youngest among us, the series of sport, gastronomy, or creative workshop activities will be topped off by a visit from the most famous Croatian fairy tale author, Ivana Brlić Mažuranić.

With a lot of talking done about strudel and sport, the traditional cycling tour ''Štrudla by Bike'' will also take place, and in addition to pedaling your way to the breath-taking scenery of continental Croatia, you can also take a scenic trip along the Dobra river with the first-ever ''Štrudla by Boat''.

The organisers point out that in addition to Jaškovo, strudels can be sampled across Karlovac County with special discounts, and various museums in the region also have special gifts for their visitors to honour this popular treat.

Learn more about Karlovac on our TC page.

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